What It Feels Like to Ascend

TOPICS: A dispensation and an opportunity – The role of a spiritual leader in Pisces – Using a guru as an example – Using a guru creatively – Letting go of your role – An incredible opportunity to be in embodiment – Holding on to an image of Guru Ma – What it feels like to ascend –

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Ascended Master Guru Ma, June 12, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Being a messenger for the ascended masters is no simple task. I know this well, for I used to be a messenger in embodiment, serving for many years in an organization with which some of you are familiar.

I ascended on July 4th, 2012. My ascended name is the Ascended Master Guru Ma, the name given to me while still in embodiment by Padmasambhava. I come simply to let you know that I have ascended, to give you some insight into what it feels like to be a newly ascended master and the contrast you have between being a person in embodiment and being ascended.

I wish I could share with you the immense joy that you feel when you stand there before that doorway, that pearly gate. You see that in the doorway is standing Serapis Bey, smiling as no one on earth could possibly smile. Behind him stands the ascended being closest to you – in my case, you know of whom I speak – and then other ascended masters who are ready to welcome you.

A dispensation and an opportunity

Before you can go through that doorway, my beloved, you must pause, you must turn around and take a long look at this planet we call earth. You must look long and hard to see: “Is there anything on this planet to which I am in any way attached?” Everyone who has ever ascended must go through this last initiation. You stand there and you must look into your own mind and being. You must look like you have never looked before and you must see everything that there could be to see.

If you have any attachment, you cannot make the voluntary choice to walk through the doorway to the ascended state. How can you when at this point you recognize the fullness of the Law of Free Will? If you discover an attachment, you must pause, you must look at it and you must evaluate: “Can I fully let it go, or do I actually, honestly, sincerely want to re-embody in order to live out whatever attachment I have?”

Do you know what is the hardest part of this initiation? It is precisely that the very service that you gave in your last embodiment – the very service that actually enabled you to balance your karma, fulfill your divine plan and fulfill these so-called outer requirements for the ascension – this very service is the one to which you might have unrecognized attachments.

Ah, how easy it is when you have served long and hard – when you have labored through much opposition, when you have given your all, sacrificed your all in service as best you could see it – how easy it is, my beloved, to develop an attachment to seeing a result of your labor and your service. This is potentially the most subtle and difficult initiation you will face on your path to the ascension. I certainly had to face it. Lanello had to face it, but he could not even warn me that I would face this initiation, for he saw that I already had attachments to seeing results of my service. Thus, I had to face this initiation without any outer guidance.

Do you understand that this is one of the reasons why I manifested an outer disease that caused me to withdraw from the organization to which I had given so much while still remaining in embodiment? You can look at the date I officially retired [in 1999] and you can count up to July 4, 2012, and you will see how long it took me to let go of all attachments, especially the attachments to my service.

Why am I telling you this when even Lanello was not allowed to warn me about this initiation? I am telling you this because I asked for a dispensation to be allowed to give this teaching so that others might work on these attachments before they leave embodiment. It is so much easier to overcome your attachments while you are still in embodiment, still have the clarity of mind, and still have the ability to work with other people. You can ask for their forgiveness where you have wronged and harmed them, ask that they understand you and what you were going through. Thus, I give you this opportunity from my heart.

The role of a spiritual leader in Pisces

This messenger was perfectly honest when he said that while he sat at my feet, so to speak, listening to dictation after dictation, he never had a desire to be in my position. Neither does he still have that desire, for the position I held was indeed an out-playing of the consciousness of Pisces and the tendency for people to have idolatry of spiritual leaders. I did speak of this. I did speak of this, but few heard me, and thus I would bow to their free will and allow them to project upon me.

I would bow to such an extent that I actually allowed myself to conform to that role. The hints were there for those who were willing to see them so that they could have transcended their idolatry no matter how formidable I might have appeared in my outer form. I say this with a glimpse of the humor that Lanello and I share. Although I did not share his humor fully while I was in physical embodiment, I certainly do share it now. I might say that I was indeed a very formidable guru, yet this was not without a purpose. It was partly because I had things to overcome from past lifetimes but also because many of the people who came to me had things to overcome.

There comes a point on the spiritual path where you realize that all form is but a mirage, that it is all camouflage, and you need to see beyond form to see the deeper reality. I would humbly ask that anyone who knew me in the past would be willing to look beyond the outer form that I took on and instead connect to the reality of who I am, to what is my spiritual flame as an ascended master.

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