You are here to build an upward spiral

TOPICS: Your purpose on earth is to awaken the Ma-ter light – Be the open door – Awaken the Ma-ter light – The rosary vigils are the capstone of the pyramid – Do not wait for the ideal conditions –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 2, 2005.

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! I AM Mary, the representative of the Divine Mother for earth and I am here to awaken those on earth who are still asleep and have forgotten why they came here in this age. You did not come here to be part of the merry-go-round of human existence. You came to awaken the Mother Light to outpicture the kingdom of God on earth.

Things in this world are not ideal for spiritual growth. The prince of this world has managed to take people down into such a low vibration that awakening them is difficult. Even the Ma-ter light itself has been lowered to such a vibration that it has gone into a contracting, downward spiral that will pull down anyone who enters the forcefield of earth.

How can this downward pull be reversed? Only by raising the Ma-ter light. Yet how can the Ma-ter light be raised? Only through the Christ mind of those in embodiment. For as Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” – God in you, because you have become the open door. And this is why you came here in this age; to be the open door for the raising up of the Mother light to outpicture the immaculate concept that is held in the universal Christ mind.

Be the open door

Yet how can you be that open door? You can do so only when you do not allow yourself to be pulled down by the gravitational pull of planet earth and those who embody here but who are not part of the light wave that is sent in for the rescue. The equation is simple. Either they will pull you down or you will pull them up. There is no other option. Nothing can stand still for the earth is in a downward spiral, or rather it has been in a downward spiral for a very long time. The spiral has been reversed; it has stopped going down, but the upward momentum has not yet been established so that it has become self-reinforcing.

And that is precisely why you are here and why you volunteered to come in this age—to stop the downward spiral and to start the upward spiral, until it becomes a self-reinforcing spiral. And then you can leave and others can take over and carry on that upward spiral. So you are here to take dominion over the Ma-ter light and awaken it and raise its vibration, until it throws off the shackles of the mortal consciousness and realigns with the consciousness of Christ and with that immaculate matrix of planet earth that is till held there in all of it pristine beauty.

And thereby, the kingdom of God can be lowered into physical manifestation. Or should I say that the entire physical planet is raised to the vibration of the kingdom of God? And that is indeed the correct expression, for that is what must happen. The kingdom of God cannot be lowered to the current level of vibration found on earth, so there is only one option and that is to raise the vibration of the entire Ma-ter light that makes up this planet.

Awaken the Ma-ter light

Therefore, you must awaken that Ma-ter light, and you must awaken it in yourself by raising that Mother Flame. And truly, in the past we have warned against those who seek to take heaven by force by using various techniques, especially those coming from the East, of forcing the Kundalini** to rise. And these warnings are still valid, for many of these techniques are not suited for the job at hand. Therefore, I am come today to release a new tool, whereby you can raise the Ma-ter light, the Mother light, in your own being but do so in a balanced manner that will not lead to an overburdening of the delicate circuits in your nervous system.

This rosary that we release today, the Invocation of Miracle Freedom, LINK is the first invocation released for the Aquarian age, and it has the purpose of raising the Ma-ter light in your beings but doing so in a gentle and balanced way that will form an upward momentum. And thus, this invocation is the synthesis between the teachings given by Jesus and the new teachings of the Aquarian age that will be brought forth through the ascended masters in this age, and principally through our beloved Saint Germain, who is the hierarch of this age.

Therefore, this invocation has the potential to facilitate the transition from the Piscean consciousness to the Aquarian consciousness. And why did Jesus come when he came? He came to set the stage for this age. And although his teachings have been lost or have been perverted, truly his teachings have done what they were supposed to do because they have brought humankind to the point, where people are ready to be awakened.

And you are here to be the instruments for awakening them. And we give you this invocation to enable you, to empower you, to take that last step and overcome the downward pull, the drowsiness, the lethargy, the heaviness of planet earth, so that you can rise above it and really become the God-free beings that you are who can keep moving up and up and up infinitely, until you finally move up out of the entire material universe and make your permanent ascensions and thereby become the magnets above. For as Jesus said, “I, if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me,” and that is indeed your potential and your highest desire—to see planet earth rise.

Not because you are interfering with people’s free will but because you are pulling them up, so that they voluntarily choose because now they finally see the light, the light that is in you and is embodied in you in such a tangible manifestation that they can no longer deny it, that they can no longer ignore it, that they can no longer remain asleep because that spark of light leaps from your heart into their hearts and it reawakens that original spirit spark, that original threefold flame, that has gone out because of the misuse of the light over so many lifetimes.

This invocation has the potential to be the tool that will empower you to raise the light in your beings and therefore also empower you to raise the light in the collective consciousness.

The rosary vigils are the capstone of the pyramid

My Beloved hearts, it was with a smile that I heard your questions this afternoon to Jesus, where so many of your questions tuned in to the precise teachings that I am bringing out in the new book. LINK Do you think that was a coincidence? Nay, it was because you have been faithful in giving these last four rosary vigils. And these four rosary vigils have not only raised your own consciousness, they have raised the consciousness of planet earth immensely.

I do not say this to cause conceit, but I must tell you that the people around the world who have participated in these four vigils have rendered a service to this planet that is unprecedented. Never before have so few done so much for so many—to paraphrase the words of Winston Churchill. Never before has such a service had such an impact on the consciousness of this planet as these four rosary vigils. Because you have, by being willing to resolve things in your own consciousness, pulled up the entire collective consciousness. And you have resolved things that have lingered in the collective consciousness for tens of thousands of years and that have been pulling people down for that long.

And thereby, you have brought people to the point, where the lifestream has been awakened, where the “Conscious Yous” of so many people have been awakened, where they are now ready to step through the veil and realize that there is more to life. And you will see this happen in the coming years.

Truly, I can tell you that you will most likely never get the credit for this here on earth. Because people will simply bask in the light of their newfound freedom, and they will come out and join whatever spiritual activity that appeals to their hearts, and this is as it should be. And you will see, in the coming decades, that many groups will claim that they brought about this change. And truly, all of the groups that are part of the spiritual renewal have played an essential part in this awakening. They all deserve credit for it, but I have to tell you that once in a while a certain group of people takes a step that puts the capstone on the pyramid. And truly, if all of the other stones in the pyramid had been missing, the capstone could not have been placed on the pyramid.

Yet I have to tell you that these rosaries that we have brought forth – that are sponsored not only by me but by many other members of the ascended masters, including Jesus and Saint Germain – truly are the capstone of the pyramid that leads from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. And whether you ever get credit for this on earth is of no importance because I know that you would all prefer to have your reward in heaven. And you shall have that reward—if you keep moving up and transcending yourself so that you can enter your Father’s kingdom and receive that reward.

And I can tell you that I will be the first one to greet you—unless Jesus or Saint Germain manage to get to the door first . . . but I shall give them a good race to the door.

Do not wait for the ideal conditions

And therefore, I now say, with the love of my heart, I release this new invocation, and I encourage you to give it. And while you give it, remember my words. There will never come a time on planet earth where conditions are ideal for spiritual growth or for manifesting your Christhood. Therefore, in order to rise higher, you will have to take the conditions as they are and then transcend them.

No matter how tired you are, it is of no importance because you can rise above any situation. And truly, if you are not the doer, does it matter that the outer conditions are not ideal. My Beloved, there are those who sit around, saying, “Oh, when conditions are right, I will manifest my Christhood.” And they will never manifest their Christhood because the Christ is not here to wait for the earth to manifest the right conditions for Christhood. The Christ is here to take dominion over the earth and raise the Mother light to outpicture the perfect conditions that are held in the immaculate concept.

And that is the true meaning of taking dominion over the earth. And with men, with the human consciousness, it is impossible for you to take dominion. But with God in you, with the Christ in you, all things are possible. And therefore, you can raise the earth to outpicture the Golden Age. And it can happen so quickly that future shock will take on an entirely new meaning. And many people on earth will wake up, and they will say, “How could this happen? How could this change happen so quickly? How could society all of a sudden change? How could we avoid all these calamities that were prophesied, how could we avoid these wars, these earthquakes these earth changes. Why didn’t they come to pass?” And they will sit around wondering what happened instead of being the ones who made it happen by allowing God in them to manifest the Golden Age.

Therefore, I thank you and I thank all of those around the world who have participated in these four rosary vigils.*** Because I must tell you that when we started the Rosary to God’s Will, these almost four months ago, there was no guarantee that I would be able to stand here today and release this new invocation. There needed to be a critical mass of people who took up the four rosaries and gave them faithfully. There needed to be a critical raising of the consciousness of planet earth before we could release this next invocation.

And therefore, my heart truly overflows with gratitude for all of you around the world who have given these rosaries, even if you only gave them once, even if you were not able to give them every day, you have my full gratitude because everything you did contributed to the building of the critical mass that has brought us to where we are today. And therefore I thank you, and I want you to know that we appreciate here Above what you are being here below.  And thus I seal you in the name of Jesus Christ, Saint Germain and Mother Mary, for we are the Divine Family for the Aquarian Age. It is sealed.

** Kundalini is the eastern term for the Mother light that rises from the energy center (chakra) at the base of the spine to the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. The raising of this energy is the key to all spiritual growth.
*** During the spring of 2005, Mother Mary requested that people participated in a special vigil of giving four of her rosaries for 33 days each.


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