03. Wisdom is a vital force of healing

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Ascended Master Lord Lanto, April 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Wisdom is the principal thing, and with all thy getting, get understanding. I come to give you wisdom. The name that I have used before is Lanto, but I AM MORE. For as my beloved brother, MORE, I too, have transcended any particular manifestation or form ever worn on earth.

I aim to begin by taking you on a meditation. As you might listen also to the music behind my words and flow with both the words and the music. Envision in how many societies wisdom has been written down in books, stored in dusty and musty libraries. People have thought that in order to acquire wisdom, they need to come to centers of learning where men have gathered together these books containing the wisdom. You have to then isolate and insulate yourself in these temples of learning, so to speak, and acquire that wisdom from without.

I would take you out of the dusty and musty libraries of the world. Come with me, flow with me, as I fling open the doors to the library and invite you to follow me into the bright sunshine where you suddenly realize that while you had your eyes glued to a book, spring has arrived.

The birds are singing, the flowers are blossoming—radiating their subtle fragrance that does not impose, but still draws the senses to a new sense of reverence for the miracle of life, repeated every year when the trees turn green and the birds sing. Not, as the “wise” ones say, that they sing to attract a mate or defend a territory. While they do sing to take care of these biological needs, what drives them to sing is the River of Life flowing through them—the joy that wants to be expressed. As we walk away from the library without looking back, we walk into a beautiful meadow with tall green grass, millions of wild flowers, butterflies, bees. The birds are singing, the meadowlark is hovering in the air, radiating his song of joy to all, whether they listen or not.

We will indeed listen, as we feel the soft earth under our bare feet and walk into this meadow, immersing ourselves in the sense and sounds and the sights of spring—the feeling, as we feel the earth, as we bend down to feel the softness of a flower petal. We go beyond the senses, and we sense that behind the outer sensory impressions there is a vibration of spring. A vitality of this unstoppable force, the Fountain of Youth that is welling up in the trees, in the birds and the flowers—in everything, including now, ourselves. We feel from the earth this fountain of youth flowing into our bodies, flowing up through our legs, into the torso, into the head and creating a golden ring of light around our heads.

Tune in to the vibration of this vital force that animates all life. Ask yourself: “How do the birds know what to sing?” How does the meadowlark know to sing in a different way than the robin? How does a particular flower know to be yellow and not blue or red? How do the trees know to sprout a certain kind of

leaves so that the maple trees do not by accident bear acorns or the cherry trees grow apples?

There can be only one thing that makes all this possible and it is wisdom. It is not the kind of wisdom that you find in the dusty libraries. It is the vital, ever-flowing wisdom. Although cycles are repeated every year in nature, wisdom itself is forever transcending itself, becoming more in that flow. Because wisdom is one with the River of Life, my beloved.

Know wisdom as a living force

What is true wisdom? Is it the kind of wisdom that calls people to isolate and insulate themselves in a dusty library where they have their eyes glued to a book? Nay, my beloved. When they are so focused on this worldly wisdom, they separate themselves from the River of Life. You indeed see so many institutions of higher learning on this planet where the teachers and professors have isolated themselves, not only from society but from the River of Life. They think that because they have acquired such great wisdom, they are now self-sufficient, self-contained, and they know everything that they need to know.

If all the wise men stepped forward, could they indeed make one little plant grow a flower? Could they make the meadowlark sing? Nay, they could not.

The true wisdom is not what causes you to isolate yourself from the River of Life. The true wisdom is the vital force that magnetizes you to immerse yourself in the River of Life and flow with that wisdom—instead of using the worldly wisdom to build some kind of palace for the separate self where the separate self can feel important and enthroned. It feels that it has its surroundings, even the entire world, under control. As you indeed see some of the “wise” men in the world, and even some of the “wise” women in academic circles, who believe that they know so much that they feel confident in declaring that there is no God.

How do they explain that the meadowlark sings? They cannot come up with a mechanical cause for the miracle of spring. Do they really have wisdom? Do they have understanding? Or do they merely have a graven image that they reinforce and polish, feeling that if so many people around the world accept it, if so many researchers and scientists contribute to it, then it must be real.

Why people build temples

Where is the little boy who cries: “But the emperor has nothing on?” I, then, will play the role of that little boy. I look to many of you to also step into that role and, in various ways, cry out. Not with those words, but simply pointing out that there is something missing, that there is more to understand about the miracle of life, and that life cannot be reduced to a machine that follows mechanical laws.

I ask you to consider how human beings have built temples—temples of learning, temples of religion. You might go down in this place of Lourdes to make a few observations. What started the miracles of Lourdes, the miracles that the best doctors in the world cannot explain in terms of mechanical laws? What started it was an apparition of Mother Mary, a force beyond the material world. Although Mother Mary was revered by a human institution with huge temples, she did not appear to the Pope or in a basilica. She appeared to a humble girl walking through the meadows. She appeared in a humble grotto that none of the people who lived here had paid attention to, for that was where they had sent the swine to forage.

Is there not a message there that the “wise” ones have failed to see? Look at that humble grotto, and then step back – mentally, so that you do not fall into the river behind it – step back mentally and look up and say: “Oh, but who built that elaborate cathedral up there on the rock?” Ask yourself, given that Mother Mary appeared to a humble girl in a humble place, did she really want such an elaborate structure to be built? Did she want something that takes the attention away from what is the center of this place of healing, namely that there is something flowing from outside the material universe, and that is why healing can occur. People accept that, even though it cannot be explained by the worldly wisdom.

See how the ego and those entrapped in it could not build a simple, humble chapel. They had to build something that actually demonstrates, by its size, the insecurity of their egos and the institution that they claim to be the only true church of Christ. Look how similar things have happened in the worldly institutions of universities where, again, you see the need to build elaborate structures, to accumulate massive amounts of information and research, yet they still cannot explain why a flower appears.

I am not thereby saying that there is necessarily anything wrong with having an institution – be it religious, or an institution of learning – for there can be value in having a focal point. What I am saying is simply that if the institution becomes a closed circle, becomes an end in itself – by shutting off the flow of wisdom – that institution no longer serves the purpose of setting people free by helping them immerse themselves in the River of Life. Indeed, it serves the opposite purpose of making them feel more and more trapped in a worldly sense of identity. Look at the Catholic priests and popes and cardinals, how trapped they are in a certain mindset. How alien it would feel to them to hear Mother Mary speak through a human being who is not part of their institution.

Then look at the popes and the priests and the cardinals of the scientific and intellectual world who claim to be so different from religion, but have built institutions that are so similar to religious institutions that one can only chuckle over the fact that they themselves cannot see it. They cannot see that they have created their own priesthood, their own doctrines, their own rituals. These intellectuals from the world of science would also feel it very alien if they were to even consider that perhaps there is a spiritual world beyond the material, and perhaps a spiritual being, such as myself, can speak through a physical mouthpiece that has become the open door.

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