When matter and you do not matter

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 16, 2019.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and for this seventh and final initiation at my retreat, I wish to take this in a slightly different direction. I said in a previous discourse that you need to come to a point where “matter does not matter.” For this seventh initiation, you need to come to a point where you do not matter.

The gravitational force

Now, monitor yourself when you hear or read this statement: “You do not matter.” What is the reaction you feel in yourself? This will give you some idea that there is a self in you that wants to matter, that needs to matter, perhaps even has an obsessive-compulsive need to matter, to make a difference.

Now, what have we told you is the goal of the initiations you go through between the 48th and the 96th level? It is to raise yourself above the pull of the mass consciousness. You may liken this to the force of gravity. In a sense, the mass consciousness acts like a gravitational force that seeks to pull everyone down to what we might call the lowest common denominator—which is not necessarily the lowest but it is the average level of the collective consciousness. Certainly, there is a range within the collective where there are some people that are lower, some people that are higher but there is a certain average, and the gravitational force of the mass consciousness seeks to pull everyone down at least to that average level.

In order to rise above this and walk the spiritual path, you have to pull yourself free from that gravitational pull. It is something that requires a certain amount of determination, will power, a certain amount of momentum and “go.” We might even say that it requires a certain amount of struggle. Although what the other Chohans have attempted to help you come to, is the point where you break free of the sense of struggle. You no longer feel you are struggling against the mass consciousness.

How do you break free of the collective consciousness, the mass consciousness? We are on a planet called earth, which has a very high density of matter and a very strong collective consciousness that is at a fairly low level, compared to the level of Christhood. It does require quite an effort, quite a determination, to break free. Now, if you compare this to what it takes to break free from the force of gravity, you will see that if this is done the traditional way, you build a rocket and it has to have a huge motor. It has to have a lot of fuel so that as it burns, that fuel can push the rocket up to where it is finally free from the gravitational pull of the earth and can now go into orbit. When a spaceship is in orbit, there is no force pulling it back down to earth. It is literally orbiting in a certain orbit around the planet and can keep doing so almost indefinitely. There is no longer any effort required.

What I seek to help you accomplish with these seven levels of initiation in my course, is to get you to a point where you (so to speak) have reached an orbit where you are free of the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness. Now, contrary to a spaceship, this does not mean that I want you to stay at that level indefinitely. I do not want you to keep going around and around at this level of consciousness. I want you, of course, to continue to grow towards the 144th level.

Nevertheless, there can come that point where you have reached a certain orbit and now, at least to some degree, the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. In other words, if we define the prince of this world as the collective consciousness, the collective consciousness has nothing in you whereby it can pull you back. Now, this does not mean that another prince of this world, namely the fallen beings, will not have something in you. They will have something in you, to some degree, until the 144th level, although there will, of course, come that point where you start seeing through all of their schemes. Therefore, you are, for all practical purposes, not fooled into being pulled into them anymore.

Going into orbit

What I am saying here is that there can come that point where you are now in orbit, you have launched yourself so high above the collective consciousness that you can go into an orbit where you are not in danger of sliding back down. This, of course, is the point I want you to get to as a result of following these many levels of initiation, in this entire course of the seven rays. What will it take for you to go into orbit and be free of the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness? You know from a rocket that you have a huge rocket that sits on the ground but it is not just one rocket—it has several levels. It has a huge booster motor that is meant to take it up to a certain height and then what does the rocket do? Well, it separates itself from that motor, that whole unit, that bottom level and it just lets it fall back to earth.

What have you done to raise yourself from the 48th to the 96th level? You have used a vehicle and that vehicle is a self. The self is made up of several internal spirits, as we have talked about during this course. It is really more than an internal spirit and that is why I prefer to call it a self because a self can have different layers. An internal spirit has one narrowly focused program. It is like a program on your computer that is designed to do a very specific task, such as, for example, a calculator or an email program. This is an internal spirit, it has a specific task, a specific programming. A self can be more complex, can have different elements, different levels, even different internal spirits, even different selves.

You have built a self that was the vehicle you used to go from the 48th to the 96th level. Again, there is no blame here. This is what we all had to do to raise ourselves above the collective consciousness. You need to recognize here that if you are to go above the 96th level and if you are to pass the crucial initiation of the 96th level, that self needs to go. You need to let it drop from you and let it fall back down to earth. How can you do this?

The self for which matter matters

You can do this only by accepting, by pondering on my statement that: “You do not matter.” What is the “you” that does not matter? It is precisely that “you,” that self that you used as your vehicle to get to the 96th level. That self is very much a self that reacts to matter. It is created in reaction to matter, or rather the state of matter as it is seen through the collective consciousness.

I have made quite the effort to help you see that there is a difference between what science would call the objective reality and the perceived reality. In other words, there is what we can call an “objective reality,” in the sense that this is the state of the earth that was created by the Elohim. Then, there is what we could call a “subjective perception” of reality, which is the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness has a specific view of matter. It was the collective consciousness that created the current density of matter. Therefore, the collective consciousness cannot overcome the current density of matter. Even Albert Einstein said: “You cannot overcome a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.”

How do you overcome the current density of matter? Only by reaching for something higher, which is the Christ consciousness. At the 48th level of consciousness, you can reach beyond that level to get something that is a step higher. That is an element of the Christ consciousness that then takes you to the 49th level. You can continue to do this until you reach the 96th level. You need the Christ, the Christ consciousness, that universal awareness. You need that to get from the 48th to the 96th level. At each level, you are receiving a gift from the universal Christ consciousness or from the individualized consciousness through an ascended master, your own Christ self and so on.

You cannot pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. You cannot go from the 48th to the 96th level without receiving something from the Christ. What does that mean when you go above the 96th level? Of course, you still need to receive something from the Christ to get to the 144th level. For each of the levels above the 96th, you need to receive a gift from the Christ, but over the 96th you have the potential to shift into accepting that the Christ is not an external force that comes to you from without. It becomes an internal force that comes to you from within. This means that you also become more of an instrument for the Christ to express itself and help other people. You shift from the external view of the external savior to the internal Christ that you begin to embody in greater and greater measure as you approach the 144th level.

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