Why Americans do not demand better leadership

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Ascended Master Cyclopea through Kim Michaels, September 30, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I AM the Ascended Master Elohim Cyclopea. I come bearing gifts in the sense that I pledge that whatever invocations are created based on the dictations at this conference, I will multiply your calls by a considerable factor. Numbers do not really matter but you need to know that any call you give will be multiplied by me. I will do this multiplication specifically for the exposure of anything that is hidden in American society and that would not be acceptable to the American people. Therefore, my aim is to shatter this energy-veil that the fallen beings, the dark forces, the power-elite have put over America and which blinds not only the people but also the leaders so that these things can continue to go on decade after decade.

As we said with the movie industry and Washington, DC, the insiders know but very few people from the outside ever realize what is going on. Naturally, one of the consequences of this can be that more of the insiders begin to leak information, as you have already seen in several cases. You can see what an impact this has had. It has an impact that is not even seen because it goes into shifting certain people’s attitude and making them realize that they cannot get away with it. The sad fact is that at the current level of consciousness on earth there are many, many people who simply need to be faced with this reality check that they cannot continue to hide what they know is wrong. It is the only way they are going to reform their actions at their level of consciousness.

How the fallen beings use the concept of sin

Now, yesterday Master MORE talked a little about the attitude that Americans have to their government and their reluctance to stand up and demand a better government. I wish to expound upon this because there is a very, very subtle dynamic that has been created by the fallen beings over a very long time. It goes much further back than even recorded history. In order to explain it, I want to start by referring to the Catholic church, who (with the help of St. Augustine who was working with fallen beings in the identity realm) introduced the concept of original sin. This is a concept that has been introduced in previous ages as well.

When you consider the fact that many, many Americans look at America as a Christian nation and look upon themselves as Christians, you can begin to see that they are very, very deeply affected by this concept of original sin. It, of course, affects people in many ways.

What I am concerned about explaining here is how the fallen beings have used this to create this very, very subtle attitude in many people that because they see themselves as sinners and therefore not being perfect, they cannot really demand that their leaders should be perfect or should live up to a higher standard than they feel they themselves can live up to. This is a dynamic that is deliberately created by the fallen beings to prevent the people from challenging the power elite in embodiment. This is not something you will even pick up, hardly at all, in written sources, books or the press.

You will hardly ever hear it in the public discourse because it is something that takes place in the minds of individuals. For many people, it even happens at subconscious levels or at barely conscious levels. They have been brought up with this idea that they are sinners. Without being aware of it, they have been programmed to think that whenever they see something that their leaders are doing that is not right, they are not allowed to speak out and demand a higher standard from their leaders because they themselves are not perfect. “I’m a sinner, so what right do I have to demand something from the politicians in Washington?”

It is this very subtle attitude that in order to criticize (and I mean this in a neutral way), in order to point out the flaws of what the fallen beings are doing, you should first be perfect because if you are not and you stand up publicly, you will be attacked. You can see this (as it happens in political circles) how, if somebody blows the whistle, what is the media and what are those affected going to do?

They are going to say: “Let’s turn this man’s life over and find anything we can use to blame him and discredit him. Because, if we can discredit him personally, then we have automatically (or at least they think) discredited what he is saying.” How many times do you see this going on in the American media? The subtle effect of this in people’s minds is that they are very reluctant to stand up and demand a better leadership. This is a consciousness that probably has more far-ranging effects than any other single characteristic that you can point out.

The pacifying mechanism

It is amazing as you look at it from my perspective. I can see, of course, from my perspective what you cannot see in the physical. I see how everything, of course, starts in the three higher realms: the identity, mental and emotional. I see how there is a physical event that takes place. It can be anything that goes on in politics that is not right. Something is exposed or somebody makes a decision that most people do not agree with and you see how there is a certain emotional reaction to this. This goes up into people’s mental bodies and then it goes up into their identity bodies, and in their identity bodies there is a reaction.

Now, let us imagine that people have seen something that is not right and they are not necessarily angry about it, they are determined, clear in their minds, that this is not right and this should not be going on. This creates an emotional reaction, goes up into the mental body and then into the identity. In the identity they have a mechanism, because they identify themselves as sinners and as basically unworthy because they are not perfect in the eyes of God.

Part of this whole consciousness is, of course, the idea of the angry judgmental God that requires you to be perfect before you can go to heaven. In the identity body it is almost like this impetus that comes up is reversed where the people say: “But wait a minute, I know this isn’t right but since I am a sinner and I’m not perfect either, what right do I have to demand that these people change. What right do I have to speak out?”

Now, the impulse goes back down through the mental, into the emotional and at the conscious level (without necessarily realizing what has happened), people just kind of shrug their shoulders, resign and say: “Oh well! Maybe I just shouldn’t even say anything about this.”

Of course, even though America is a Christian nation, not all Americans are Christians. The majority of them are and certainly the majority of them are brought up in a Christian tradition. A large majority of Americans have this very mechanism that prevents them from having that righteous indignation which is more of a clarity, a determination, to stand up and say: “This is not acceptable to us. No more of this, we have had enough of this form of leadership.” That is why Americans cannot come together in a large enough group to demand changes even though there is a vast majority in America who clearly want certain changes. They are clearly experiencing that the Congress is not enacting these changes, the President is not enacting these changes. They are dissatisfied with that situation but they cannot come together precisely because so many of them feel that: “Who am I to speak out, who am I to tell the politicians what to do, I’m just a sinner.” Again, for most of them it is not even conscious, it has been programmed into them, not only since childhood in this embodiment but in many previous embodiments where they have also embodied in a Christian culture. It is not my intent to say that this is the only problem that the Catholic church has created, but it is certainly one of the most severe problems that the Catholic church has created.

You all know, of course, that Jesus never talked about original sin. You must ask yourself: Why have not at least the Lutheran, protestant churches gone back and said: “This was clearly put in by the Catholic church, let us take it out.” Well, they have not, my beloved, because many of the leaders of those churches are either blinded by this heavy cloud of the sinner consciousness or their minds are taken over by fallen beings in the mental or identity realm who want people to feel like sinners because that allows them to control the people.

The power elite and the abuse of the people

Do you realize how efficient of a control mechanism this is? There is no need for physical control here, people are controlling themselves. It allows the power elite in embodiment and it allows the fallen beings in higher realms to continue, not only to control the people but to continue to abuse the people.

What Saint Germain talked about (about the financial elite), this is a form of abuse. Let us not mince words about this. Taking the wealth from the people is abuse, but they get away with it time and time again because the people cannot reach that point of determination to speak out and demand better leadership.

You see, my beloved, it is necessary to make the calls that Americans are awakened to this dynamic and they are awakened to the realization that if America is to function as it was intended to function by the Constitution, by the Founding Fathers, by Saint Germain, then they have to accept that they have a right to demand that their leaders live up to a certain (I know “standard” is a difficult word to use but for practical purposes let us use it here), a certain standard of integrity and honesty and willingness to do what is in the best interest of the people rather than the best interest of the elite. These are not unreasonable demands by the American people. They are natural demands given what America has the potential to be. It is not unreasonable that the American people look at the potential for what America could be, look at what it is today and identify that there is a gap, a very large gap.

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