Will You Co-create the Golden Age?

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, through Kim Michaels, August 24, 2015.

I am the ascended master Saint Germain and I would like you to consider the quote: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Surely, I will agree with you that God’s will is being done in heaven; but is it being done on earth, my beloved?

Do you think war is God’s will? Do you think poverty is God’s will? Do you think the manipulation of the stock market, such as you have seen today, and in the last days, is God’s will? Do you really think that all of the things that are happening on earth are God’s will? Then, if they are not God’s will, how can they be happening? Because what is manifest on earth is not a matter of God’s will; it is a matter of the free will of all of the 7-plus billions that are embodying on earth.

You have collectively co-created the current conditions and only you can uncreate them. As long as you believe that there is some external force that must or will correct current conditions; then they will not be corrected. You will be condemned to repeating history in worse and worse and more and more intense conditions until you finally wake up and take responsibility for your own state of consciousness and for the fact that it is your state of consciousness that precipitates physical, material conditions.

I am the ascended master who is the hierarch for the next 2000 year cycle of Aquarius. It is my plan to create a golden age on earth and that golden age will not have room for war, for poverty, for manipulation, for the mistreatment of peoples such as you see in so many places on earth. But, I cannot bring this about alone. I can only co-create with those of you in embodiment who are willing to co-create with me.

And in order for you to be willing to co-create with me, you need to realize that there are traditions on earth. Some would call them religions. I will not mention them, because you all know them. But, there are traditions on earth that have only one purpose. And it is to pacify you, so that you do not exercise your co-creative abilities. You do not recognize that you are a spiritual being who has the potential to co-create with the spiritual beings of the ascended masters.

This needs to change, if we are to manifest a golden age. I am 100% determined to manifest that golden age. I am asking you, are you equally determined? If not, are you willing to step up and manifest that determination? We have given so many tools, available for free on our websites whereby you can overcome the downward pull of the mass consciousness that is pulling you into taking a passive approach and simply watching what is happening without thinking you can do anything about it. We have given so many tools that you can use.

And I tell you it will be a difficult work for most people to pull themselves beyond the downward drag, the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness. But, it can be done, as many people have already proven. And as I, certainly, have proven myself by being in embodiment on earth and still winning my ascension. As Jesus, as Mother Mary, as thousands of other people and beings have manifested that ascension, even though they were in embodiment in the dense conditions on earth. And I tell you there have been periods in the past where the conditions have been even more intense. Because thanks to the work of so many spiritual people around the world, we have actually made progress on this planet.

We are much closer to manifesting a golden age than most of you think. This golden age will not manifest in one step. It will, as we have explained, manifest in several steps; because it needs to be brought down through the four levels of the material universe. But, in some aspects the golden age is right there, ready to burst forth into the physical spectrum, where you will see physical manifestations of it. You are already starting to see this in humble ways, but it can very quickly become as a tidal wave that cannot be stopped by the mass consciousness or the forces who are seeking to stop the progress because they do not want to lose control.

And so, therefore, my beloved, will you consider that I have a vision and that I am willing to give that vision to you, whereby we can overcome the conditions you see and that you are all concerned about, that you all know are not right and should not be happening? Will you co-create the golden age with me?


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