Who ascended as Guru Ma?

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Ascended Master Guru Ma, June 10th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I am the Ascended Master Guru Ma, and you will know, most of you, that it was here in this place, at the previous conference arranged by you at the center here, that I gave my first dictation through this messenger. This was, as I said then, because you honor both the organization that Mark and I founded and the fact that the ascended masters have moved on, have a new messenger and are taking our teachings in a higher direction. I am grateful that you have been willing to translate and publish this book in the Russian language. It is naturally a book that I have put much of my Being into. From a human perspective you would say that I have put much thought into it, and in a way I have too; but you do not think in the same linear way as an ascended master as you do as a human being.

Taking dictations is no easy process

Now, my beloved, when this messenger took the first dictation from me, he was somewhat nervous because he had known me while I was in embodiment and I was his mentor although not in a formal outer way. I taught him much about taking dictations by having him observe and absorb from experiencing the many live dictations that he experienced. He was one of the few who were willing to look beyond the outer façade and look at the process. The process of what it takes for a human being to raise his or her consciousness to the level of being able to connect to and receive a dictation from ascended beings. It is by no means an easy process. Many have attempted, many have started the process but were not able to continue it, and so it will be. But those who can, can give great service.

I want to tell you anecdote of how I faced the same situation as this messenger when I took my very first dictation from the Ascended Master Lanello. Not only was I nervous, my beloved; there was a moment when the dictation was approaching (and, my beloved, Lanello talked about the fact that one of the most final things you will ever experience on earth, or rather the most final thing is your ascension), but I can tell you that standing up on a stage in front of a group of people who are expecting a dictation from an ascended master and feeling that now the moment has come where you need to open your mouth and let that master speak, this has also a certain element of finality to it because you know you cannot hide and you cannot run and there is no escape from this.

As I stood there, feeling that now the moment was approaching where I had to take my first dictation from Lanello, I suddenly saw as you see some people at the moment of death, they talk about seeing their whole life pass before them. In a flash, I saw my whole life with Mark flash before my eyes and I saw our interactions at the human level that were not necessarily always at the highest level of harmony. I saw Mark’s very human idiosyncrasies, many of which were only known to me because we had such an intimate relationship. There came a point where I suddenly thought: “Oh my god, I had sex with this man and now I am supposed to take a dictation from him as an ascended master. How do I do this?” My beloved, truly it was a moment to laugh about because what else can you do? So I had to chuckle for myself and I had to use the mantra described by this messenger that has been the mantra of many messengers before: “It’s not about me.”

When I realized it was not about me, I realized I had to set aside my images of Mark as a man, as a human being. I had to set aside my own feelings, thoughts, images, what Jesus recently called your spiritual Modus Operandi (MO). I had to set it all aside. Of course, you have to do that with every dictation but I had never had to do it to that extent before because even though I had an intimate relationship with El Morya and had known him in many embodiments, it was not nearly as close and direct as the relationship I had with Mark. It was a much greater challenge for me to therefore step out of that remembrance, memory, even the outer personality I had created in my relationship with Mark and step back from it all and tune in to this being that is now an ascended master and is about to give a dictation through me.

Of course, when you can do this, when you can come to that moment of this total letting go, total surrender, it is the greatest liberation you can experience while in the physical body. This is, in fact, the reward of being a messenger. It is not all the outer things. It is not the acclamation from those who appreciate the teachings. It is not feeling that you have created some big organization. It is not longing for any public recognition or anything. It is not all the outer accolades that you might or might not get.

A dictation is like seeing both ways

It is truly that moment of connecting to the beauty of an ascended being, to the consciousness of an ascended being, and suddenly you are standing there in that nexus of the figure-eight flow between the ascended realm and the unascended realm and you see both worlds. You see both ways. You connect to the ascended but you are still anchored in the physical and therefore you see that incredible, incredible figure-eight flow, that incredible interaction that there constantly is between the ascended and unascended realm—the interaction that maintains the unascended realm.

You realize that even though a master is now giving a dictation through you, the masters are always there. They are always releasing their light, their love, their energy, their matrixes and it is this release of Light that is sustaining the entire unascended realm. My beloved, an awesome experience! I use “awesome” with a sense of humor because I know so many young people have made it a kind of cheeky expression, but still there are few other words that describe it. It truly is an awe-inspiring feeling to be there in the nexus and see that everything in this world is upheld by this stream of consciousness from the ascended masters! What an incredible feeling!

Truly, it must be experienced and you can experience it as a student by listening to and absorbing a dictation as some of you are experiencing it now and more of you can come to experience it by opening your heart and perhaps applying that mantra: It’s not about me. It’s not about my idiosyncrasies, my spiritual MO, my view of the ascended masters, my view of the path. The question really is when you are experiencing a dictation, especially a live one but even a recorded one, can you set that aside? Can you tune in to the Presence of the master? Can you look beyond the messenger, tune in the presence of the master so that you too can connect and so that you too can stand there in that nexus between the ascended and unascended realm? You can feel that even though there is a flow of the master’s energy through the messenger that comes out as a spoken word, there can also be a flow through you, through your chakras. You can feel how the master is radiating that light through your chakras, blazing it out in the unascended realm, blazing it out into the collective consciousness.

You may even get a sense of how it is directed in certain areas, in certain issues that you are familiar with. You see that the light is dissolving certain blockages, setting people free, raising that collective consciousness up, raising yourself up, bringing healing, bringing light, bringing love. It can be as big an experience for you to listen as it is for the messenger to receive, if only you are willing to be open. My beloved, this is truly the highest potential of giving dictations from the ascended level: That there are students who are willing to receive them with that complete openness of hearts and neutrality of mind.

Putting your mind in neutral

My beloved, I wish to speak about the neutrality of mind. When I prepared my book, I naturally knew that many of the students I knew when I was in embodiment would not be open to that book. Therefore, most of the book is actually directed at new students who did not know me, who may not have a background in the Summit Lighthouse. They can still benefit from my experience of being a recently ascended master, describing what it was like, what I had to go through in order to ascend. So, much of the book really is directed at a broader audience. That is because I knew that so many of my students did not have that neutrality of mind when they came to this entire idea that I am now an ascended master and that I have chosen to dictate a book through one particular messenger whom they do not consider a true messenger, if they have heard about him at all.

What is the greatest asset, characteristic, that you need to develop as a student of the ascended masters, as a person walking the path of Christhood? Well, it is that neutrality of mind, or as we have said: to depersonalize your life. You realize that you have what Jesus called your spiritual MO that causes you to look at the ascended masters a certain way. There comes a point where you are willing to recognize that even the path you have walked so far, even the spiritual teaching that has brought you to where you are now, can be a limitation for your continued progress—if you are fixated on it.

Now, my beloved, most of you have very active minds. Most spiritual students have active minds. That is why you are spiritual students because you could not be satisfied with the explanations you were given as you were growing up, either by the churches or by materialism. You knew there had to be more to know about life and your mind was searching for it. Your minds are very active, they are always reaching out, they are always looking for something new. From a certain perspective you would say that if you are an ascended master student, if you are open to the concept that there are these beings in another realm who can communicate with unascended beings, then you have achieved a certain openness of mind.

My beloved, if you study some of the discoveries made by science, you will see that they have many examples of how there can be a very dynamic system, and one example of it is the way water flows in the river. There can be a situation where the water is swirling around in a matrix, in a whirlpool, but there can still be a point where the water is standing still. It is as if the mass of the water is moving around a fixed point. You also have in mathematics certain expressions of how there can be these fixed points in very complex dynamic systems.

Fixed points in the mind

The concept I want to introduce to you is that you can be a very open-minded person, you can be open to the teachings of the ascended masters, you can be open to many different forms of ideas and spiritual teachings, but there can still be these fixed points in your mind that you are not able, you are not willing, to look beyond. It is as if there was a point where you accepted that now you had received something that was final, an understanding that was final, that you did not need to question, that you did not need to look beyond.

This, of course, my beloved (given that we are in the nation of Russia), applies to many other conditions in the world. If you look at what happened to Russia during the communist era, many, many people had come to a point where they had these fixed points that were programmed into their minds and therefore they did not question the system. Many Russians today still dare not question the system, dare not question the authorities, dare not question their nation because they feel they have to be patriotic, they have to be loyal.

For that matter, you see the same in the United States where patriotism has become a fixed point that people’s minds revolve around. Therefore, what happens is that when you have these fixed points in your mind, your mind might still be active, your mind might still be moving and you think you are constantly moving but you are just moving within a certain range. You are not moving beyond a certain level, my beloved, and that is why your growth can come to a halt where you think: “But I am studying ascended master teachings, I am decreeing several hours a day, I am following all these outer rules so I should be growing, I must be growing.”

Something in you makes you realize that you are not growing, at least not as much as you could. The reason is, in most cases (and certainly in all cases for those who have reached a certain level of Christhood) that there is a fixed point in your mind that you have not been willing to look at and realize that it is a fixed point. It makes a lot of your thoughts revolve around a certain belief that you do not question. In many cases when it comes to ascended master students, it is precisely this: You have accepted a fixed image either of ascended masters in general, or particular ascended masters, or of yourself and your ability to interact with the ascended masters.

A fixed image of Guru Ma

What am I telling you that I had to overcome in order to take my first dictation from Lanello? It was that I had to overcome those fixed points in my mind relating to Mark Prophet in embodiment. My book was an attempt to help my former students see that they also have a fixed point in their minds concerning me. It was built by how they experienced me when I was in embodiment. Take note that I am not saying how I was when I was in embodiment, but how my students individually experienced me. Their perception, the decisions they made about how they saw me, how they saw themselves in relationship to me, this became their fixed point. Yet many of them have not been willing to go beyond, they have not been willing to look at any question since I retired.

There are people who had a personal encounter with me. It may have shocked them, it may have surprised them, but in that personal encounter they formed that fixed point in their minds and they have not questioned it ever since. They have accepted that this is how Guru Ma is, this is how I am in relation to her. What happened when I retired? Well, many of my students had a certain image of me that I would always be there for them or that I would be there until they ascended. When I suddenly was not there, they were shocked, they were appalled. How could I break my promise? How could I not be there?

At a certain level, they recognized that I was not there, the person they had seen as their guru, as their messenger—I was no longer in physical embodiment. Because they were not willing to look at the fixed point in their mind of how they saw me and their interaction with me, they have not been able and willing to recognize that I have moved on. I am now an ascended master and they cannot relate to me as an ascended master through that fixed point in their minds. They can only relate to me as an ascended master by letting go of that fixed point, by letting go of the image of me they built while I was in physical embodiment, and finding another way to relate to me as an ascended master.

That is why I gave the book as a tool for those who are willing. Those who have not been willing, it is because they have not been willing to look at that fixed point in their minds, examine it critically, see how it limits them and then let go of it and decide: “Yes, I am willing to connect to the Ascended Master Guru Ma.”

My beloved, this is the challenge you all face, that we all faced when we were in embodiment. There are stages of the spiritual path. It is unavoidable that at a certain stage you create a view of the path, of the masters, of yourself and this becomes a fixed point in your mind. When you go to a higher level, it can happen only because you are willing to examine those fixed points, transcend them, let go of them. Now you can come to a higher level of attunement with the ascended masters.

If we were always the same, my beloved, if we always expressed ourselves the same way, how could we help you come higher in consciousness? You can only come higher in consciousness by attuning to us, but if you have a fixed image of us, how can you attune when we move higher?

Never-ending ongoingness

What I really want to convey to you, is a thought about ongoingness. Lanello expressed, in his eloquent way, how, when you stand at that point of the ascension, you realize how final it is and that there is nothing more final that you can experience in your journey on earth than being at that point of the ascension and leaving it all behind. After you ascend, it is almost as if it no longer matters to you what happened before you ascended. You had let go of that last image of yourself that you had in the un-ascended state and so the entire process leading up to your ascension is now no longer relevant.

You are not having the earth as your frame of reference. Naturally, in order to feel how final the ascension is, it is in comparison to how things felt on earth, and so the earth is still your frame of reference. But when you ascend, the earth is no longer you frame of reference. As Lanello said: “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God.” In a sense, the consciousness of God becomes your frame of reference.

What is the first thing you realize as an ascended master about the consciousness of God? It is that it is ongoing. It is a process that never ends, my beloved. After having experienced the finality of the ascension and leaving the earth behind for good, you suddenly experience the finality of ongoingness.

I am deliberately using two words that your linear minds cannot compute in the same sentence. How can something be final and be ongoing? Truly, the ongoingness of the mind of God is the ultimate frame of reference in this universe. Nothing can stop it, nothing can stand still. The earth cannot stand still. Humanity and all of the fallen beings associated with earth in the four realms, cannot make the earth stand still. They have never been able to, my beloved. They have made an attempt, surely, but they have never been able to make the earth stand still. It always moves in some direction, up or down, but it is always moving.

When you ascend, you recognize the incredible power behind this ongoing movement. You recognize how absolute, how final, how unstoppable it is. Then, you can look back on earth and you can look at yourself in your last embodiment or in your previous embodiments. You can see how it was really incredible that, while being in the body, you can fail to recognize the ongoingness of life. It really, from the ascended state, looks incredible, unbelievable that people can think that there is anything final on earth. Of course, being in my position, having been a messenger for the ascended masters while I was in embodiment, I looked back and I thought: “How could I ever have had a fixed image of El Morya and thinking that he was a certain way, and that he would always be that way? How could I fail to lock in to the ongoingness and that when it came to El Morya I had a fixed point in my mind even up to my retirement?”

The need for a fixed point

You can scarcely fathom it, but of course, it is because you are now no longer in the four lower bodies, seeing the world through that filter. Therefore, in the ascended state you have no need for any fixed point and you recognize, of course, when you look at this that, as long as you have not ascended, you have a need to have some kind of fixed point. You think there is something that is absolute, that never changes, something you can rely on.

This is a need you have right on up until the 144th level, and we might say that it is the last illusion you give up: the illusion that there can be something in the universe that is constant, that is unchanging. You have a need for this. I recognize you have that need, but what I am seeking to convey is that this need exists at every one of the 144levels. If you are, say, at the 98th level, you have a need for a fixed point, for something unchanging. The way you define it is an expression of your current level of consciousness. The same, of course, at any other level.

If you become attached to that fixed point at the 96th level, how can you grow beyond that level? It becomes, as I express in my book, the very anchor that you are throwing out from you boat. You are attempting to hold your boat in place. You are attempting to find something, to define something, that does not change in this world of constant chaos and change. You might think it is the ascended masters and the view you have of the ascended masters. Have you not now, if you look at these dictations that we have given at the three conferences this year, have you not now begun to realize that several masters have said the same thing? We have even said it previously: “Do not let your image of us stand in the way of your continued attunement with us as we go higher. For we are going higher; we are locked in to the ongoing-ness of Life; of the consciousness of God, of the River of Life.” How could we not go higher constantly?

How can Guru Ma have ascended?

That is what Lanello expressed: that he and I have gone higher since we ascended, since I retired. Now, we are ready to step up to that higher level of service and hold a higher office in hierarchy. I know there are many people, some who call themselves my students, some who are not seeing themselves as my students but who came, saw, and left, and they will look at my life. They will find my human flaws and idiosyncrasies, the mistakes they think that I made and they will use them to say: “She could not possibly have ascended in this short a period of time, and certainly she could not have ascended just a few years ago and now be ready to hold this high office at Lake Titicaca.”

My beloved, it is because you do not realize that when you ascend, you let go of the human shell. I let go of my human shell, and when you do that, you can make very, very quick progress. You have let go of what is holding you back but you are still able to look at your embodiments and suddenly very, very quickly learn all of the things you did not learn while you were in embodiment. You can very, very quickly catch up to a very high level where you might have been if you had made the most use of your time in embodiment.

Those who are still sitting there, having a fixed image of me, well, you have not moved on. You are still in a human body, you are still in your human mind and you are looking at me through that outer mind. I respect your right to do this, but I also have a right to express that this does not hold me back in the ascended state. It does not limit me. It does not limit Lanello. It does not matter what images you who are in embodiment hold of us. We have ascended. It was a final step, and it set us free to move on very, very quickly, quicker than most of those of you who are in embodiment can even envision and imagine.

There was a time when I was in embodiment, starting as a messenger where I was very, very concerned about how people looked at me, and how they might look at my human idiosyncrasies or flaws and use that as an excuse for rejecting the ascended masters. I, for that matter, retained some of that concern to the point where I retired. I was for a time very concerned about my public image, especially through what many of you label the Shelter Cycle where I got all the public attention. There was a time when this meant something to me.

I was also very concerned about helping my students and so there were many, many times where I let that concern in some ways limit my interaction with my students. I was not quite free to be myself, to express the fullness of who I am, as of course it is so difficult to be in embodiment and express the fullness of who you are. You recognize, I hope, that when you ascend, this falls away. As an ascended master you are not concerned personally about how human beings in embodiment perceive you. You might say: “Why are you giving, then, this dictation, why have you given this book to change the way your students look at you?” But it is not my personal concern. I have nothing to lose or gain by changing the way people in embodiment look at me. It is out of a desire to do as much as I can to finish the work I started. What was the work I started? To set my students free. Now, of course, as an ascended master, I desire to set you free from the images of me that you built while I was in embodiment. Is that not natural? Well, it is for me.

The enigma of the ascension

I have no other desire than to see my students be free, my beloved. Free of everything that holds you back from connecting to your own higher beings and the ascended masters. It is this connection that is the ultimate driving force on the path to Christhood but it is also the ultimate joy. In one sense, you may say that the ascension is the most extreme expression of individualism on earth. There you are: You are standing there, having qualified yourself for your ascension. How did you qualify yourself? By pulling yourself above the downward drag of the mass consciousness. You have to be willing to ignore all of the temptations, all of the pulls that come from the mass consciousness, pulling you down to being like everyone else. In a sense, you have to be egotistical because you have to say: “I am willing to grow, to raise my consciousness, regardless of what other people do.”

Now, you are standing there and you are in front of that gate. You can take that last step into the ascended realm, meaning you leave the earth behind forever. You can only do this when you recognize that you are one individual and you are not bound by the mass consciousness or any particular individual or group of individuals on earth.

What was my challenge? It was to recognize that I was not bound by my students. Even though they have not ascended, even though they have not been willing to come up higher, even though they wanted me to come back and be like everything was before, I now needed to make that decision to leave this behind and to ascend as an individual. Now, you may say that this was the Elizabeth Claire Prophet who was in embodiment who ascended, but it was not. I did not ascend as Elizabeth Claire Prophet, not as you saw me, not as I saw myself while in embodiment. I ascended by transcending that view of myself and truly the reason Lanello said it is so final of a step to ascend is that when you stand there, there is nothing, nothing from earth that you can take with you into the ascended state. That is why it is so final and so you have to be willing to give it all up.

You might say: “Well, what is it that ascends? How do you ascend? What is the being that ascends?” My beloved that is the mystery, that is the enigma. There is no point in me giving you words to describe it for there are no words that can describe it. It is an individual enigma for each and every one of you, each and every one of us. You cannot solve it until you are standing there, having qualified in all other ways except you have not let go of that last sense of identity. You have to let go of that and the only word really that can be applied is that you ascend as a completely neutral being. Whatever meaning you want to put into the word neutral, it is actually meant to signify that there is no meaning that applies.

There is no meaning you can come up with from the unascended state that fully describes this state. You are in this state of mind, much like I describe when you take a dictation or experience it. We have called it “pure awareness” but these are just words. Some in the Buddhist tradition have called it “no mind,” but it is that state of connectedness, oneness, sense of omnipresence in the sense that you are beyond time and space and you might even feel you are everywhere in the consciousness of God.

It is a magnificent feeling and I give you these impressions in order to attempt to convey to you with words something that will trigger your mind into seeing these fixed points, deciding to transcend them and therefore strive towards that point of the neutrality of mind where you have depersonalized your life. Some will say you have become like a nobody. Perhaps you do, but is that so bad when you consider how all the somebodies in the world have made a royal mess of things for centuries and millennia? Those who think they are a more important somebody than all these other somebodies, have created some of the worst atrocities seen on this planet. By becoming a nobody in the worldly sense, you become an open door for that which is MORE, and I think that is a good trade.

Who offers the best bargain on earth?

I leave you with this final thought from my heart. Consider who offers you the best bargain on earth. Is it the fallen beings, is it the mass consciousness or is it the ascended masters? Thus, with the love of the hearts of Lanello and myself, in complete oneness, we greet you and we take you into our arms, as you are willing each one, enfolding you in that love that is the kind of love we wish we could have given to our students while we were in embodiment.

We were not able to give it, you were not able to receive it. Now, we are able to give it so we hope you are able and willing to receive the love that we are. Lanello and I, we thank you for being who you are and being in embodiment on this very, very difficult planet.


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