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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 9, 2019.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and for this fourth lesson at my retreat, we are dealing with the Fourth Ray of Purity or Acceleration. What is it I intend to purify? It is your view of the material realm, the physical octave, the physical universe.

My beloved, I have talked about how everything is made out of matter, which is really made of smaller particles, going all the way to energy. Truly, what is energy? Well, energy can be compared to what you have in the computer world where you deal with these on-off signals. Something is either on or off, only, of course, the energy that makes up the material universe is more complex than what you have in the computer world. So far, the level of computing that you have is very primitive because it is binary. It is based on only two possible signals, on or off.

The on-of screen of the matter universe

In reality, you are dealing with a system that has not just an on or off state. It has an on state and it has an off state but the on state is not simply that something is on. When something is on, it can take on seven different shadings or colorings, depending on the seven rays. In other words, you can imagine that the physical universe is made up (and this is the way it is most easy for you to see it) of a screen. The Ma-ter Light forms a screen. The screen is normally blank (or rather it is not normally blank but before anything was created, before the earth was created, the screen was blank) and then the Elohim imposed certain matrices on the screen that then caused these tiny little dots to turn on—and to turn on with the colorings of each one of the seven rays. You now have this screen that turns on, and it has a very complex pattern of these tiny dots that are colored according to the seven rays.

Understand, of course, that what I am giving you here is a symbolic representation that is not entirely linearly accurate. It is adapted to your current level of consciousness so it is something you can grasp with the images, with the understanding, you have of the universe. As you grow towards the 144th level, I do not want you to think that this is going to be the final understanding of how the universe works because you can, of course, attain deeper and deeper levels of understanding.

Nevertheless, for this, we will imagine that you are inside a room and the room is like a half a sphere. The sphere is like a dome above you and on the inside of this sphere is almost like a television screen where you have all of these dots that can turn on or off, which means that they can display absolutely any image that could possibly be imagined. Realize that this is how the universe works on planet earth. This is how planet earth was created. It was created by the Elohim by turning on all of these small signals and giving them a certain coloring according to each of the seven rays. This does not mean that everything you see on earth, including the unbalanced manifestations, is made up of the pure coloring of one the seven rays or a combination of the seven rays. There are also perversions of the seven rays and these are, of course, the ones that are used to create the unbalanced manifestations that you see today.

The earth is a reality simulator

The purpose for which I am giving you this illustration is to help you see that planet earth is simply a screen that can display various images. I am not saying that the earth could display any image because the Elohim chose a certain matrix for the earth, but within that matrix, the earth can display a wide variety of images. This means that the earth is capable of displaying the current imbalances that you see, but it is equally capable of displaying the harmonious state you had before humankind went into duality and before the fallen beings came here. It could also display an even higher state than you had back then, a higher state than was there when the Elohim created the earth. It was, of course, the intention that co-creators should raise the earth up from the original creation, and the first three waves of lifestreams did indeed do this.

What does this actually mean? It means that we could question: “Is the earth a real world?” I know we touched upon this in my first lesson but I am returning to it because you have now had time to process this idea. The reality that you come to is that the earth is not a real world. What, then, is the earth? We can compare it to what you today call a reality simulator. You know that you have these flight simulators. You may even have had one of these on your computer at one point. The computer screen displays what you would see from the cockpit of an airplane when you are taking off, flying and landing. You have many others of these simulators. You have virtual reality goggles today that you can put on and it seems like you are in an entirely different world.

What I want you to ponder with your conscious mind (because you are already seeing, experiencing, this at my retreat) is that the material universe is simply a reality simulator. What does it actually mean? First of all, it means that whatever you see on earth is not a real world, it is simulated but it is not simulated in order to seem like a simulation. It is simulated in order to seem real. You can go into a movie theatre and you know that the movie screen can display any movie. You also know that whatever movie you are watching in the movie theatre, it is not the real world you are watching. It is all made up, it is make-believe. You know this because you walked into the theatre and you know that when you go outside the theatre, you are seeing your hometown and not some little village in the Old West.

Now, imagine that you were born in the movie theatre, you grew up in the movie theatre you have never been outside. You have no idea that there is anything outside the movie theatre and that is your situation as being in embodiment on earth. You were born inside the reality simulator, for that matter you have lived inside it for many lifetimes. When you are born, you have no frame of reference that there is anything outside the simulator. You do not know that this is a simulation so how can you question it? You have nothing to compare it to. All you have ever seen and experienced is the simulation.

You may have some inner intuitive sensations based on a past life, maybe going back to when you came as an avatar, or going back as an original inhabitant of the earth when you experienced the earth in a purer state. You may have this inner sense that there must be something that is not right here, there must be something different, there must be another way for a world to be. You may even have a sense that you do not really belong here, that this is not your real environment, maybe even a sense that you are not meant to be here and many other sensations like this that spiritual people have. It is probably because you had those sensations that you ended up being a spiritual person who is studying spiritual teachings. Deep within you, you know that there is something beyond the material universe, you sense that there must be a spiritual world, there must be beings in that spiritual world and it must be possible to interact with those beings, which is exactly what you are doing right now. You can have these sensations and what I am asking you to do is to take these sensations and use them as your frame of reference to look at the earth and now recognize with your conscious mind: “This is simply a reality simulator.”

Why the simulation seems real

Once you begin to ponder this idea, and get some intuitive validation that it really is a correct idea, then we can take the next step. Now, we can ask ourselves: “Why is it that the simulation of earth seems real?” We have given you an explanation of this. We have said that there are 144 levels of consciousness. We have said that when you first descend to earth, first take embodiment on earth, you start at the 48th level. We have also said that when you descend into embodiment, you take on an illusion for each of the levels from the 144th level to the 48th level. In other words, for each level of the 144, there is a certain illusion that you need to resolve, a certain enigma, a certain riddle, that you need to resolve before you are free of that level.

In order to descend to the 48th level, you take on an illusion for each of the levels from the 144th to 48th level and it is those illusions that make the earth seem like a real world. Of course, if you descend even below the 48th level (to the lowest level of consciousness), you take on more and more illusions and they make it seem even more real that the earth is an actual world, a world that is what it seems to be to your senses and to your outer mind.

Now, you have risen quite close to the 96th level and we are now dealing with a whole different level of consciousness where you have already shed many of these illusions. That is why you need to, at the conscious level, take this step of recognizing that the earth is a reality simulator. You also need to recognize a deeper understanding of how the earth simulates reality and here we already need to deal with words. What did I just say? “How the earth simulates reality.” You see, my beloved, the earth does not simulate reality. This is an idea that you need to truly ponder so that it is locked into your conscious mind.

The earth is not a living thing that does anything or has any intention. Regardless of what some cultures may project (that nature is a living thing and that it has consciousness, which I am not denying), for the purpose of this initiation, what I want you to focus on is that the earth is a screen, the Ma-ter Light is a screen. It displays whatever image is projected upon it. It has no intention, it has no opinion about what should or should not be projected. It has no opinion about how you should experience what is projected. In other words, the earth does not do anything to you. It is not manipulating your mind, there is nothing here in the reality simulator that is manipulating your mind.

How does the earth simulate reality? It does not! Then, what simulates reality? Your mind, your four lower bodies simulate reality. The sense of reality that you have had about the world here on earth is entirely a product of your mind. This is the crucial idea that you need to get, not only at this level, but you need to keep that idea with you all the way to the 144th level because it is the one idea that will carry you to the 144th level.

What is it that you are dealing with when you go above the 96th level? Well, you are dealing with a different level of initiation than below. Below the 96th level, you are primarily focused on yourself, you see everything from a certain perspective, very centered around yourself. There are many questions you are not even able to ask or consider below that level. When you get to the 96th level, as I already said, the crucial initiation is: Will you continue to focus on yourself or will you focus on the whole?

In order to overcome these illusions (that pull you into focusing on yourself), you need to keep this idea in your mind that the earth does not simulate reality, but that any sense or view of reality that you have concerning the earth is a product of an illusion in your mind. This is a crucial idea, absolutely crucial as far as anything can be absolute inside a reality simulator. Nevertheless, there is something absolute about the reality simulator and that is that absolutely nothing is real. This means that there is absolutely nothing that can stop your spiritual growth, prevent your spiritual growth, hold you back in an illusion—except what is going on in your own mind. There is nothing absolute inside the reality simulator except the belief, the illusion, that you are not willing to question.

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