Why totalitarian societies eventually fail

TOPICS: Matter is given form by information – An elite that is above the laws of God – Stop sending out force-based impulses – Two countries in one – A free economy is neither capitalistic nor communistic – Prosperity is determined by wealth produced – How totalitarian societies have collapsed throughout history – Willful ignorance allowed the elite to control the Soviet Union – The Russian people and self-government – Internal contradictions cause the collapse of societies – Societies and evolutionary cycles – Societies based on raw force – The Karmic Board manages the return of karma – The conditions found in Russia today – No delay of Russia’s returning karma – The Russian people have a potential for creativity and respect – The potential changes Russia will face – It is never too late to make calls –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 7, 2014, through Kim Michaels

My beloved hearts, I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to give you another talk where I will comment on various issues that I desire to bring out into the open at this time. My aim of these talks is not necessarily to give you timeless teachings; my aim is rather to comment on certain conditions that are important from an overall, worldwide scale right now. It is sort of to give you an impression of how we of the ascended masters look upon earth and the events that are unfolding right at this moment.

Matter is given form by information

Let me pick up first on a topic that I talked about in my last discourse, namely that of the spiritual people on earth and the challenges that you face. I have talked about the need to be careful about what kind of information you take in. If you look at some of the latest discoveries of science in the field of subatomic physics, you will see that it is becoming increasingly clear to scientists that the basic unit, the basic factor, that determines the shape of the world of form is information.

I have said before that everything is made out of the Ma-ter light and that the Ma-ter light can take on any form. I have also taught that the Ma-ter light does not take on form by itself. It must be acted upon by a conscious, self-aware, being who projects a certain matrix upon the Ma-ter light. This matrix is endowed by energy in order to give it the force to get the Ma-ter light to take on form, but what determines the shape of the matrix is the information used to design it.

There are two elements that make up the world of form: there is movement or energy, and there is design, form or information. Things take on a certain form because of the information used to design the matrix that is projected upon the Ma-ter light. This, of course, is at the very deepest level of energy becoming matter, of the energy that starts in the spiritual realm, cycling though the identity level, then the mental level, then the emotional level, and then, finally, crossing the border into the material frequency spectrum.

It may seem as if there is a vast distance between the realm of subatomic particles and the everyday lives of human beings living on earth. It is precisely because there seems to be such a vast distance that people, even scientists, have not yet accepted the actual conclusions and implications of scientific discoveries. If you do step back from your everyday concerns and look at the discoveries made by science, you will see that there is really only one conclusion. If everything, even the most basic level of the world of form, is determined by information, then nothing is more important for human beings than to base their lives on the best possible information.

An elite that is above the laws of God

It now becomes possible for you to take a look at history and see a very clear tendency. You will see a number of societies that have been what is commonly called totalitarian societies. What we of the ascended masters would say is that the definition of a totalitarian society is one where a small elite rules the general population. The elite has managed to put itself into a position where it has a special status, where it has special privileges. It can do things and get away with doing things that the common man, the common woman, the broader population, cannot do. The elite is above the common law.

We have, of course, given teachings about the fallen beings who rebelled against God in a different realm, have now fallen through several realms and have come into this latest sphere with an absolute rebellion and denial of God. What these fallen beings in embodiment, are trying to do is not just to set themselves above the laws of their society; they are actually trying to set themselves above the laws of nature. They are trying to set themselves up as a privileged elite, and the demands made by the laws of nature on earth are set aside for them because the people slave in order to provide them with privileges. There are, of course, certain laws of nature that they have not been able to set aside even though they have certainly tried both today and in previous, more advanced ages, such as Atlantis. They have attempted very hard to overcome the law of mortality so that they could secure more longevity for their physical bodies.

Stop sending out force-based impulses

There is a limit to how far they can come with this. Regardless of technology and chemicals that they are trying to use, there is still a limit to how far you can prolong the life of a physical body. The reason for this is very simple. It is called the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Karma.

When you, as an individual, produce a force-based impulse that you send out into the cosmic mirror, meaning the four levels of the material universe, that force-based impulse will be returned to you. When it is returned, it might very well limit the lifespan of your physical body. There is very little you can do to actually avoid this. Well, there is something you can do. You can stop sending out force-based impulses, but that, of course, is something that those trapped in the fallen consciousness find it very difficult to do. They would feel like their entire purpose for living would disappear under their feet. They would feel that their power and their control over life would disappear.

If you look a little deeper, you will see that these people – who have set themselves up in positions of power – believe that if they have power over other people, then they have ultimate power, meaning they also have a certain power over the laws of nature or even the laws of God. This, of course, is what they believe at the conscious level. At deeper levels, the reality is that these beings know they have no power over the laws of God or the laws of nature. In their anger and frustration over this, they are attempting to create a temporary sensation of having power and control by having power over other people and over society. They are attempting to create here on earth a temporary kingdom as a replacement for the kingdom they know they cannot have without abandoning the fallen consciousness.

You will see many societies where they have managed to set up such a temporary kingdom on earth. It has seemed as if a certain leader could get away with one thing after another and that nothing could stop him. It has seemed as if there has been a small elite supporting the leader who have had special privileges that could never be lost or never be taken away from them.

Precisely because there is a certain delay factor between the point in time when you send out a force-based impulse and when the return current comes back from the physical universe, the cosmic mirror, it does seem as if a certain leader and a certain power elite group can create a kingdom here on earth that seemingly cannot be threatened by any power here on earth. Such a force-based kingdom does not have to be threatened by a power on earth; it will inevitably be threatened by the return current of what it is sending out.

Two countries in one

What are the means used by these power elite groups who set themselves up in privileged positions? When you look at it from a surface perspective, you will see that they obviously use physical power, often military power, political power or economic power, and this is, of course, the case. If you look at a society that is ruled by a small elite, you will see that they have used their position to create a state in which there are essentially two countries in one. Any country that functions as a coherent unit must have laws. Yet, in an elitist country, there is the official law that is on the books and that, supposedly, is valid for all people, and then there is the unofficial law that applies to the elite only. This means that, whereas the majority of the population have to follow the official law, the elite can get away with not following it.

The official law, of course, is set up so that the people are forced into slaving for the elite, and so that, as long as the people follow that law, they will uphold the status quo where the elite is in control. The people cannot free themselves from the yoke of the elite by following the official law. Anyone who tries to object to the elite can, therefore, easily be labeled by the elite as a rebel, as a person who disrespects the law. How interesting it is that those who themselves have complete disrespect for the law are the first to cry out that anyone protesting their elitist reign is violating the law.

What has been created in such an elitist society is a state of inequality. There is inequality between the elite and the general population. There may actually, in some of the more modern elitist societies, be a certain group of people – sometimes called the middle class but not necessarily what you normally associate with a middle class – and this group of people are actually benefiting from the status quo. They do not have the power and privileges of the elite, but because they are the next step down from the elite, they have more power and more privileges than the general population.

You now have a sort of buffer zone between the elite and the general population, and this can have a dampening effect on the desire of the general population to throw off the yoke of the elite. Most members of the general population will know someone, probably from their own family, who is part of the so-called middle class. They may even have dreams and ambitions that they themselves can rise to that class. Suddenly, there is created a certain unwillingness to disturb the status quo, for even though it is not good for the general population, individually, people might be able to get up to the middle class where life is at least tolerable, perhaps even desirable.

This status of the inequality to the law is, of course, what is commonly called corruption. You can look at any society in today’s world, and you can use the general indexes for corruption that have been developed by the international community. You can look at the most corrupt nations, and you will immediately know that these are the ones where a small power elite has gained the highest degree of control. The higher the degree of control, the higher the corruption.

There are, of course, instances from history where this would not apply for the simple reason that there was not sufficient information available about the level of corruption. There are also instances where corruption is not just a matter of exchanging money. It is not a matter of the elite actually buying favors from public officials. It is a matter of other ways of securing favors that are less easy to trace because no money is exchanged. In general, if you look at any society, you will see that the higher the level of corruption, the less freedom, rights and prosperity for the general population.

A free economy is neither capitalistic nor communistic

It should be obvious that in an elitist society there cannot be freedom and rights for the general population. But why can there not be prosperity? The reason is that in an elitist society you cannot actually have a truly prosperous economy. Why is this so? It is so because the only way to have a truly prosperous economy is to have a free economy.

You may note that there has been a long-standing debate concerning the economic merits of the two warring systems of the last century, namely Communism and Capitalism. You may also know that we of the ascended masters do not consider Capitalism as being what it is often claimed to be by people in the West, namely a free economy. Capitalism is an elitist system aimed at concentrating wealth and privileges in the hands of a small elite. It is often claimed by misguided people in the West that Capitalism and the free market economy are the same, but they are not. A free market economy is one where the economy is free, which means that there are no special privileges. There is no possibility of buying favors so that your business can do better than other businesses because it is protected by the law whereas those others are not.

The history of Capitalism is, of course, a history of small elite groups or even individuals seeking to undermine the democratic system and the free market economy by buying or securing special privileges for themselves and their own businesses. In countries that have what they call a free, democratic constitution, it is far more difficult to secure such privileges. Even though the economy in the West is clearly manipulated by a power elite, this cannot happen to quite the same degree as it can happen in a more totalitarian society, such as the Soviet Union, China or Nazi Germany or other openly totalitarian societies you have seen throughout history.

Prosperity is determined by wealth produced

What I am pointing out to you is that the level of prosperity enjoyed by the general population is determined by the level of wealth produced by the economy in a given country. The level of wealth produced by the overall economy of a country is determined by how free the economy is. The more totalitarian the society, the less overall wealth can and will be produced. The more corruption you find in a society, the less overall wealth will be produced by the economy of that society. You can, again, look at a certain country and look at the level of corruption and look at the living standard of the average person in that country, and you will clearly see from international historical statistics that the higher the corruption, the lower the standard of living of the average person. There may be a few exceptions here and there on a temporary basis, but in the long-term, overall pattern there is a very clear connection.

The reason for this is, of course, that if you compare the economy to a machine, then corruption is what adds resistance or inertia to the machine. You will know from your car’s engine that it can only continue to run because all of the internal parts are covered by a film of oil. The film of oil decreases the resistance of metal parts rubbing up against each other. If the oil runs out, the internal resistance in the engine will increase until the engine seizes up and can no longer turn. If you were to introduce a substance into the engine that was not functioning like oil and decreasing the resistance, but was functioning as a kind of glue that increased the resistance, then the engine would also seize up.

Well, corruption is like putting syrup into your car’s engine. Instead of a freely flowing economy – where people are doing things based on what actually works, what actually serves other people – there is now an artificial element introduced. Suddenly, everything becomes more difficult, takes longer and costs more. Because of this internal inertia, there is a cap put on the level of wealth that can be produced by that nation. The more corruption, the lower the level of wealth that a nation can produce.

How totalitarian societies have collapsed throughout history

When you take an honest look at history, you will see this in all totalitarian nations. In some cases, nations have been able to avoid this on a temporary basis through taking certain artificial measures, mainly an introduction of foreign capital. But if you look at a nation as an isolated nation, you will see that if corruption goes up, if elitism goes up, then the general, overall amount of wealth used by that nation goes down. This inevitably leads to a lower standard of living for the average person in the country. When the standard of living goes too low, there is then the basis for an uprising of the population and an overthrow of the elite.

This is precisely what happened in the feudal societies of Medieval Europe. It has happened in other societies throughout history. What can, of course, also happen is that the level of internal inertia becomes so high that the economy cannot sustain itself, and therefore, the country collapses simply through the internal inertia it has created in its economy. The machine comes to a grinding halt, the engine seizes up, and the country falls apart from within.

The most prominent example of this process in modern times is, of course, the Soviet Union. Why did the Soviet Union collapse? Because the economy could not sustain itself, partly because of the internal inertia, partly because of the inherent, unavoidable need to maintain a very high level of military readiness and aggressiveness against the external enemy that was defined into the system. The very definition of a communist country is that it is in opposition to another type of system called a capitalist system, and this inevitably sets up a military confrontation. This, of course, puts an enormous strain on the economy of the communist country. Yet, it is not the external enemy that causes the collapse of the country; it is the internal contradictions and inertia of the system itself.

Why am I giving this long discourse on these forces? Because right now one of the, shall we say, defining events is, of course, the situation in Ukraine. Since I gave my last discourse, you have seen Russia move into the province of Crimea and take it over by military force. There was no direct fighting, but it was still a military takeover. What is behind this? What is behind what you see, as I am speaking, that certain groups in Eastern Ukraine are now staging violent takeovers of public buildings? What is behind the amassment of Russian troops near the border of Eastern Ukraine and the general consensus that this might simply be a step towards taking over parts or all of Eastern Ukraine, maybe even all of Ukraine?

Willful ignorance allowed the elite to control the Soviet Union

What is actually behind this is a psychological factor, a psychological flaw, as we might say. I earlier said that when an elite takes over a society, they do use the outer means of force, military and economic force. The actual, deeper mean that secures that elite in its position of privilege is information, or rather, lack of information or disinformation. If you go to the very deepest level of the fallen psychology, you will see that it is by its very nature based on disinformation. Disinformation can be said to be a lack of accurate information; however, this is not a passive lack. This is a willful, deliberate, and aggressive lack where the true information is deliberately covered over or denied by disinformation, false information, that is put out there and claimed to be true information. It is, therefore, not a passive ignorance but a willful ignorance.

The entire Soviet Union was built upon this willful ignorance. The theories of Karl Marx and their interpretations by Lenin were based on deliberate disinformation. Any communist society is based on deliberate disinformation. Any capitalist society is based on deliberate disinformation. Even in a so-called democratic nation, the power elite can exist only because the people do not know what they are doing behind the façade. Nevertheless, in a country like the Soviet Union, the disinformation was much more extensive than it ever was in any democratic nation.

Why do you think there was a secret police? Why do you think, as can be seen by historical facts, that the nations taken over by the Soviet Union had to be forcefully suppressed with 20% of the population being exterminated in concentration camps in order to prevent them from rising up and spreading the information that was a threat to the continued existence of the Soviet Union? Why do you think there was strict control of the press in the Soviet Union? Why do you think that, when this control was lifted, it very quickly led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

The Russian people and self-government

It was simply because the only reason the Soviet Union could exist for as long as it did was that the people inside the Soviet Union did not have information about the fact that, in the Western world, things were not as bad as claimed by the regime. Instead, the average population in the Western world had enjoyed an increase in their living standard that could only be dreamt of by the citizens in the Soviet Union. In fact, most of the citizens of the Soviet Union could not even dream of having the standard of living that was enjoyed by the average person in the West. It was only because the average person in the Soviet Union had no knowledge of this that they did not revolt against the oppressive system.

Precisely because of the amount of disinformation that was present in the Soviet Union right up until the very end, and even to this day, there were many people inside the Soviet Union, especially in Russia, who did not understand the internal forces and contradictions that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even to this day, there are many among the Russian population and even – I am sad to say – among the Russian leadership, both in the political leadership and in the media, who do not understand or are not willing to acknowledge the actual cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Why is this? It is because the Russian people, as we have talked about before, are not willing to take responsibility for governing themselves. It is so easy to point to an external enemy who is threatening them, and therefore they must allow an internal enemy to be the strong leader that can turn back the external threat. There is a tendency among the Russian people that they do not actually want to know. They do not want to know exactly what is going on in their country.

This was somewhat understandable during Soviet times because they did not have access to information, but today, enough people in Russia have access to the internet that they have access to outside sources of information. Yet most people are not taking advantage of this. They simply do not want to know. They want to focus on their daily lives, and then they want to believe that their leaders will do what is best for them and best for the country. They actually want to believe that the power elite of their country will do what is best for the people and not what is best for themselves.

Internal contradictions cause the collapse of societies

My beloved, when in the history of this planet have you seen a power elite who did what was best for the people and not best for themselves? Very rarely, if ever, have you seen this. When do we invoke Einstein’s famous quote, that if you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you are insane? It is insane to expect that you can allow a small elite to take over the economic engine of your country, and you will still have an increased standard of living for the average citizen. It is insane to expect that you can allow a small elite to control the media, to control the information you have, and that this will still lead to an increase in the standard of living for the average person. It is insane to expect that you can allow your country to have one of the highest levels of corruption in the world, and that this will still lead to an increase in the standard of living for the average person.

It simply cannot happen because it is against the laws of nature and the laws of economics. It is against the laws of history. What caused the collapse of the Soviet Union was not the external enemy of the West. What caused the collapse of the Soviet Union were the internal contradictions and the internal inertia based on the fact that the economy was not free. This was partly due to the communist system, which put a limit, a systemic limit, on the economy, but it was also in high part due to corruption that put a practical limit on the level of wealth that could be produced.

There are people in Russia today who, due to willful ignorance, have not acknowledged that the collapse of the Soviet Union was not caused by an external enemy but by the internal enemy of the system itself. These people dream of creating a new Russian Empire that will have a power and respect, they think, similar to that of the Soviet Union. For them, the people in Crimea of Russian descent were just tools in their greater game. The people of Russian descent in Eastern Ukraine are just tools, as are the people of Russian descent elsewhere. The members of the elite have no consideration whatsoever for the average person. They are seeking to recreate an empire that will give them a sense of power and control.

Societies and evolutionary cycles

My beloved, if you truly step back from particulars and look at the overall picture, what actually happened when the Soviet Union collapsed? At one level, what happened was the death of the “Age of Ideology.” There have been various empires in the world that were based on a certain thought system, a certain ideology. You certainly had a Catholic Empire that took over most of Western Europe during the Middle Ages. You had the Communist Empire. You had the Capitalist Empire in the West.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was not just the death of Communism; it was also the death of Capitalism. What has not generally been understood, in fact, what has been barely understood by anyone, is that the collapse of the Soviet Union actually marked the end of the era where ideological empires would be allowed on this planet. What is not understood by human beings is that the collapse of the Soviet Union was not actually created or generated by forces on earth itself. It was actually mandated by larger forces, which we might call cosmic or spiritual forces.

The Great Karmic Board that oversees the evolution of earth has a gradual step-by-step plan for the evolution of the lifestreams on earth. This plan is somewhat flexible in terms of the times, but it is not flexible in terms of the cycles. The evolution of humankind is an educational process. As you see in the educational systems on earth, there are certain levels. There is a kindergarten where the children are exposed to certain tests, certain exams, certain initiations. Then, there is a higher level where they get higher tests. There is then high school, there is college.

Societies based on raw force

The lowest level that you have seen in recent history was the age where it was allowed to create empires through raw military force alone. This was an age where you saw the Roman Empire. You saw the Huns, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan. You saw other great conquerors who attempted to create empires with no ideological overlay but simply the desire for conquest through raw force. This was allowed by the Karmic Board because it was deemed necessary that humankind would see the outplaying of this level of consciousness where you are willing to take through raw force.

People had to be allowed to see what would come of this and how, for example, an empire based on force, such as the Roman Empire, created its own opposition that led to the so-called barbarian takeover of Rome. It was really the Roman Empire that generated a forced-based impulse that naturally was reflected back by the cosmic mirror and, therefore, led to the rising of a force that was as bent on destroying the Roman Empire as the Roman Empire was bent on taking over the entire world. What is not generally recognized is that the Roman Empire was not actually destroyed by this outside force. It was destroyed by the internal forces, the inertia, generated by the empire itself. It was this internal inertia that made it vulnerable to the takeover of the external force. Without the internal inertia, there could have been no external invasion that would have conquered and destroyed the Roman Empire.

There was an age where it was allowed by the Karmic Board that these empires could rise. When such an empire started to form, the return of its own karma was set aside for a time because it was allowed to act out its aggressive intent to a certain degree in order to demonstrate to people what could happen through raw force. When the empire had reached a certain level of development, the Karmic Board would then return the karma generated, and this would, in most cases, lead to a relatively swift collapse of that empire.

This age of empire-building through raw force, this cycle where this was allowed, came to an end around the time of the Renaissance where you saw the ascent to a higher adherence to principles. However, as a result of this higher adherence to principles, it also became possible for humankind to develop ideologies that had a more aggressive intent than before, and this was what led to the development of communism. I realize that there have been other ideological empires, including the Catholic Empire, but understand the general trend here.

There was a time where humankind went from the kindergarten level of seeing the development of empires through raw force to the higher level of seeing the development of empires through ideology. Again, it was deemed necessary that humankind was allowed to see this unfold physically in order to make people aware of the limitations of this approach. What I am saying is that the formation of the Soviet Union was actually something that was allowed because there was a setting aside of an instant return of the karma generated by the early years and decades of the Soviet Union. This was partly done to allow the Soviet Union to play a part in the stopping of another ideological empire, namely that of Nazism.

The Karmic Board manages the return of karma

The Karmic Board actually allowed the growth of the Soviet Union by setting aside some of the karmic return. Of course, this was done only to allow humankind to see outplayed in the physical the result of this level of consciousness. When the Soviet Union had been outplayed to the necessary extent, then the Karmic Board again opened up for the karmic return generated by the Soviet Union itself. It was this karmic return that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The karmic return amplified the factors I have talked about of the internal resistance that caused the economy to grind to a halt.

What I am giving you here is a greater cosmic perspective on how things work on earth. You may think that human beings are in control. The power elites of this and previous ages have always believed that they were in control of what happens on earth, but they are not. The Karmic Board is in control for the simple reason that if the Karmic Board did not hold back the return of humankind’s karma, then most societies on earth would long ago have collapsed. Potentially, the entire planet would have been blown up and there would be no more possibility of any empire-building. One could say that the fallen beings are in control in the sense that they can generate the karma that could blow up an entire planet, but the Karmic Board has the option of holding back the return of that karma for educational purposes.

The conditions found in Russia today

Where am I going with this long discourse? I am simply pointing out that the current leadership of Russia, including Vladimir Putin, has a distorted view of what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. This distorted view causes them to hold on to the belief that Russia is threatened by an external enemy and, therefore, must allow the arising of an internal power that controls the people. Too many among the Russian population also hold on to this view, and this is what makes it possible. Therefore, Vladimir Putin and the people behind him, at least some of them, are seeking to re-create an empire that will have the respect that they think the Soviet Union had.

These people actually believe that the Soviet Union was a viable empire that could have survived if it wasn’t for the interference of an external enemy. They also believe that the Soviet Union and the military might of the Soviet Union gave the Russian people respect from the rest of the world. They believe that respect comes from fear. They believe that the way to get other people to respect you is to make them fear you. This is because the Russian people still have a tendency to respect only the kind of leaders that they fear.

I have said that there are cosmic forces that no empire on earth can stand up against. No matter how powerful, it cannot stand up against the karmic return of its own deeds. No empire can do this for the simple reason that the more powerful the empire becomes on earth, the more powerful of a force-based impulse it sends into the cosmic mirror. The cosmic mirror not only reflects back what you are sending out, it reflects it back multiplied. The more powerful of an empire you create on earth, the more powerful of a karmic return you create for yourself. The more power you have, the more you hasten your own destruction. The only thing that can prevent this is, as I have just explained, that the Karmic Board deliberately holds back your karmic return for a time, but this will happen only for a time.

What are Vladimir Putin and the leadership behind him seeking to do today? They are seeking to create a Russian Empire that has power and enjoys respect from the rest of the world because the world fears not just the military might but also the unpredictability of Russia. Yet, does Vladimir Putin have an ideology? He does not. He is not seeking to recreate a Communist Empire, for even he does not fully believe in Communism.

No delay of Russia’s returning karma

There was a time where it was allowed karmically that ideological empires could arise. This time is now over. What is Putin seeking to do? He is actually reverting back to the earlier cycle of the creation of empires through raw force alone, but this cycle ended a very long time ago, meaning there is no setting aside of the karmic return for your force-based impulses.

What I am telling you here is this: The Karmic Board will not set aside the karmic return of any aggressive actions taken by Russia, whether it be in Ukraine or elsewhere. There is no grace period. There is a certain delay in that it takes a certain time for your force-based impulse to cycle through the four levels of the material universe, but there is no setting aside of this karmic return.

What Russia did in Crimea generated a force-based impulse. What they had already done earlier in supporting the Yanukovych government in Ukraine generated a force-based impulse. What they are doing in creating unrest in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine is generating a force-based impulse. Anything they do from now on that is an aggressive act will generate a force-based impulse, and in a relatively short amount of time, it will come back multiplied by the Cosmic Mirror, and it will hit Russia and the Russian leadership with full force.

Unfortunately, this means that it will also hit the Russian population who, through their unwillingness to know, are allowing this to happen. They have silently sat by and allowed the erosion of a free press in Russia. They have silently sat by and allowed the rise of corruption to a level that is even beyond what it was in the Soviet Union. All of this has happened under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, even in the years where he was not the president but was the president behind the scenes. Although I do not wish to set a specific date, I will prophesize that this cycle in Russian history will be short-lived. We have already passed the critical return where enough force-based impulses have been created that, when they come back into the physical realm, they will lead to a swift end to the reign of Vladimir Putin and the people behind him.

You will, therefore, look for – within a few years – dramatic changes in Russia. We are asking those of you who are open to our teaching to hold the vision for and to make the calls that these changes will be as peaceful as possible. We ask you to hold the vision that Russia will avoid being involved in a military confrontation that can only be disastrous for Russia. We also ask you to hold the vision that Russia can make the transition away from its current downward spiral without major internal unrest and uprisings. This is possible, but it will require a shift in the collective consciousness, and this shift must be, as always, spearheaded by the most spiritually aware people.

The Russian people have a potential for creativity and respect

As I said in my last discourse, we of the ascended masters have a great love for the Russian people. We truly see the potential for the future of Russia and the Russian people. But this is a creative potential; not a potential based on force. We see a development where the Russian nation will rise and unfold its full creative potential and where the Russian people will gain the respect that they so deeply desire—not through force, not by making other people fear you, but by making them admire you for your creativity, your culture, and your humanity.

The Soviet Union was an inhuman empire. The Russian people have endured much inhumanity, but those who endure much inhumanity have a potential to make a shift and rise in their own humanity. This is the real potential of all people who have been suppressed and persecuted. It is (in parenthesis) the higher potential of the Jewish people, which has not yet come to fruition due to the fear-based elite ruling the state of Israel. Again, you have a fear-based elite ruling Russia, and it is holding back the unfoldment of the humanity of the Russian people.

If you will look realistically, you will see that Russia desires to be respected by the West, but it does not understand that the West is based on a respect for the individual rights of all human beings. It is not based on a respect of the force of an elite but the rights of all. If you come out as a force-based elitist society and think that you can make the West respect you through force, by forcing them to fear you, then you are simply mistaken.

The West will respect you when you respect the principles of individual rights and freedom upon which they have based their societies, now in some cases, for centuries. This they will respect, and they will respect you for who you are because the entire Western mindset is based on respect for the individual human being as having inherent value. The West is based on a belief in the goodness and the creativity of the individual human being. When you, the Russian people, begin to express freely that goodness and that creativity, then you will instantly have the respect that you desire. Seeking to force people to respect you through fear will never work. It will only cause you to lose respect and, thereby, also lose self-respect when your force-based adventures collapse in upon themselves, as they inevitably will.

The potential changes Russia will face

You may see in coming weeks, months, and even years the current Russian government be seemingly successful in taking over territory and establishing itself as a power that no one can ignore. But in the slightly longer term, you will see this collapse in upon itself and have severe consequences for Russia’s standing in the world, for the Russian economy, and for the average Russian citizen. Things will not improve until Russia begins to espouse freedom and equality for all, thereby doing away with the power elite, with the control of the press, and with the corruption at all levels of Russian society.

This will require a major change, but we of the ascended masters hold the immaculate vision that this change is possible. It is possible. We ask you who are the spiritual people both inside and outside of Russia to hold the vision and to make the calls that this change will not only be in the etheric and the mental level, but will also be brought into the emotional and the physical realms.

There is a need to make calls for the purification of the emotional body of Russia and former Soviet Republics from all of these remnants, all of these beasts and spirits, generated during the Cold War. There is a need for the calls for the arresting and the consuming of the spirals of fear that have right now been brought up to the surface, not only in Russia but also in many of the former Soviet Republics.

It is never too late to make calls

This is not to the benefit of anyone because it will cause people everywhere to have clouded judgments and make fear-based temporary, decisions. I have earlier asked you to make calls for the exposure of anything that needs to be exposed, and as you will see, these calls have been successful in exposing at least some of the deeper intents of the Russian leadership so that the leaders in the West have overcome this decades-long illusion that Russia is ready to become a normal nation, a democratic nation based on respect for human rights, the rights of other countries, and international law.

This was not necessarily a naïve illusion; it was, as we have said, an expression of holding the immaculate concept, the immaculate vision. It was a possibility that Russia could have gone through this transition by now. It was delayed, not just by one man, for Vladimir Putin is truly not as powerful as he would like to believe, but it was delayed by the unwillingness of a majority of the Russian people to shift their consciousness, as I have described, both here and as we have described in previous dictations given in or about Russia.

It is never too late. It is only a matter of how much of a karmic return the Russian people need to see before they are willing to shift their consciousness. We hope that it will be the least possible karmic return, and we hope you will hold the vision for this also. I have no desire to instill fear in a nation and a people who are already too burdened by fear. Yet, I trust I have made it clear that no nation can avoid the karmic return when the Karmic Board is not willing to set that return aside.

My Beloved, I have yet many things to say unto you, but let this be sufficient for now, and I shall return with another installment that I hope will have time for a more uplifting message.


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