Why America must be part of the solution in the Middle East

TOPICS:  The winds of change in the Middle East –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I greet you with great joy. For truly, this vigil of the Invocation  has been the capstone of the pyramid, not only of all the invocations given, but especially of these last three invocations, the Invocation for Rising Above the Past and the Invocation for the Golden Future and this, The Eternal Now. What has happened as a result of this vigil is a very important softening up of the hardness, especially the hardness of heart in the Middle East.

We now see a much greater figure-eight flow from the eastern to the western hemisphere. Indeed, this can eventually filter down to the physical octave or bring forth new solutions to the problems in the Middle East that seem to have had no solutions for thousands of years. And why have they had no solutions? Well, is it not precisely because the people who embody in the Middle East and who have re-embodied there hundreds and hundreds of times, have not yet come to the point, where they have had enough of playing the dualistic roles of being villain and victim and avenger and warrior and this and that.

Indeed, my beloved, there are so many people in that region of the world who are so caught up in playing these dualistic roles, that one sometimes scratches one’s head and wonders if they will ever tire of it. Yet we also see that there are indeed many people who are beginning to say, “Have we not had enough of this? Have we not had enough suicide bombings? Have we not had enough killing of innocent women and children? Have we not had enough of suppression of women, requiring them to cover up everything? And as a symbol for covering up the body, we even require them to cover up their individuality, their heart flames, not allowing women to express anything in society even though they surely have much to contribute to a civilization.”

The winds of change in the Middle East

By these invocations you have lightened the burden that has hung over the Middle East as a dark cloud of misqualified energy for a very long time. And I can assure you that this has had a very powerful effect, for which I am very grateful to all those around the world who has participated in these vigils and have given these invocations. I can also tell you that right now there is the potential for the winds of change to blow in the Middle East. For as I said, the nexus of the figure-eight flow between the eastern and the western hemisphere has indeed been softened somewhat, so that the light has started flowing from the East through the nexus of the Middle East and into the western half of the figure-eight flow.

This is precisely why we are now here in the western hemisphere, close to the very center-point of that side of the figure-eight flow, which is indeed Washington D.C. For as the world turns right now, there can be no viable solution to the problems in the Middle East unless the United States is involved. For obviously, you all know that the United States has stepped into the hornet’s nest – and has therefore made itself part of the problem – and has put itself in a position, where the solution cannot come about unless the United States becomes part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

And this can happen only where there is a restoration of the WORD in America, the Living Word, that can help the people and the decision makers at all levels of government, come to the conclusion where they say, “Have we not had enough of playing the role we are playing, the role of being the policeman for the world? One who thinks that we are here to bring freedom and democracy, yet have fallen pray to the illusion that we can bring freedom through force?” This is indeed why you are here in this location, because you have again been right at the focal point and have been able to soften up the hardness of heart that has hung over Washington D.C. for a very long time. And this is indeed a topic that El Morya will speak more about next. And thus I shall simply congratulate you and seal you in the love of my heart.

For truly, I am grateful for the entire vigil. And I would point out to you also the absolutely wonderful matrix you created as you gave this last invocation the way you gave it. For you see, by each person expressing his or her God Flame in front of the entire group, you have a very beautiful mandala that forms. Where you have the different individual flames coming into harmony and forming a greater whole, and through that oneness you have a much greater impact than when you are not coordinated.

You indeed see a taste of what we have in heaven, where we are not robots, where we have come into oneness without losing our individuality, our individual beings. And in doing so, we have not given up anything—except that experience of a dualistic state of identity where we experience ourselves as contrasting to, and in opposition to, other individuals, as is so common here on earth. We have decided that we have had enough of that form of individuality, and we would rather step into the higher form of individuality. You can decide the same thing. And as Jesus, I leave the decision to you.


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