04. You are always worthy of love

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Ascended Master Archeia Charity with Paul the Venetian, April 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

“And though I speak with the voice of men and of angels and have not charity, I am nothing.” Words to meditate upon, my beloved. You have heard a piece of music that conveys the grandeur of the vibration of the archangels. Charity, I AM. I come to give you a sense of what charity really is, my beloved.

Indeed, charity is not the entirely right word, but given the limitations of language there was no word that could adequately convey the vibration behind it. You, in your language and understanding, might come up with a better word and indeed, it is, “unconditionality.” That is the vibration that is conveyed through the Third Ray, which you normally call the Third Ray of love.

Love, as so many other words, has received such a dualistic overlay over time that it is almost a useless word. Unconditional love, therefore, is, of course, a much better concept. But why not simply unconditionality?

What is the River of Life? It is the unconditional expression of any God quality. There is no way to progress beyond a certain point on the spiritual path without truly tuning in to the vibration of unconditionality—as you heard from Lanto, tuning in to the vibration of wisdom.

There are so many people in spiritual and religious movements who have come to understand the need to rise above selfishness, self-centeredness and the lower expressions. What they are seeking is to attune themselves with the vibration of love, but it is the dualistic love that is opposed to fear, anger, hatred. Love in the divine sense can, of course, have no opposite or it would not be divine.

As Master MORE has said, it is the grand illusion of the fallen beings that they actually oppose God. You can only oppose that which is in the realm of duality so what you oppose is a graven image of God. Many people are not opposing anything but they are seeking to come into love. But if you seek to come into attunement with a graven image, how can you ever reach true love? It is, as Lanto explained, impossible.

Consider unconditionality

Thus, the need to consider unconditionality. Unconditionality. This is, indeed, why we have given you the concept that at a certain point of the path, it is necessary to stop trying to change yourself. The only way to switch out of that last illusion of the separate self is to accept yourself – unconditionally – for who you are.

You have heard of the need to make that shift from the first two rays. I, along with Paul the Venetian, come to give it to you from the perspective of the Third Ray.

How can you progress to the Fourth Ray of purity unless you tune in to unconditionality? Is it not the conditions that manifest impurities in your minds and bodies—even in the physical body of the earth, seen as so many natural imbalances and disasters?

Again, there is no sacred or secret formula that will work automatically. The concept that you are not able or worthy of expressing a higher love, well, that concept, that conception, is the problem.

Love is an unconditional force that wants to be expressed. You do not have to do anything in order to be an open door for the expression of unconditionality. What condition could you possibly have to fulfill in order to express that which is unconditional—and thus flows and flows and transcends and grows and expresses, regardless of any conditions?

Do you see, again, the impossibility of this, how illogical it is and how only the separate self can believe this? You are more than the separate self. As long as you hold on to the concept that you need to move to a certain state of perfection – before you are able or worthy to have the love of God flowing through you – as long as you see yourself separated from the flow of love, the love cannot flow. It will not accept any conditions.

You have the right to accept conditions for yourself. But do not fall into the trap of the subtle consciousness of the beings who are completely identified with duality, and therefore in their arrogance believe that they can form an opposite polarity to God. You cannot limit God, you cannot limit love, you cannot limit the expression of love.

You either let it flow, or it flows around you. There is nothing in between. You may think there is something in between because human beings have for so long created the dualistic, relative image of love, as an opposition to hatred, anger, fear etc. Some people have become very good at putting on a facade of being loving and kind.

You may go and see this in many places, including in this center of healing where you have certain people who are very good at portraying an image, as representing an earthly institution. Or you may go to the humble ones who stand all day, helping people walk through the healing waters, and you may see that there you find an expression of love that has no pretense, no conditions. It is all washed away in the desire to help others.

Overcome your fear of rejection

Love does not seek to own. When it does not seek to own, it follows that it needs nothing in return. Consider the fear of expressing love out of fear of rejection. When there is fear of rejection, you have not yet tuned in to the vibration of unconditionality. When love is expressed unconditionally, how could there be fear of rejection?

How can unconditional love be rejected? Unconditional love is self-contained. It finds its joy simply in being expressed, in expressing itself, in flowing.

When you think that you have to express love only for one particular person – and that you want that love to be received by that person, perhaps even be received in a certain way – you are not in the flow of unconditional love. You have tuned in to the lower vibration of conditional love. You may still have love for a person, you may still desire to express that love, but you have not yet reached the highest potential. You fear rejection or you seek to own or posses or have something in return.

When you think that you need something from any human being or from any source in the material universe, you have a sense of lack. You have a deficit consciousness. You think you are missing something and that someone else must come in and fill it, fill that hole, so that you can be complete. This is all an illusion.

Even the concept of twin flames – that there is one human being who is your twin flame and therefore that twin flame is the perfect love who can complete you – even that is not the highest understanding. Your real spiritual twin flame is your higher self, your I AM Presence. Only by coming into oneness with that will you be complete, will you be whole.



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