Wake up—NOW!

TOPICS: The Rosary to God’s Will – Beware of the anti-mind – Multiplying our sponsorship – The false salvation – You have never done enough – Wake up from your illusions – Being one with the will of God – Are you willing to come up higher? –

Ascended Master El Morya, March 25, 2005

I AM indeed the individualization of God’s will, the representative of God’s will for Planet earth. I AM the representative of the blue flame of the will of God and I have embodied that flame for so many eons, that you would scarcely believe the time frame of my devotion to God’s will. God’s will is not some abstract concept. It is truly a living flame, burning brightly on the altars of heaven.

The Rosary to God’s Will

Yes, I am indeed the sponsor of this Rosary to God’s Will.  It was I who inspired the creation of this rosary and bringing it into the physical. Those of you who are my students, and have been my students for many years, ought to recognize my footprints that are truly visible on every line of this rosary. There is nothing here that is superficial, that is not needed. There is nothing here that is out of alignment with the will of God. Therefore, I say now to all those who call themselves students of El Morya, take this rosary to your heart and use it. This is indeed my gift, given in oneness with my beloved Mother Mary, who is far more than you know, as I am more than you know.

Beware of the anti-mind

I am come to speak now on the anti-mind that is truly present in many spiritual people, even among students of the ascended masters. This is a most insidious mind. And it is one of the greatest dangers to a student on the spiritual path. This mind has so many disguises that it cannot be exposed in all of its facets in one discourse. Yet those of you who consider yourselves students of El Morya need to consider how the anti-mind influences your thinking, including your thinking of what it means to be a student of the will of God and a student of the ascended masters.

Truly as Jesus has said, it is possible to take a true teaching and turn it into a false teaching that keeps you trapped on a certain level of the spiritual path. And then, after a very short while, the ego tricks you into actually going backward on your path instead of progressing to succeeding levels of the Mind of God.

This is not the Will of God. It is not the Will of God to see those who have found the teachings of the ascended masters start to regress. And it is especially not the will of God to see spiritual people sit in their churches feeling holier than thou, feeling that they are better than other people on the planet, feeling they have the highest teaching on the planet, feeling that they have everything they need to make their ascension, while in reality they are regressing further and further away from the point, where they were at when they found the teachings of the ascended masters.

Multiplying our sponsorship

Truly, no one has found the ascended masters and their teachings without being sponsored by an ascended master, who gave a portion of his attainment and his light as a gift to you, to bring you in contact with the ascended masters and their teachings. Why do you think so many people in the world turn a deaf ear to our teachings? It is because they are not ready for our teachings. And therefore, we cannot give them that final sponsorship that allows them to find the teachings with their outer minds.

So yes, indeed, each person who finds the teachings of the ascended masters has been sponsored and has been given a gift. That gift is a morsel of an ascended master’s Spirit, an ascended master’s light. It is truly the talent given to you from your brothers and sisters in heaven.

And as Jesus so beautifully explained in his parable about the talents, you are indeed meant to multiply that light, multiply that gift. And we have given our outer teachings, our decrees, our rituals, as a help for you to multiply that gift. But take note of the very fact that no outer teaching and no outer ritual can guarantee that the gift of light in your heart will actually be multiplied. Because that gift can be multiplied only when you internalize it, make it part of your being, and then add your own attainment, your own individuality to it, and thereby the spark of light given to you becomes more.

Only when it becomes more has it been multiplied and has it become the worthy offering, the acceptable offering, that you put on the altar of God, whereby we can then multiply what you have multiplied and give you more of ourselves. And this then becomes the figure-eight flow between heaven and earth, whereby God is magnified through you and God is magnified through us, and thereby the entire earth is lifted up. Yet for you to internalize and multiply the gifts given to you, you must be willing to step away from the outer path of mechanically following an outer teaching, mechanically giving an outer ritual, somehow thinking that at some point in the future you will automatically become the Christ, you will automatically make your ascension.

The false salvation

This is folly. This is the folly of the anti-mind, which has always been looking for a path that is easy, whereby you don’t have to think, you don’t have to make decisions, you don’t have to run the risk of being wrong and you don’t have to internalize the light. This is the dream that you buy a ticket, step on to the train and at one point the conductor comes in and announces, “The next station is heaven.” Oh my beloved hearts, if there was such a train, then all people on earth would already have been saved. And it would have happened eons ago, because truly this is what Lucifer attempted to do by forcing people to be saved through control. And it is precisely by forcing people to come under the control of the anti-mind that Lucifer has attempted to save people. But this can never be. This salvation is a lie.

It is the total misunderstanding of God’s purpose for creating you as an individualization of itself. You are created not to be controlled by some outer authority, you are created to be a God-free being who uses your gift of free will to multiply your divine individuality and thereby become more, whereby all of creation becomes more. Attempting to control will only cause you to become less because, through the control of the anti-mind, you shut off the flame of God that you truly are. And this then becomes a downward spiral, whereby all life contracts more and more until the self is extinguished and is no more. And yes, in a sense this is a return to the source, but it is the false return that was never God’s intent and purpose.

So I am indeed come to this earth to rekindle the spark of God’s will in the hearts of all those who are willing to become more of who they are in God. And you need to become more by systemically learning to see through the insidious lies of the anti-mind, the anti-christ mind, that causes you to believe that you do not need to come up higher, that you do not need to take the next step on the path, that you do not need to transcend the level of consciousness that you have obtained.

You have never done enough

You use all kinds of reasonings by the outer mind to say, “I have done enough. Look at what I have done these past 10, 20, 30 years. I have given so many spiritual exercises. I have gone to all these spiritual conferences. I have done this. I have done that.”

Yet, it is entirely possible that a person can do all of these things without having multiplied the Christ flame in their heart by one iota. Yes, this will shock those who believe they have done the right thing for so many years. But there are indeed some people who have been in the ascended masters’ teachings for decades but have not added one morsel to the original Christ light that they were given.

They have not multiplied their talents. They have buried those talents in the ground, and they have said, “I know that my God is an unfair and an unjust taskmaster. I will guard what I have been given. I will bury it in the ground because I don’t need to multiply it because I have this outer teaching and this outer church to follow. And I just need to do all the right things and obey all the rules and not do any of the wrong things, and then I will please God.” But you see, that will never please God. That will only please the anti-God, the anti-mind of God.

Wake up from your illusions

I come today with the swiftness of the Will of God and I say, “Wake up from your lies. Wake up from your illusions, your ego illusions. Because I truly tell you, the law of God is perpetual self-transcendence. If you are not transcending yourself you are going backwards. There is no such thing as standing still.

You may think that you are standing still but the stillstand lasts only for an infinitely short moment, and then the pendulum starts to swing to the other side, and you start going into a spiral that will end in the deepest levels of hell, where there is no individuality and no life left. And therefore, there is just an explosion into nothingness.

And it is not the Will of God, that you, whom he has created as his unique sons and daughters, should descend into nothingness. It is God’s will that you should use your talents given to you as your divine individuality and multiply them, so that all life becomes more and thereby God is magnified through all parts of his creation.

Being one with the will of God

I AM the Will of God. I AM one with the Will of God. And I wish you were one with the Will of God, because thereby you would know that God’s will for you is to become more, and that is truly your own will. It is not separate, apart from or outside of yourself. It is the inner will of the deepest levels of the Conscious You and I AM Presence. And if you cannot understand this, if you cannot connect to my words, even when you read them, then you need to consider the very fact that you have lost your connection to the will of God within yourself.

I am not asking you to follow anyone outside of yourself. I am not asking you to follow even what I say. I am asking you to go within yourself and reconnect to the will of God in you, so that you can be absolutely sure that you are following that will and not the will of your ego. And if you are not sure how to reconnect to the will of God within you, then use the rosary I have given as a tool for this. Because, truly, this rosary is the most powerful tool that has been released on this planet for the reconnection of the soul to the will of God since the days of Atlantis.

Everything is subject to free will. Therefore, nothing can be predicted. How can we predict how human beings will respond to the gifts we give them, whether they will take it and use it or whether they will discard it as a piece of trash that someone has thrown in their way? We cannot know ahead of time how people will respond to the gifts we give. Therefore we cannot predict the minds of our students because truly when a student is influenced by the anti-mind, it is impossible to predict how that student will react.

The reality is that when we give a new gift, a new release, a new tool, that tool is not something we have found somewhere in the cosmic corridors, that tool is a tool that comes out of our very own Being. This rosary to God’s will comes out of the Being of El Morya. It is an expression of my Being. And thereby it becomes a gift of myself, offered to all spiritual people. And if you reject that gift, then I have to tell you that yes, I am indeed surprised.

Wake up from your illusions created through the anti-mind, which has become the anti-will of the ego that challenges every attempt of the Conscious You to reconnect to the higher will of God. Wake up and realize that you have taken our teachings, given to set you free, and you have used them to create a prison around your minds that says, “I should do this. And I should not do that.”

Are you willing to come up higher?

Be willing to let go of your illusions and come up higher, because I tell you, there is no more time to dilly-dally in the anti-mind. There is no more time to let the anti-will eclipse the will of your I AM Presence working through the Conscious You. This is the time to awaken and to walk with me as I walk swiftly into new realms of Being, Being God on earth. Because how can we bring God’s kingdom to earth unless we have those students who are willing to come up higher and dare to be God in manifestation, God in embodiment?

It is not enough that you work on making your ascension at the end of this lifetime. That was an old dispensation, and it was given because that was all the consciousness of humankind could bear at the time. Yet precisely because so many people did respond to the old dispensation, we have now come up higher, and therefore we can now bring out a new dispensation that takes you, if you are willing, to a higher level of not simply making your ascension at some undetermined time in the future, not simply balancing 51% of your karma, but balancing all of it and internalizing your higher being, so that you can be here below all that you are Above.

Truly this is the new golden rule for these next 2,000 years, given by beloved Jesus. Where have you been in consciousness that you do not recognize the Lord Christ, when he brings forth such a powerful statement for the next 2,000 years? Where have you been that you think you are doing God’s will, but you have lost the contact to the representative of God’s will, who I am?

Why are you still waiting for some miracle outside yourself to suddenly change everything back to the way things were, to turn the clock back to a dispensation that is long gone? Where have you been that you have not sought out my individual sponsorship? And where have you been that you have not connected to my Presence, so that you know where I am today and so that you can be in that same consciousness instead of being left behind?

I do not need you to pray to the El Morya that you knew. I need you to pray to the El Morya that I AM today. Because I am more today than I was ten years ago. I am more today than I was ten months ago. I am more today than I was ten days ago. I am more now than I was ten seconds ago. And you too should be more now than you were in the moments that have passed.

I have spoken. I have spoken, and I have spoken enough to awaken anyone who is capable of being awakened. And therefore I say again, “WAKE UP, for the clock is ticking. And if you want to fulfill your inner desire to bring in Saint Germain’s golden age, then it is time for you to wake up and to wake up NOW!”


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels