01.What you need from outside the separate self

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 17, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

My beloved hearts, I, Mary, come to greet you in this very auspicious place. “Auspicious” being a concept and word used much in the Eastern teachings of the Buddha, who – although it would seem extremely alien to the many people who come to worship me in the form of the Catholic Virgin Mary – I am nevertheless one with, as the Divine Mother is always one with the Divine Father. The representative of the Divine Mother is one with the representative of the Divine Father for planet earth, the Lord of the World, Gautama.

I desire you to tune in to the unconditional peace of the Buddha. “Unconditional” being the key word. What is it that stands in the way of true healing? Is it not simply the conditions that you have come to accept after you came to accept the one underlying condition, the illusion that you could ever be separated from your Divine Father. You think that the Divine Mother and any expression of her Being could be separated from the Divine Father.

Consider the colors of the many statues that you see in this place. Light blue and white, chosen by me to represent me in this particular apparition, as representing the purity of the Divine Mother and the blue flame of the Will of God, the Divine Father. The light blue to signify that at the time of this apparition – and even beyond that, to the entire history of Christianity up to this point – there has not been the openness and the willingness to truly lock in to and accept the will of the Father. Christianity has promoted the image of the external God in the sky, the remote being up there that you can only reach through an external authority, such as the church hierarchy.

A lesson in humility

Some of you know that you have come here to have a lesson in humility, and this certainly applies to all of you. For each one of you that lesson may be slightly different, depending on your psychology. I ask you to contemplate what lesson in humility that you might personally need to go through and master in order to get the full benefit of this book—in order to reach the full potential that you can reach personally.

Certainly, you all have some lesson of humility, given that you are spiritual people living in the world and there is always the noise that seeks to distract you and take your attention away from that inner, unconditional peace of the Buddha. The demons of Mara are seeking to draw you out of your meditation under the Bo tree of your I AM Presence and make you identify with these material conditions. As you, indeed, will see so many people who come to this place being fully identified with the material conditions that are ravaging their physical bodies or their minds, and from which they seek healing from a miraculous source outside themselves.

I know full well that many spiritual people have a greater understanding, a far greater understanding, than the many Catholics who come to this place. But I desire all of you to contemplate a general lesson in humility that applies to almost all of you, although of course with individual shadings. You may go down and look at the procession of the people who seek healing here. You may feel, as some of you have already felt, a sense of sorrow—of seeing people so trapped in a certain mindset that makes it very difficult for them to do anything on their own to achieve healing. They seek it only from an outer source, thinking there is no other way. The church that they follow has taken away the true teachings of Christ—that the kingdom of God is within you.

I ask you to contemplate honestly in your hearts whether you have a slight sense of being more advanced, sophisticated, mature, or in some sense superior to the people who come to this place seeking healing. I aim to show you that there is a deeper lesson in humility.

Many of you seek some form of healing for yourselves, perhaps physical, perhaps a deeper psychological-spiritual healing. Some of you have studied and applied these teachings for some time. Although you have made great progress, you know that there is still something that stands between you and your fullest potential, including your inner peace. You might contemplate why it is so difficult for you to overcome that last condition that is holding you back. This is where you might consider the people who come to this place seeking physical and in some cases psychological and spiritual healing.

Why some are healed and some are not

Some who come here are indeed healed, while others – many – come here and are not healed. You might say that there must be something in this place that has the ability to promote healing. Why is it that some people can be healed while others cannot? When you look at this with the wisdom of the heart, you realize that there is only one difference between those who are healed and those who are not. The one difference is that those who are healed can accept – fully – that they are healed. Those who are not healed have some condition that stands in the way of that full acceptance.

You might look at yourselves and what it is that is holding you back from breaking through to being who you truly are. You might see that you are not so different, after all, from the people who come here. Some of you also have a condition that prevents you from fully accepting the healing, accepting that you are healed. What happens in that acceptance is that you switch your sense of identity so that you no longer see yourself as a person who is not whole. You accept yourself as a person who is, indeed, whole. This is the switch in identity that you all need to make in order to be who you fully are. Of course, it does not happen in one grand moment, but in many small moments of accepting a new identity.

I ask you to consider that so many of you have the potential to truly experience a major healing from the use of this book. For that healing to come about, you must switch your identity so that you can accept yourself as a whole being. For that, you might need to look for some condition, some belief, that you have not seen before. I know all of your hearts. There is not one person who would not let go of their conditions if they could truly see them. The only thing that can stand in the way of you letting go of the condition is that you have not seen it, or seen it for what it is.

Be willing to humble yourself and see what you cannot now see. Be willing to look for the guru – that comes often in the form of an ant – to tell you what you cannot see on your own. Only by making that switch can you attain wholeness. You know enough to know that it will not come from some miraculous source outside yourself.


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