Use our teaching to transcend your mental box, not to reinforce it

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Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels, July 31, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother in action through the integration of the Seven Rays.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary and since I am the holder of the Office of the Divine Mother for Earth, it is natural that I opened this conference on this topic of how you can be the Divine Mother in action. However, we might begin by asking a different question: “How can you not be the Divine Mother in action?”

We have before given teachings about the Divine Mother that I will go into briefly here. We have said that you live in a particular world of form. This particular world of form was created by a Being that we have called the Creator. We have said that the Creator is the originator of form, but that the Creator itself is beyond all form, because the Creator is not trapped in its own creation. This means that any image in the world that seeks to assign some kind of form, some kind of characteristic to God is a false image, an idol, a graven image. It can be no other way.

What then is the origin of all such graven images? These images can only originate in a mind that has separated itself from its source. You have just given a very profound and very enigmatic invocation before this dictation where it talks about some of these concepts in a way that is designed to confuse the linear mind, the mind that wants to objectify everything. This is the separate mind. The separate mind believes that it is a separate being that lives in a world of separate objects. This is why the separate mind has created the idea that God is a remote being that is not in this world where you live, but is beyond this world. You may have the traditional image that God is in heaven, whereas you are on Earth. But even though this image says that God is in heaven, that God still has form, so even Heaven is a world that can be characterized by form and therefore the remote God in heaven is not the Creator for the Creator is beyond all form.

The mind that has separated itself cannot accept this, cannot grasp it. It cannot understand it. However, what I would like you to recognize, those of you who are sincere ascended master students is that, even the separate mind can be used to reason in such a way that it comes to see its own limitations. Even the separate mind can come to see contradictions in its viewpoints. Even the separate mind can see that sometimes, one viewpoint, when looked at alone might seem reasonable enough but when looked at together with another viewpoint, these two together form an enigma. It is not necessarily that they contradict each other, but you can sense with the mind, the mind can see even with logic, that there is something here, there must be something beyond these two statements and therefore even a mind can be used to recognize that there are limitations to the mind. There are limitations to logic. There is limitation to linear reasoning. This is why we give teachings. This is why we give the teachings on non-duality and the epic mindset because unless you are willing to use the mind’s ability to look for contradictions, it is very difficult for you to free yourself from the pull of the mind so that you can experience what we have called pure awareness.

You see, when you are trapped in this separate mind, this linear mind, you think you believe you have experienced that the mind can only be thoughts. Well, they may also be feelings but they are not really in the mind, they are in the emotions, they are in the feeling body. But the separate mind believes that everything is a thought. The only way to experience the world is through a thought. The only way to understand the world is through a thought. The only way to relate to the world is through a thought. The separate mind thinks that the only experience is thinking, and until you can free what we have called the Conscious You from this gravitational magnetic pull of the separate mind, you will not realize that there is an alternative to thinking and the alternative is what we have called various mystical experiences, intuitive experiences, but first of all the experience of pure awareness where you are conscious without thought, you are aware.

You may even be aware that you are aware but you are not thinking, there is no thought process that leads from one thought to another to another to another. There is no chain of associations. No chain of images. There is just pure awareness. If you have experienced this even for a brief second you have a frame of reference that says: “I am more than the thinking mind, there is more to me, there is more to awareness than the thinking mind”. This is what makes it possible to begin to grasp, even understand that the Creator must be beyond its creation, that the Creator of form is beyond form and that is what makes it possible for you to begin to grasp what the Divine Mother is and what the Divine Mother is not.

You see that what the thinking mind wants to do is to turn everything, meaning everything it can fathom, everything it can deal with, into an object. An object is something that is separate from the mind. The separate mind cannot be one with an object. The separate mind can only be separated from objects. The mind sees itself as being here. The object is out there and the mind is observing and studying and seeking to understand it from a distance.

Why have we so carefully over now several years in fact many years through this messenger, given you teachings about perception, perception filters, about a mental box? It is in order to give you the basis for grasping that the mind, the thinking mind cannot experience an object directly. It experiences an object through a mental image and that mental image exists only in the mind. You are many people hearing this dictation as it is being given live. Each one of you is sitting in your particular place. You may say you are hearing the same words. Certainly, we can say that there is only one voice coming out of the messenger’s mouth. So, there are certain words that are being spoken, not a hundred different voices or a hundred different words, but you are actually not hearing the same words because you are not hearing these words directly. You are hearing them each one of you through your individual minds. And your individual minds form a perception filter that superimposes an image upon the words as they are moving through your mind.

The words that are coming over your Internet connection into your ears are not reaching you directly. They are passing through the filter of your mind, your identity, mental, emotional minds, even an aspect of the physical mind. What is coming through to you and we will put aside who you are for now, what is coming through is not the pure words being spoken from me as an ascended master. What is coming through is what we have talked about how energy waves create an interference pattern, the words that are coming to you are energy waves, even the sound is sound waves but beyond that, beyond the physical sound that carries the words is an emotional aspect, a mental aspect and an identity aspect of these words. And as these words are passing through your emotional, mental and identity bodies, the energy waves are creating an interference pattern with the energies you have in your three higher bodies. So that what reaches you is not the pure words I am speaking. It is an interference pattern that is influenced to some degree by what you have in your mind.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this as such. I am not blaming you. I am simply seeking to help you grasp what is the reality of life on this planet. We of the ascended masters face a very subtle, very delicate task when we are seeking to reach people in embodiment and very few people in embodiment have begun to even grasp the task that we are facing. But we know that some of you can and some of you already have and the more you will be willing to ponder this, use your intuitive faculties to ponder it, seek to have that experience of pure awareness, use our tools and invocations and other dictations to reach beyond that thinking mind, the more you can grasp what we are facing. And the more you understand, grasp, comprehend how things look from our side, the faster you can free yourself from that linear thinking mind and come to realize that what the mind thinks is real, is not real at all. It is a mental image that is created in the mind itself.

Now, certainly you can say that when you look at life in the physical octave things do not go the way you want them always. Sometimes you may have a mental image of what should happen or what should not happen in your life and then what you think should happen does not happen and what you think should not happen, does happen. And you are left therefore to wonder why that is so, or rather the thinking mind wonders, why this is so. And when you look at my beloved, human beings in general you will see that if there is one thing that the thinking mind cannot handle, cannot stand, it is to not know, to not be able to explain why this or that happens. You look at the world, you look at a historical context, you go back and look thousands of years ago when the origin for example, of the Old Testament came up and you can ask yourself: “What was the state of mind of the people who, long before even most Christians think it happened, received the Old Testament from wherever they received it?”

Well, it was their desire to understand the world in which they live, and particularly understand why certain things happen and other things don’t happen. They had mental images in their minds back then, as people do today. They thought the world worked a certain way, should work a certain way. Therefore, they thought that certain things should happen and certain things should not happen. But of course it didn’t always come to pass and so they had to find, their minds had to find an explanation. So you can look at everything that has been going on in human thought and you can see that there are two tendencies. One is the tendency that seeks to create a thought system that can explain how the world works and why certain things happen and certain things don’t happen. This is what you see is behind most religions. Again, if you go to the Old Testament religions, the Abrahamic religions there is the explanation that there is a God in the sky. There is one ultimate God above all the other gods, all the so called idols and this god is, although remote and somewhat angry, even vengeful, it is also a personal god and you can so to speak make him give you what you want, if you give him what he wants. You can make a bargain with this god. You can make sacrifices, you can do prayers, you can live according to his commandments and then you will supposedly get what you want. He will give you what you want because you have made a bargain with this god. Well, what is it but an attempt to explain the inexplicable, explain how the world works, control how the world works. For you see of course that the thinking mind is not satisfied by just explaining, the goal of the thinking mind is to create a situation for you where the things you want always happen and the things you don’t want never happen. Why is this? Because the thinking mind is the origin of the entire idea that there are certain things that should happen and certain things that shouldn’t happen, there are certain things that are good, certain things that are bad, this is the origin.

This originates from the thinking mind and so the mind, in order to keep you forever engaged in the mind, must give you the impression that there is some way to figure out how the world works so that you are in control of your life and only the good things happen and the bad things don’t happen, at least not to you. They may happen to other people but that is their problem for you are after all a separate being, are you not, at least according to the thinking mind you are. So you see throughout history, how people, not only individuals, but groups of people have put enormous mental and emotional, even identity level efforts into creating these thought systems that can explain everything and that can put them in control so that only the good things happen to them and the bad things happen only to those other people who are not part of their thought system, who are not therefore the good people. You have the concept thought about by many, many people, philosophers, theologists, and just ordinary people of why bad things happen to good people. This is what the thinking mind must explain in order to keep you hypnotized, trapped in, fascinated by the thinking mind.

You are on a quest to understand. What happens then as we have said before, all people have this need for security and in order to satisfy it you create or rather, in most cases the fallen beings create this thought system that claims to be based on an absolute infallible truth. It may be the Christian religion, the Jewish religion the Muslim religion. It may be scientific materialism, communism, whatever you have. But there is a thought system that claims to be based on an absolute, infallible truth and therefore when you adhere to this system, when you blindly follow that system you can believe that you are safe—you are in control of your life.

What happens when you go into this state of mind that we have talked about in our discourses on fanaticism? What happens when you go into this state of mind? Well, you accept as I said that you have an idea that could never be expanded. You have an absolute truth that could never be expanded. Now, how could you ever be free of this? Once you go into this state of mind, how could you ever be free of it? Look at history and how many people have been trapped in this state of mind for a very long time. For over 1,000 years people in Europe were trapped in the Catholic mental box. Many people are still trapped in the Catholic mental box. For a long time, many people both in the Soviet Union and outside the Soviet Union, were trapped in the communist mental box. Many people in the Western world in what we have called the modern democracies, which pride themselves on being the most sophisticated societies on earth, are trapped in the materialist mental box and you can see that people can be trapped for a very long time. You can see that the Jews, which are some of the people that you in the Western world have the oldest history of, have been trapped in virtually the same mental box for several thousand years.

How can people get out of this once they’re in it? Well, my beloved that is one aspect of the Divine Mother. What we have given you in ascended master teachings is that there is a certain polarity. We have said that ultimately when the Creator decides to create, it does not create directly out of itself. It first creates a void then it establishes a certain sphere in that void which is filled with a substance that can take on form. This form is in a sense the feminine aspect, the mother aspect of creation. The substance, which we have called the Ma-ter light can take on any form, it therefore gives birth to form and the mother therefore gives birth to form. Therefore, the Ma-ter light is the mother aspect compared to the Creator. That is one polarity you could say, between the Creator as the father aspect and the Ma-ter light as the mother aspect, but the Ma-ter light cannot create by itself so in order to create any form the Creator has to define two forces an expanding and a contracting. The expanding force cannot create by its self because expansion would just continue indefinitely and no form could be maintained so it must be balanced by the contracting force and therefore a new polarity is created where the expanding force is the Father, the contracting force is the Mother.

But there are many such polarities. In the beginning, in the first sphere, there was a polarity between the Creator and the self-aware beings in the first sphere. Once the second sphere was created, there was a polarity between the ascended masters in the first sphere and the un-ascended beings in the second sphere and this of course goes on to your sphere where you could say that there is a polarity between the ascended masters in the spiritual realm and you who are unascended beings. Therefore, you could say that we the ascended masters represent the Father aspect, you represent the Mother aspect.

But you can go beyond this and realize that there are other characteristics of the Mother element because even the Ma-ter light in an unascended sphere is also an aspect of the Mother, the Divine Mother. And what is the role of this aspect? Well, as we have said, ideally, and certainly on a natural planet we of the ascended masters represent the Father aspect. Those who are unascended beings on a natural planet represent the Mother aspect but you are not separated from the Father. You are in constant connection with the ascended masters, your I AM Presence and therefore you see yourself as a being walking a path towards higher levels of awareness. As we have said many times you start out with a point like sense of self and you expand that sense of self as you co-create. You create a form by creating a mental image in your mind, projecting it upon the Ma-ter light and as you experience the form you have created you can raise your awareness, expand your sense of self, create something more sophisticated and this goes on.

But you are still always seeing yourself as a Being who is not separate. You are not separate from other beings on your planet. You are not separate from your Source, the ascended masters, your I AM Presence and so there is that constant figure eight flow, that constant exchange of awareness, ideas, insights, perspective between the ascended and the unascended beings. There is the figure eight flow that we have talked about, between the ascended realm and the unascended realm.

Now, what happens on an unnatural planet? Well, that flow is broken. Why? Because the separate mind cannot see its self connected to the ascended masters or connected to other beings in its sphere, or connected to matter itself. So, you see that what happens on an unnatural planet is that most people on the unnatural planet are not connected to their I AM Presences or to the ascended masters. Therefore, you cannot learn from us, you cannot raise your awareness by connecting to us—we cannot give you direct insights. Of course, our entire goal of bringing forth these teachings through sponsored messengers is to raise up as many students as possible to where you overcome this barrier and you gain, at least sometimes, that direct intuitive connection with us or with your higher being so that you can now receive direct insights. You are in other words, on the direct path, the path of inner guidance, the path of divine direction, where you are receiving something from beyond the material realm or rather from beyond the four levels of your own mind and you are using this to raise your awareness.

What does it mean to raise your awareness? It basically means that you separate the Conscious You from identification with a perception filter that is defined in your identity, mental and emotional minds, even the physical mind. This is essentially what the path is all about. Now I said earlier that when you look at human endeavors, one aspect of what people have been trying to do is create these thought systems that explains everything. But you do actually see that there is another effort, another initiative that has been going on for as far back as you know and that is that there has always been an attempt from the ascended masters to bring forth a teaching that can help people free themselves from the thought systems in the world, and thereby free themselves from the mental boxes of their own minds.

The teachings given by the Buddha were such teachings. We might call them challenging teachings, teachings that are meant to challenge people’s mental boxes, challenge their perception filters and thereby hopefully help them free themselves from those perception filters. The teachings of Jesus—the original teachings of Jesus, were also an example of this. Even the teachings of Mohammed, at least until he went into a dualistic state of mind, were meant to do this. The teachings of the Kabbalah, many other teachings of Buddhism, even certain teachings of Hinduism, the Taoism and many others were an attempt to give people something that could challenge the linear-thinking mind and its belief that it had everything under control.

So you have these many examples of teachings that were meant to free people from their mental boxes. What you who have studied our teachings for some time should be able to do if you haven’t done it already, is to make this switch where you suddenly realize, you see it, you are experiencing the reality of it, that the goal of the spiritual path, the goal of true spiritual teachings is to free yourself not only from the collective mental boxes created by humankind or groups of people, but your individual mental box. And the key to doing this is that you are willing—you are willing to challenge your mental box, you are willing to use even the thinking mind to think the thought that the way you look at reality is not the only way. It is not even the highest way. It is not the ultimate way, there is more to know there is more to experience as we have said many times. This is the key to the spiritual path. Now, is this a guarantee? Well, certainly not. Everything is subject to free will. As I said, the original teachings of Jesus were meant to challenge people’s mental boxes. There were some among his early followers and those in the following centuries that used the teachings that way but there were relatively few who were able to do this and so as almost always happens after some time, people who are not willing to challenge their mental boxes, they take a teaching and they use that teaching to reinforce and validate their mental boxes. In other words, they take a challenging teaching that is meant to liberate your minds and they turn it into a new mental box that traps your minds. This is what started happening at a very early stage as you see even Peter was an example of this, which is why Jesus told him to ‘Get thee behind me Satan’ because he was trying to take the example and teachings of Jesus and validate his mental box of what should or should not happen to the Living Christ in embodiment, thereby what should or should not happen to himself. There were Christians from the beginning, groups of Christians who did this and it all culminated with the formation of the Catholic Church.

Now I trust that you who are ascended master students can see this. But can you also see, are you willing to see that even ascended master students can do this with an ascended master teaching? Are you willing to acknowledge that previous groups, previous dispensations of ascended master students have done this to the teachings we gave them? Are you willing to see that even some people have attempted to do this with the teachings we have given through this messenger which is why some people have left these teachings when it became clear to them that we will not conform to their mental box. And why will we not? Well, because we have a very long experience of seeking to liberate people from their mental boxes and since we still have a messenger who is giving teachings, we can see when certain groups of students have used our teachings to reinforce their mental box and therefore we can come in and say something that will challenge those mental boxes. And either the students will then be willing to challenge their mental boxes and come up higher with the teaching, or they will not be willing to do this and therefore they must reject the teaching, reject the messenger and they use their thinking minds to come up with some explanation for why the teaching isn’t true, why the masters would never say this, why the messenger is no longer a sponsored messenger and so forth and so on.

They have now done what the Christians did, what the Jews did, what so many other people have done. They have used their thinking minds to claim a higher authority than what comes from the ascended masters. They are claiming they know better what the ascended master should or should not say, just as Peter thought he knew better, what should or should not happen to Jesus. It is the same pattern that repeats itself over and over and over again. We have seen it so many times that some of you will be able to appreciate why, as long as we have a sponsored messenger who is in embodiment and can give new teachings, we will do everything we can to not allow the students following those teachings to stagnate. We will do everything we can to challenge your mental boxes so that you find it more and more difficult to use our teachings to validate and reinforce those mental boxes.

Now back to my question about how we can free human beings who do not acknowledge the existence of the ascended masters or any source beyond the material universe. You may say that the Christians acknowledge the source beyond the material universe but they do not, they only acknowledge the source that is their mental image of God and their mental image of Christ. That is why they have created a mental image that became solidified with the Catholic Church instead of following the Ascended Master Jesus Christ for the past 2,000 years.

So how do we free people who are in this state of mind, who cannot, will not hear any direct teaching from us whether inside themselves or from an external messenger? Well, this is the role of the Divine Mother and it is built into the functioning of the Ma-ter light. And how does this work? Well, it works in a very simple way. The Ma-ter light will outpicture the mental images that human beings project upon it and you may say: “Well, but did you not just tell us that most people have a mental image that defines what should happen in their lives and what should not happen in their lives? So, if the Ma-ter light was outpicturing people’s mental images, then shouldn’t they be in a situation where the Mother light outpictures people’s mental images so that only the things they wanted to happen did happen and the things that they didn’t want to happen did not happen.” In other words, if the Mother light is really outpicturing people’s mental images, shouldn’t the Mother light validate their mental Images? A very valid question my beloved, so how does it work? Well, first of all you must ask yourself which mental images should the Mother light outpicture? Is it this group’s mental images, or that group’s mental images? Because you would see then, that the Mother light should outpicture vastly different things based on people’s mental images. So, there should be seemingly one physical reality here in this part of the world and another physical reality in another part of the world. How would that even be physically possible given the nature of the density of matter?

You see my beloved when the majority, even the vast majority as is the case on earth, of people on a planet (that) go into the separate mind, they have as we have said before the effect that they make matter on that planet more dense. The more dense matter becomes, the less it responds to people’s minds. In other words, people may think that matter should outpicture their mental images, but by the very fact that they have created these mental images as separate beings, who are separated from the planet on which they live and separated from their source and separated from each other, they have densified matter. This means that when matter becomes more dense it becomes less responsive to the mind. This means that matter responds less to a particular individual or particular group of people. Instead matter now responds to all human beings, to the collective consciousness that is shared by all human beings. It also means that, it seems as if matter is independent of the mind, which is what has given rise to the materialist paradigm, the materialist thought system where it is thought that matter does not in any way respond to mind, it follows laws of nature that are independent of the human mind. In a sense, we could say that it is correct that matter follows certain laws of nature. It is just that those laws of nature are to some degree, affected by the collective consciousness of humankind. They are also defined by the Elohim, and so forth and so on, but to a large degree the densification of matter is affected by the densification of the collective consciousness.

But the other aspect that comes in here is that people’s thought systems reside where? They reside primarily in the mental mind but also in the conscious mind. So when someone says: “I am a Christian, I believe in the Christian God and the Christian image of how the world should work” this resides partly in the conscious mind and that is why people are thinking that they are projecting a certain image with the conscious mind and they think that the Ma-ter light should respond to the images and beliefs they have in their conscious minds. But as we have told you, you have a subconscious mind. Your emotional, mental and identity minds and you are constantly projecting through those minds as well.

What is it that is being projected upon the Ma-ter light? What have I just said earlier? When you are hearing these words, you are not hearing the direct words because they are filtered through the perception filter you have in your identity, mental and emotional minds. In other words, whatever comes into your mind creates an interference pattern with what is in your mind. Does it not stand to reason that whatever leaves your mind also creates an interference pattern with what is in your mind before it leaves your four lower bodies?

You’re having a conscious thought. Many, many spiritual people have gone into treasure mapping and using other kinds of supposedly failsafe methods to manifest what you want in life so they are creating in their conscious mind a mental image of what they want. “I want this beautiful house, I want a new car, I want plenty of money” and they are projecting this out and they think they are projecting out exactly what is in their conscious minds, but they are not because as that image passes through the emotional mind an interference pattern is created between the conscious impulse and what is in the emotional mind – what you think you are worthy of, what can happen, what cannot happen. Then it goes into the mental mind, now a new interference pattern is created. Then it goes through the identity mind and another interference pattern is created so what comes out of your four lower bodies is not the same as what you have in your conscious mind. That is why in a certain sense you could say that the Ma-ter light is out picturing what people are projecting upon it, when you look at what they are projecting with the totality of their four lower bodies.

The Ma-ter light is, within the framework defined by the Elohim – you may call it the laws of God, or the laws of nature as you like, outpicturing what humankind is projecting upon it through the totality of their individual minds, their four lower bodies but also through the totality of their collective minds, the four levels of the collective mind. Why is this happening? Well, it is happening because it is the only way for the ascended masters to free people from their mental boxes, their perception filters. You are projecting something with the conscious mind. If what you are projecting with the conscious mind was exactly outpictured by the Ma-ter light then what is outpictured by the Ma-ter light would validate your perception filter, your mental box. How would you then ever free yourself?

What is the only way in the school of hard knocks as we have called it, to free people from their perception filters? It is precisely that the Ma-ter light is outpicturing something different from what people are projecting with their conscious minds, which gives them an opportunity to say: “Why isn’t life conforming to what I am projecting with my conscious mind? Why isn’t life going the way I want? Why are the things that I don’t want happening and things I do want are not happening? Why is this?” and here people can take two ways. Usually they go into a phase where they are in denial, complete denial. They are outpicturing, they are holding on to their existing thought system. For example, you see many, many religious people, Christians and Muslims and Jews especially, but even from other religions, who are fanatically, we might say, holding on to their belief system. Somehow the Christian explanation of how the world works must be right even if it doesn’t seem like it and even if it doesn’t seem to work here on earth then at least it will be right in a way that when I leave embodiment, I will go to heaven because I’ve been a good Christian. This is what many people believe. This is a state of denial, complete denial.

The question is how do people get out of denial? Well, there is only one way. They have a firm belief system, belief about what will happen after they die. Then they die and they experience that their belief system was not right. What they thought was going to happen is not going to happen. They thought they were going to heaven whether the Christian or Muslim or the Jewish heaven and they don’t, they are sent back to Earth. When that has happened a sufficient number of times they will begin to question it. Now, for some people, a sufficient number of times is a very, very high number of embodiments, my beloved. There are people who are still fundamentalist Christians in this lifetime, and who have embodied in a Christian environment since the formation of the Catholic church, and they have still not been willing to question their mental box. Their mental box has somewhat changed, some have shifted from Catholic to fundamentalist, but nevertheless they are still not willing to question their Christian mental box. There are people who have embodied in a Jewish mental box for many more embodiments going back to the time of Abraham.

It is for some people a very long process but eventually there comes a point where people start to question their mental box they have had for many lifetimes. What happens to many people is that they get so shocked when they come into their next embodiment, and they carry with them this inner knowledge, inner intuitive knowledge that their mental box is not correct. Many of these people actually choose to embody in the same mental box, for example the catholic in a catholic family, but they know from childhood that there is something missing, something wrong with the catholic religion. But they are often so shocked by this that they start to look for another infallible belief system and some of them shift from a Christian mental box to a materialist mental box and now they begin to believe in scientific materialism and they believe that scientific materialism has now finally provided the infallible, the final thought system that can explain everything. There are people who have embodied for several lifetimes in this but the materialist belief system is not that old yet and so there are many people who have not yet embodied enough times and had their belief system challenged after they died, that they have come to the point where they can question that belief system. That’s why you see many people who are still stubbornly materialist and will not question that mental box even though they have experienced at least a couple of times, that they didn’t disappear into nothingness after the body died, that they still have awareness and that they reincarnate again.

So the next step after denial, or after questioning one belief system, is that you start being willing to question the most common belief systems that exist in the world. In other words, you can look at yourself, you can look at many other spiritual people, basically all people in what you might call the New Age or the spiritual movement, they have come to the point where they have realized the mainstream belief systems, whether they are of a religious orientation or political or materialist orientation, something is missing. What many people then go into is a phase where now they are willing to look beyond the most common belief systems. In other words, it’s not just a matter of going from the one extreme of religion to the other extreme that denies religion. You are, as many people say about themselves, spiritual but not religious. You realize that religions are not enough but you also realize materialism is not enough so you are looking for something spiritual. Then people go into finding a not so common belief system, a thought system, a guru, a spiritual teaching and they now accept this is the final one, finally I found the ultimate one. This will take me home. This will set me free. Now grant you, there are a number of belief systems on earth, there are number of gurus on earth who have raised their consciousness and started to see through the dualistic illusions and the epic mindset. It is not my intent to say here that there is only one religion or one spiritual teaching or one ascended master teaching that is the only one. I’m not even saying that the teaching we are giving through this messenger is the only one.

But what happens to many of these people is that they are still seeking the ultimate thought system. They have not grasped that there is no ultimate thought system because the purpose of a thought system is only one thing, it is to help you question your personal mental box and to continue to question it until you stop identifying yourself with it, you have freed the Conscious You from the mental box, you are no longer inside the mental box, you have stepped outside of it and you can see it is just a mental box. This is not a matter of questioning the teaching. It is a matter of questioning what is in your mind that is beyond the teaching. It is these subtle beliefs about yourself and about life that you have built up since you came to this planet, or since you were exposed to the fallen beings and went into duality, created what we have called the primal self and these other separate selves – this is what forms your mental box. There may sometimes be separate selves based on a certain outer teaching and it can even be based on an ascended master teaching but there’s more to it than that. There is that you come to see how you, your mind, your beliefs are limiting yourself and you come to experience that you are pure awareness and therefore you are more than all of these beliefs in your mental box. Therefore, you can begin to dismiss these selves one by one and this is what frees you.

Now, you may look at a certain guru who is an embodiment who has reached a higher level of awareness and has started going into non-dual awareness. You may say that this guru has started to free himself from these mental boxes and therefore he can give teachings to the students that can help them also. But if the students think that following the guru is enough then the guru cannot help them. The same with the ascended masters, we are of course beyond all mental boxes on earth, we are seeking to give you teachings that can free yourself from the mental boxes but if you’re not using them that way it is not going to work for you.

We have given several teachings, several dispensations through sponsored messengers over the past century. They all have elements that can help you transcend your mental box. Some students have used them that way, but the majority of the students who were attracted to those movements did not use them that way. They believed this is the final revelation even though all of these movements have said that they are part of progressive revelation, they have believed this was the final one. Progressive revelation ended with our messenger and we don’t need to pay attention to what the masters might be saying now because they are not saying anything. The real ascended masters are not talking. These other people who claim to be messengers they are just channeling impostors and so they sit there, having used an ascended master teaching that was meant to help them transcend their mental boxes, to reinforce their mental boxes. What can we do about it? Nothing. They are no longer on the path of divine direction even though they claim to be following an ascended master teaching. They have put themselves back in the school of hard knocks. The only chance is that over time, perhaps several lifetimes for many of these people, they will experience that they are not going to ascend after this lifetime even though they have given thousands of hours of violet flame decrees and they believe that that would guaranteed their ascension, but they are not, so they will have to come back down in embodiment and maybe after several embodiments like this, they will begin to be open to question their mental box and the way they have used the teaching to validate and reinforce the mental box rather than using the teaching to systematically get rid of the mental box by getting rid of these separate selves.

We have said we have done everything we could through this messenger to give you teachings that can set you free but there is no guarantee that they will set you free unless you use them to overcome your mental box. My beloved, what is the task of the Divine Mother, the Office of the Divine Mother? Well, in a sense you could say that the task of the Divine Mother is to challenge people’s mental boxes. We who are part of this Office do it in two ways, we do it through the school of hard knocks, we do it by giving teachings – teachings that continually challenge the students who are willing to listen to these teachings so that you can come up higher.

What is the outcome, the ideal outcome we would like to see happen in this coming decade of the 2020s that we have said is dedicated to liberating women or changing the way women are looked at, women look at themselves? Well, it is of course not that everybody, all women, come to acknowledge ascended master teachings because that isn’t a realistic goal. For that matter not all women can in 10 years make the transition from these states of consciousness I have talked about to acknowledging an ascended master teaching. But it is certainly one of our goals that as many women as possible will come to the point where they grasp, consciously and intuitively experience, the reality of what the spiritual path is all about – that it is all about overcoming your mental boxes, challenging the mental boxes.

Again, this doesn’t even mean that you have to acknowledge an ascended master teaching. There are other ways that many women who may not hear about an ascended master teaching come to challenge the mental box of what it means to be a woman. Our previous webinar about the liberation of women was meant to do this but we aim to give more teachings of course, as the decade progresses. Even in this webinar we also aim to give teachings that can supplement that goal of helping women free themselves from the mental boxes that have been created by the fallen beings, by men and by women themselves. For of course it is not so my beloved that the fallen beings have direct power over your mind. There are many people on earth that have given away their free will, given away their power to be in control of their own minds, so that the fallen beings can directly influence these people’s minds. That is why you see for example, a crowd of people can be taken over by a collective mind and now they become a lynch mob that are throwing stones at the police or smashing windows and stores and raiding those stores as you saw in these demonstrations. You saw in the United States for example, how the demonstrations started, and what was the point of the demonstrations? What started the demonstrations? Was it not to protest against police violence? Well, how can you protest against one form of violence by allowing yourself to perform another form of violence? Two wrongs cannot make a right so you see that the only chance such protests could have an impact was if they remained non-violent. When you cross that line of allowing violence, and I know there was only a minority of the demonstrators that crossed that line, but then you still are going against your original purpose of overcoming violence.

You see here that women are in a certain mental box. They have been put in that mental box by the fallen beings, by men, but you will not get out of it by fighting men, even by fighting the power elite. You will get out of it only by first freeing yourself from that mental box and then serving to use your newfound freedom and insight to help free others. Women will not be liberated by fighting men. Women will be liberated only when they first liberate themselves and then liberate men. When both men and women are liberated then women are fully liberated. But why are we talking about women? Because it is a fact that there are more women who are ready to step up to this higher level than there are men therefore we look to women to drive that movement where people begin to see, societies begin to see the dualistic mindset and its subtle and far ranging effects on society and on history and on individuals. This is one important aspect of the Office of the Divine Mother.

Now we know of course that it is not a majority of the people on earth who are ready to take this step. It is for that matter not even a majority of the top 10%, but it is a critical mass among the top 10% who are ready to embrace this willingness to challenge their mental boxes. Again, they don’t even need all of them an ascended master teaching to do this. There are other teachings, there are even non-spiritual teachings. There are people who are ready to make this in an entirely secular, more universal context. Even psychology can help people do this and start to challenge these mental boxes and realize that you, there is a part of you that is more than your mind – the thinking mind, the reasoning mind, the linear mind, the analytical mind, the intellectual mind. When more and more people begin to realize this and question the mental boxes created by this mind, then that will be what will drive progress into a new level of awareness for at least the more sophisticated societies on earth and eventually other societies will be pulled up with this.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. We have of course much more to say about this, where we’ll talk about what we have called ‘the basic humanity’ or ‘the essential humanity’ which is what the majority of the people can begin to grasp but this will be in another release. This release is complete, except for thanking you to be willing to be, as we have said many times, the broadcast stations that through your chakras have broadcast this message into the collective consciousness where it can serve to awaken some of those who are not consciously aware of the ascended masters and our teachings. For this you have my gratitude and I look forward to what else we, as the Office of the Divine Mother, will give to you during this conference.


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