When you understand MORE, things can change quickly

TOPICS: Know the immensity of cosmic forces – Why spiritual people often feel depressed – A more spiritual self-image for both men and women – The perversion of the monarchy – The consciousness behind the monarchy – The death of Princess Diana – Dare to question the institutions of society – Taking a stand against the abuse of power – Questioning materialism – Reach for the higher vision for Britain –

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Ascended Master Master MORE, October 27, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

MORE I AM, and I come in the Flame of MORE. I come to impart to you a fraction of that Flame of MORE, as you are able to receive it. Thus, I ask you, during this dictation, to tune in, not only to the words that you hear spoken from an outer voice, but to tune in to your heart, to that Flame of MORE that is in your heart. For my beloved, there is not one of you who does not have that Flame of MORE in your heart. And rather than tuning in to the Flame of MORE as some external presence, I would see you tune in to the Flame of MORE within you. For did not Christ himself say that the kingdom is within?

Consider the vastness of the universe, and consider that there was a time, when photographs of the cosmos simply would not have been believed by most of the people on this planet. For they had grown up in a culture, where they had been programmed with a world view that the earth was a very small flat disc, and that the heaven was a dome covering that disc, with the stars being painted on the inside of the dome, and God residing on the outside.

In a sense, this could have given the idea that God was closer. But did they really believe that God was closer, or did the belief that God was closer make any difference? For they still were programmed to see God as “up there” and not inside themselves. So, even though they thought God was closer in physical distance, they could never bridge the gap, and thus it truly is an expansion and a major progress that humankind’s world view has been expanded to the point, where almost all people accept that they live in a very large universe, and that the earth is only a very small speck of dust in that large universe.

Now again, everything can be misused by the ego and those in the duality consciousness. For truly, many people in today’s world have looked at the immensity of the universe and have begun to believe in the idea that the earth is insignificant, and thus they themselves are insignificant, and thus there is no real purpose to life—certainly, no purpose to their individual existence. And thus, what difference does it make? Why should they stand up for some higher principle? Why not simply follow the crowd?

Know the immensity of cosmic forces

Yet, my beloved, when you look at images of the universe, one thing you might realize is that there are forces in this universe that are so immense, so huge, that there is no force on earth that has any significance whatsoever compared to those forces. Consider that your planet earth is revolving around the sun, but that your sun is part of a much bigger system called the galaxy. And this galaxy is moving through space, but it is not just moving randomly, for your galaxy is part of an even bigger system.

And ultimately, all of the billions of galaxies in the universe are interconnected and are moving like a large symphony, because there is this force that is causing the entire universe to expand. It is causing all of the galaxies to swirl around in a pattern so intricate, that even if you took the most advanced mathematics known to humankind and the biggest computers that they can build currently, well you would not be able to calculate the intricacy of the movements of the galaxies.

The image I want to give you here is that behind all the visible phenomena, there is a great unseen force, and that unseen force can be called by many names. But the name we have chosen is the River of Life. This River of Life is a spiritual force, but it drives all of the galaxies in the material universe. When you begin to contemplate this, you realize that your earth is not an island. As no man is an island, no planet is an island.

The earth is moving with this gigantic system, because the earth is flowing along with the River of Life. So you see that there is a force propelling humankind to grow. And you need to contrast this with the sense of hopelessness that so many have. As we discussed yesterday, the people of Britain have been infused with this sense that nothing will make a difference, so why even bother. Yet when you realize that behind everything is the River of Life, you realize that nothing is hopeless.

Consider what you know, that there are forces on this planet – embodied and disembodied – that are trying to stop the growth of humankind, that are trying to prevent the expansion of consciousness. You know that they have power, for they were able to basically slow down the progress of humankind for a thousand years during the Dark Ages. Yet when you consider that these forces exist – when you consider that a very large percentage of the population don’t want to change, but want to stay where they are comfortable and keep living the way they have always been living – well then you might consider how it is possible, then, that we have progressed so much in a century, in a thousand years, in two thousand years?

How did we ever get beyond the cave man stage? Well, it is because the River of Life will not allow anything to stand still. As Saint Germain talked about in California, the second law of thermodynamics is an expression of the River of Life, so when a system becomes closed, internal contradictions in the system will eventually cause it to break down, and therefore a renewal must take place. The system must move on and expand, so it is no longer closed but at least allows some light to come in, so that it can make a small or large step forward.

If you look at the past, you will see that there has indeed been progress in human affairs, and it has happened despite the influence of a power elite, despite the reluctance of the people. Humankind has been drawn, pulled – kicking and screaming – towards a higher state of awareness. You who are the spiritual people, have a choice to make. We might say that there is a stream of the mass consciousness, which is trying to flow in the opposite direction of the River of Life. So you have two movements, two forces moving, and you know very well what happens, when two tectonic plates are in contact with each other but are moving in opposite directions.

Well, tension builds, my beloved, until suddenly there is a release and the earth shakes violently. And this is why you have suffering, limitations, and any other limiting condition on this planet—because of that tension, that friction, between the backwards movement of the collective consciousness, and the forward movement of the River of Life. The earth cannot stop the forward movement of the entire universe. This should be obvious when you think about it. Therefore, you realize that in the end, the River of Life will win out. So as the spiritual people, who aware of the spiritual side of life, your choice is, which one of the two streams do you want to tune in to in consciousness? Which one of them do you want to immerse yourself in?

And obviously, I would hope for you that you would want to immerse yourself in the River of Life, in which I have immersed myself, in which all ascended beings have immersed themselves. And we have experienced that bliss, the bliss of the River of Life that is beyond the happiness and unhappiness that you know on earth. And we want all to experience that – the bliss, the joy, the peace of mind, the total acceptance of who you are as a unique individualization of God.

Why spiritual people often feel depressed

Look at this nation of Britain and keep in mind the perspective of this immense, unstoppable force of the universe, and see how it has been working in the history of this nation. For this nation truly has progressed – although far from its highest potential – you will see that there has been a progression. Even though we have talked about the false trinity, which has such a hold on the consciousness of the British people, you will see that there still has been progress, there still has been expansion.

Do you not think that the three powers of this nation – the power elite, the class system, and the church – would gladly have prevented democracy from emerging in Britain? Surely, they would have stopped this if they could. So why could they not stop it? Well, because they are no match for the River of Life. And thus, you should see that if the spiritual people of Britain would make that shift and attune to the River of Life – rather than attuning to the downward pull of the mass consciousness – well then the growth could be accelerated tremendously.

There are so many of the spiritual people who have fallen into the state of feeling hopeless, of feeling that nothing matters. But beloved, it is almost a state of depression that you see in the spiritual people, where you see that the majority of the population are completely unaware of what is going on. They are unaware of the power elite, unaware of a spiritual potential. And therefore, in a sense their happiness is a form of bliss, although certainly not the infinite bliss that we experience in the River of Life.

The spiritual people have gone beyond the state of ignorance, and they have become aware that there are all these things going on in history and in society, and yet they also become aware of the spiritual potential and the spiritual realm. What happens to many spiritual people is that they now see the immense contrast between the darkness on the earth and the potential for what things could be, if the spiritual reality was manifest. And in seeing how big the contrast is, how far society is below its real potential, well they go through a period of a sense, almost, that their hopelessness is deepened. Because they do not see how the darkness can be transformed into light within their lifetime. Yet, what I am trying to impress upon you is that this is an illusion, projected upon you by those dark forces who will do anything they can think of to prevent you from exercising your spiritual potential.

It is indeed possible that society in Britain – and elsewhere, but let us focus on Britain – can be transformed and begin to express the characteristics of a golden age society within your lifetime. But how will this be possible? It will not be possible if you believe that Jesus is going to descend and turn things around. Or that some wonderful person is going to emerge and become the hero that can take the nation higher. It will only happen when you realize that ALL of you who are the spiritual people in Britain must play a part. But if you will, all of you, individually attune your consciousness to the River of Life, instead of to the downward stream of the mass consciousness, then you will become the instruments for pulling the collective consciousness up, as I talked about yesterday.

When you align yourself with the River of Life, you overcome the dualistic consciousness, in which you fear anything, in which you fear defeat, in which you fear loss. In the past I have said: “We were winning from the beginning.” And it is true because the River of Life WILL win, and those of us who tune in, who immerse ourselves in that river, go beyond the dualistic sense where victory is opposed by defeat. We go to the real divine Victory that has no opposition and thus we know we can only win.

A more spiritual self-image for both men and women

I would speak of what has happened to the male image, of how it has become more and more violent. Now, you see, my beloved, those who are blinded by the duality consciousness cannot see beyond that state of consciousness, so they think that in order to keep trapping people in a certain image, they have to make that image more extreme. They know, because they have experienced it, that nothing works forever. They do not understand that this is because of the River of Life—that people will eventually have had enough of a certain state of consciousness; they will be bored by it; they will no longer accept a certain image of themselves. Those blinded by duality do not understand that this is because of the drive for self-transcendence built into every being.

Yet they do sense that the people will not forever believe in a certain illusion. So they think that in order to keep people’s interest, in order to keep people trapped, they have to do more of the same thing, more of making things more extreme. And this is why you see that male image becoming more and more extreme. Yet my beloved, the only thing that will ultimately satisfy people is not that they have “more of” but that they have “more than,” because they transcend the old consciousness and come closer to infinity.

So, what you have seen is that the male image is stuck in a box that is becoming more extreme, more pronounced. What then is needed? Well, what is needed is a transcendence of the way both men and women look at themselves. And in this respect, I would point to my own contribution from past lifetimes in Britain.

The perversion of the monarchy

Let us begin with the legend of King Arthur, which has been attributed to me—that I was king Arthur in embodiment. Well, take note that I said the”legend of King Arthur.” Indeed, as all legends, it was based upon a certain foundation in reality, but you must understand that the legend of King Arthur should not be viewed in linear, factual terms. It should be viewed like The Odyssey, like a mythological story meant to illustrate a finer point.

If you look at King Arthur, you will see that this image was given in a time and in a culture, where there was much warring and much violence, and thus King Arthur was a warrior. But you will also see that he went far beyond the traditional concept of a warrior. For was he not devoted to something beyond the material—a quest for the Holy Grail, for an immaterial concept, for a higher principle, for something beyond matter? Something that could not be conquered through a material conquest, that could not be taken through physical force. And remember that word, physical force.

Even though King Arthur was a warrior who took a stand against those who were trying to destroy his vision for a better future – and did what was necessary to prevent them from destroying the seed of a better kingdom – well still, he was far beyond a warrior, for he was committed to that non-material quest. From the earliest times of British culture, this has been the male role model that has been put before the British people. And it is not a coincidence that this image was brought forth in Britain, because the people on this land have the potential to actually live up to this image of being devoted to higher principles, to a non-material quest for an ideal society. Do you not see that this is what is represented in the legend of King Arthur, the once and future king?

So, this is because this land has a certain vibration from ancient times. And again, I am not trying to make you think that there are certain places on earth that are better than others. I am simply giving you the image that there are places on earth where a certain vibration is focused. And each nation has a unique potential to bring forth a contribution. I am not saying that the British nation is better than other nations. I am pointing out that the uniqueness of this land is that there is a vibration here, that makes it easier for the people who live on this land to actually be devoted to higher principles, and to reaching for something higher and manifesting that higher in their society, in their material society.

This role model has had a certain impact on British culture, the British mindset. And I must tell you that those who are the forces of darkness, who oppose the progress of humankind, realized that they had to put forth a very aggressive effort to destroy this example and to prevent the British people from actually all becoming replicas of King Arthur, to prevent them from exercising their potential for reaching for those higher principles, bringing them into manifestation in society. And this is precisely why there came to be created that false trinity of the perverted monarchy, the perverted church, and the perverted class system.

King Arthur was not the kind of king that you have seen in Britain for the last many centuries. For he was not the kind of king who said, “I answer to no one, neither God nor man.” He did answer to his people, for he was sensitive to his people. But first of all, he answered to God, because he was sensitive to the higher vision. He was devoted to bringing the higher vision into manifestation, and he did not seek to force that upon the people, but he did seek to push them a little harder, to push them beyond their sense of comfortability, so that they would come up higher with him. But he did not seek to use physical force to force them to come up higher. He sought to inspire them to come up higher, to inspire them to see what was their enlightened self-interest.

The model that you have seen for many a century in Britain is a complete perversion of the example set forth in the Arthurian legends. For have you not seen monarchs who thought they owned this country – and owned the people – and did not see themselves as servants of God first and servants of the people second? And thus, they believed they could do whatever they wanted and they could use physical force to suppress and destroy and kill the people who opposed them. My Beloved, what a perversion of the true potential for what a king should be.

There are many valid models for government, and a kingdom can be a valid model—if the king is devoted to the quest for the Holy Grail and is devoted to finding that higher principle and expressing it in physical manifestation in his kingdom. It can be a viable form of government. It is not the ultimate form of government, because we want all of the people to grow in consciousness. And thus, a democracy – if it functions right, where the people are engaged in running society – well, it is a higher form of government. But nevertheless, an enlightened kingdom can be a viable form of government. But you have not seen an enlightened kingdom in Britain – ever – because, as I said, the legend of King Arthur was mainly myth and not so much reality.

The consciousness behind the monarchy

What you see is that the monarchy in Britain has always been a perverted monarchy based on physical force, suppressing the people. And what that means is that this suppression of the people is a state of consciousness. And I know you will say, “But things have changed, for the queen no longer has the power to physically suppress the people.” And this is true, for again the River of Life has brought British society forward.

But what I want to point out to you, is that the consciousness that was outpictured in the mad kings of the past has not been completely removed from this nation. And thus, it still very much affects the people, even to the point where there are certain ways where physical force is no longer needed to suppress the British people, because they are so suppressed in consciousness that they don’t need the sword. For they don’t think they could ever escape the fold, escape the mental box.

That is why we say that it is time to rethink the monarchy. Not that I have any personal vendetta or animosity against the present queen. Not that I have inherent animosity against the institution as such. Yet, I do have the realistic assessment, that the institution, as most people realize, is a symbol. But whereas most people believe it is a symbol for something positive, for the grandeur of the past of the British Empire, I see that it is a symbol for a state of consciousness of suppressing and pacifying the people, preventing them from expressing their Christ potential.

That is why it is important to deal with symbols and to question the unquestionable and say, “Should we really continue the monarchy in its present form?” And thereby ask the question, “Is it possible to renew the monarchy, so that it becomes a meaningful institution in today’s society? Or is this not possible and therefore we should abolish it and turn Buckingham Palace into a museum.” Yes, my beloved, this might be shocking to some British people, but is it not already a museum—only the people don’t have access to all of it? For is it not a building that represents a state of consciousness that is like many museums, where you go in and you have all these artifacts from the past, but the artifacts are dead, and the past is dead. Only people will not admit it and realize that the queen has nothing on, because the monarchy, as an institution, has nothing on.

The death of Princess Diana

A movie was made recently entitled The Queen. And I encourage all of you to see it, especially those of you who are not from Britain. Because it will give you some impression of what I am talking about here. One of the things you will see in this movie is how there was a very un-British reaction to the death of Princess Diana. And with “un-British” I mean that the normally reserved British people – who do not easily express emotion – suddenly had no fear of expressing their deep sorrow over the passing of this princess. And my beloved, you must ask yourself, why was there such an outpouring of sorrow? Did it not go beyond the person, for was it not so that Diana had come to represent something in the national consciousness?

And one of the things she represented was precisely the hope and the dream that the monarchy could be transformed, so that the monarchy could become sensitive to the people. Instead of the monarchy representing this complete insensitivity because it thinks, “We own the people and they have to do our bidding, and if not, they will be put in the tower and beheaded.” The British people have a great hope that their society could be transformed. They know – not consciously, but subconsciously – that the change is right beneath the surface and could break through at any moment. And Diana had come to represent the possibility that the people could be seen as being worth something—the ordinary people, not the elite, not the upper class, not the monarchy. But that the people themselves could be valued for the unique spiritual beings that they are. And so, when the princess died, the hope in a sense died with her.

This is another sign of the need to rethink the monarchy as an institution. For many people did indeed feel that the response of the queen to the death of Diana was insensitive and inadequate, to put it diplomatically. And what they need to realize is that the queen is not an evil person, but she is a person who is very much aware that the monarchy is an institution with a very long history and tradition. And she feels that she has been entrusted – by destiny, by history, even by God – to maintain that tradition. And she was not able to step back and see that the time has passed, that it was necessary to make changes. And this is an example of how one person is completely blinded by the consciousness that I am talking about, the consciousness for which the monarchy is a symbol. And that is why there is a need to question whether we can allow this institution to continue to exist, because as long as it exists unquestioned, the people will not be able to free themselves from the consciousness that it represents.

After the initial outpouring, after the rising of a demand that the queen respond differently, well then – when she gave some token response – people gradually calmed down and they said, “But after all, what can we do?” They bowed their heads like the Dunkirk spirit and said “Oh we must endure.” And this, my beloved, is what the British people need to throw off as a cloak that is weighing them down. Why would you have to endure something that is not right to begin with, because it is not based on those higher principles that you know exist and that you know should be expressed in your nation? Why would you have to endure this? There is no reason whatsoever!

Dare to question the institutions of society

God has not ordained the British monarchy in its present form. God does not want the people to be suppressed. Thus, tune in to your hearts, and realize that you know in your hearts that this is not right. And then admit that you have been manipulated, over the centuries, to create a national consciousness, where you feel like there are certain things in society that should not be questioned. And therefore, you feel you must just bow your heads and endure, hoping that it will become better in the future. Now, it will gradually become better in the future because of the River of Life that I have talked about. But why should we wait centuries for a golden age to manifest in Britain, when it could happen within a decade?

I talked about the fact that you do not any longer need physical force to suppress the British people. What has been placed here instead of physical force? Well, it is precisely this idea – this very subtle consciousness – that there are certain things, certain institutions in society, that we simply cannot question because they are meant to be that way. Because that is the way it has always been, and there is nothing we can do about it, and who are we, after all, to know? Will not those who are the high and the mighty, will they not know best?

Well, my beloved, take a look at history. Did the kings know best? Did the noble class know best, in their incredible arrogance? Be willing to recognize that the British aristocracy are among the most arrogant people you will find anywhere on this planet! Be willing to acknowledge that, and be willing to acknowledge that they have very cleverly made use of the people’s built-in desire to see Britain become a nation that is an example for other nations. This is a true desire, because the British people do have a potential to become an example for other nations. The British people do have a potential for spreading a higher form of civilization to the world, as they have done to some degree by some ideas that originated in Britain and have spread elsewhere.

But what I want you to realize is, that the British Empire was not an example of such an enlightened spread of civilization—because it was based on physical force. It was the physical force of the upper class who managed to get the British people to go along, because the British people bought into the idea of the empire, because of a perversion of their true sense that Britain is meant to be an example. This was perverted by the duality consciousness into the subtle belief that Britain was meant to be superior, that Britain was a superior civilization, and that one Englishman was better than 10 foreigners. Or was it 20, or 50? Or however much arrogance people can have in feeling they are better than others.

Be willing to recognize that the British people have been vulnerable to the suppression by the elite, but that they can shake this off in the blink of an eye, by realizing that what they are really about is following the example of Arthur. Because the British people have the potential to be on that quest for the Holy Grail. Surely, not all of them could do this in the foreseeable future, but the most spiritually aware people in Britain have the potential to do this almost instantly, by switching their consciousness and realizing what they are really about, why they are here.

Taking a stand against the abuse of power

Let me point to my two embodiments as Thomas Beckett and Thomas More. What did I do in those embodiments? Well, I essentially continued the example that was set by Arthur, of taking a stand for a higher principle and opposing the worldly power that was not willing to follow that principle, but was only willing to follow its own ego-based desires. I attempted, in those embodiments, to set an example for the British people. Not that I am unique or better, but what I want you to realize is that all people in Britain have the potential, especially the spiritual people. But you need to have the vision, the recognition, that there is such a thing as higher spiritual principles, that there is such a thing as God Reality—that you can experience through Christ discernment. Because only then will you be able to overcome the very subtle programming that has been created by the power elite.

What is it that has been put upon the British people by the consciousness that I am talking about, the consciousness of suppressing the people by force? Well, it is the consciousness that “might is right,” that those who have the power, have the right to do whatever they want, and that whatever they do is right—which, of course, most people no longer believe. But there is a more subtle aspect of this consciousness which says that those in power know best. “Who are we, the people, to speak out against the upper class, against the politicians? Who are we, what do we know?”

You need to recognize, that you can know Christ truth within your hearts. And when you know that Christ truth, you have a right to stand up to the high and the mighty and say, “You are wrong because you are not in alignment with the very principles upon which this nation should be founded, the very principles that should be expressed in every aspect of our society, the very principles that we are all devoted to in our hearts. You are not in alignment with those principles and therefore you are wrong, and we have a right to question you and question your authority.” And when enough people do this, you will see that these forces will crumble. They will retreat, for they can no longer use physical force.

When physical force is not an option, what is left but deceit? But once deceit has been exposed as the lie it is, then it will have no power. For as you saw, my beloved, there came a point where people, almost like a switch in consciousness, began to accept that the earth was round, that it was not the center of the universe but that the universe was far greater than had been imagined. And such a shift in consciousness can happen again, and it is very, very close in this nation. And I can tell you that if the top ten percent of the spiritual people would start exercising their Christ potential, they could become catalysts. And in a surprisingly short time, you will see a shift in this nation, beyond any shift you have seen previously.

Questioning materialism

But of course, you must overcome the materialism that is also a result of the perverted trinity, where spirituality was taken out of Christianity, so people don’t believe in their own spiritual potential and are therefore vulnerable to becoming subject to the belief that they are just animals. This messenger was in a store the other day and pulled out a pound note with a picture of Charles Darwin and thought, “Oh maybe I should get rid of that” and instead he got change back of another note with the picture of the queen, but he was not sure whether that was an improvement.

I give you this image because you will notice here how pervasive these images are in the culture—that you have images on the money that people use every day, of the queen and of Charles Darwin, who both represent something. And many people think this is innocent for was not, after all, Darwin one of the greatest people to ever come out of Britain? Is he not universally, world-wide recognized for being this great scientist? And likewise they look to the queen as being a symbol for the greatness of the country.

But was Charles Darwin really one of the greatest people to come out of Britain? Obviously, you know that he was not, because he set the stage for the emergence of a materialism that has become an even more effective way of suppressing the people than was the Catholic church of the Middle Ages. For at least the Catholic church recognized that there was something beyond the material universe. But materialism does not.

Materialism has actually put society back in a mental box that was almost as small as the medieval world view of a flat earth with a dome above it. For now it says that there is nothing beyond the material universe. Yes, the material universe is much larger, possibly even infinite – although no one seems to be able to understand what infinity is – yet they are so vehement in their denial that there is anything beyond.

If there is nothing beyond the material universe, then there can be no higher principles. So there can be no quest for finding – for reaching up for – those principles and expressing them in society. All of a sudden, you now have a very clever lie, another version of the fact that might is right—only it is no longer based on the physical power to kill people, but it is still very much promoting the concept that some people are more fit to rule, and therefore you should not, as the people, stand up to them.

Reach for the higher vision for Britain

These things, my beloved, must be questioned, and you must be willing to question what you have come to see as the foundation for the greatness of Britain, that so many people are holding on to. But I hope that I have given you some inkling of a vision, that there is a much greater greatness waiting – just waiting to drop into the physical octave for this nation – far beyond anything you have seen in the British Empire. For why did the British Empire collapse? Because it was based on force!

And any action, as one of your scientists discovered, has an opposite reaction. So do you not see that the fall of the British Empire was inevitable? It was built into the very consciousness that caused it to start—the very consciousness that we have a right to go out and suppress other nations and rob their natural resources and use them for our own gratification, and suppress and kill the people.

This very forced-based mentality created the opposing force, and what was one of the major events that caused the British Empire to not crumble but transition into a more enlightened society? Was it not precisely the heroic effort of Gandhi, who stood up to the British Empire—not with force but by reaching for higher principles, precisely the higher principles that the British nation is founded upon? For was it not the exact same principles – perhaps expressed slightly differently, but the same principles – espoused by Gandhi that were espoused by Arthur? What do you think would have happened if Gandhi had responded the way he did to Nazi Germany? He was asked himself once whether he thought that a tyranny like Nazi Germany could have been defeated by non-violence. And he said that he believed so, but at an infinitely higher cost.

And this is true. Even Nazi Germany could have been defeated by non-violence, but it would have been at a much higher cost, because they would immediately have killed not only him, but anybody who supported him. And so, why did not the British do this? Why didn’t the British Empire simply kill Gandhi and all of his followers? Does that not show you, that the British nation has an underlying allegiance to higher principles? What did Gandhi do to the British nation? Did he not remind them of who they really are, not as a people who believe in power, but as a people who believe in principles? And was it not because of this, that they were wiling to not simply use force to suppress him, but actually voluntarily set India free?

If you want to talk about some of the greatest moments in British history, that moment in my book was among the greatest. For that was when the British people said, “We will distance ourselves from the ‘might is right’ attitude and the use of physical force. We will come up higher.” And do you not see, my beloved, that if that trend could be reinvigorated, if people could become more conscious of it, British society could change in the blink of an eye. And you would not believe the shift in consciousness that could occur.

Do I sound excited my beloved? It is because I am! Because I see that potential and how it is right there, ready to break through at any moment. I ask you to hold that vision, share it with others as you feel moved. But first of all, hold it in your own minds and do not allow yourself to be pulled into the negative trends, the hopelessness, the despair. Tune in to the River of Life. Immerse yourself in it, and learn to walk around on this land as being the open doors for the flow of the River of Life, so that that energy can flow through you and spread outward.

For why did we want you to have a conference here? Well, it is precisely because this is a central location, but also because it is an ancient power center. There is actually a power center, a spiritual power center, over this land. Which is precisely why you have the perversion of it in the Chatsworth House, where the kings met and had their secret councils. For they sense the light and flock to it, thinking they can steal it. But my beloved, they cannot forever take the power of the people.

And thus, I ask you to keep this vision of a breakthrough in Britain. And those of you who are from other nations, keep the same vision of a breakthrough in your nations. For I must tell you, that there are many nations on this earth who have a potential to break through and fulfill their own unique mission and set forth their own unique example. For surely, as there is not meant to be one Christ in this age, there is not meant to be only one nation who shows a devotion to higher principles. And there are many other nations in Europe, in the United States, in South America, and elsewhere, who have that potential to shift away from the old consciousness to a new expanded awareness, that materialism is dead and the old dogmatic religions are dead. But that does not mean that higher principles are dead or that spirituality is dead, for we can go beyond the old and reach for the new.

My Beloved, I recognize that I have caused your cups to run over, but I am very grateful for your willingness to be here, for you willingness to give me a platform to speak. For there is a critical mass of you here, that as I speak these words, they can be anchored in the physical through your four lower bodies. And this is very important for the work that we want to accomplish for this conference and in Britain, and on an ongoing basis in Europe. Britain is a part of Europe, and this is a topic that St. Germain will discourse on later. So I thank you with the gratitude of my heart.


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