We cannot save people against their will

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 1, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I wish to impart to you the joy of a Mother’s heart, the joy that a Mother feels when she sees that her children are growing up, are unfolding like beautiful flowers in the fields on a beautiful spring day, are coming into their own, are becoming truly spiritually independent because they have been willing to participate in what might seem like a simple ritual of giving my Independence Rosary for these past almost 33 days. If you could see the immense change that has happened on planet earth over these past 33-day cycles, starting with the Rosary of God’s Will, the Rosary of Wisdom, the Rosary of Nurturance and now the Rosary of Independence. If you could see the changes that have happened, you would leap for joy because you would see that something, something never before seen on planet earth, has taken place. And all of a sudden a light has started spreading from the East to the West. All of a sudden there is new hope in all who are part of the energy system of Mother earth.

There is a new awakening, a new awareness, that is being born at this time. It is not only your effort that has brought this about. It has been brought about by all those people – all those pure hearts, wherever they are found in different movements and religions, or even in their own individual closets where they pray – who have been willing to open their consciousness to the true love of the Divine Mother, the Universal Mother who loves all life and is not partial to any particular group.

So many have seen Mother Mary as belonging to the Catholic religion. And although I am grateful for those Catholics who maintain a devotion to my heart, I am also grateful for the many people who have begun to see beyond the Catholic mold that has been put upon me—as they have begun to see beyond the orthodox mold that has been put upon Jesus for these past centuries.

My Beloved, I come to simply impart to you the immense gratitude for those of you who have participated in this ritual of my rosaries. Ah, what gratitude and love I feel for your service, for truly if no one in embodiment responded to the teachings of the ascended masters, how could we bring change to earth? God’s law mandates that what happens on earth is according to the free-will choices of human beings. We cannot save people against their will. We can lead them to water but we cannot make them drink.

Yet when some people in embodiment take the offering we give and multiply their talents, then a light starts shining. And that light is the light that is set on a hill, where it cannot be hid. And gradually more and more people will sense the shift that has happened, and they will wonder what are the new energies that are flowing through their beings. And as they gradually start to tune in to those energies, they can be awakened, they can be contacted on the outer and they too can see that there is something they can do to assist the Divine Mother.

Ah my beloved, I will tell you more about my rosaries and I will tell you more about the magnificent new rosary that we are releasing. Yet for now I simply want to welcome you to the upper room of the Mother’s heart, and then I will let my beloved Joseph speak to you.


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