With the Flame of Victory, one person can indeed make a difference

TOPICS:  The ultimate challenge is freedom – One person can make a difference –

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Ascended Master Elohim Victoria, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Victoria is my name and Victory is my flame. For I come on the seventh ray of God Victory to realign you with the flame of Victory, that burns as the unfed flame—that has never, ever been extinguished by any of the imperfect appearances on earth.

For, my beloved, in the flame of Victory there is only Victory—nothing else can exist. For anything below Victory is consumed by that flame. And thus, I would simply impart to you a portion of that flame—if you are willing to take it into your heart and let it become the leaven that can raise the whole loaf of your consciousness, realigning you with that reality of Victory that we are on the seventh ray.

The ultimate challenge is freedom

When you have passed the initiations of the other six rays – and come to that point that Saint Germain spoke of – you have to face the ultimate challenge—and the ultimate challenge is what? Well, the ultimate challenge is freedom!  For my beloved, freedom is not something that comes lightly. It is indeed a challenge to stand there and have all opportunities open to you, because there are no laws or restrictions that tell you what to do and how to be. For you are now at the point where you need to step up and take that final step into Christhood. And in Christhood there are no rules, there are no laws, there are no doctrines. There is only the Living Word, which flows according to the need of the hour, the need of the situation, seeking to reach wherever people are in consciousness and raise them up from there, never leaving anyone the same.

Take unto yourself – if you will – a portion of my flame of Victory. For truly, you must be able to hear in my voice the flame that is Victory—that will not be held back by anything, that does not respect any of the so-called authorities on this earth as limiting its flow—its burning, its shining its Light to penetrate all shadows, to penetrate all barriers of unreality, of anti-victory, that have been erected by the beings in the duality consciousness. Who in their blindness and their arrogance sincerely believe that they have the power to stop the flow of God’s Light on planet earth. Nay, I say! As long as there are hearts that are willing to be the open doors for the flow of God’s Light, then that Light shall indeed flow. And it shall consume the darkness until there are no more shadows left, neither in your consciousness nor in the collective consciousness.

One person can make a difference

Yet, my beloved, I must say to you that – as is the case with the Living Word – the flame of Victory is a two-edged sword. For if you take it into your being, it will expose all elements of anti-victory that are left—where you sometimes defeat yourself. Or you excuse yourself in various ways, saying, “But how could I possibly make a difference? How could one person make a difference in the world, or in a nation as big as America?”

I would remind you of the old story of a man walking down the beach, and ahead of him he sees another person. And on the beach are millions of starfish that have drifted ashore in a storm. And the person bends down, takes a starfish, throws it back in the ocean, and then he moves on to the next one, throws it back in the ocean. And the person taking a walk comes up to him and says, “What are you doing? Look at the beach, there are millions of starfish. You cannot possibly throw them all back. What you are doing won’t make a difference.” And the other person looks at him, bends down, takes a starfish, throws it out and says, “It made a difference for that one.”

Do not ever fall prey to the lie – the ultimate lie of the power elite – that you cannot make a difference. For I tell you—if everybody believes that lie, then indeed they will not make a difference. But if one person here and one person there decides to reach for the Living Word and align their consciousness with it, then as enough people do this, there will come that critical point, where suddenly you have that shift—and the shift in the national consciousness, where now America can wake up and realize her faults without being plunged into the anti-victory of berating herself, taking herself down instead of saying, “Aah we have faults that must be corrected, but we are willing to do it. And therefore, we will use them as a stepping stone for Victory, for coming up higher than we ever could have reached before, because now we are wiser, because we have been willing to look at the beam in our own eye. And by recognizing that beam, pulling it out, throwing it back into the ocean where it came from, we have risen higher. And therefore, we can take our nation higher than we could ever have done in the old consciousness—where we were not willing to recognize our shortcomings and pull that beam from our own eye.”

So, my beloved, now that I have warned you, now that I have offered you, the decision is up to you. How much of my flame of Victory you can take into your heart and carry with you from this retreat. Thus, I bow, as always, to your free will and I say, “This is my body of Victory, which is broken for you. Take, eat, this do in remembrance of VICTORY!”


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