We shall use the trees to purify the European psyche

TOPICS: Mercy prevented a third world war – Mercy is masculine, forgiveness is feminine –  Every conflict starts at home – What you can learn from the trees – Understanding nature spirits – Understanding your role as co-creators – A meditation on trees – Understanding your right to challenge others – You are in the nexus of Spirit and matter – Receiving is an active quality – When women receive what men give – Women must balance men – The essential problem in relationships – I offer to take your burdens –

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin, November 1, 2008  through Kim Michaels.

So my beloved, as you have heard from the representative of the Divine Mother that is mostly known in the West, I, Kuan Yin, come to represent the Divine Mother that is mostly known in the East. Although of course, we are universal spiritual beings – Mother Mary and I – blending in oneness, in oneness between East and West. And yet, because the people in East and West have slightly different focuses on the Divine Mother and the qualities of the Divine Mother, we can then form a polarity in heaven, that can become the seed of a polarity on earth and therefore help the reunification of East and West in Europe, and even on a planetary scale.

Mercy prevented a third world war

We have spoken about the need to reunify Germany and Europe, to create that sense of oneness that was broken when certain representatives of the power elite – blinded by the duality consciousness – decided to artificially divide the German nation into two halves. And make one of them capitalist and one of them communist, so that they had the perfect laboratory for seeing how the conflict between communism and capitalism could outplay itself on a grander scale.

It was indeed their intention, my beloved, to let that conflict blossom into a full-scale third world war. And why did it not come to pass? It did not come to pass because there were many people in Germany, in the Soviet Union at the time, in eastern Europe and in western Europe, who had had enough of war. There were even many who embodied shortly after the war in order to hold a spiritual balance, so that the Second World War would not set the stage for the third, as the first has set the stage for the second. Again, as an experiment by the power elite of how to continue to create this continued string of conflicts, that would keep the world in a state of perpetual war.

Well, they did create a state of perpetual war in the form of the cold war. But even that did not last and could not blossom into a hot war—a war that was so hot, that the heat can come only from a nuclear explosion. So, back to my question – why did this not happen? Well, it did not happen because those people who have vowed to hold the balance that this would not happen became the open doors for the Flame of Mercy.

Mercy is masculine, forgiveness is feminine

Mercy has a slightly different quality than forgiveness. Mercy is actually the masculine aspect, whereas forgiveness is the feminine aspect. Mercy then, carries a certain power, a certain expansiveness, as it represents the expanding force of the Father—mercy you extend to others. And you can do this when you are in a position of power, but do not wish to use that power to take from them their lives, their possessions or whatever it may be.

Mercy then becomes the oil that calms the waters of the emotional body, and infuses the entire continent with a sense that we will not let this war, this kind of war, happen again. Mercy is an integral part of progress, of growth. For without mercy, how can there then be the feminine aspect of forgiveness? For there is always a winner of a conflict – a seeming winner of a conflict – and that winner must decide to not press the advantage but to extend mercy.

The quality – among other qualities, but one of the important qualities – that drove the reunification of Germany, was indeed that people in western Germany extended mercy to their brothers and sisters in the East, who have been under communism for so long, that they did not have the will or the vision for what the reunited Germany should be like. And thus, there was an honest effort—not to dominate but to truly reunite and bring Germany into what it should have been all along, a coherent whole that could fill its place in the family of nations in Europe.

What is one of the qualities that can accelerate the unification of Europe, that can heal the psyche of Europe, so that there can be not only a physical, economical, political or even military oneness, but a spiritual oneness that will truly bring peace and not a forced state of oneness through other means? Well, the quality is, of course, mercy—mercy that allows all nations to feel as one, because the stronger nations extend mercy in helping the weaker. And the weaker receive it, and in receiving it extend forgiveness to the stronger nations, even also forgiving themselves. So you have the flow of Alpha to Omega, but back again to Alpha, so that the figure-eight is complete. And thus, it does not become that broken figure-eight flow.

 Every conflict starts at home

It is indeed important to have the union between male and female energies, that actually goes beyond even men and women, but certainly encompasses men and women. And again, there must be an extension of mercy from those who represent the male energy, for that mercy must be received by those who represent the female and then turned into forgiveness that is first applied to self, and then extended to those who represent the male. They must then receive that and also forgive, so that all forgive and let go of the past and the wounds in the psyche, that have been caused by the conflicts between men and women—for truly, as has been said, every conflict starts at home. Every conflict starts at home, my beloved. It starts in the individual home of a family, it goes to the extended family, to a village, to a town, to a nation, and then to the home of an entire continent that is meant to form a spiritual, united states of Europe.

The figure-eight flow of mercy and forgiveness can start in the individual psyche of such as yourselves—who have been willing to wrestle with these concepts, even though, surely, they are not normally talked about. And in fact we know well that some of you come from nations and cultures where the entire topic of sexuality is a taboo that is not talked about openly by anyone. And many of you can see, that you come from cultures and nations, where there is no tradition for men and women talking openly about their problems and situation. I ask you to acknowledge our gratitude for your willingness to discuss this topic. For in so doing, you process it in your own consciousness, and thus process it in the mass consciousness of your home nations. So that, again, we have that tip of the spear that must first break through the fortifications, that people have built around themselves.

 What you can learn from the trees

Mother Mary and I have put our hearts together, as you say – even though I would like to say that our hearts are always together – nevertheless, we have come to a greater union of hearts and minds in saying, “How can we use this conference, how can we use your willingness to come together to give the maximum effect in radiating mercy and forgiveness to Europe?” The – if I may say so myself – ingenious solution we have come up with is to use trees. Yes, I know I startle your mind. For what does trees have to do with spiritual growth? Well then, allow me to give you a brief discourse on the spiritual importance of trees and what you can learn from trees.

We have said that everything in the material universe is designed for your learning. Everything is designed to give you a learning experience. The trees have a message to teach you, my beloved. And I dare say that the spiritual beings and the elementals, who are responsible for designing and producing trees, have gone to great length to grab your attention, that you might hear that message. Think about how trees stand naked in the winter and then clothe themselves in the magnificent green explosion in the spring, so as to give you maximum contrast from the grayness of winter and the joy of spring. But then, while you usually appreciate the greenness in the spring, your eyes get used to it, your vision gets a little dull during the heat of the summer, and so you start taking the trees for granted.

In an effort to catch your attention again, the trees transform themselves into golden and orange in the fall, saying, “Here we are, here we are, listen to us! Listen to us, my beloved, we have something to teach you.” And then, if you still do not listen, well they have only one resort left—to drop all their leaves and again stand naked, that you might wonder why they would want to stand naked in the cold and clothe themselves with leaves in the summer.

Well, it is all to get your attention. It is to get your attention, so that you will consider—could you possibly survive on this planet without trees? You know you could not. You know intellectually that you could not, because you have learned that trees produce the oxygen you breathe. And without it, there would be no air. And surely, your particular form of life could not exist without oxygen, without atmospheric air, that you can breathe.

Understanding nature spirits

Beyond this is an even deeper message. That message is the message of oneness. For even though trees are very different from yourselves in many respects, you and the trees form a system, an inter-dependent system, where the trees produce the oxygen. But you see, the trees themselves need you. For what is a tree, my beloved? It is a conduit, it is an open door. It absorbs water from the soil through the roots, it transports that water up the trunk to the leaves, where it evaporates and forms moisture in the air that falls as rain. But you see, that cycle of nature cannot exist on its own. It would not exist on its own.

Everything in nature is produced by the nature spirits, that have been called elemental beings or elemental builders of form. These are beings that most people do not see, although a few do see them and have seen them throughout the ages. However, I must say that they have often been depicted in somewhat inaccurate ways and a graven image of especially the gnomes, has been formed. They do not all look like miniature versions of Santa Claus, my beloved, having far greater variety and creativity. So, these nature spirits that are unappreciated by most people are the ones that maintain the cycle of life, such as the water through the trees and the production of air through photosynthesis and the entire conversion of the Sun’s energy into substances that can sustain life. This is driven by the nature spirits. But you see, the nature spirits cannot exist on their own. They are not at a high enough level of consciousness and self-awareness, that they can draw energy directly from the spiritual realm and become self-sufficient.

For you as humans are the only ones in the four lower bodies of the earth who have that ability to be the open door for energy from the spiritual realm. So indeed, if there were no humans on the earth, then the elemental beings would need someone else to give them the spiritual energy. And of course, your analytical mind may say, “Well, if the elementals needed humans, and humans needed trees, how could the elementals produce trees before there were humans?” But the mystery is, of course, no mystery, as it was indeed members of the ascended masters who provided the initial energy that allowed the elementals to bring forth trees before there were human bodies for you to inhabit.

Understanding your role as co-creators

The moment a sufficient number of beings have started embodying in human bodies, well, then we of the ascended masters had to gradually withdraw that energy, so that you could then fulfill your role as co-creators. And this is an on-going process, where we must continue to do this, which affects all aspects of nature. Which is indeed the reason why you see, that sometimes nature will act out—through unbalanced weather patterns, or certain species might disappear, or even that there is deforestation where areas that used to be covered by forest will now become desert. Well, this is because we, by law, have had to withdraw some of the energy. And if human beings have not stepped into their place, well, then there is not enough energy to fertilize and make green an area after it has been deforested through force—the force of human greed. No new vegetation can spring up, for there is not the spiritual energy.

For if people had that willingness to be co-creators and the awareness that allowed them to be co-creators, they would not simply cut all vegetation from a particular area; they would maintain a certain balance between forest and open land, recognizing the value and the necessity of the trees in the landscape. And thus, you would see a greater harmony, whereby it would possible to cut some of the trees to make room for agricultural land, without actually upsetting the balance to the point, where a desert forms instead of a green forest.

Now that you have a greater understanding of the nature spirits, we tie this in to how you as human beings can actually become conduits for the spiritual energy, that can be radiated first to the nature spirits and then to the trees themselves. But in order to be those co-creators, to fulfill that role of co-creators, you have to allow yourself to accept that you have a right to be on Mother earth—that you have a connection to Mother earth. Because even though you are spiritual beings, you are expressing your spirituality – or have the potential to express your spirituality – through your physical bodies. And the physical bodies are made out of the same substance as the earth.

And thus, even though you see the false teaching in the Bible – that “from dust thou has come and to dust thou shallt return” – there is a truth in that your bodies have come from the matter, the Ma-ter Light manifest as the matter substances of the atoms and electrons and the molecules and the cells. And through that body, you have that direct connection to the earth, the earth Mother, and even the soil itself—the physical substance that is the very foundation for trees to grow.

A meditation on trees

When you recognize this, you recognize that you can connect to that soil. You can take dominion over the land, over the soil, which is also taking dominion over your nations and your continent. For the soil extends beyond national boundaries, and the trees grow across boundaries. For human beings have artificially drawn lines on the map, but they are not natural, they are man-made divisions. Once you recognize, that the soil extends beyond natural boundaries and that the trees grow in all countries, well then you realize that here is a unifying element.

We desire to take you through a meditation – Mother Mary and I – as forming that Alpha-Omega polarity of mercy and forgiveness. And we ask you then to close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position. And now, I ask you to center in your hearts, in your heart chakras, to go into that chamber of the heart, where there is peace, there is silence, there is quietness, as you indeed can find in the forest. But as you also find in the forest, it is not a dead silence. It is alive with scents, and even with the scent of the oxygen – the Prana as they say in the East – that is in the air, saturating the air. And so allow yourself to feel that there is that vibrant energy in your heart.

And now, raise your consciousness up through the throat chakra, through the third eye and through the crown. And through that crown you reach for your I AM Presence, each one of you. And you allow yourself to feel how the lotus blossom of the crown chakra opens. It opens to the light of your I AM Presence. And to the light that I, Kuan Yin, and Mother Mary are radiating to you at this moment. And now, you allow that light to fill your crown chakra.

And as your crown chakra becomes the cup that runneth over, the light runs down the outside of that lotus blossom, that lotus-formed chalice of the crown. And it runs down into the third eye, which then opens up as an emerald-green blossom of many petals.

And then, when that chalice is full, then the light runs down to the throat, which opens again into that beautiful electric blue. Then again, the throat chakra runneth over and the light flows down into the heart, opening as the beautiful rose-petalled chalice, which quickly fills up with the mercy, with the forgiveness.

And it runneth over in to the solar plexus, which now opens fully—which it might not have done for a long time, out of fear of taking in the negative energies of the world. But you need have no fear of taking in when your solar plexus is filled to overflowing with the light of mercy and forgiveness, which instantly will consume any lower energies. The solar plexus now settles down, so that there is no more fear, there is no more agitation, but only that peace that is the original design.

And then, again, the solar plexus overflows with the light. It is almost like liquid substance, liquid light, that flows down into the seat-of-the-soul chakra, where the soul is now awakened from its fears, from its concerns, from its doubts. And then, the soul is enveloped in the mercy that is the masculine aspect. And in feeling relieved – in feeling free through that mercy of knowing that your God has forgiven you for any mistake you could possibly have made – well, then your soul is then allowed to be set free to accept the mercy—and in accepting the mercy from above, forgiving itself.

And in forgiving itself, it can then forgive all others whom you might think have harmed you in this or past lifetimes. Even forgiving those from another nation who might threaten you, those from the government, those from the power elite. Forgive all, for when you are filled with the mercy of God, well then, when you accept that mercy, it is transformed into forgiveness, that then transforms you and sets you free. For without forgiveness, there can be no freedom.

And then, you feel how the seat-of-the-soul chakra again becomes the chalice that is filled, and it breaks over the rim of the chakra. And it overflows with the liquid light – which you might see as an intense pink, tinged with violet of mercy and forgiveness – that now runs in to the base-of-the-spine chakra, which in some cases might have taken on perversions and become red in color as it is often seen by New Age clairvoyants. Yet, it is not meant to be red. It is meant to be the white, the hot white fire of the Mother, the Kali that burns away all impurities.

See how the pink and violet of the mercy and forgiveness transform and transmute the redness, the red energies, the lower vibrations, raising them up until they become more and more pink, more and more violet, eventually becoming so purified that your base-of-the-spine chakra becomes transparent. And in that transparency, you see that deep within this chakra is a little dot of white. And that white light begins to grow and radiate the purity of the Divine Mother, even the quality of the fierceness of Kali, that consumes all darkness through the white light.

And now, we ask you to visualize how your base-of-the-spine chakra becomes the chalice, that is so filled with this white light that it overflows, and the liquid light runs into the soil and is absorbed into the soil. And while you might think that soil is dense, my beloved, you recognize that the light is not dense, and thus the light can spread very quickly through the soil. And I ask you to visualize how the soil under this place where you are sitting is now saturated with the white light. And suddenly, as in the blink of an eye, that white light has spread all over the European continent. And the soil on the entire European continent is now saturated with the white light of the Mother.

The first task of the white light is to consume all of the blood that has been spilled and absorbed through the wars on this continent. And in an instant, that blood is consumed. And the records – the Akashic records and the records in the four lower bodies of the earth – they are consumed with it, purified of all that bloodshed, all that spilling of the blood of the innocents. It is consumed in an instant by the white fire of Kali, consuming all the demons that are still feeding off of that blood, so that they too are raised up or taken elsewhere.

We now ask you to envision, that as you have created this unity of white light as the very foundation for the European continent – spreading far into Scandinavia, Southern Europe and into eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia and the former Soviet republics – we ask you to see that now descends the mercy and the forgiveness. Which can then now, so to speak, glide on the white light, almost like you would glide on the ice that is slippery and thus provides no friction, as the mercy and forgiveness spreads throughout the soil underneath the European continent.

And now, we ask you to visualize, that the mercy and forgiveness is absorbed by the trees throughout this continent. That they absorb it into their roots, and it begins to be raised up through the trunks until it spreads out through the branches and through the leaves for those trees who still have their leaves on. Visualize that the trees are still clothed in their beautiful leaves, and that those leaves now begin to radiate the violet of mercy, the lavender of mercy and the pinkness of forgiveness. And they radiate that light into the atmosphere.

But more than that, you must recognize that even material substances are made out of the Ma-ter Light that takes on different forms. So we ask you to visualize that as the trees can produce oxygen in their leaves, they also have the ability – assisted by the elementals and assisted by the light that you radiate – to actually bind the spiritual energies of mercy and forgiveness to the very atoms of oxygen. And now we ask you to visualize, that mercy and forgiveness is bound to the oxygen atoms themselves. For surely, you will know there is space between the nucleus and the electron, and you see, that the space is now filled up with mercy and forgiveness, washing away all impurities and being radiated by the trees.

And then, my beloved, what will happen? Well, what will happen is that the people must breathe in this oxygen, that has been raised to a higher vibration, carrying mercy and forgiveness. And we ask you to visualize, that the people take in this, until they have the opportunity to feel the mercy of the Father and to accept it, whereby it becomes the forgiveness of themselves and each other.

Understanding your right to challenge others

We are, of course, respecting each person’s free will. We are not asking you to visualize, that this is forced upon anyone. But we are asking you to visualize, that in invoking this light through your visualization and through your chakras, you do have the right to present other people with the choice to accept or reject the Father’s mercy through the oxygen they breathe in. This is your right as co-creators, who have taken on physical embodiment. For whereas you are always respectful of free will, you do not need to respect it, when people are not willing to make a choice because they have given up their will to the blind leaders and have become like robots. You have a right to stand in front of them – as did the Christ in embodiment, as did the Buddha in embodiment – and challenge them to recognize that they have a choice to be more, instead of remaining in that lesser state wherein they have been trapped.

You have the right to challenge people to recognize, that it is possible to forgive and to rise above the past by accepting the masculine quality of mercy, allowing it to become the feminine quality of forgiveness. And then, first forgiving yourself and then in forgiving others, closing the figure-eight flow, whereby the mercy radiates up and again is multiplied by the masculine, so that the figure-eight is reinforced.

This is your right, your God-given right, and it does not in any way violate the Law of Free Will. Even though there are those who are so trapped in their egos that they will say, that it is a violation. For they will say: “You have no right to disturb us.” But those who represent Christ do have a right to disturb those, who are trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ. And that is indeed the right that Jesus demonstrated for all people to see. And that is perhaps the most powerful aspect of the magnificent example he gave, which is precisely why the false teachers were so anxious to eradicate that example.

Yet you who know the truth, you who know the reality—you know who you are. And you have a right to have dominion over the earth and the trees of the ground and all else that lives upon it. For as Genesis states, that God gave the power to Adam to name all of the beasts and the plants of the earth, well my beloved, the power to name things has a spiritual significance that in naming it, you are putting – with your minds – a certain matrix upon it. And therefore, you have the power of your mind to reinforce a negative image or a positive image.

And this is indeed what humankind has done in projecting images upon nature, that the nature spirits, the elementals, then have no choice other than to out-picture in physical form. For as I said, they do not have the power in their beings to create on their own, but must take the energy radiated by human beings and multiply that energy—whether it is of a higher or lower vibration. And that is why you see the elementals sometimes out-picture the negative energy in violent storms, earthquakes, other disasters—as Mother Mary has explained that each energy corresponds to a certain type of natural disaster.

You are in the nexus of Spirit and matter

You are now sitting – through this meditation and through your acceptance of your role as co-creators – you are sitting in the nexus between heaven and earth. You are sitting in the nexus of the figure-eight flow, the meeting point between spirit and matter. And thus, you are in this moment the open doors for Spirit to out-picture itself in matter, as it was meant to be from the very beginning in the vision of God.

And thus, we ask you to remember the feeling, the sense of being at peace. But it is a dynamic peace, where you are not passively meditating in some remote location in the forest. For you have not withdrawn from life; you have simply stayed in your normal life but become one with the forest instead of withdrawing to it. For you know the greater oneness between Spirit and matter, and you can visualize how it is expressed through the trees.

We are not asking you to become tree-huggers. We are asking you to be masters of the trees, masters of nature, masters of your own nature—but you recognize, that nature is a tool for out-picturing the consciousness of human beings. And thus, although it will seem ridiculous to some, it is entirely possible that the trees can radiate mercy and forgiveness and other God qualities, and even bind them to the very atoms of the oxygen they produce, so that people can breathe it in and be set free from those lower vibrations. Even medical science is beginning to see, that oxygen is indeed a great purifier in the physical body. The oxygen atom has the ability to consume many imbalances and impurities in the body. Is it not logical, that when the divine qualities of mercy and forgiveness are bound to that oxygen atom, well, certainly there can be a spiritual transformation in the greater being of a person, the being that is beyond the physical body?

Receiving is an active quality

You will hear through the quality of my voice, that we of the Divine Feminine are not passive observers. For you see, it is not only the Divine Father that is active—we are indeed active. For I ask you to ponder how you have, again, been programmed with these dualistic images that must see everything as opposites, where you see that if the Father is the active, the Mother then must be the passive, which is the opposite of active.

But I ask you to go beyond this image and realize, that everything is an expression of the divine polarity of expanding and contracting. And the contracting force is also very active. Receiving is actually an active activity, an active quality, my beloved. For as you discussed, women must receive what is offered by the men. But they must not receive it passively, as you have been programmed to believe. They must receive it actively, for it is only when it is received actively, that you close the figure-eight flow.

When women receive what men give

Women cannot receive actively by being submissive to men, as they have been programmed to be for generations, for eons. Women must find their active role, because when you receive in an active manner, you are giving back to the male—who also needs to receive recognition, even appreciation, for what has been expressed. For only then is this giving complete.

For of course, you see men who are using women for their own pleasure. But most men are not at that level of ego-centeredness, and therefore they cannot use women that way. And therefore, if women cannot receive what is offered by the men, the men cannot feel fulfilled and complete—and do indeed feel empty. Not only in the sexual union but also in the relationship at large, so that the men are not feeling that they are being appreciated. And the women are not feeling that they are being appreciated. But it is all because there is not the active giving and the active receiving, so that all come together in closing that figure-eight flow.

And thus, you have indeed been given a great key through these teachings this afternoon, and through the other teachings given by Master MORE, Mother Mary and now this release. And when you ponder this, you will see that you can open up for a greater appreciation for the male and feminine energies in your own being.

Women must balance men

As you have been told, when beings left off of oneness through their free-will choice, well, then the only way to leave oneness is to go into separation. And in order to separate from oneness, there must be at least two polarities – which is why you have seen the creation of male and female bodies – where you see that new life can be created only through the physical union that gives rise to children. But the symbol of this is, that new spiritual life can be created only through the union of masculine and feminine in not only a traditional marriage, but in many other relationships such as friendships and professional relationships. Which is why there can truly only be balance in the business world or in the governments, when women are there to form the natural polarity with men.

Many people on earth are at a level of consciousness, where the key to them feeling a greater sense of oneness is indeed the act of uniting, not only in the sexual activity but in a relationship as well, where they come to a greater sense of union. Yet I also ask you to see, that this is only a temporary stage. For truly, the goal is that each person in a fulfilling relationship comes to gradually have a greater balance of masculine and feminine within themselves, whereby they eventually become spiritually self-sufficient and no longer need the other person in order to achieve unity.

And this does not mean that they have to split up and go their separate ways – although in some cases this might be true – but in more cases it means, that they can now take their relationship to a higher level, where that relationship is not based on needing something from the other, but on giving freely to the other and also giving freely to a greater circle than their own relationship. So that the relationship becomes a foundation, that then reaches far beyond it, not only through children and family, but to a greater circle of people, that a couple can now come in contact with, when they have achieved that union individually.

The essential problem in relationships

The essential problem in all male and female relationships is that both parties recognize, that they need something from the other. But when there is not the selfless giving and the active receiving, well then there cannot be fulfillment. So, both man and woman feel, that they are entitled to something that they are not getting—and so they begin to blame each other. But in reality, it makes no sense to blame your partner, for the partner is not withholding out of maliciousness, but is in most cases withholding because they are wounded and incomplete in themselves.

The higher way then is to recognize, that you need to help each other heal and come into wholeness individually, so that you can begin to give to each other and establish that proper figure-eight flow. And that, of course, is not possible for many people in the world. But it is possible for you – who are spiritual people – to approach a relationship for that specific purpose. You can recognize, that when you are going into that cycle of feeling you are not receiving – and therefore you start withholding yourself and blaming or feeling unfulfilled – that this is a sign that you both need healing. And then, you can openly communicate about this and decide to take your relationships in a new direction, where the purpose is healing instead of fulfilling these lower ego-centered desires.

This is an essential, an extremely important, key to your own relationships finding fulfillment—or to you even finding relationships if you do not currently have a relationship. Recognize then, that it is because there is something not balanced in yourself. And you need to strive for that balance and healing – possibly by working with friends that you meet on the spiritual path – until you can help each other achieve that balance.

I offer to take your burdens

I have spoken long, and I recognize that your auras have become chalices that are now running over. Some of you might feel a certain agitation, as the light that I have released stirs up unbalanced substances in your beings. But then I ask you, as one final visualization, to realize that as you have given an immense service to the earth through this visualization, I will certainly reciprocate and offer to take into my heart all burdens you might feel.

And thus, I simply give you the opportunity to silently, or aloud, or even by visualizing, becoming aware of whatever burden you have. And then visualize, that the Presence of Kuan Yin is firmly resting over the outer form of this messenger. And then you can send into what you see as the heart chakra of the messenger – but which is really my heart superimposed – you can send any burden, you can release any burden you have, my beloved. And this you can do as we play the meditation music that will then conclude this release. [meditation music plays]


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