What kind of leaders do you want?

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master Portia. Many of you will know that I hold the spiritual office as the Goddess of Justice or as the Goddess of Opportunity. You all have the image of the statue of the woman holding the scales in her hand, horizontal bar from which is hanging two bowls, one higher than the other. But they can tip up and down, depending on what is put upon them. Well, what I want to do is to give you a more large-scale perspective of what is happening on earth in these years.

The tipping point in the history of earth

Now, I do not want you to form the image in your mind that this is something that has never happened before or will never happen again. I do not want you to look at this as having some epic importance, because this is a situation that happens at regular intervals. But nevertheless, the time you are living in right now is a time where there is a great potential for progress. This is the opportunity. So you may say that one bowl of the scales is the potential for opportunity, the other is the opposition to that growth, to that change. And that is the way it is in all situations and has been many times throughout the ages.

There are of course, when you look at history, certain tipping points, certain points where you can see that the planet can go either downwards or upwards. There is an opportunity for growth, but there is a potential that the growth could be stopped or aborted. There is a tipping point where it can go either way, where the scales are almost even. And which one will be the heavier one that will weigh it down and which one will go up. You will see, because of the physical, that the one that is heaviest goes down, but really what is significant from a golden age perspective is the one that goes up. Now, this is of course where the image of the scales breaks down. Because when you look at the scales, you will say that: “Well, for one to go up, the other must be heavier. If the light has to go up, then the darkness must be heavier than the light.” But again, an image is only an image, an illustration up to a point.

What I wish to give you here is the image that you are at a certain tipping point in the history of this planet. There is a great potential for growth. And as a result of this, the dark forces are doing what they always do in these situations. They are trying to abort it, to delay it, to hold it back in any way they can think of. So they are using whatever means are available to them. And I wish to discourse on some of those means, so that you can understand that it is not quite as black and white as you might sometimes think when you have this good versus evil mindset. That there is a good force and an evil force that are fighting each other. And who is winning? God or the Devil?

The mindset behind the war in Ukraine

In human affairs everything is more complex, because it is a matter of human psychology. But certainly, what you can see as the most obvious example, is the war in Ukraine. But it is not so much the physical that I want to talk about, as inhumane and as devastating as it is for the people on both sides who are caught in this conflict. What I want to talk about is the mindset behind it. What is the mindset that caused Putin to decide to attack Ukraine, to wage war against Ukraine, to invade Ukraine? I have now violated the state law three times, so this messenger, if he was in Russia, could potentially get 45 years in prison, or at least 15. But you see here, this very unwillingness to call it what it is, is part of the mindset that caused Putin to make the decision to do this. And the mindset is, as many of you will be able to see if you have followed the news, of course, that Putin had gotten himself into a certain state of mind, where he had created an image of the world and it was this image of the world that caused him to invade Ukraine.

As many of you will know from the news, it seemed–and I can assure you this is correct–that at first he thought that he could just roll in his forces and within a matter of days he could take Kyiv. The government would flee. The people would surrender. The army would surrender. And they would welcome the Russian forces as liberators, throwing flowers at them. This was really what he believed in his mind, that it would be easy for him to take Ukraine. As easy for him to take all of Ukraine as it was to take Crimea in 2014.

But here is a person who has held a position of great responsibility for 20 years. The leader of one of the largest nations on earth, certainly the largest geographically, although not in terms of the number of people. But a very large nation that he has led for 20 years. What causes a person in this position to make such a complete miscalculation, to create an image of the world that is so completely out of touch with reality? How is it possible that a person can actually rise to be in a position of a large country and do what needs to be done to make this country function somewhat for 20 years, and then still make such a miscalculation?

Whatever you think about Putin, whatever you say about him, he has been the leader of Russia for 20 years and it has somewhat functioned. You can discuss how well. But what I am trying to point out is that Putin could not have remained the leader for that long, if he had for the entire time been completely out of touch with reality. But now, you see that he made the decision to invade Ukraine. And it was a decision that was completely out of touch with reality. You will see that he is still out of touch with reality, because he is unwilling to admit that he has failed. And therefore, he is unwilling to take the consequence of this failure, whatever that might be for him. But certainly not what he is doing right now, where he still thinks he can turn this around into somewhat of a victory.

Elements of the perception filter of the human mind

What makes this possible, to get into this state of mind where you make such a grandiose miscalculation? Well of course, we have given many teachings on the duality consciousness. We have said that the human intellect is an analytical faculty. It can argue for or against any issue. But still, beyond this, is what we have already talked about at this conference, that the human mind has this ability to become a closed system, a self-referential system, where it only looks at things through a particular filter. The filter lets through certain things and blocks certain others, impulses from the outside world, outside the mind. This filter is created based on an overall vision or desire.

We have talked about your spiritual modus operandi, which goes back to when you first took embodiment on earth and were exposed to this birth trauma. But even as Master More explained yesterday, what you had with you before you came from a natural planet. You have a certain attitude, a certain approach to earth. And this is what forms the very basis for your personal filter, your perception filter. You have a certain image of what the world is, who you are, who you are in the world, and what should or should not happen in the world. We have said that as an avatar you often have this view that you are here to make a positive difference, so you should be well received by the people on earth. And you should be able to help people and see the planet make progress. But of course, there are many different lifestreams on earth. The original inhabitants have a different vision. And of course, fallen beings have their own vision.

You see here that what needs to happen, what will happen, what is in the process of happening, is that people will gain a greater awareness of this dynamic. This psychological dynamic that their mind can become a closed system. It filters out certain information. It lets through certain others. And then, it uses what comes through to validate its basic view. It is self-validating. It does not question its basic view of life and of itself. And of course, all people have this. All people have a perception filter. But what is beginning to break through is the realization that certain people, narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths and so on, they have it in a more extreme manner than most other people. And of course, you see this out-pictured in Putin, who has a vision of himself as a historical person in Russia.

Putin’s MO

There were a few years ago where there was a petition on the internet in Russia, where people could vote for who is the most important person in Russian history. And for quite some time Stalin had received the most votes. But I can assure you that Putin was aware of this petition and he was surprised about one thing: “Why didn’t they vote for me? Why don’t they see me as the most important person in Russian history?” This was, of course, because the petition was primarily for people who were not living, who were in history. But nevertheless, his desire is to be seen as the most important person in Russian history. Because of this overall desire, this is what set the tone for his perception filter. This is his MO, his modus operandi for how he is relating to earth. He wants to be the most important person in Russian history and an important person in world history. His perception filter is determined by this. It lets through only what seems to confirm and validate this. And it filters out anything that contradicts it. This means what? Well, in his case, how realistic is it that he could become the most important person in Russian history?

The illusions of Putin’s perception filter

We are living in a different age than Stalin in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. There is a different dynamic in the world. For him to be the most important person in history, he would have to do something dramatic. But is it possible to do something that dramatic in the world as it is today? It is not, from a realistic perspective. But he, of course, cannot see this because of his perception filter, so he thinks he can. How can he do it? He can recreate the Russian Empire. Again, his greatest regret was the dissolution of the Soviet Union, because he did not understand the reality of why the Soviet Union had to be dissolved. His dream is to recreate the Soviet Union without communism and expand the Russian territory to its greatest possible geographical extension. He would even like to expand it further, but certainly to what it was in 1917, or whenever he sees it as being the greatest empire it was. And he thinks in his mind, in his perception filter, he convinces himself over time that this will indeed be possible, this will be achievable. But of course, he realizes there are some hurdles, there are some things he must overcome.

First of all, in order to expand the Empire, he must get Ukraine. So he looks at Ukraine. He looks at the situation in Ukraine. And gradually over time he convinces himself that: “Ah, the government in Kyiv is weak. That is why they did not really respond when he took Crimea. The army there is weak. And many people in Ukraine do not even see themselves as Ukrainians. They see themselves as Russians and they would welcome being taken over by Russia, being liberated by Russia.” Now, anybody who knew the reality in Ukraine and the Ukrainian collective consciousness could see that, despite the divisions, especially in the eastern part of Ukraine, this belief was completely out of touch with reality. The vast majority of Ukrainians do not want to be taken over by Putin’s Russia. They will not give up. They will fight with everything they have got.

Now, the other thing that Putin realizes is a hurdle towards his expansion is of course NATO, the West. The West! What is his reasoning here? Think about the irony of this statement. The West. Russia is a vast empire, right? If you go to the easternmost parts of Russia and Kamchatka, America is not the West. America is the East and Putin’s Moscow is the West. Again, it is all seen from his perspective. He does not even see Russia for what it is. He sees it from his perspective.

But back to the West and NATO. What does he convince himself of, again based on the reaction in 2014 and many other things? “Oh, the West is weak. The West is divided. They will not risk losing the gas and oil that they have become so dependent on in order to defend Ukraine. They do not care about Ukraine.” This was partly because Trump did not care about Ukraine, he realized. So he thinks that the Americans and Europe, they will do what they always do, put in some sanctions so it makes it look like they are doing something. They will talk tough for a while, but it will all blow over. And they will be back to business as usual.

Based on this highly distorted view of the actual situation, he invades Ukraine. Well, it does not take more than a few days before it becomes clear that his view of the situation was completely out of touch with reality. Not only because of the Ukrainians resisting, but also because of the reaction of the West. At that point a smart person would have changed course. But of course, a smart person would never have invaded in the first place, because he would have thought ahead. He would have investigated more and he would have realized that it is not feasible to do this.

Shattering illusions of the West

What can Putin do? Well, he reacts to the situation based on his MO, based on his perception filter. What can he do? Well, he can only keep going. He thinks that, as they do in the mafia, they can intimidate the West. He can intimidate the West by first threatening to cut off the gas. Then, rattling the saber with nuclear weapons, because he thinks the West will now be intimidated. He realizes, not fully consciously, but he realizes that the West has not really wanted to have a confrontation with Russia, partly because the West actually overrated the Russian military. Putin does not realize this, but this is actually what happened. The West thought the Russian military was far more powerful than it was. Just as during the Cold War, they thought the Soviet military was far more powerful than it was. But nevertheless, he thinks the West does not want a confrontation. And based on this, he can intimidate them into stepping back.

But what he does not realize, as we have said, that the West, while they did not want a confrontation, they were still giving Putin the benefit of the doubt thinking that one day he would wise up and become like a normal leader that they could negotiate with. But by invading Ukraine he shatters the illusion that the West has been under for 20 years. He does not realize this. There is no way he can see this from inside his perception filter. What can he do, but continue to think that by throwing more forces at this, by intimidating the West more and more, he can turn the situation around? Naturally, as most people can see, who have studied this, the situation has passed the point of no return. It cannot be turned around in his favor.

He is clinging to some hope. He is still hoping that by intimidating with the nuclear weapons he can get the West to say, as Macron in France has said for a long time: “We must provide Putin with a way out. We must give him an off ramp.” He is hoping that the West will pressure the Ukrainians into saying: “Okay, we will give up these two provinces in the east. And then, we get the rest back, minus Crimea, and then the war can be over.” Of course for Putin, the war will not be over. It will just be a step, until he figures out what he can do next. And most in the West realize this, but Putin does not realize that they realize this. He is still clinging to this hope that he can somehow bully his way into what looks enough like a victory that he can stay in power in Russia.

But what he does not realize either is that, especially with the mobilization, he has also shattered the image that the Russian people had of him as the infallible leader. Because the mobilization contradicted everything that he had told the Russian people about the situation in Ukraine up until that point. When he decided or announced this mobilization, they realized, most of them: “What he had told us is a lie, because he told us it would just be a minor military operation that would soon be over. And that only professional soldiers would fight. But now, he is calling up all of these reservists who have no experience with fighting, no desire to fight. And it is our own husbands, brothers, sisters, fathers, grandfathers. So everything he told us was a lie.” But again, can Putin see this from inside his own perception filter? Nay, he cannot.

Donald Trump’s MO

Now, we go to the other side. We go to the West and look at Donald Trump. Donald Trump had a long career as a businessman in New York. He built, based on his past lifetimes, an image of himself and created a public image of himself as this great businessman. He likes to think he is the greatest businessman on earth. Despite his failures, his bankruptcies and this and that, his multiple lawsuits, he still had the self image that he was the greatest businessman on earth. Now, this again goes back to his MO which is: “I am the greatest at what I do.” This is how he looks at himself in relation to the material world. This is his MO: “I am the greatest of what I do.“ Somewhat similar to Putin – “I am the greatest person in Russian history” – just with a different, slightly different shading, but still focused on himself, focused on his own greatness.

Then, there comes a point where he becomes kind of bored with the business life. He feels like he has done most of what he can do. What could he do next to demonstrate his own greatness and build his brand? He gets into running for president, going into politics. Now, what is his basic MO approaching the presidency? He wants to be the greatest president ever. Some Christians said that he was the greatest president since Lincoln. But in his mind it was: “Why since Lincoln? Why not ever?” This is his MO. He wants to create this image that he is the greatest at whatever he does. And in a sense, he wants it in his own mind, but he really wants other people to validate it. He needs that validation, just like Putin needs the validation of the Russian people and of the historians who write history.

The fallen beings’ need for validation of their perception filter

There are many, many fallen beings throughout the ages who have had this need to leave a legacy on earth. Many of them have been intensely jealous of Jesus, who left this grandiose legacy that he is still revered 2000 years later. They also want to be remembered for 2000 years or even longer, but they have a hard time figuring out how they can beat Jesus. You have Donald Trump. He does what he does. He says what he says. Many people get pulled into his perception filter and look at him as he looks at himself. Just as many people in Russia were pulled into Putin’s perception filter, looking at Putin as he looked at himself.

This is what they try to do, these types of people. They want to pull as many people as possible into their perception filter so that these people look at the world as they look at the world, and first of all, look at them as they look at themselves. Right now, of course, Putin is in great distress in his mind, even though he is not fully conscious of it. But there is at least part of him that realizes that he might actually forever have shattered his image as the greatest person in Russian history. There is a danger to his legacy. He might have shattered it. Humpty Dumpty might have fallen from the wall and all the president’s horses and all the president’s men cannot put Humpty together again.

But Trump had that moment of realization, that moment of truth as he approached the election in 2020. Because even though he was trying to convince himself that of course he would win, he could see the polls that he might not win. And he could feel that he was not quite doing as well in the presidential debates with Biden as he thought he would do. And he realized, in his vocabulary, that it was not a slam dunk. But of course, you cannot be the greatest president if you are not reelected. You cannot even be a great president if you are a one-term president. He knew that this was the worst that could happen to him. As he came closer, he started hedging his bets by talking about the election not being free and fair and being manipulated, because subconsciously he needed to give himself a way out.

Confrontation with reality

You see what is happening here. When you have an MO where you have to look at yourself as the greatest, you cannot bear to have that shattered. When there is a threat from the real world, that the real world would intrude yourself, will penetrate your perception filter, you cannot block it out. You have to find a way to deal with that situation so you can maintain your basic image of yourself and your own greatness. And Putin is right now scrambling, not really knowing what he can come up with. But Trump’s reaction was, as soon as the result was known: “The election was rigged. It was stolen. It has been stolen from me.”

And because of what he had done over the four years he was president, he had created this group of followers that were so blinded by his perception filter that they believed anything he said. This, he also saw as one of the great affirmations of his greatness, that he could pull all these people into believing anything he said. He thought he could get away with shooting somebody on the street and people would still support him. He now reacted in this way, that even though a majority of the American people had rejected him as president, if his loyal followers would go along with his claim that the election was stolen, he could still maintain his sense of greatness, at least some sense of greatness.

This caused him to go into more and more election lies, culminating in the January 6th attack on the Capitol and his reaction to it. Where he quite frankly thought that: “Finally somebody is doing something to keep me in the White House, where all of my advisers have just been talking and could not really do anything and even my loyal servant the Vice President would not do what I wanted him to do.” You see that ever since then, now getting close to a couple of years, he has maintained this. Because what else can you do? There is nothing else he can do from inside his perception filter.

The exposure of dysfunctional leaders

One of the great breakthroughs that can happen in the world is that people become aware of this. Now, you have two examples, you have many other examples from history. But people become more aware of these type of leaders, dysfunctional leaders, we might call them. You can call them many other things, as well. It does not matter. But there is a certain type of leader that takes a human tendency for the mind to become a closed system and takes it to such an extreme that even in the face of all contrary evidence, they will not change course. They keep marching towards a certain goal, no matter how detrimental it is for their country, for the people under them and for themselves. Imagine that Trump decided to run for president again and imagine that he lost again. How would he react? How would his followers react? Would he say the election was stolen a second time: “This time you have to take your guns and march on Washington to get me back into the White House, as I am entitled to do.”

Looking for greatness in the past

But now, look at a deeper aspect of this psychology of both Trump and Putin. What are they doing? Well, they have a goal to demonstrate their own greatness. But in order to reach it, they are constantly looking back. Putin is looking at history. Trump is looking at the election. But how can you manifest something in the future if you are looking back, if you are looking backwards? It cannot be done. You need to look forward. How could Trump become a great president? By saying: “Never mind what happened in 2020. I am going to run again. And I am going to formulate a policy that Americans will accept and believe. And they will put me in the White House again.” But that is not what he is doing. What is his policy for making America great again? It is that : “I become elected president and I should be elected because the election was stolen from me.”

What is Putin’s means for becoming a great person in history? To recreate a previous empire. What if he had said: “I am going to focus on using this incredible opportunity that the gas and oil riches have given my country. I am going to build up all kinds of industries and businesses, instead of allowing the oligarchs to take all the money. I am going to give everybody good jobs, raise their standard of living and turn Russia into a country that is as affluent or more affluent than the West.” Then, they might actually have thought he was the greatest leader of Russian history. But instead, he is focused on recreating something that is not there anymore. And which–when you realize what history is, an ongoing process of transcendence–can never be recreated. You could never recreate the Roman Empire, because the world is so different today. You could never recreate the Soviet Union. It could not be done. Even though it is barely 30 years ago that it dissolved, you could not recreate it. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the king’s men and horses cannot put Humpty together again. This is the reality of life in the physical octave on a planet like earth. Time moves on without any concerns for human aspirations, ambitions and their mental images.

Time changes everything

Time moves on. Why? Because on a planet like earth, where most people have gone into duality, time is their only opportunity to escape duality. There is something here, regardless of their perception filter, regardless of how sure they are that their perception is right. There is something here they cannot stop. They cannot stop time. Putin becomes older every second and he will die. His body will die. Nobody can stop it. Jesus transcended it and showed that all have the potential to transcend it, but you cannot stop it. And therefore, you cannot go back in time and recreate something that was not there.

For as time moves on, it is not just the hands of the clock that moves. Everything in the entire four levels of the material universe moves on. The equation is constantly shifting. The interdependent originations that the Buddha talked about, everything is constantly shifting. And that is why you can never go back in time. You can never put the cat back in the bag. You can never put Humpty Dumpty together again. It cannot be done. But there are people who will not acknowledge this. That is why they look backwards, as the Christians in America, as we have talked about, as many in the conservative movements throughout the world. They think they can go back to some original state in the past that was better. But it cannot be done.

Resisting the River of Life

You look at a river. What is a river? It is a collection of molecules of water. You say: “A mighty river starts in the mountains. Here is one molecule of water. That molecule moves on through the waterfalls and the currents until the river widens out, becomes more mellow and now it flows slowly towards the ocean.” You can look at that molecule of water that has moved halfway towards the ocean. And now, this molecule decides: “I want to swim back up the current to the mountains, I am going to get back to the mountains. That was so wonderful up there.” Can a molecule of water swim against the river?

So how can a human being swim against the river of history, the river of time? No matter who you are, no matter what you think you are, you are a molecule of water in the River of Life on earth. Whether you call yourself Putin or Trump or anything else. You who are ascended master students, the messenger himself, (which he has realized all along), you are just a molecule of water. You cannot swim against the current of the river. You can think you can resist it. You can think you can direct its course. But you cannot go against the river.

You cannot go back in time and recreate the past. This applies to avatars, as well. You cannot go back and recreate the state of mind you had before you received your birth trauma. It cannot be done. But you can move on. You can transcend the trauma. But you cannot go back. We are talking about you resolving the trauma, but that is not so you can go back. It is so you can go forward, instead of being held back and delayed by the trauma. Putin and Trump and all fallen beings, in their minds they think: “If I achieve this goal that is defined in my MO, then I would have that feeling I am longing for.”

Letting go of your MO

In a sense, you could say, common to all self-aware beings who have gone into duality. Whether you are a fallen being, an original inhabitant of the earth, whether you are from a natural planet or another planet in the physical spectrum, once you go into duality, you know you have lost something. You cover your nakedness with your perception filter and your MO. But you are longing back to that lost paradise. And you think that if you achieve the goal that is defined in your MO, you would have that lost paradise. The feeling that was the lost paradise, the state of mind that was the lost paradise–you would have it back. But you will not have it back. Because why would you want to have it back? It would mean that you had learned nothing from being on earth. You want to get rid of the trauma and get your innocence back, but still have the experiences you have had on earth, so that you can move forward based on that. When I say “You”, I mean, of course, your I AM Presence, your causal body, not the outer personality. But nevertheless, you see my point here.

The entire spiritual path can be said to be a process of realizing, fully accepting what I have explained in this dictation. That you cannot go back, you can only go forward. But in order to go forward, you have to resolve whatever it is in your mind, the four levels of your mind, that is pulling you back toward some supposedly Edenic state in the past. That state in the past was not nearly as Edenic as you think. It was better than the time after the birth trauma. But still, it was not as Edenic as you think, because you were not as mature, not as evolved. You did not have the awareness that you have now. Your only way to go is forward by letting go of the past, by letting go of the MO, of how you think your interaction with earth should have been. Whatever you think should or should not have happened on earth, that is your MO. And the only way to grow is to let it go. There is no other way.

Seeing through the self-centeredness of the dysfunctional leaders

Now, of course, fallen beings cannot see this, but you can. The general public cannot see this. But what they can come to see is that you have these leaders who are completely unbalanced, because in reality, in their minds, it is only about them. You see Putin. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine, of course, many Ukrainian soldiers and many Ukrainian civilians, but for Putin, he should care about the Russian soldiers, because he claims to be the father of the Russian people, the one who looks out for them and wants the best for them. But in reality, he does not care whatsoever about the Russian people. They are just a tool for his own greatness. The same with Trump. He claims to care about his followers, but he does not care about them. They are a tool to validate his image of greatness, nothing else. This is what people can come to see, this is the breakthrough that could happen. And that could take the planet much, much closer by leaps and bounds to the golden age.

Now, if you could see what we see from the ascended perspective, you would see that there are certain physical events that are happening. But behind the scenes there are all of these forces–the emotional, mental, identity realms–all of these dark forces that are in a great upheaval right now trying to do everything they can to hold back this breakthrough. And how are they doing it? The only way they can. By following their MO, their programming. Putin and Trump are not the only ones who have an MO. The fallen beings in the astral plane, in the mental and the identity realm, they have it too. The dark forces are just computers that are following their programming, which is the MO of the fallen beings who created them. They can only keep doing more of the same. As Putin is doing more of the same in Ukraine. And as Trump is doing more of the same by continuing to complain about the lost election. How is the fact that you lost the last election an argument for you winning the next election? What is that going to do for the nation and the American people?

You see, the dark forces can only continue to push and push and push. And this is why they pushed Putin into doing what he did, why they pushed Trump to doing what he did. Because the dark forces, the fallen beings, actually think that by creating this turmoil and chaos in the world, they can prevent the breakthrough. But the breakthrough is that people come to see these dysfunctional leaders. How is pushing the dysfunctional leaders to create chaos going to prevent people from seeing the dysfunction of this type of leader? Obviously, it is not. But in the fallen being’s mind, they can only keep doing it. And they actually think that the more chaos than can create, the more they can delay the breakthrough.

There were fallen beings who thought that through Hitler they could prevent the breakthrough that was a potential back then. But what happened when Nazi Germany was defeated and the Holocaust and the concentration camps became exposed? Yes, there was a delay for those years that the war lasted. But once it was over, people saw more clearly than ever before the dysfunction of Hitler. And that is why Europe made a major leap forward that has resulted in the progress you have seen in Europe. America also made a leap forward, but not as much as they could have done. And of course, Russia went nowhere because of Stalin. And they had the opportunity after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Putin delayed that. You could say they have some limited success of delaying progress. But once their schemes fail, well, the breakthrough will happen with even greater force.

The bigger picture behind the outer events

What am I doing here with all this talk? Well, partly what I am hoping to help you achieve as spiritual students, is to get this overall view that behind the outer appearances, behind the outer events that are taking place, there is actually a much bigger picture. And when you have a feel for that much bigger picture, you realize that the planet is still progressing towards the Golden Age of Saint Germain. It does not happen as quickly or as smoothly as most of you would like to see happen. But it does happen. And even when there is a delay, even when there is turmoil, it actually only serves to make the breakthrough much more dramatic so that it reaches more people. I am hoping that you can find some greater peace with all this. And not be pulled into these vortices that have been created in the mass consciousness, where you have certain vortices of fear that have been created and many people are being pulled into them.

But I hope you, as the spiritual students, can stay out of it. Not only because it gives you a better life experience, but also of course, because you can help us more when you are not pulled into such a fear-based spiral. It is not people in fear who will bring the golden age, because the golden age cannot be brought through fear. You can decree all you want with a fear-based approach, like many people did in a previous dispensation, but it is not going to have the maximum effect. It is going to have much more effect when you are at peace, when you feel love in your heart because you know the reality that the River of Life is moving on, regardless.

And what is happening in the world in these years is that dysfunctional leadership is being exposed and demonstrated. What do you have in China? Dysfunctional leadership. What do you have in North Korea? Dysfunctional leadership. No regard for the suffering of the people whatsoever. What do you have in Iran? Dysfunctional leadership. No humanity. No concern for the women. They can only keep pushing, keep intimidating, keep locking people up, keep telling them to stop. They cannot change. They cannot look at a situation and say: “We need to make concessions. We need to change here. We need to give women more freedom.” They cannot do it, because it would challenge their MO. And this is the holy cow that must not be touched.

How to attract a new kind of leaders

When the world begins to see this more clearly, when more and more people begin to grasp this, it will start a cycle. Or we could even say the cycle has already started. But it will be greatly reinforced by more people grasping this that will gradually lead to the shift in the collective awareness. Mother Mary talked about it earlier this year when she commented on the situation in Ukraine, where she said that what Putin and many of these other dysfunctional leaders have done is actually challenge the sense that people have, that they can build a better life for themselves and their children and that no one will destroy it. But the realization that can come is that in order for people to have this better future to look forward to, they cannot have these dysfunctional leaders. And they cannot allow them in their nations or in the world. And therefore, there must be a new awareness of what can be done to prevent such leaders from crossing the line into delusion and insanity, from which it is much more difficult to pull the world back.

Clearly, you can see that if Hitler had had a heart attack before invading Poland, much suffering would have been avoided. If Putin had not invaded Ukraine, much suffering could have been avoided, and so forth. I am not saying here that this was realistic, because the collective consciousness meant that these things had to happen for people to learn in the School of Hard Knocks. But nevertheless, what people can come to see is that they do not want their hard knocks. And therefore, they do not want the leaders who create the knocks. And therefore, they must reform themselves so they can attract a new kind of leader. In order to avoid being pulled into the vortex that such a leader creates, they have to be willing to look at their own perception filters. Those people in America who follow Trump, they had a dream of America’s greatness and their own greatness as Americans. Those people in Russia who follow Putin, they have a dream of Russia’s greatness and their own greatness. In Iran they have a dream of their greatness, the Persian Empire, or various other dreams about Islam, the greatness of Islam.

You see that there is always this dream of being special, being greater than other people, or even being the greatest. But what did Jesus say 2000 years ago, which is a considerable amount of time that people have had to ponder this? He said: “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” This is a saying that is one of the most provocative sayings for the fallen beings. They want greatness, but they do not want to serve anybody. They want the all to serve them. And that is what people need to see. And they need to say: “But is that what I want? Do I want to follow such a person? Do I really want to be greater than other people? Or do I actually want to see my society progress?”

The fallen beings have an insatiable desire for greatness that can never be fulfilled. This is another aspect that people can come to see. You look back at Hitler and his dreams. What was his ultimate dream? To control the entire world. The entire world should be narcissists. Was it realistic? Could it ever have happened? Here is a country of 35, 40 million people. Could they ever have taken over the world through war? Could 140 million Russians take over the world? Can a billion Chinese take over the world? Nay. It cannot happen. It has never happened in history. Why would you think it can happen now?

You can see that the dreams of greatness are unrealistic. They could never be fulfilled. What kind of leader do you want? One who is pursuing an impossible dream? Or one who is seeking to serve his own people by having his country progress into more and more affluence, higher awareness, cooperating with other countries and raising up the entire world? Surely, in order to become a democracy and achieve the level of cooperation that the modern democracies have achieved, you have to be willing to serve the all. And that is why the West is what it is. That is why the West has the affluence that it has. But can the fallen beings see this? Or the people who still have their dream of greatness that they have not given up, can they see it? Nay. But by seeing these dysfunctional leaders, they will be challenged to reconsider their MO, their approach to life. The Russians are being challenged to consider their approach to life based on Putin’s failure in Ukraine. And most Russians are beginning to realize that he is failing in Ukraine.

Many of the followers of Trump have also been challenged in reconsidering the infallibility of Trump and his claims. Some have not, but they will eventually, for all deserve an opportunity to grow. And for those who are holding onto their perception filter with all they have, they also deserve an opportunity. But for them the opportunity is that their perception filter is shattered, is challenged by reality, by the real world, by the moving on of time. There are two ways to receive an opportunity. The hard way is that your perception filter is challenged. The higher way is that you voluntarily look at your perception filter and say: “How is it holding me back? And what progress could I achieve by looking beyond it, by grasping a higher understanding and new ideas?”

This is opportunity. It is also justice. It is justice that those who use their perception filter to harm other people have that perception filter challenged by something they cannot deny. And in most cases, what they cannot deny is outer physical events that go completely against their expectations and the view of their own greatness. Which for many of these would-be empires means total defeat. But even that defeat is an opportunity for them to grow. And it certainly is justice. Justice that those who take by force are forced to acknowledge that they lost.

With this, I have given you quite a mouthful. But I am grateful for the opportunity to give you this discourse, which I could not have given had you not broken through, as Mother Mary said earlier. For this, you have my gratitude. And I seal you in the flame of the joyful justice and the joyful opportunity. You might notice that we are more and more using the word joy in connection with our flames. Because when you are one with a spiritual flame, how could you not be joyful? And we hope our students will be able to look beyond the outer events in the world and find joy within. If you cannot find joy, ah my beloved, it is because there is something in your perception filter that blocks it. So consider what that is and then, come into the joy that we are.


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