Why South America Needs the Discipline of the Father

TOPICS: The figure-eight flow between North and South America

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 31, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, I Mary, with my consort Raphael, come to greet you. For I too, am summoned by your infinite love, your joy, your enthusiasm. I come to thank you for providing the platform that allowed us to release this invocation for South America. LINK Sometimes I think you look at our efforts with a somewhat simplistic view, for you cannot – and we understand this – see what is going on in the higher realms, see what is going on behind the scenes on earth. But I can tell you that this invocation to South America is not something that was a given. Six months ago it could not be predicted with certainty whether we could release this invocation. It has been released only because so many people have earned it by giving the other rosaries.

My Beloved hearts, think not that we of the ascended masters are sitting up here, looking down upon you, deciding what is to be done without ever considering what is happening on earth. We are always mindful of what is going on on earth. And we always adapt our releases to your ability and willingness to come up higher in consciousness.

The figure-eight flow between North and South America

Do you see how important it is to create a figure-eight flow between North and South America? Perhaps you do not. But I must tell you that if there is not the proper figure-eight flow between North and south America, then South America cannot fulfill her divine plan and become the platform for the incarnation of the Seventh Root race.

You see my beloved, South America alone cannot hold the balance for the Seventh Root race, especially not in the current situation where you see so much poverty. Shall we truly have those who are very high lifestreams incarnate on earth for the first time only to grow up as street children in extreme poverty or be abused in any number of ways?

If these conditions of extreme poverty for the children are to be changed, South America must be willing to learn something from North America. And what does North America have to contribute? Well, as we say in the new invocation, North America holds the father flame. And the father flame gives a certain discipline, a certain oneness, where you come into alignment with a higher purpose instead of just enjoying the Mother Light and using it for pleasure or fun.

So we see a great enthusiasm and love in South America, which is wonderful to behold. But too often it is simply used for pleasure here in the material universe, without being disciplined by the Father and thus coming into alignment with the vision of the Golden Age. This then is what we desire to see happen—that there is a greater discipline of the Mother Light, so that it can be raised up instead of being squandered horizontally.

My Beloved hearts, oneness is the key to the Golden Age. For without oneness, there will not be a Golden Age. There will simply be another age where everybody is out to get for themselves, and no one holds on to the higher vision of what a Golden Age can be. Thus, I commend you for your efforts and I say, “Raise your vision, come into oneness, and see that God can do so much more through you than you even realize right now.”

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