Why difficulties can be blessings in disguise

TOPICS: Why many spiritual people experience difficulties in life – Re-evaluate your life and forgive all –

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Ascended Master Elohim Hercules, May 26, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

I come with the Flame of the Will of God, which is truly the flame of supreme joy. For how can there be true joy that is separated from the Will of God, when it is the Will of God that all of his children should inherit his kingdom, when indeed it is God’s good pleasure to give you the fullness of his kingdom. And thus, what does it take to inherit the kingdom of God but that one act of surrender of the separate will that sees itself apart from God. Whereby you align your being with the Will of God, and that is the opening that allows God to give you the Kingdom, which you have been rejecting for many a lifetime. Some people on earth have rejected it for eons, for they come from other systems of worlds where they long ago made the decision to turn away from God.

So my beloved, I come to share with you the fact that there is great joy, great rejoicing, among the ascended masters for the experience that you have had this afternoon [NOTE: The participants had a discussion about the topic of death]. And I do not say this to tickle your egos and cause pride. I say it to cause you the realistic sense that you have crossed a barrier, crossed a threshold, where you have now received a teaching that has never before been given in such clarity and in such direct relation to your everyday lives.

And this is not just because you have received this from Above but because all of you here have contributed to bringing forth this teaching. For unless you had been willing to come together in one physical place, and to be of one accord in your desire to truly understand what it takes to go beyond the ego—well my beloved, had that willingness not been there, how could the teaching have been released? There would have been no chalice to receive it, and thus had we released it, we would have cast our pearls before swine, which we have long ago learned not to do, for it benefits no one.

Thus, as the Elohim of the First Ray, the Elohim of the Will of God, I truly want to share with you the joy it is for me, and all those who work on the Will of God, to see hearts united in willingness to come into Oneness with each other, Oneness with the Will of God. For were you not all One in this experience? Was anyone above anyone else? Was anyone excluded? All were welcomed. All were sharing. And all made a contribution—even if you were silent, your heart made a contribution. This is the Oneness that is the Will of God, the Oneness of all life, the Oneness between Man and God, because humans realize that they are God in manifestation.

Why many spiritual people experience difficulties in life

And thus, you realize that when you give up the separate will of the ego, you do not lose your will, your ability to make choices, as the ego and the prince of this world would have you believe. The Will of God is not a straightjacket, where you can only do what some outside will imposes upon you. For the Will of God is indeed the will of your own higher Being. And when you recognize that as the reality of your life, then you recognize that the Will of God is not an external will. And that is when you can follow the greater outline, the greater vision, of your divine plan out of pure love. Because you realize that it is not some external deity, some angry being in the sky, who is imposing that will upon you. It is indeed your own choices made when you were not involved with the situation you are facing in this physical body.

And thus, I must tell you, that many of the challenges you face in life as spiritual seekers are not necessarily caused by your karma or even by world karma. They are caused by the fact that before you came into this lifetime, you made the choice that you wanted to come into Oneness with the greater Being that you are while still in embodiment. You wanted to make that your divine plan, and you wanted to fulfill that divine plan. And thus, you looked down upon the earth and you made a realistic assessment of how easy it is – once you are in a physical body – to be overwhelmed by the many pressures of this world, so that you forget your divine plan, the greater vow you took before you came here.

And thus, you said to your spiritual teachers, “Do not allow me to remain asleep. Do whatever it takes to wake me up. So when I go in the wrong direction, put a barrier in front of me that obstructs that path, so I can no longer go in that direction. And then if I start going in another direction, put a barrier in front of me again, until I finally come back to the center of Being and give up that lesser will that springs from the ego and even is imposed upon me as I grow up in a world that is so far from the will of God.

When I go down the wrong path, stop me! Do whatever it takes. The harder I insist on continuing to go down that path, the harder I want you to block me so that I do not keep on going down that path, but eventually wake up and realize that I am here for a greater purpose, that I chose before I came into the dense conditions I face in this dense physical body and in the situations I face with the people that I came to help.”

Do you see my beloved? So many things in your lives are conditions that you have wanted as a way to prevent you from going down the wrong path. And when you see it that way, you can stop focusing on that condition. You can stop seeing it as something that is imposed upon you, either by karma, by some unjust coincidence, by fate or by an angry God. You can see it as something that is actually meant to liberate your Being to fulfill your reason for being.

And thus, you can change your outlook on difficulties, and you can realize that they are a potential for stepping back, for re-evaluating your life. And even a severe illness can be a wake-up call, where you realize, “I am going down the wrong path. I need to step back and re-think my life and reconnect to my own higher Being and that greater Will of my own Being.”

Re-evaluate your life and forgive all

So my beloved, with this in mind, you should be able to look at your life and the difficulties you have faced and come to that sense of inner peace, that allows you to let go of the hurt, the wounds, the sense of injustice, any anger or resentment for having gone through these difficult experiences. And you stop focusing on the past, you stop focusing on the problems.

Instead, you reach up and reconnect with your own higher Being and say, “Ah! The obstacle was only to prevent me from going down the wrong path. And now I see the right path, and I have no more time to worry about that past obstacles for I have such a love for fulfilling my right path that I have no attention left for anything else.” And that is when you reconnect to the peace and joy that we desire you to have.

Surely, we do not desire you to have an awakening by going through a crisis or facing a terminal illness. We would rather have you come to that realization during your daily life because you finally decided to think outside the box, to use the conscious self’s ability to project itself outside of its current mental prison. And thereby, you saw your life with the same greater perspective you had before you came into embodiment. And now you can reconnect to why you came into embodiment in particular conditions and situations and why you are here, what is your divine plan.

When you stop wanting to do it the human way, that is when you can discover your divine plan—and do it; not God’s way in the sense of the external God but God’s way in the sense of God the I AM THAT I AM within you, that is your own higher Being, that is YOU. This is the illusion you need to overcome—that you are separated from God, that you are different from God, that you could not possibly be a son or daughter of God. Because of all these conditions on earth that you have been brought up to think are real, unavoidable, permanent or maybe even the Will of God—as some indeed believe that God created them as sinners, or God created them as homosexuals, or as any other limiting condition that people have come to see as permanent.

Yet nothing in the material universe is permanent! For it is the Will of God that everything should transcend itself in an infinite spiral that has no limits, except the limits that you might impose upon it by thinking, “I could not possibly be that.” But did not Jesus say, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible?” When you realize that you are One with God, that God is within you, that the Kingdom of God is within you, you realize there is no limitation, there is nothing that is impossible, when you are willing to be a co-creator with your God.

Rejoice in the accomplishment of reaching this state of realization of what the spiritual path is about. Take it, run with it, integrate it, do not allow yourself to forget it. Do whatever you can to internalize it, to reach up for that divine plan. Look at all the things that prevent you from surrendering to the greater Being that you are. And when you see them, then follow them, go after them. Make them visible so you can see how unreal they are and how they are not your real choices. They are only the choices of the lower will of the ego.

I love the Will of God. And I love to see those on earth who come to realize that the Will of God is their own higher will. Thus, be sealed in my love for the Will of God. Invite me to help you keep true to that love, which you also have in your own higher Being. Ask me to help you overcome all resistance and all lies, all wrong concepts of the Will of God and your relationship to God. Ask me to help you overcome all the graven images. Ask me to help you give up the ghosts of your limited, mortal separate sense of identity and will. Thus, I seal you in the joy, the supreme joy of the Will of God. It is Done.


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