Without vision the people perish, but with pure vision they manifest a Golden Age

TOPICS: Why pure intentions are so important – Impure vision leads to divisions in the psyche – A divided mind cannot have God power – The origin of inequality in society – A subtle secret about fallen beings – The mechanization consciousness – Discernment about technology – Turning a spiritual teaching into a mechanical doctrine – Growing up in a mechanistic society – Raising your vision above mechanization – Understanding true healing – The problem with alternative healing – The laws of nature are not mechanical – It is time to accept your creative power –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 24, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

So, my beloved, as I have discoursed with you previously, when a lifestream goes through the first three rays – the initiations on those rays – it has sort of a divine grace period, in which it has great freedom to experiment with its creative powers in order to hopefully find some sense of balance between power, wisdom and love on its own—and with as much guidance from the spiritual teacher as it desires. As I explained, on the fourth ray the lifestream must face the initiation of purifying its creative efforts, but more than that: purifying its intentions, its entire sense of purpose. “Why do I co-create? Is it to gain some advantage for the separate self, or to raise up the All and fulfill the greater purpose for which I descended into these dense matter spheres?”

Now, in the natural, ideal scenario, a lifestream will pass the initiation on the fourth ray. It will purify its motives, and therefore it can move on to the fifth ray of God Vision with a pure motive, a pure intention—to co-create that which is best for the All, for the overall purposes of God. This will empower the lifestream to develop a pure vision, so that – as it begins to express that vision in the material realm – it will be based on a pure understanding of how creation works.

Why pure intentions are so important

The fifth ray is the first ray in the upper half, so to speak, of the seven rays, the one that comes after the nexus point of the fourth ray. And although – in a linear fashion – the rays naturally ascend in order, in order to fully understand the mystery of creation we need, so to speak, to turn the scale upside down. We need to realize, that what truly happens is that a lifestream starts its co-creative efforts in a higher sphere of God’s Will. Then, when it has passed those initiations, it descends to the next lower sphere, and so on until it reaches the fourth. Which is precisely the place – as you have been told – where Lucifer and many other angels fell—out of their pride of thinking they knew better than God. Thus, condemning God for his creation and his intention for that creation.

After the fall happened in the fourth sphere – which is a representation, a symbol if you will, of the fourth ray – then lifestreams descended into the fifth ray. And thus, you will see that when you consider a figure-eight, the fourth ray, the fourth sphere is the nexus. The first three rays, love, wisdom and power are in the upper half of the figure-eight, which is the realm that we might call the realm of spirit. And then fifth, sixth and seventh rays are in the lower half of the figure-eight, which we – for the purposes of this discussion – will call the realm of Ma-ter, the realm of Mother.

In the ideal scenario, a lifestream would face the opportunity to truly start using the Ma-ter light in its co-creative efforts. And when used with pure intention, the lifestream would formulate a pure vision of what it wanted to co-create, and then impose that vision upon the Ma-ter light. Yet, when a lifestream separates itself from the flow of the River of Life, from the flow of the Great IS, and begins to think it is a separate being, then of course it cannot formulate a pure vision. So instead of having the vision and the intention to co-create that which raises up the All, the lifestream is now blinded by the spiritual pride it developed as a result of failing the initiations on the fourth ray. Thus, the lifestream cannot see beyond the separate self. And therefore, it cannot see that it is truly one with the All, and one with God.

It sees itself as separate from all other beings in the sphere where it abides, and thus it inevitably sees a sort of competition or conflict between itself and others. And precisely because of the pride, it now attempts to use its co-creative efforts – to use the momentum it developed on the first four rays – in order to impose images and visions upon the Ma-ter light, that creates the impression that it is more important than other beings, and thus elevated above them in some sense.

Impure vision leads to divisions in the psyche

Such a lifestream, inevitably, is not seeking to raise up the All. And therefore its vision – its eye – is not single—it is divided, it is dualistic. When thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light and only light. But when thine eye be divided into the dualities of the mind of anti-christ, well thy whole body will not be full of light, for there will be a duality in your body, which of course is not the physical body but your being. And there will be room for both light and darkness.

Even when a being falls, it is not instantly stripped of the momentums and attainment it has gathered before the fall. It is allowed to keep that momentum of light, but along with it comes the darkness. Listen carefully: when a being is of one mind, it has the intention to raise up the All, because it has the clear vision to see that it is one with the All. And thus, the only way to truly raise up yourself is to work on raising up the All. The more you raise up others, the more you will be raised, for this is what we have spoken about many times—the principle of multiplying the talents so that God can give you more.

And when you have clear vision, pure vision, you see this principle as the most fundamental principle of life in the Ma-ter realm. For you see, that the purpose is to raise up a particular sphere in the Ma-ter realm to express the full perfection of the Kingdom of God, so that the sphere is so filled with light, that it ascends and becomes part of the spiritual realm. And thus, you are willing to be that open door for the light of your higher being, the light of God, to stream through you. You become – as Jesus said – the open door, the Way, the Truth and the Life. And you know then, that the more you actually give to raise up other parts of life, the more you receive from the true source of life, which is God itself, through your higher being.

But when your vision is divided, you obviously cannot see this truth. And thus, you are not unified in your creative efforts. When your vision is unified, your co-creative efforts are unified. You have no conflict in your being, you have no evaluation of, “Should I really give to this other person, because will that raise up the other person to be more important than myself or to have more than myself?” You know that the more you give, the more you receive from God. And thus, there is no point in even evaluating who has more and who has less, for you are simply focused on being all you can Be and expressing that in the Ma-ter realm.

But when your vision has become divided, then you see a duality, and suddenly begin to think in an entirely different way. You begin to pass value judgments and say that something is better than something else—some people, some beings, are better or more important than someone else. And the more you are trapped in pride, the more you want to belong to those who are more important or who have more or who can do more. And thus, you now seek to express your light, the momentum you gathered on the first four rays, in a way that not only seeks to raise up life but has a duality, because you are seeking to raise up yourself while putting others down, by limiting them so they will not grow.

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