Women of America, unite!

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I wish to expand upon what Saint Germain has said about the need for people to come together and find a different way to talk about political issues. As Saint Germain has stated, there is a huge potential that women can be the forerunners for this shift. And the reason for this is actually fairly simple. We have talked about it before, but it needs to be stated again so it goes into the collective consciousness at this particular time. I trust that you are beginning to understand as ascended master students that at any particular time there is a very complex equation in the collective consciousness. There is, as I have said before, sometimes where a little impetus can have a huge effect in changing the direction just a little bit, so that in the long run the outcome is quite different. And this is precisely such a time. 

What do American women want?

Why is it that women have a better potential than men for overcoming the polarization, the differences, the divisions? Well, there are various reasons for this, but one obvious reason is that in order to overcome the divisiveness there must be something you love more than being right. There must be something you love more than making those other people wrong. And for women, that is obviously their children. The question simply is: “What do American women want?” Do they want a situation where the country is divided in this fight between those who want to be right and those who want to prove the other wrong, divided up into two groupings? Or do they want to see a country that does what is best for their own children? And clearly, if you want what is best for your own children, you do not want division and conflict or a civil war-like state in America. Clearly, this cannot be what is best for your own children. There is a potential that the equation can shift and women take a look at American politics and say: “We can no longer stay out of politics.We can no longer ignore politics. We can no longer allow the men to run politics. We need to engage, because this is not going to end well unless something changes the equation.” 

“We cannot allow this anymore”

There is right now a substantial number of women who have grown up in a culture that supports the Republican Party. But they have looked at what has happened to the Republican Party over these last several years. And they have looked at what happened with this entire situation with selecting a new speaker. And they have come to the point where they have seen that this has gone far enough. Some of them have not really consciously vocalized this yet, but this shift can happen. This shift can happen quickly. Where they look at the country and say: “Well whatever situation we have, we obviously cannot allow the government to shut down because of a lack of funding. We simply cannot allow a few extremists in the Republican Party to shut down the country, shut down the government, prevent government employees and soldiers from getting paid. Which can have ramifications not only for America, but for the global economy. We cannot allow this.” 

And this can then lead on to other things that we cannot allow because it clearly is not good for our own children and the next generation. It really is a matter of women waking up, looking at the situation and saying: “The men have created such a mess in this country that something needs to change. And who is going to change it? Not the men, which leaves us. We have to demand change.” It does not mean that all women have to go into politics because most men who are in politics have a wife and they rely on her for her support. So it is a matter of speaking out and sometimes, in fact in many cases, it will be so that when the wife speaks out, the man realizes that he has actually been thinking and feeling the same thing. But for some reason, he could not bring himself to acknowledge it. He could not bring himself to say: “But the emperor has nothing on.” In the fairy tale, it is a little boy who says this. In the real world, the biggest potential is that it is a woman who says this. The emperors of politics have nothing on. The emperors of the financial system have nothing on. The power elite has nothing on. And it is time to see this. 

Women of America need to speak out

Many women are ready to consciously acknowledge what Saint Germain talked about. There is a higher principle, there is a higher right than being right among men. Surely you can find women, some of them even in Congress or the Senate, who are caught up in this game of proving themselves right by proving other people wrong. But this is only a minority. Most women are not caught up in this attitude because they see the practical reality of how it leads to conflict, and conflict never leads the country or their own lives in the right direction. If there is to be a shift in America, women need to take a stand and demand change, demand a new approach. And this is the impetus I am here to give and release into the collective consciousness:

Women of America, unite! Women of America, unite! 

Say this with me:

Women of America, unite! Women of America, unite! Women of America, unite! Women of America, unite! Women of America, unite! 

And this will manifest, for the mouth of the Divine Mother has spoken it in the physical. And you as the Omega Polarity have ratified it and spoken it with me. 

There will be a new movement inspired by people who have tuned in to my office as the Divine Mother for the uniting of women in America. This is one initiative that can have a tremendous impact in changing the course of America slightly it will seem in the beginning, but in the longer run changing it tremendously. It is necessary for women to speak out and say: “It cannot be more important to be right in this political struggle, this never-ending, ongoing political struggle than it is to do what is right for our children. It cannot be right. There must be a higher right than being right in this petty political squabble. There must be something that means more to you men than this pettiness. And it is time to do away with this nonsensical struggle. And it is time to free the Republican Party from the influence of these people who only want to perpetuate that struggle indefinitely and who are willing to perpetuate the struggle regardless of the consequences it has for the country and for our children. Because they are obsessed with being right!” 

Who are the voters who have the greatest potential to suddenly see that Donald Trump has nothing on? It is women because they can come to see that he has throughout his entire life shown a clear disrespect for women. This is exposed to the public for anyone who is willing to take a look. This man has no respect for women and this in itself should be enough to prevent him from holding public office again in this age. You cannot have a president of the United States who has no respect for women and who has exploited women in his entire life. This cannot stand in this decade of women. And there are enough women who are ready to wake up and consciously acknowledge this so that without the vote of these women he has no chance of becoming president again. Is it of epic importance to me as the Mother of God holding the Office of the Mother of God that Trump does not become president? No. If the nation needs the lesson that they will get from him becoming president again then I respect the free will of the majority.

But I am speaking into the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness of these women who have so far thought to themselves exactly what I said but who have not been willing to speak it out loud amongst each other or in a public forum. For naturally many, many, many women have seen this, but because of this hypnotic state that the Republican party has been in, they have not so far spoken out publicly and this is what can change and it can change quickly. 

With this I have actually given the impetus, the energetic charge that I wanted to bring forth at this point in this conference. I thank you, those who are here, for being the open doors by allowing this to be spoken in the physical with the impact of the multiplication of your auras and chakras. With this I seal you in the love of the Divine Mother. Mother Mary, I AM.


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