Why you took on limitations on earth

TOPICS: Why things happened to you – You are here to shift consciousness – Why you took certain things on – The ultimate control game with yourself – Why things seem real to us – You are here because of love – 

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 18, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to provide the Omega perspective of what has been given to you by Archangel Michael, with whom I work very closely in many situations.

We are close in the sense that we can shift roles very easily, and there are actually times where I am in a polarity with Archangel Michael that I hold the masculine polarity and he the feminine. This may surprise you, but that is how it is in the ascended realm where we are much more flexible and not tied to the kind of roles you see on earth. It is truly a matter of what is needed at the moment.

Why things happened to you

This is a key also to your own path where you realize that so many times in your lives you have done things that you later regretted. You have had experiences that hurt you, and you look back and wish it had not happened. I tell you, my beloved, there is nothing that you have ever done, no decision you have ever made, no experience you have ever had, that was not in some way necessary for you, for your path at that moment. Now, you may look back at your life and say, “Why did this happen to me? Why did this have to happen to me?” But there was a reason: At that point in time when the event happened, you were in a certain state of consciousness.

This is a very complex matrix. We have giving you teachings about the four lower bodies, and you realize, of course, that most people on earth are not aware that they have three higher bodies. They think everything happens to them in the conscious mind. Maybe they are aware that there is some subconscious mind, but they do not really understand what is going on there and how it affects them at the conscious level. You, of course, are beginning to understand this and how decisions, how events in your life, are co-created and manifested by descending through the four levels of the material universe. I tell you that your entire consciousness is far more complex than just the four lower bodies because there are intricate matrices at each of those levels. At any point in time you are facing a certain very complex situation in your four lower bodies, and in order to move forward on your spiritual path, you need a certain experience that gives you a different perspective.

I know from my own time in embodiment on earth how easy it is to go into the state of mind of feeling that you have been hurt, that you have been wounded, that you have been damaged, that something so bad happened to you – or that you made such a bad decision – that you could not possibly overcome it. You could not be free of it. You could not move on. This is one of the most subtle plots of the fallen beings: to make you feel that, because of something that happened on earth, you cannot now approach God. You are banished to remain separate from God for an indefinite period of time.

What did Archangel Michael say? He looks beyond the outer form at your Presence. Your Presence is an extension of the infinite God. That which is infinite cannot be damaged or even affected by that which is finite. You, of course, are not the Presence in embodiment. You are what we have called the Conscious You, which is a formless being, but you have become identified with form. You think that what has happened to you in the world of form can affect your relationship with God. This is the one lie that the fallen beings want you to believe more than any other lie. There is nothing in the finite world that can affect your relationship to the infinite God because you were created beyond the finite world. That which is created out of infinity cannot be infinitely trapped in the finite world.

You are here to shift consciousness

You will be free only when you reconnect to the reality that you are an infinite being, that you cannot be damaged or trapped in any form on earth. How then will you be free of this? My beloved, you will be free of it only when you are able to look at a certain form, look at a certain event in your life, and then experience how the hold that it had on you, on your self-image, simply falls away, and the form no longer matters. It is inconsequential. It does not define you. It does not limit you.

You see, my beloved, many of you have come to earth in order to help shift the collective consciousness to a higher level. You saw before you came here how the people who are embodying on earth were so trapped in these intricate matrices of illusions caused by the fallen beings, and you desired to help. You desired to come down and help. My beloved, how do you help?

Do you not realize that we of the ascended masters have been giving teachings now for a very long time? Through several messengers directly, but even before that we have indirectly inspired many people with new teachings and ideas. Do you not realize that, even though we have given the keys to people’s liberation even just in the teachings given through this messenger, it is not realistic that the majority of the people would ever be willing to read them and take these teachings? The reality is that, even though you can give an outer teaching that is helpful for some people, no teaching would ever liberate the majority of the people on this planet. They can only be liberated by seeing an example of how a person who has been as limited as they are can throw off the yoke, can jump down from the cross and stand in a higher state of consciousness than that previous limitation.

Why have you made certain decisions in your life? Why have you placed yourself in – being born into, in some cases, or going into later in life – situations that hurt you, that limited you, that caused you to go into a temporary downward spiral? Why have you done this? Is it because you are stupid? [Laughter] Or is it because you wanted to take this on in order to demonstrate that one can rise above it? I submit to you that it is the second scenario that is true for each and every one who is willing to hear or read this teaching. Had it not been true for you, you would not have placed yourself in contact with this teaching.

Why you took certain things on

Therefore recognize who you are, recognize why you are here, what is your potential. Then look at these manifestations that have occurred in your life in a new light, and see that they are just that—something you took on in order to demonstrate how to rise above it. Also, you took it on in order to know what people experience when they are trapped in these matrices. You may look at yourself and your life and what you have gone through. You may say: “I was an angry person,” “I was abusive towards my spouse,” “I was taking drugs,” “I was drinking,” “I was this, “I was that.” Be willing to recognize that the consciousness created by the fallen beings – and embraced by the majority of people on earth – is that when you have done something on earth, this means you have become it. If you have been drinking, you have become an alcoholic. This is what the world wants to put upon you. This is what so many people who know you want to project upon you. Because of what you did in the past, now they can define who you are.

My beloved, this is a control game. We might call it the original control game because nothing on earth defines who you are, for you are an extension of the infinite God. You are a formless being, and that does not mean you are less. It means you are beyond form. You cannot be defined by form unless you allow yourself to identify with the matrix put upon you by the fallen consciousness, sometimes through people that are close to you: family or friends or what have you. Be not concerned about this. Do not feel that you have to accept the judgment of others, for you are not here to accept their judgment and their opinions.

You are here to demonstrate that, regardless of what other people have put upon you, you can refuse to be defined by it. You can transcend it. You can rise above it and say: “This is not who I AM. I am MORE than this.” When you do, then you have fulfilled your highest potential, your reason for coming into embodiment. When you transcend a limitation, does it really matter that you took on the limitation? Why would you feel guilty about it? Why would you feel regrets? Why would you be angry with yourself? It is only the ego that wants you to accept this idea that you somehow did something wrong or that you were flawed because you took this on.

The ultimate control game with yourself

This is the nail, the final nail, that keeps you on the cross. You all have something in your lives that people are using to judge or condemn you. It is your thinking that this defines you. What did the God and Goddess of Love say? The ultimate control game is that you seek to maintain form over time. What are you doing to yourself when you say that, because of what happened to me in the past, I am now a certain person for the rest of this lifetime and cannot rise above it? You are seeking to maintain a form over time, and therefore you are seeking to control yourself.

Why, my beloved, would you seek to control yourself? Because you are afraid of your own power. You are afraid of your own light. In many cases this is very understandable. If you will read or listen to my dictation on this topic and the other dictations on this topic from the Holland conference, you will see that many of you have this birth trauma of how you first came into embodiment and your light was so brutally rejected that you many times decided you never wanted to feel so rejected and so hurt again. You are afraid that, if you express your light in this lifetime, you will be rejected again.

It has been a very, very long time since that original rejection. You have experienced so many things on this earth that you have the potential to almost instantly shift out of this by realizing that, whatever people project upon you, it is not you. It is not related to you. It is their own substance that they are projecting out.

When you recognize this, you see that you have a right to be who you are. God has given you that right. God has given you the right to be in embodiment on earth, to be who you are, and to exercise your Christhood. Many of you have come to believe that exercising your Christhood means that you reach some superior, superhuman state of consciousness, as you believe Jesus manifested. I tell you, I was with Jesus from an infant throughout his entire mission, and I saw that he was not the superhuman being that the Christian movement has projected. He also had certain human characteristics. He also had his fears and hesitations.

There are, of course, levels and degrees of Christhood. The first level of Christhood – and, in a sense, the hardest hurdle to overcome on the path of Christhood – is precisely this: that you look at a limitation you have experienced, a decision you have made, you look at some matrix that other people have put upon you, and then you say: “I will not let this stop me. I will not let it stop me from walking my own personal path, from fulfilling my Divine plan, from expressing the light that I AM. I will not let it stop me, whatever people project upon me, because what they project is their own stuff, and I have no obligation to take upon myself other people’s stuff. What I do have an obligation to do is look at my own stuff and say: ‘Why do I feel I should let this limit me?’ Then, when I see this, I can let it go. I can transcend it.”

How do you transcend it? By recognizing, as we have said before in many different ways, that it is not real and it has no power. You don’t need to solve any problem, any issue. You don’t need to change anything outside or inside yourself. You just need to look at it and then let it go, walk away from it, rise above it.

Why things seem real to us

Why does it seem real to you? Because you think it is real. You think it can define you. You think it has power over you, but it does not. It is an illusion. It is just a form. It is in a temporary world. It is in an unascended sphere. It is on a very low planet in an unascended sphere. It has no reality. It can be sustained over time, but for a very short interval of time compared to eternity.

Why let it define you? You have let it define you maybe for years, but those years are made up of what? Months, days, hours, minutes, seconds. It is not that the matrix has existed in some continuous existence for that time. You have recreated it and projected it upon yourself every moment, and that means you can stop projecting it upon yourself. You can stop accepting it at any moment, including right now.

There is perhaps no better now to stop accepting these limitations than when in the Presence of an ascended master who holds that immaculate concept for you, your Christhood, the fulfilment of your Divine plan and your expression of your unique gift on this planet. I have said it before many times: I did not love Jesus any more than I love each one of you. I love you with a fiery love of the mother but also with the infinitely soft love of the mother, the nurturing love. I am willing, my beloved, to help you in any way possible, and what is possible? What is possible for you individually? Anything you can accept to be possible is possible, for it is only your non-acceptance that makes it impossible. Free will is the ultimate determiner on Earth.

Listen to me, my beloved. I am telling you the most essential truth you will ever hear. It can be expressed with different words, but it is the same truth. I just want you to be free, and I am here constantly. I am going to be with you always, as I have been with you always since my ascension. You only need ask and open your heart to my assistance. I know some will think: “But I cannot hear Mother Mary. I do not know what is real and unreal.” These are all illusions. If you can accept that I am with you, then I can and will help you overcome any limitation you face.

It has been said: “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for a friend.” There is a greater love than that. We are not asking anyone to lay down a physical life, for the physical life is precious, and you are in embodiment to fulfil your Divine plan and to shine your light. We of the ascended masters have the greater love, and we have laid down our ongoing movement, in the infinite spheres of the ascended realm, in order to be with earth. You have laid down your lives, your ongoing growth on planets that were far easier than earth, in order to come to earth, take on limitations, and demonstrate how to rise above them.

You are here because of love

You came here out of love. Do not let the fallen ones make you believe that you are not worthy of love and that you cannot love yourself. You are loved, or you would not be on this planet. Do not believe that you came here because you fell or made mistakes or made karma. Those of you who can hear this dictation came here by choice, and the choice sprang from your love, your love for planet earth, for the people on earth, for the cause of the ascended masters, for the upward movement of the entire world of form. Reconnect to that love.

Allow yourself to realize and contemplate that you came here out of love. Reconnect to what it is you really love. Perhaps it is exactly the limitation you took on that can show you what you really love because you love to set people free from this kind of limitation. You love to demonstrate that light and love can indeed conquer any limitation. Reconnect; feel the love. Allow yourself to recognize that you are a being born out of love, and it is a love that is beyond anything on earth. Therefore no matter what has happened on this planet of anti-love or with such anti-love, it has not changed you. You are still a being of love.

My beloved, you have heard us use the phrase catch-22. There is no greater catch-22 on earth than when you cannot love yourself, or accept that you are worthy of love, or even accept that you are a being of love. Then you cannot reconnect to who you are and why you came here. You will think you are here for other reasons, that you are flawed, have made mistakes or are here to perform some kind of work or produce some kind of change on the outer. You are not here for that. Truly, you are here to demonstrate that you can take on anti-love and then just let it go and again be the open door for love. That is your ultimate mission, as it was my ultimate mission and the ultimate mission of Jesus, El Morya/Master More, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, all of us who have embodied on earth. This was our ultimate mission, to take on some form of anti-love and then rise above it through accepting that we are beings of love.

With that, I seal you in my love, and I will keep you sealed for as long as you accept that you are sealed. I will help you be healed as long as you can accept that you are healed.


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