Why you are not forgiven for rejecting the INNER WORD

TOPICS:  The illusion of serving the remote God – Why you are forgiven for rejecting the outer Word – Why you are NOT forgiven for rejecting the INNER Word – The master key to overcoming sin – You cannot grasp this truth with the intellect –

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Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Wherefore I say unto you, all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. (Mt 12:31-32)

So, my beloved, I, Jesus, am indeed also on the sixth ray of service. So I wanted to put in my two cents worth, as they say. For you see, what is true service to life? It is when you serve ALL life. And what does it mean to serve all life? Well, there is only one way to serve all life, and that is to flow with the Holy Spirit, which is precisely that force of God, that aspect of God, that is designed to accelerate all life so that all life becomes MORE.

Even though my words were ominous, given 2,000 years ago, they were designed that way because of the consciousness at the time. Where people were still so stuck in precisely what Nada identified as the false desire to serve the remote God, thinking it was the angry, judgmental being in the sky that they were serving through their religious activity. So here you have the scribes and the Pharisees strutting around like peacocks – feeling that they were holier than everybody else in Israel – serving God. Yet, in reality they were serving the false God. And that is precisely why I said that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom (Matthew 5:20).

And why is this so? It is so because the scribes and Pharisees were trapped in the duality consciousness, and they saw themselves as separated from God. Because when you see God as the remote God, you obviously see God as being outside yourself and you as being outside of God. How can you possibly enter the kingdom of God, which is where?… [audience answers: “Within you.”] Within you. We will eventually get you to understand this, so that if I woke you up at four o’clock in the morning and said, “Where is the kingdom of God?” you would say “Within me.”

The illusion of serving the remote God

My Beloved, joking aside, this is the most serious matter you could possibly have to contemplate. For you see, ninety percent or more of the religious people on this planet are trapped in the illusion that what they are doing is serving God. But they are serving the remote God, they are trying to please the remote God, they are thinking that if they do outer things, in an outer religious activity, then the outer God will let them into the outer kingdom. And it is truly the broad way that leads to destruction—it simply cannot be done.

When you are trapped in that duality consciousness, you are trapped in the ego’s belief that if it does all the outer things right, then God will have to let it into the kingdom. This is such an integral illusion that the ego will never be able to see it as a fallacy. This is precisely why we have given you the teaching that there is a part of you, the Conscious You that is more than the ego and that can separate itself from the ego.

As long as you identify with the ego, you will not be willing to come up higher, to become MORE. Because you want to cling to the illusion that as long as you stay in this outer church – and do these activities that you have decided will get you to heaven – then God will have to accept you. And the ego will not let go of this illusion, because it knows that if you were to see through this illusion, then you would no longer need the ego and the ego would die. So the ego believes that it is a matter of life and death to make you cling to this illusion. And as long as you identify with the ego, you too think it is a matter of life and death or a matter of salvation or damnation—the difference between going to heaven or going to hell.

I am not saying that the scribes and the Pharisees were evil people. I did not call them evil; I called them hypocrites because they thought they were serving God, and they were not willing to recognize the reality that they were not serving God—or rather they were not serving the Living God who is in all. This is the reality that I came to demonstrate to them through words and deeds and even by my Presence. They would have none of it, for they were not willing to let go of their egos. They were not willing to let that mortal self die on the cross, so they could be reborn. That is why Nicodemus could not understand me when I said that unless a man be born of water and of spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom (John 3:3).

Why you are forgiven for rejecting the outer Word

My Beloved, when you are stuck in this illusion of the remote God, you will reject the Living Word. You will find ways to counteract the Living Word. What the scribes and Pharisees did was only the most primitive version of this rejection, and there are far more subtle ones that I will talk about in the coming discourses. Yet what they did was to reject the person who had come to bring them the Living Word because that person – myself – had become one with the Living Word, which is the only way to truly bring the Living Word—although you can for a time be in a state where you are the open door for the Living Word but have not fully become one with it.

When I came to them representing the Living Word, they rejected the Word. That is why I said that those who speak blasphemy against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven them. Because you see, even though I represented the Living Word, the scribes and the Pharisees inevitably saw me as being outside themselves. So I represented the Living Word that was the external Word—and so do I now when I speak through this messenger, whom you identify as being different or separate from yourself.

This is the nature of the physical octave, of being in a body, because you know that the body is separate from other bodies. You know that there is a part of your mind that is separate from other minds. So you see, you have this duality that is inherent in the physical octave at this point—which is not quite the same duality as what I normally call the duality consciousness of the ego.

For truly, your senses are not evil, they are simply doing what they were designed to do, which is to detect the vibrations that make up the physical universe. And in the physical universe, the vibrations are separate and have created separate, distinct forms. But what really happens is that the ego takes this sensory perception of separateness and builds onto it, and then builds the duality consciousness which says that you are separate because you are nothing more than the body, and the senses, and the outer mind or even more than the soul which is also separate from other souls. Do you see that this is subtle and difficult to grasp?

But even though you are in a physical body, even though you see the world through the physical senses, you – meaning the Conscious You – have the ability to know that you are more than the body, more than the senses, and that there is more to know about the universe than what you can see through the senses. And this is indeed what you all know because that is why you are spiritual people. Otherwise, you would not be on the path, unless you knew from within that there is more than the outer world and the senses.

For what you need to do is realize how the ego has used the senses to build this illusion of separation. And then you can separate yourself from the identification with the separateness. This is what the scribes and Pharisees were not willing to do. This is what even my own disciples were not all able or willing to do. For you see, when the Living Christ appears upon earth, he does not come to say, “Here I am, I am the Christ, I am the only Son of God, I am so much better than any other human being on this planet.”

No, the Living Christ comes to say, “Look, I have discovered God within myself, and so can you discover the God within yourself. And when you discover the God in you, you will know that it is the same God that I have discovered in me. And therefore, you will know that you and I are one at a deeper level, that goes beyond the separateness of our physical bodies and even our separate minds.”

This is a deeper oneness that the Living Christ comes to exemplify to people, to awaken them to that oneness. And so what did they do with my teachings and my example? They said, “We will have none of it, we want to cling to our ego’s illusion of the external God and the external path to salvation.” So they killed the Living Christ. They killed the Son of man when he stood before them in the flesh.

Why you are NOT forgiven for rejecting the INNER Word

And as I said, those who speak a word against the Son of man – including killing him, killing his body – it shall be forgiven them. But then, what happened after my death on the cross, my resurrection? What did I say I would do? I said I shall pray the Father that he shall send you another Comforter (John 14:16). And that Comforter is the Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit is an aspect of the Living Christ, but it is an aspect of the Living Christ that does not come to you from without—it comes to you from within.

As I talked about earlier, there comes that point, where you need to see something from inside yourself instead of hearing it from the outside. And it is precisely the function of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, to give you that “Aha” experience, that inner realization, that helps you see the dualistic illusion and snap out of it instantly, when you see it as an illusion.

Here is the subtlety expressed in my quote. If you speak a word against the Son of man – who is clearly external to you, at least in a physical sense – then you are forgiven that, because this is an outer action. But the sin against the Holy Ghost, the speaking a word against the Holy Ghost, is when you deny the Living Christ that comes to you inside yourself, when you refuse to listen to that inner Christ, the Holy Spirit, when you refuse to change your consciousness.

And why is it that that sin – that speaking the word against the Holy Ghost – shall not be forgiven? Well, it is because the rejection of the Holy Spirit within you happens at a deeper level of your consciousness than your outer actions. You see, it is quite possible to have a difference, a separation, between your outer actions and your inner thoughts. You all know from your daily experience, that sometimes you are not able to do what you really knew was the right thing. And this is because there is a gulf between your outer actions and your inner consciousness. It is possible that somebody can be so trapped in an outer consciousness, that they can condemn and persecute the Living Christ, the Son of man, while actually in their inner being having a pure heart.

And this is what you saw exemplified in Paul, who persecuted the Christians until he had an encounter with the Living Christ so intense, that it shattered his illusions and shook him out of the illusion that caused him to reject me in the form of Jesus and reject my disciples. But you see, Paul went through that experience on the road to Damascus because he was willing to listen to the Holy Spirit that came to him from within (Acts 22:6). For contrary to what many people think, I did not appear to him as the external Christ standing beside him. I appeared within as the internal Christ, as the Holy Spirit. And though he had rejected the external Christ, he did not reject the internal Christ, and therefore he was converted and he was healed. And therefore he became one of my foremost apostles.

It was the inner man of Paul that was ready to represent the Christ, even though at some point the outer man was not ready. And that is why he sinned against the Son of man, he spoke a word against the Son of man. But when it came down to the critical moment, he did not speak a word against the Holy Spirit, he did not reject the Spirit, he accepted the Spirit, converted, changed his life dramatically and followed that Spirit for the rest of his embodiment.

At the deeper level of your being, you can reject the Spirit—and what is the deeper level of your being? Well, my beloved, is it not the heart? For as I said earlier, the heart is the center of your being. What you speak with your mouth it is simply what is in your heart that overflows. So you see, the deeper part of your being is the very core of your sense of identity. And until you let go of a false sense of identity, you will continue to reject the Holy Ghost. And as long as you reject the Holy Ghost, you cannot overcome your illusions, you cannot come up higher, you cannot overcome separation.

And that is why – as long as you reject the Holy Spirit within yourself – you will remain outside the kingdom of God. For you cannot enter the kingdom of God within you, except you accept the one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and become one with it. Do you see the subtlety here, that could not be explained 2,000 years ago—and that even today cannot be understood with the reasoning mind, even though the collective reasoning mind is much more sophisticated today than it was back then.

The master key to overcoming sin

There is another quote in the Bible, which says that the sin against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven. But the reality is, that it shall not be forgiven until it is forsaken. When you forsake the sin, the rejection of the Holy Ghost, then you immediately become one with the Holy Spirit. And then your sin is forgiven because you are no more the same person that sinned. You have become MORE. And you see, this is the reality that we have been trying to tell you in many round-about ways.

You are who you think you are—until you think you are MORE. And when you realize and accept that you are MORE, the old self – the limited self – has died. And you have been reborn of the Spirit—when you accept the Spirit, which comes to you to set you free from that limited sense of identity. You see, those who speak against the Holy Spirit, those who speak against the WORD, do so because they are not willing to change their consciousness. And it is their consciousness, as I explained earlier, that keeps them outside the kingdom. What does it mean that the sin against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven? Well, the traditional image of the Christian churches – of the remote being in the sky – makes it seem like it is God or Christ or the Holy Spirit who has to forgive your sin. But it is not so. It is YOU who have to forgive your sin by forsaking it, by changing your state of consciousness.

And the moment you change that state of consciousness, you are free of the old consciousness. And it was the old consciousness that was the real sin, not the outer actions—not even the outer actions of persecuting the Living Christ or killing him or his followers. All these things can be forgiven the moment you are willing to change yourself, to change your perspective, to let go of the false spirits—the multitude of spirits, the legion of spirits of duality that pull you hither and yon into identification with the things of this world. The moment you are willing to let them go and come into oneness with the one Spirit, well then you are free of the former self. You are no more that being.

There is a saying that no fallen angel has ever been redeemed. And it is true. Because as long as you see yourself as a fallen angel, you cannot redeem yourself, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. So therefore, you must let the identity of a fallen being – or a sinner – you must let it die, so that you – the Conscious You – is reborn into a new identity. Do you see the reality here?

You cannot grasp this truth with the intellect

As long as you think you are separate from God, you cannot enter God’s kingdom. Only at the moment you let that separate identity die—at that moment will you be in the kingdom. This is the reality that I had to express in veiled parables, for people were not ready to understand the deeper teachings. Perhaps you feel like you are not ready to understand them today. But I tell you again, your heart can understand it, if you are willing to listen and not override it with the intellect. I am deliberately giving you a teaching here which can seem confusing. And I do this to confound your intellect. Do not sit there and try to grasp this with the intellect. Do not sit there and think, “What did he really mean? What is he really saying? How can I fit this into my old belief system? How can I fit this into my mental box?”

This is what the scribes and Pharisees did. And that is why they always used the intellectual mind, the analytical mind, to compare it to something else. When I stood before them and gave them the Living Word, they would immediately compare what I said and did to something else in their tradition. And that is why – because of their attachment to that tradition – they had to reject me because I went too far beyond their tradition.

They used the excuse that I could not possibly be the Messiah, for if I represented God I would truly stay within the boundaries defined by the old word of God—the word of God in their scriptures. But you see, that word – the moment it was given in the physical octave, the moment it became written down – at that moment it became the dead word. And that is why they used the dead word to reject the Living Word. You can use a scripture to open your heart to the Living Word that comes to you from inside, and many people have done this to various degrees. I see constantly Christians who study the Bible and they have these “Aha” experiences, where they are open to the Spirit. And they do make progress, but I also see that these people have an attachment to certain doctrines that they believe are beyond questioning.

I can give them, the Holy Spirit can give them, insights that fall within the boundaries that they have set. But if the Holy Spirit tries to give them an insight that goes beyond those boundaries, then they will reject it as a false spirit. They will reject me as a false Christ—as they reject me on my website when they encounter it, and they encounter that all of a sudden this Jesus on this website is saying something beyond the Jesus they know from scripture or the Jesus their minister interprets for them, by having come up with a tradition that is now exactly the same dead tradition that the scribes and Pharisees used to reject me. Yet, they claim that this is the true tradition of Christ. And they use their dead tradition to reject the Living Christ once again.

Aah my beloved, I am getting ahead of myself. For this is the subject of my next discourse. And I will allow you time to digest this release before I go into the next one. But you should sense from my voice my eagerness to bring forth this teaching in the physical octave, where people can study it. And where – if they are willing – it can trigger that inner realization, where they realize that this is precisely what they always knew in their heart. And now because they recognize that, because they hear it spoken, they can say, “Ah I can let go of that outer source that denied the Living Christ, and now I can accept what I have always known in my heart.” So, my beloved, once again, thank you for your attention until I shall speak to you again, for I have much more to share with you from my heart of hearts.


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