We need to transcend everything

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, December 5, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain and I come to give you some perspective on what it means to have Christ discernment in the golden age.

There are many, many people on earth who are somewhat tuned in to the possibility of a golden age, to a new age, to a new cycle on earth. Many of these people are found in various organizations and movements around the world. Some of these movements are even started or inspired by fallen beings, but there are still people involved with those movements who have some attunement to the possibility of a golden age.

Now, what I have said many, many times is that the golden age is not about manifesting specific results. There are ascended master students throughout the ages who have had various visions about the golden age and this is not my vision. My vision is not about manifesting a high civilization with abundant material wealth and huge cities with all kinds of technology. My vision is raising the collective consciousness and raising as many individuals as possible to the level of having personal Christhood and then continuing through the levels of personal Christhood until they make their ascension.

We have already talked about the fact that Christ discernment is not some final or ultimate stage. Well, neither is the golden age a final or ultimate stage. I would for that matter, be happy if after the golden age there were no elaborate cities, no huge buildings and no monuments but everyone had ascended from earth. In that case, earth had fulfilled its purpose as a cosmic schoolroom, as a basis for the ascension of lifestreams. This is not what I foresee happening because it will take much longer before all people who are tied to earth will be ready to ascend.

Nevertheless, my point is simply that I do not have a final absolute end goal for what the golden age should be like in terms of outer manifestations. This is important to keep in mind as ascended master students because if you are to be able to tune in to my consciousness and receive insights, visions, ideas, inspiration related to the golden age, then you need to overcome this tendency to feel attachment to particular outer results or outer structures.

You first of all need to overcome your attachment to current conditions. There is a tendency for many, many people who are contemplating what the future might be like to take current conditions and either decelerate them into a downward spiral so that society and civilization falls apart or accelerate them into an upward spiral so that current conditions are perfected to some ultimate state where they reach some highest possible level. There are for example, many people who think that civilization will deteriorate into warfare, where more and more powerful weapons will be used until the planet is uninhabitable. There are those who believe that current technology will somehow be perfected until society reaches some kind of high state as you see in some of these futuristic movies, where for example, an entire planet is covered by one large city.

Neither of these are my vision.

You need to recognize here that there will be technology in the golden age, but it will not be current technology. I have already given many teachings on the fact that current technology is force based technology and that this will be replaced in the golden age. However, this does not mean that I envision that in the golden age, societies will be highly technological societies where everything is taken care of by some form of technology. I do not foresee an age where technology, be it physical technology or artificial intelligence, replaces human beings or the human mind.

On the contrary, in order to rise from force-based technology, to non-force-based technology it requires an acceleration of the collective consciousness, but this must be brought about by an acceleration of individuals who raise their consciousness and attain Christ discernment. Technology in the golden age will not replace the development of a human mind. It will be an offspring of a consequence of the raising of the collective consciousness, the raising of individual minds. Technology will not replace human beings, but make it easier for human beings to focus on their personal development. It will also to some degree allow human beings to do some things that cannot be done today with current technology.

But you see, current technology cannot be perfected so that it does what some of these futurists imagine that it will do. Neither can it for that matter, be decelerated so that it has the destructive power that some other futurists imagine. Current technology is a dead end. It can only rise to a certain point and then it cannot take the planet higher. In fact, you have already seen in many ways, the end of current technology by the negative effects that some technologies have on the environment.

You are in a spiral that, if continued unchecked, will lead to the planet becoming largely uninhabitable through pollution, through the mining of resources and the devastation of forests and so on. All of these things are signs that current technology is close to having reached its end, its end of development, the end of its usefulness.

Clearly a new form of technology is needed. I have of course, all the knowledge and ideas for bringing forth this technology, but what is needed is that there are minds who can receive it. So, what does it take to become a mind that is open to receiving not only the technology for the golden age but the many other ideas that effect all other aspects of life on earth?

Certainly, culture will be transformed, spirituality will be transformed, art, science, education. All aspects of society will be transformed as part of the golden age, so there needs to be people who can receive these ideas. What does it take to open your mind to being able to receive one or even more than one golden age idea?

Well, it takes first of all that you overcome your attachment to what is currently here. It is not what is currently here that will bring the earth into a golden age. It is not somehow the perfection of what you currently see that will bring the planet into a golden age. In order to manifest the golden age, we need to transcend what is currently here. What do we need to transcend?

Everything, my beloved.


There are many things today that you see on this planet, to which many people are completely attached, with which they are completely identified, which they think could never be expanded upon, do not need to be expanded upon, because they represent some kind of high point, some kind of pinnacle of human achievement. But it all needs to go. It all needs to be transcended. It is as Jesus said that the highs shall be made low and the low shall be made high. Everything needs to change, everything needs to be uprooted, everything needs to be transformed.

What does this mean?

Well, as an example, one of the biggest attachments human beings have is to religions. You may look at the Catholic church and say it has existed for 1700 years and you may think it will continue to exist into the indefinite future. Not so. The Catholic church will exist for some time. I do not want to put a year on it because it depends on the reaction of Catholics, but as we move further into the Golden age, the Catholic church will shrink to insignificance.

Islam, to which so many people are fiercely attached, will also shrink to insignificance. People will simply embrace other forms of spirituality. The Hindu religion, many forms of Buddhism, even though Buddhism is more capable of transforming itself than most other religions, but all of these religions will shrink until they have so few followers that they have no significant impact on society.

They will not be replaced by one religion, but by many different spiritual movements and teachings. There will be a set of universal ideas about the transcendence of consciousness and the development of oneself and one’s potential that will be widely accepted, even in what is not necessarily a religious or spiritual context.

Even the science of psychology will be transformed so that what you already see, as areas of positive psychology will be expanded to develop the full human potential, which can only be done when you recognize that human beings are not material beings. So of course, the religion of materialism will disappear almost completely and this I will put a number on. Around 100 years from now, most people will look back at today and be unable to fathom that so many people could believe in materialism, that they could believe that human beings are material beings. They will consider it as primitive as to believe that the earth was flat.

My beloved, consider how many people are attached to these religions, from materialism to the others and unwilling to give them up. Many futurists who actually could potentially be open to golden age ideas, are firmly convinced that religion will disappear in the near future and there will only be a materialistic outlook on life. Well, this blocks you then from having the Christ discernment that allows you to receive a certain idea, that allows you to look beyond what is currently here and therefore receive a new idea that is entirely different.

Another thing that needs to be challenged and will be challenged in the golden age is nation states. Nation states have already outlived their usefulness. There was a time where it was necessary to create nation states because so many people were trapped in this tribal consciousness that the nation state was absolutely a step up, because it united these tribes in a larger unit. But of course, these larger units, these nations have also created much conflict and warfare, even at a larger scale than any of the scattered tribes were able to do. So this needs to be transcended. Consider how many people are attached to their nation.

Consider how many Americans for example, believe that America will last forever in its present form and will remain the greatest nation on earth, the dominant nation, the dominant superpower. America may well survive in some form, but not in its current form and certainly not by seeing itself as being set apart from all other nations, being superior to other nations and therefore, not being willing to cooperate with them in a spirit of equality.

What are the nations that will do best in the golden age? Well, it is the ones who can cooperate in a spirit of mutual benefit, looking for that which benefits all. You see it to some degree already in parts of the world but you will see it much more in the golden age. These are the nations that will be more prosperous, more successful, will be able to receive many of the new age ideas and they will eventually begin to transcend the national consciousness, expanding it to a more regional awareness, where people begin to see what unites them, instead of seeing what divides them.

This is of course, is Christ discernment. You see what unites people instead of what divides people.

Then of course, there is the military. Do you really believe that 500 years from now, in a golden age, there will still be a military that has the capacity to make the planet uninhabitable with these completely inhuman and unnecessary weapons? Well, of course not, but look, how many people are attached to the military, are attached to feeling that their nation is strong because of its military? It is not just the United States, although certainly the United States maintains the largest military on earth and why is this so if it claims to be a peaceful and democratic nation? These things must be challenged in the golden age but if people are attached to the military, how can they challenge them? How can they ask the questions that opens their minds to receiving the answers or the vision for what comes after this?

Then there is the entire question of government. Well, my beloved, as I said earlier, there are some organizations in the world that deal with new forms of governing. Some of them have started and to some degree controlled by fallen beings and they advocate a form of one world government. Many people are fiercely against this. But my beloved, if you look into the golden age, do you really see all these separate nations, all these conflicts around the world, all this competition between different nations about becoming the biggest, the strongest, the most powerful?

Is this what you see in the golden age? Because then you are attached to something that is here currently.

It is clear that at some point, there will be a one-world government. It will of course, not be the one-world government envisioned by the fallen beings. It will be a true cooperative spirit that recognizes the basic humanity and the essential humanity of all people. Therefore, it will be a government that is based on the recognition that it is not sustainable that we have a group of nations who have a high material standard of living, and then we have a much larger group of nations where most people live beneath the poverty level and can barely sustain their physical bodies, let alone raise children.

There will come a point where the collective consciousness has been raised so that it simply becomes obvious that this is not sustainable and therefore, there will be initiatives attempting to create a worldwide body who can address this problem. It will therefore be seen as a benefit for all that poverty is eradicated, that all people are raised up so that they have a reasonable standard of material life.

I have said before that there are some nations who came to the realization in the collective consciousness that we cannot have a nation where people do not have access to medical care, where they are living on the streets, where they do not have enough money to meet their basic expenses because there is no social safety net. Well, the same will happen on a worldwide basis. There will, in the beginning, be nations who come to this conclusion, as some have already done, but there will be much more of a cooperation between these nations.

Unfortunately, this will probably mean that other nations will be left behind because they will refuse to cooperate and continue to focus only on themselves. But nevertheless, those nations who begin to cooperate will be the ones who will be open to receiving the technology I will be bringing forth.

Now I know very well that there are people who are looking at the current situation on earth and they are saying: “We have over seven billion people on this planet. The majority of them are living in poverty. How could we possibly lift them out of poverty?” They look at current technology, they look at how current technology is dependent on certain resources and they say: “But the planet simply does not have the resources to sustain seven billion people at the same standard of living that you have in the more affluent nations. It cannot be done.”

That is why some of them fall into this trap of thinking, inspired by the fallen beings of course, that the only solution is to reduce the size of the population. Many otherwise well-meaning people have been pulled into believing that this is necessary.

This is, of course, an illusion created by the mind of anti-Christ and therefore, anyone who has a certain level of Christ discernment will be able to see that it is not the solution to reduce the size of the population to what: five billion, three billion, two billion, one billion? Then you have a sustainable society with current resources? Who is going to reduce the population? Who is going to create the army that goes out there and shoots all those people who are deemed not sustainable for the future of the planet? Who is going to decide who lives and who dies, because this is the consequence of what you are believing? You can, of course, reduce the growth of the population, but that is not going to take care of the problem fast enough.

The real solution to this is to recognize that in order for this planet, to sustain seven billion people, and eventually ten billion people, which is what the planet is designed to sustain, then technology needs to be raised to a higher level. You need to raise technology to the point where there is a non-force-based technology. This means many different things. What I am pointing out here is that this technology will enable societies to build a much higher standard of living without consuming anywhere near the amount of resources, natural resources, that are being consumed today.

In fact, in a little longer term, there will be technology that will enable ten billion people to live an affluent life on this planet without consuming hardly any natural resources. There will still be some use of land, but there will not be the consuming of resources that you see today. It will not be necessary, because non-force-based technology can bring forth the resources without taking them from nature, from the planet.

This may seem like some futuristic utopian babble, but I can assure you it is a very real technology. But who can receive this kind of technology? Well, not the ones who would use it for selfish purposes to make their own nation more powerful. Only those who will use it to help those who are not as fortunate as themselves. In other words, the nations who can best cooperate are precisely the nations who will be the forerunners of the golden age. They will receive this technology and current nations that may seem powerful or sophisticated may be left behind if they are not willing to start cooperating with others.

Just to go back to the example we have used several times of the presidential election in the United States.  If the United States had continued for another four years with its policy of setting itself apart from the international community, it would have delayed the golden age in the United States considerably. If the United States cannot resolve the division amongst its people, so that instead of putting America first or making America great again, people are focused on how America can become part of a larger group of nations that cooperate about manifesting a higher society. If that cooperation does not happen, it will also delay the golden age in America.

In fact, it is possible, I’m not saying it will happen, but it is possible that America could be one of the nations that will be left behind because other nations cooperate to a higher degree and therefore, they receive the technology that will make current technology obsolete and therefore, make it impossible for those nations who do not have non-force-based technology to continue to compete and grow on the world scale.

China is another nation that is at risk of this happening if it does not take this challenge of doing away with communism and finding a new philosophy as the basis for China’s growth. Russia is another large nation that in its current situation, not just with Putin, but also with a small group of oligarchs having a stranglehold on the nation, will not be able to cooperate, will not be able to be part of a group of cooperative nations. Just imagine what would happen to Russia if oil became largely obsolete. What would happen to the Russian economy? What would happen to China if cheap labor was no longer as important as it is today? What would happen to the United States if oil, if coal, if industrial production, if a large military is not as important as it is today? What would, for that matter, happen to the United States if a large market was not as important as it is today, because people do not consume as many material goods as they do today?

You see here that it is necessary to overcome the attachment to particular nations and particular nations maintaining their current status of having what they now perceive as a certain power, a certain status, whether it is for this or that reason. The future belongs to those who can cooperate across national boundaries, who can begin to soften up those national boundaries, have begun to take care of others and raise up those who are behind in the development.

What can bring the willingness to cooperate?

Well, the answer is Christ discernment.

What is true cooperation based upon? It is based upon the vision that beyond all of these outer divisions, all people have something in common. There is a basic humanity that all people share and therefore, all are worthy. All are worthy of having a decent life. None are more worthy or more important than others. This is, as Maitreya will talk about, the desire to be special compared to others but I will let him expound upon this and simply point out that Christ discernment means recognizing what people have in common and seeing the unreality, the illusion, of all of the divisions that set people apart.

When you begin to see beyond the divisions, then you have a certain measure of Christ discernment and you see that basic humanity, as of course many people and many nations have begun to see, then you have a certain level of Christ discernment. You increase that Christ discernment by moving on to seeing the essential humanity which is the potential that all people have.

There are nations in the world right now who have recognized that you cannot make a division of people into those who are capable of getting a higher education and those who are not, based on where they were born. A person may be born in a poor family, but it does not mean that that person does not have the ability to get a higher education. It is very possible that a lifestream can be born in a poor family, but still have the capacity of mind to become an expert, a genius, an inventor in some field.

Therefore, these nations have recognized that all people should have equal access to education. They have considered this a national priority, some based on a basic humanitarian consideration that all people should have the same opportunity, but some even on at least a beginning recognition that all people have an equal potential to develop themselves.

Look at the nations that do not prioritize this, such as for example, the United States, where education is becoming so expensive that hardly anyone who is not born in an upper middle or higher class family can afford an education unless they join the army and thereby get scholarships by risking their lives for a certain number of years.

You see again, why is it that America imports many educated people, inventive people, from other countries? Well, it is because American education simply is not at that level where it is available to all people. Does it mean that there are no people in America who could have the potential to fill these positions? No, it does not. But these people in America are not all born to the upper middle class and power elite families. Many of them are born in poor families, but they never have a realistic opportunity to get a higher education and therefore use their skills. This is a wasted resource for America and the question is how long America can afford to waste so many resources of its own people and still remain one of the so-called most advanced and powerful nations on earth.

And so, you see again, Christ discernment will challenge many of the structures, many of the beliefs and mindsets, that people have today.

First of all, there is an aspect of Christ discernment that I would like to discourse on. We have previously in our webinars this year talked about how they always say in America, hindsight is 20/20. Because when you look back at the past, you have perfect vision to see what should have happened, what people should have done and so on. We have said that if you look at the past and see certain trends and project them into the future, well, you can also have perfect foresight because you can easily see that if something does not change, then current developments will continue and there will be a certain outcome that is almost guaranteed.

Well, what is it that can bring forth the golden age?

It is the willingness to recognize that nothing can stand still. That if you look at history, you see that many empires have arisen. You see in the past how there were certain civilizations that reached a very, very high level. You see thousands of years ago, the Egyptians had a very highly developed civilization, were able to build the pyramids that are still considered impressive, even with today’s technology. Whereas many of the people in other parts of the world were still living basically at the Stone Age or Bronze Age level.

But where is the Egyptian civilization today? Where is it? Well, not very impressive today what is happening in Egypt, is it?

You see many of these empires, you see some empires that have managed to survive for quite some time. But you see in the past that all of them have either collapsed, or, and here is the important point, have been transformed into something else. This means what? It means that no matter how powerful a nation or civilization might seem to be today, it cannot survive indefinitely, unless it is willing to change. That means it must be willing to transform itself into something else than what it is right now.

America is currently seeing itself as the greatest nation on earth. This is somewhat strange, since so many people in America know they are losing their material standard of living, feel disempowered, distrust their government. So, you see that many, many Americans have a distrust in the government, but they still think their nation is the greatest nation on earth. Well, if you cannot trust your own government, how can your nation be the greatest nation? You see this cognitive dissonance but nevertheless, there are many Americans who believe that America will continue for the indefinite future to be the greatest nation on earth.

But is this so? Well, we can actually say for certain that America will not continue to be the greatest nation on earth. The America you have today will not continue to be the greatest nation on earth. Why is this so? Because the only way for America to survive is to transform itself into something else that is not what it is today.

Just as one topic we have already talked about: America in the golden age cannot be a nation where 1% of the population controls over 90% of the wealth. This is not a golden age ideal or standard by any means. It simply cannot survive in the golden age. Therefore, nations that allow this kind of financial feudal system, cannot survive. They must, if they are willing to survive, transform themselves into something else.

How do you transform yourself into something else?

Only by being open to new ideas, instead of clinging to existing ideas.

I have said it before, but we will mention it again here. Who are the people in America who cling to existing ideas? Primarily, the so-called religious right. The Christians who believe that America should forever remain a Christian nation that lives up to their definition of Christian ideals. Jesus has given elaborate teachings showing that neither the Catholic church nor fundamentalist churches are in alignment with Christ and have the ideals of Christ. They cannot even grasp them, because they are based on a distortion of his teachings.

Clearly, as long as the religious right have the influence on American politics that they have today, America cannot transform itself and therefore, America right now, as Mother Mary said, is not governable. But beyond this, America, as it is right now is not survivable, it is not sustainable. The primary reason for this is the religious right who have such a grip on American politics primarily through the Republican Party.

My beloved, if they continue to have that influence, they will block the transformation of America according to golden age ideals. What does that mean? Does that mean that I will sit up here and wait and say, “Oh, well, we have to wait another 50 years for the golden age to be manifest?”. No, I will simply say: “Well, if America cannot receive these ideas, which nation can? Which group of people can? Where can I release these ideas?”, and I will release them there.

Time waits for no man, it has been said, and certainly for no nation. We have given now several conferences about the United States. We have given a foundation, whereby even a small group of ascended master students can have a positive impact at these certain trigger points, when a nation can easily go one way or the other and it is very close, whether it goes that way or that way, but there is that extra impulse from ascended master students that causes the nation to go in a more positive direction.

We had our conference in September about choosing America’s future. That conference in itself, with the relatively limited number of people who participated, was instrumental in tipping America so that the outcome of the election became what it actually is, that Donald Trump did not continue for another four years because, as we have said, this would have delayed the manifestation of the golden age, would have kept America on a course that led it away from the golden age.

Now at least there is a possibility that it will move closer to the golden age because the incoming administration will be more diversified, will have at least some vision and has even been willing to talk about income inequality and the need to address this. Whether they will be able to do this, because of the traditional Democratic mindset, is another matter. But at least there is a potential that the issue of income inequality can be addressed. Whereas it certainly would not have been if Donald Trump had continued another four years regardless of what his rhetoric may be in certain areas.

You see how one conference decided the outcome of the election. You also saw how narrow the difference was in certain states. A few hundred thousand votes in certain states decided the outcome of the election nationwide. This is a very, very small difference. There is a very narrow difference between the nation going this way or that way. This shows you the potential that you have as ascended master students.

I know very well that there is some division. There are some ascended master students, even some from a previous dispensation, that are convinced that Donald Trump was the answer. Just as the Christians are convinced that Donald Trump is the answer. Let me tell you, my beloved, that if you consider yourself an ascended master student and you find yourself aligned with the religious right, the fundamentalist Christians, then you need to seriously consider whether you have the level of Christ discernment that you think you have, because I can assure you, as I have now said several times, that the religious right in America are the greatest obstacle, currently, to the manifestation of the golden age. Just as the religious fundamentalists in Islam are the greatest obstacle to progress in the Muslim world.

Christ discernment means looking beyond differences. Looking beyond those that are trapped in black and white thinking, thinking they are the only ones who are right and all others are wrong. What do the fundamentalist Christians think? Their religion is the only true one, all others are wrong.

We have said that Donald Trump is a narcissist. What does he think? “I am always right, and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong”. On their fruits, you shall know them. Consider how many people he has fired over the last four years, because they would not submit to him. They would not fall down and worship him as he demanded, and as he was used to when he was the CEO of his own corporation, where he was like a god, who could do whatever he wanted.

I will say this also. There comes a point where you have increased your Christ discernment through the four levels mentioned by Jesus, and you reach that point where you have Christ discernment at the identity level. At this point you will be able to discern whether someone is a fallen being or not. This may not always be entirely accurate, because there are some people for whom it is more difficult to discern. There are some that are actually fallen beings, but they have started the upward path and they have made some progress on that path. Therefore, it can be difficult to discern that they were actually originally fallen beings.

But there will come a point where you are advanced enough in Christ discernment, that you can simply look at a person or look at a picture of that person and if you are open and neutral when you look at it, you can receive the impulse: this is a fallen being.

I want to make it clear here that Donald Trump is a fallen being. In fact, most narcissists are fallen beings because what you today call narcissism is simply fallen psychology. Based on this, you can consider whether you, as an ascended master student, want to give your attention and energy to a fallen being. You may consider that if you have been pulled into this vortex created by Donald Trump, that you have a lack in your Christ discernment, regardless of what you may have thought up until this point. I realize that some people will not be willing to do this. They will reject what I am saying with the usual excuses – the messenger is not talking to the real masters, I am talking to the real masters and they are telling me that Donald Trump is God’s gift to humankind.

So be it, nothing we can do about it.

But for those who are willing to change – and how can you attain Christhood if you are not willing to change – then there is something to consider here. You can go through the teachings we have given in this conference, you can compare them what we have said about the emotional vortex, for example. You can look at what Donald Trump has been doing at his rallies, what he has been doing for the past four years, you can look at how he has treated people that disagree with him. You can look how he was even doing it today, firing those government officials who are hired to do a job, who are doing it completely apolitically, but they nevertheless get fired because they do not support the claims, unfounded claims, made by Trump. Claims that cannot stand up in court.

I know that you can always go into saying: “Well, the courts are corrupted”. But you know what, my beloved, there does come a certain point where a person has raised questions about everything that is not in agreement with him, where you have to start asking yourself: “Is it everybody else who is wrong or is it that one person who simply is in a paranoid, almost schizophrenic state of mind?”.

You will notice, if you look back at history, again, that there have been other leaders who were clearly narcissists and who were fallen beings, who also projected that anybody who disagreed with them was wrong. Some of them even had them killed. Donald Trump is not at that level, he is not one of the worst class of fallen beings, but he is willing to fire them.

I can assure you that even though we do not consider the incoming administration to be perfect, or we do not consider the Democratic Party to be perfect, it is certainly a positive development for America and America’s move towards the golden age, that we had a change of administration at this election.

One of the really big tests in the coming years for the United States will be whether the Republican party can find a new identity after four years of Trump. Can they go back to being a political party that is actually working for the best interests of the American people or will they continue to be a party that takes a certain idea and seeks to force it upon America? The religious right, Trumpism, whatever. Of course, the same challenge applies to the Democratic Party. Can they also move beyond having a certain ideology and wanting to force that upon the nation, instead of stepping back, and saying: “What is actually needed? What are the changes that are actually needed here for America to progress? What are the issues we need to deal with?”

The question simply is: “Can America learn the lesson it has the potential to learn from having a narcissist, a fallen being, as president?” Can America move beyond this mindset, the black and white thinking, the projection that there is a scapegoat, that these are not ‘real Americans’, that these are enemies of the people and all of this rhetoric that has been twittered out of the White House now for four years? Can America move beyond this? Can they leave it behind the animosity, the projection that the problem is outside of ourselves? Can America move beyond it?

If not, again, there will be a considerable delay of the golden age manifesting in America and there is the potential that America can be left behind because if you look at this division in the American nation today, you can see around the world, other nations that also have these divisions between different groups of people and those nations are not prospering. How can America continue to prosper unless it gets beyond this division? “United we stand, divided we fall” is an old American axiom. Well, it has never been more important in American history, except after the Civil War, than it is now.

If America continues to be divided as it is right now, it will fall, at least fall behind. What can bring an end to the division? Christ discernment. Where you see beyond the divisions and see what people have in common.

Why is the American public divided into two groups, Republicans and Democrats, who see each other as enemies? Because the power elite in America have engineered this and they have used Trump as their willing tool to inflame it to new heights. Why is the power elite engineering this? Because they know that the real division in America is between the top 1% and the bottom 90%. But they want to obscure this, so that the bottom 90% do not realize that it is the top 1% or the top few percent that are the problem and not those who belong to the opposite political party.

The power elite have always used the divide and conquer tactic and they have managed to divide the American people into Republicans and Democrats and they think they are enemies. Well, I realize that Americans are not ready to not have any enemies, but the real enemy of the American people is the power elite, if you need to think in terms of enemies, which most Americans still do. If you want to bring positive change in America, unite the people against the power elite and demand a change and if enough people are united, there will be a change.

How can I say this?

Because if enough people were united, they would vote in Congress people and Senators from both parties, who would be able to see beyond the extremes of both parties, come together in the middle and therefore, demand and enact real change. It does not even matter who the President is. If there is a large central group in Congress and the Senate, they can get much done. But right now, what are they doing? They are fighting amongst each other. Why? Well, because of a lack of Christ discernment. They cannot see that all of these things they are fighting about are only obscuring the real problem.

What you can do as ascended master students is, you can make any changes you feel you need to make based on the teachings we have given here. You can raise your consciousness, you can perhaps come together, you can perhaps have conversations with each other that are not based on this divisiveness, or making you feel right and the other person feel wrong but where you say, let us do what Saint Germain says: “Look beyond what divides us and look at what unites us. What is it we really want to see for America”?

If you can do this, you can have a positive impact that might again, as I said, trigger certain other developments where there is a very small difference between the nation going the higher road or the lower road and you can then help push it onto the higher road.

If you cannot unite amongst yourselves, well, how can you expect the American people to overcome the division? I am not hereby saying that all ascended master students should become Democrats. I am encouraging ascended master students to rise above party politics, not that you ignore it. You will realize that there is currently a certain situation. But you also realize that it is possible within both of the existing parties to vote in members who are more progressive, more open minded, primarily younger people. You will even see that in this election, there was a greater number of younger people voted in both parties who have a different attitude than those who have been there for many years.

This is what you can envision, that in the coming election in a couple of years, there is another wave of these more progressive, open minded people in both parties, so that they eventually form a majority and they start cooperating across party lines as the American system is meant to be based on.

If you go back to the original vision of those who created the current system, they did not imagine two political parties that saw each other as enemies and refused to cooperate. They did not imagine that there was an iron curtain in the middle of Congress and there was no cooperation or even communication with those on the other side. They imagined that there would be cooperation, so that regardless of each person or each party having a certain policy, there would be enough members who would be able to come together in the middle, that they could make the changes that would represent a more balanced approach. This is the only way that the American system with two parties can function. Currently, it is not functioning.

America is ungovernable because of this division.

What I would like to see ascended master students do, whether they follow this dispensation or others, is to transcend party politics and have a greater vision of what comes after the current situation.

How does America go beyond the current situation, the current division? What comes after? What is the next step for America to take to move closer to the golden age? It is not, my beloved, that the Republican or the Democratic party get an absolute majority. It is that open minded, centered, balanced people form a majority and start voting together regardless of what the ideologues in their party demand of them. That is the only thing that can break the gridlock right now.

There are other measures that can be taken in more long term, but certainly, right now, that is the most realistic way to break the gridlock. But what does that mean? It can only happen if there is a critical mass of American people who recognize that they belong in the center, and it is not so much about party politics and party divisions, but it is about coming together and doing what is right for the American people, not for the power elite.

You see that Christ discernment is a difficult endeavor on a planet like this, like we have said. If you look at America, you can say that there are few nations on earth right now where Christ discernment is more difficult than it is in America. But nevertheless, Christ discernment is never about looking at current conditions and choosing which one is right and which one is wrong. Christ discernment is always about looking beyond divisions, looking at what unites people instead of pushing them apart.

If you will use this measure to look at the current political situation, then you can avoid being pulled into these vortexes that we have talked about, that so many people have been pulled into. This would, indeed, be great progress. As I said, if ascended master students are pulled into these vortexes, well, what hope is there that the American people can avoid it? I know there are not so many of you who have been pulled into the Trump vortex, but nevertheless, there are some and it would be highly beneficial if you could pull yourselves out of it and be honest, to look at what kind of separate selves you have that caused you to be pulled into this.

As a part of Christ discernment, you can come to a point where you simply recognize when there is a pull on your chakras and your aura to pull you into some reactionary pattern. If you will apply this to what Trump has been doing for the last four years and if you are neutral, you cannot fail to see that he has been pulling people into a vortex. Has this even been said by some journalists who are more aware than those who feel the need to support Trump and everything he has been doing. It is not that he does not have some ideas that are beneficial or constructive. As we have said: “No one has a patent on truth.” But having a few ideas that are constructive does not mean that you are in alignment with the Golden Age of Saint Germain or with the ascended masters or with Christ reality.

You see my beloved, the conclusion is what?

The conclusion is that if you want to make your ascension, if you want to manifest Christhood, you can never allow yourself to think that your current level of Christ discernment is sufficient. As we have said, your current level of Christhood will not take you all the way to your ascension. You need to be willing to continually transcend your current level of Christ discernment. If you are not, you will go on the left-handed path, you will create a downward spiral for yourself and you will not be able to make your ascension if that was part of your divine plan for this lifetime. Neither will you be able to fulfill whatever goals you did define for this lifetime.

This may sound like a dire warning and quite frankly, it is. What else would you have me do? Sugar coat it? Cater to your ego? Cater to your sense that you are not wrong? That you could not have been wrong? That you could not have been so fooled?

This is something again Maitreya will also address. You cannot increase your Christhood if you are not willing to be wrong. Of course, this does not mean ‘wrong’ in a black and white sense, but if you are not willing to admit that you did not have the highest level of Christ discernment, if you are not willing to admit that your current level of Christ discernment is not the highest level possible, how can you rise beyond your current level? You will stay at your current level, but as we have said, you cannot really stay, you must go down. This is the stark reality on a planet like earth.

There are, as the saying goes in America: “No free lunches.” You may be an ascended master student, you may have been in the teachings for decades, you may have given any number of decrees, you may have studied the teachings, you may think you have a good, you think, intellectual understanding of the teachings, but it does not mean you have ultimate Christ discernment and that you could not improve and rise to a higher level. If you are not willing to admit this and acknowledge this, then you will not grow.

Again, we do everything we can to help you make that transition where you can grow and continue to grow until you reach that 144th level and now you are ready to see through that final illusion to let go of that final separate self and step through the pearly gate that led to the ascended realm. I would like to be able to welcome all of those of you who yourselves defined as part of your divine plan for this lifetime that you would make your ascension. I know I can be there. Do you know if you can be there? Because I can tell you, you cannot know at your current level of Christhood and consciousness. You can only know by continuing to transcend your current level until you transcend that last illusion that separates you from me.

With this, there is nothing more to say because if what has been said does not suffice, nothing will. I seal you in the love and the joy of my heart. I am indeed free. How did I become free? By continuing to transcend myself until I ascended. I have continued to transcend myself since I ascended and will continue indefinitely into the future. Truly, the Saint Germain that ascended is no more because I have been reborn over and over again into a higher sense of self. You can do the same, but only if you are willing to let your current sense of self die.

Therefore, be willing to try to let your current self die.


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