More than Intellectual Knowledge

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Ascended Master Elohim Apollo, January 1, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Apollo is my name, and I AM known as the Elohim of the Second Ray of God’s wisdom. I come, then, to give you the perspective of communication from the heart and how it relates to the Second Ray of wisdom.

The challenge you face is being who you are in the midst of the non-being that is rampant on this planet. This non-being has ruled the planet for so long that the force behind it has come to believe that it owns this planet and is entitled to this ownership. It is not about to see a small band of people rise above its control and demonstrate to the world that they are willing to be unconditional love in the face of all conditions.

The misuse of religion

Even though it may be painful to face personal issues, you might recognize that if humankind is to grow and overcome the limitations they face, then some people must be willing to be the forerunners – to be that tip of the spear – and demonstrate that they are willing to deal with their personal issues so as to inspire others to do likewise.

What we have been saying – now in many different contexts and with many different wordings – is that for a very long time on this planet religion has been used as a tool by the false teachers in order to create the impression that you can enter the kingdom of God without looking at the beam in your own eye, without looking at the ego. There is an entire consciousness hanging as a dark cloud over this planet. Those who are actually the most spiritual people have become seduced by this belief that they can find some ultimate religion or guru that will then do all the work for them. Or they can find some magical formula that will enable them to enter the kingdom of God without going through the unpleasant work of looking at their egos and undoing their past choices by making a better choice, because they have come to see – even though it may be painful for a time – how their past choices are limiting them.

Only when you are willing to look at your past choices in that capacity, can you then recognize that you are more than the identity built through those past choices. You can rise above it, you can leave it behind, you can let it go into the fire of the Being that you are.

What the heart is full of

Master MORE has built a magnificent foundation by talking about the will of God in relation to communication from the heart. Truly, there are many people in this world who do not want to communicate from the heart, for they do not even want to connect to the oneness of the heart. In fact, one might go one step further and refer to the teachings of Christ who said that what the heart is full of, the mouth overflows with. The heart can, indeed, have certain colorings or shadings of negativity or anger.

This, of course, does not mean that the heart – understood as the core of your being – has taken on this negativity. The core of your being cannot be overpowered by anything on earth. It does mean that you can allow your heart chakra to be filled with a certain negative outlook and the vibrations that are associated with it. You can actually see people in the world where we might say that their hearts – meaning their fundamental outlook on life, their fundamental approach to life – has taken on a particular manifestation of anti-love.

By default they tend to react to life in a certain way by either responding with negativity or by projecting negativity upon others. That is what the mouth will overflow with when they are confronted with any situation that does not meet their expectations. Those expectations, of course, being entirely determined by the outlook on life that they have chosen to accept and which they see as the ultimate reality. They fail to see that it is simply an unreal illusion of the duality consciousness that they have chosen to accept as real and that they have chosen to project upon the Ma-ter light.

If the heart has been colored by such a negative manifestation, then these people are often unwilling to recognize that it is unreal, that it is the result of a choice they made. They will instead project the image that this is fully and wholly the way things are—because they live in a parallel universe that is dominated by fear, anger, or whatever manifestation they have chosen as their basic approach to life.

Look at your own heart

You who are the wise ones have started purifying your hearts. You have started rising above it, but some of you still have certain elements of anti-love in your heart chakras that then color how you look at life. What I endeavor to help you understand here is that the light from your I AM Presence first enters your being in the secret chamber of the heart and then enters the heart chakra. You might see that when there is an element of unreality in your heart chakra, it will color the light in its first manifestation in your lower being. That is indeed why those elements of unreality in your heart chakra can be extremely difficult to see through—for you have come to believe that this is simply the way things are.

You are reluctant to step back and say: “Could this possibly be an illusion?” You think – often – that you simply do not have to ask that question. You think that whereas you might have gone through many other breakthroughs in your psychology, whereas you might have overcome other attachments or given up other illusions, this particular element of your being does not need to be questioned. It is indeed based on reality, the reality that you think it has because it is infused with the light that comes from your I AM Presence. You see the force of the light, but you do not see that the light has been colored by that particular dualistic illusion that you have accepted as reality.

How can you come to see through these core illusions? Well, only by encountering a living guru. With a living guru I do not mean a person who has some kind of stature or education or some kind of authority. I mean that you encounter the living guru in one of its many disguises. Did not Master MORE say: “If the guru be an ant, heed him?” Do you not all know the old fairy tale of the emperor’s new clothes where it was the little child who cried out: “But the emperor has nothing on?”

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