Understanding the challenge of moving from individuality to community

TOPICS: The vigil for the Olympics – The Russian incursion in Georgia – The judgment of the warmongers – Why Christ came to earth – The Olympics and oneness – Understanding the consciousness of the multitudes – Understanding the transition from personal growth to Christhood – The high and the low road – Understanding the role of money – Can individualists build community? –

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Ascended Master Jesus, August 24, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

In the peace of Christ you are, as I, Jesus, manifest my Presence with each one of you, wherever you are around this planet. For truly, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God. And as you come together in the Spirit of Oneness, you too are in the consciousness of God. And thus, you earn my Presence with you—each one of you, as you are willing to receive me, and as you are able and willing to step outside of your normal sense of consciousness, your normal sense of identity, and indeed accept my Presence with you, instead of affirming the idol, the graven image of Christ as the remote being in the sky, or as the one hanging up there on the cross at the end of the church.

Truly, it was never my intention, that people should see me so remote from themselves. Those who wanted to distort the true message of Christ were very clever in putting the crucified Christ up on a cross in most Christian churches, in order to give people an image of Christ as the one bleeding and suffering on the cross, so that people would not identify with me. For surely, who would want to share the fate of being crucified and hanging, bleeding on a cross with a crown of thorns on his head, having spikes through his arms and legs?

Can you see, my beloved, that this was a deliberate ploy to make the image of Christ associated with bloodshed and suffering? And therefore, also send the subconscious message, “Do not dare to manifest your personal Christhood, or this is what will happen to you!” Yet, we have reached a cycle in earth’s history where this old-fashioned, dualistic, fear-based image of Christ has had its day. For indeed, 10,000 people will rise up and dethrone it. And millions more will refuse to be ensnared by it, and will indeed dare to consider the true meaning of my words, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

The vigil for the Olympics

I come on behalf of Mother Mary as well, to extend our gratitude and our congratulations for the vigil you have performed during these Olympic games. For you see, it was indeed, as Mother Mary said, a unique opportunity to focus the consciousness of the world. And thereby, when that consciousness is focused on one event, we in the spiritual realm can send – through your calls and decrees, through your invocations, through the authority you have given us – we can send a return current to all people who are focused on this event.

And we have indeed made full use of the authority and the energy you have given us, multiplying it 10,000 times, and sending that Spirit of Oneness, that vision of oneness, that vision that there is something beyond duality, there is something beyond division, beyond suffering, beyond strife, beyond conflict, beyond warfare.

The Russian incursion in Georgia

In a sense, it was truly to our advantage, that the Russian government decided to do what they did in Georgia. For did it not provide the perfect contrast between the peaceful coming together of the world in a sporting event and then, such an act of aggression and war, that truly was deliberately designed to take place when the world’s attention was elsewhere.

But you see, my beloved, the people of the world are not as stupid as the people who ran the Soviet Union believe. For they are still trapped in the old mindset of the old Soviet Union and the KGB, when they thought that their propaganda apparatus could control the thinking of the Russian people, and even to some degree control the thinking of the world, or at least their perception of the Soviet Union and communism. But the Russian people themselves are waking up and realizing what is going on. But we desire you to see even beyond the Russian government.

The judgment of the warmongers

For surely, my beloved, you do not believe, do you, that this was only the decision and the doing of the Russian government? For they too are pawns, as even the communist government of the old Soviet Union was a pawn in a greater game—what we have called the false hierarchy or the international power elite, who are seeking to always stir up conflict as a way to divide and conquer the people. And to force them into a war, that allows the elite to control the people and also to milk the people from their lifeblood, their spiritual energy, and of course, let us not forget money. For truly, you must see the footprints of the moneychangers in this event, of seeking to create a new arms race between Russia and the United States, so that they can get even more money from the people.

You might think they would have had enough money, as a result of the conflict in Iraq. But you see, for these people, and the spirits behind them, there is no such thing as enough. They are trapped in a never-ending downward spiral, that can only lead to their own destruction. But we do not desire to see that destruction being outplayed here on this planet.

We instead desire to see the people rise up to acknowledge the truth of Christ, and to choose to go beyond the dualistic struggle and to not engage in this meaningless warfare and conflict. So that the people through that oneness will bring about the judgment of those in the power elite who are in embodiment, and those in the false hierarchy who are out of embodiment. That they may be removed from this planet and go through the downward spiral of self-destruction in another realm, where they will not pull the earth and the beautiful people on this planet down with them. This invocation you have given, the One World Invocation has indeed brought forth a very important action, that serves as the judgment of the forces of division on this planet—those who have plotted to divide the people, not only amongst themselves, but to divide the people from their God.

Why Christ came to earth

Which is precisely why I came to earth 2,000 years ago—to give people a bridge to reunite with their God through the consciousness of Christ, the one truth of the Christ mind, as opposed to the dualistic “truth” of the dualistic mind, the mind of anti-christ. And this work has not been in vain, even though it has taken 2,000 years to cycle through to the physical. You yourselves are proof. All those who have studied my website and my teachings on the ego, and our books on non-duality—you are our proof that they are not winning. We are indeed winning. And we were winning from the beginning, as Master MORE is fond of saying. For it is indeed the truth.

When you study Maitreya’s teachings on the spheres you will see, that it simply is not possible that the false hierarchy and those who embody it on planet earth can pull against the entire upward movement of the material universe. And thus, it is inevitable that the earth and the universe will be raised into the permanent perfection of the spiritual realm. It is only a matter of time. Yet time is NOT—for the Buddha. And thus, even though the false hierarchy think they can delay what they know is inevitable, yet they have not delayed anything. For time is the ever-flowing stream of the River of Life. And my beloved, in that stream nothing can stand still, nothing can pull in the opposite direction.

For everything must inevitably flow with the greater River of Life. It can only be the illusion maintained in the consciousness of the people, that makes it seem like a planet or a people can be outside that River, even going in the opposite direction. It is nothing but an illusion, my beloved, and you have taken a mighty action to shatter that illusion in the collective consciousness. Of course, more is needed, but this will come forth as we trust you will continue to make use of this tool of the broadcast as you see fit.

The Olympics and oneness

So now, let me turn my attention to the Olympic games. For surely, as spiritual students you realize that any human activity can teach you important lessons about the consciousness of humankind. So let me give you somewhat of a secret that not many people are aware of. Now take a look at a sporting event, such as the Olympic games or the soccer and football games or other games that may take place in your local area every week. You see that the people come together in one place, in a big hall, and they cheer on their team. And they go through either elation or heartbreak, depending on whether their team wins or loses.

But what is the underlying desire, that makes the people come together for such an event? Well, is it not that they long for something more than their regular, normal daily lives, that are filled with routine and do not offer them anything beyond the ordinary? What is it they are longing for? What do they long for beyond the ordinary? Well, they long for oneness, but they do not know this, they do not fully understand this. Yet, they sense that by coming together in a great multitude of people, there is some degree of oneness there, in rooting for their team. Of course, in many cases there are also representatives for the opposite team who are rooting for their team.

And so what they often experience is a dualistic state, where a group – the followers of one team – come together in a state of oneness, but it is defined in opposition to the followers of the opposite team. And thus you see the outplaying – even in the sporting arenas – of the dualistic struggle that has been going on for so long. Yet, my point here is to help you see, that the underlying desire is that people long for something more. And that more is an experience of oneness. Now, it is indeed possible to experience a material state of oneness, what we might call an Omega state of oneness here below, where people feel oneness amongst each other. And it can give them a sense of having experienced something unique, beyond their normal daily lives.

Understanding the consciousness of the multitudes

In many cases such sporting events do not give people what they really long for. Because even though they come together in a certain sense of oneness, it is colored by the spirit of competition, the desire to have their team win. Yet, even this is to some degree an expression of that longing for oneness, longing for something more, something beyond the ordinary. Only again, people do not understand that for which they are longing.

But you see, most people on this planet are not in a state of consciousness, where they can grasp the true Spirit of Oneness. And thus, they are in fact in a certain level of consciousness that I referred to 2,000 years ago as “the multitudes.” The multitudes, are wonderful people but they have not yet manifested a high enough degree of individuality to stand above the crowd, to go beyond that level of consciousness, that we might call the mass consciousness or the consciousness of the multitude.

Surely, they have some individuality, but it is not strong enough to go against the crowd, and thus they follow the crowd. Not only in sporting events but in all aspects of life, including what they believe in, how they worship, what churches they go to, what political parties they vote for, and so forth and so on. Even down to the details of how they dress or cut their hair. So, what I am endeavoring to explain to you is, that many people on earth – in fact the majority of the people on earth – are indeed at this level of the consciousness of the multitude. They do not have sufficient individuality, but they long for that individuality. And thus, they seek to find it in rooting for their team.

For who are the people on the team? Well, they are, indeed, people who have more individuality, a more strong individuality than the multitudes. And that is why they desire to be on a sporting team, where they excel beyond this “ordinary person.” And where they can stand out from the crowd—and even many of them desire to be worshiped by the crowd. For you see, when you begin to raise yourself above the consciousness of the multitude, you will build a stronger sense of individuality. But it is inevitable that that sense of individuality will be colored by – even to a large degree based on – the illusion of separation, that makes people seek to build their individuality as a separate individuality. And thus, they strive to excel, in order to build that sense that they are different, they are better than others. And what they seek to raise is, of course, the separate self.

However, what I desire you to understand is, that this is an inevitable stage in the forward progression of the individual. For as long as you are blindly following the currents of the mass consciousness, you cannot actually walk the spiritual path and manifest personal Christhood. For personal Christhood is individual Christhood. Individual Christhood must be won by you as an individual being, raising up and attaining a direct contact with your own higher being and with your spiritual teachers.

Understanding the transition from personal growth to Christhood

This never has been – and never will be, and never can be – a collective path. You can form a community, and you can help each other, but you must go each one individually. For each one individually must establish that contact to his or her Christ Self and I AM Presence and spiritual teacher. For only when that vertical degree of oneness is there, can there be true horizontal oneness.

Even those on the sporting teams of the world, or those who are individually striving for excellence, are in a sense on the path of personal growth – of raising up that separate self above the multitude – so that they can earn the potential to turn that separate self towards a higher quest. Many of the people that you have seen at these Olympic games are indeed people who have risen above that collective consciousness of the multitudes and manifested a stronger sense of individuality. Many of them have made great personal sacrifices in order to excel in their sport, setting aside many normal endeavors. And this has caused them to develop great self-discipline, great focus, great dedication to a cause, that can indeed be turned into a higher pursuit of going beyond seeking to raise the separate self.

I can tell you, that many of the people who have tasted this excellence in the sporting world will – during this lifetime – come to realize, that even though they were caught up in this pursuit of excellence and competition – even though it gave them a great adrenalin rush, a great sense of accomplishment, even superiority – it still left them empty. It still left them wanting more. It still made it difficult for them to come back to an “ordinary life” after they could no longer excel in their sport.

Some of them will indeed go beyond that stage of the warrior consciousness, to the beginning stages of the consciousness of the sage, who begins to look for something more than this world can offer. For you see, when you have stood in a sporting arena and had billions of people focus their attention upon you – through the television – well, then you have indeed, in a certain sense, tasted some of the highest of what this world can offer, in terms of giving attention to the separate self.

And then, when the conscious self begins to realize, that this was not enough, that there has to be something more, well, then the lifestream has the potential to engage in the true path to Christhood—of seeking not to raise up itself for the sake of raising itself, but seeking to raise up its separate self in order to go beyond that separate self and use its attainment and accomplishment to serve the All. So that the ultimate stand-out individual is indeed the one who gives the greatest service. For did I not say, that he who would be greatest among you should be the servant of all?

In their next embodiment, many of these sporting stars will indeed become more spiritual and will begin to walk the spiritual path in earnest. Some of you who are walking the spiritual path today have indeed tasted that fame or glory in past lifetimes, whether through sports, through wars, politics, or in other fields of human endeavor, such as the arts. This is a perfectly natural part of the evolution of an individual. Of course, I look to you, who have come to a conscious awareness of the spiritual path, to go beyond this and to see that there is something beyond these outer pursuits of material excellence—and that is spiritual excellence. Which is not as some of you still think – dedicated to raising up the separate self, but to raising up the All in service to all life.

The high and the low road

What I am telling you here is, indeed, that many of the people who make up the bottom 10 percent, as we call them, are indeed also people who have walked this path of raising their individual sense of self beyond the multitudes. Even before you can – so to speak – excel in the control games, in the money-making games, well, you still have to attain some individuality—to even have that drive for power, for control or for money, concentrated in the hands of one person.

When an individual being reaches beyond the consciousness of the multitude, it has the potential to find the path of personal Christhood. But it also has the potential to find the left-handed path – not the broad way that leads to destruction that is taken by the multitudes – but the false path, the path of anti-christ, of indeed using one’s attainment to raise up that separate self for the glorification of the separate self or some material cause.

Some of the people who have attained great power or great money on this planet, have indeed walked that path of first raising the separate self on the path of personal growth, but then turning it into the left-handed path, the path of anti-christ, of using their attainment to attain power and glory for the separate self. If you want examples, look to China, to the chairman Mao Tse-Tung, who was an example of this. Look to North Korea, look to the former Soviet Union—Stalin and Lenin. Look to Hitler. Look to Napoleon, who had the opportunity to work with Saint Germain, but ultimately took the left-handed path.

Look to many other world leaders who have taken that path. And then learn from their example, and realize that even you, who are the spiritual students – even you who are students of my course in Christhood – face that initiation—that very subtle initiation, where you know you have great attainment, where you know you have reached a high level in terms of raising up your individual self. But now the question is, will you then take the path of continuing to raise the separate self for the sake of the separate self, or will you take the path of Christ, where you realize the truth in my statement—that he who seeks to save his life shall lose it, he who seeks to save that separate self shall eventually lose it. But he who is willing to lay down that life, that separate self, for the sake of following Christ, shall indeed find the eternal life through the Spirit of Oneness with all life. This is the challenge that all of you face, this is the challenge to which I call you in my course to Christhood.

Understanding the role of money

As the conclusion of this address, I would like to give you some remarks on the topic of money. For you see, on a regular basis I see people who find my website, and they are somewhat critical – and whether they realize this consciously or not – they are looking for a way to reject it, as the scribes and Pharisees did to me personally 2,000 years ago. And so some of them come to the point where they see a donation button, or they see that we are charging money for the books. And they say, “Oh, this cannot be the real Jesus Christ, for when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he gave his teachings freely. And thus, this must be a false Christ. For the real Christ would never ask for money.”

As I started out talking about the false image of me hanging on the cross, there are many false images of Christ. And one of them is indeed the image that I had no need for money. For even though society was very different back then, you must ask yourself, “Did I eat during those last three years—besides the Last Supper?” And when you realize that I did, you must ask yourself, where did that food come from? Do you think I had time to grow it myself? Do you think I had time to work in a carpenter shop and buy the food for the money I made? No. You see the reality—I focused all my attention on my mission and traveling around with my disciples.

And those disciples likewise did not grow their food and did not work, for they spent their entire time traveling with me. So we depended on the charity of people who were willing to give us of their food, of their hospitality, and fulfill whatever else needs we had, that were surely modest. But why were they modest, my beloved? Because I was a practical realist, and I realized that given the state of society at the time, the state of technology, there was no way for me to reach a larger audience than the small area in which I could travel physically.

I knew there was no way to reach beyond that area while I was still in embodiment, as I was indeed focused on setting an example by working with the most recalcitrant people on the planet. Those who were so stuck in their graven image of being the chosen people, that they were the perfect test subjects to see, whether they were willing to abandon that spiritual pride and lose their life – their sense of superiority, their identity of superiority – in order to lay down that life and follow Christ into a higher identity, based on oneness that cannot see one people as being God’s favorite or God’s chosen people.

I focused on my mission back then, but I can assure you that – had the technology been available – I would have made use of it in order to spread my message beyond that localized geographical area. And thus, I trust you can see that in today’s world, conditions are very different. If I walked the earth in a physical body today – as I indeed hope to do through many of you – do you think I would walk around barefoot in the desert in the Middle East? Or do you think I would be making use of the technology that is available today to spread my message far and wide?

Surely, you must see that I will always adapt—that the Living Christ will always adapt to current conditions. And therefore, you live in a society where there are simply many things that you cannot do without money. And therefore the question is again: Will you focus a big part of your time and attention on making that money, and then you can give away the teachings that you can bring forth in your spare time? Or will you focus on being a messenger full time and then let other people provide the increase, by donating or by buying the services and the products you provide?

You see, my beloved, this is a perfectly legal exchange. For when you dedicate your life to the service of all life, then you are entitled to a return from life, even a material return. So that you can continue to do what you are doing, and even expand your work and reach more people. You will know, that even the ancient gurus would always ask for some token offering, whether it be food or flowers, from the student who came to the feet of the guru. As I indeed did myself on many occasions that are not recorded in the Bible. And as the churches do today when they ask for tithing, for even this is, of course, a legal exchange—although in many cases the churches are misusing the money given to them by their followers, as they are not in alignment with the reality of Christ.

Nevertheless, it is indeed legal – according to the laws of God – that people give of their abundance. And I am in no way asking anyone to give irresponsibly, but I am asking you to give of your abundance, keeping in mind my parable about the servants who multiplied their talents and were given more.

Can individualists build community?

What we have always faced as spiritual teachers of humankind is the challenge, that the path to Christhood is indeed an individual path—a walk between you and God, between you and your Higher Self. Yet, in order for that path to ultimately be successful, it must be expressed through service to life. And that means some form of community, as indeed you saw the Buddha establish the Sangha, as you saw me establish the community, not only of my disciples and my apostles, but many who supported them.

There is always the Alpha and Omega, and the challenge then is: how can those who have walked the individual path of personal growth for many lifetimes and decades in this lifetime, how can they transcend that focus on themselves and their own growth and come together and form a community? How indeed? This is the challenge that you who have studied our websites, you who have bought books and come to conferences, this is the challenge you face right now. As we explained in Hawaii, you are so close that we at least can taste it. Can you taste it, my beloved?

For I tell you, it is a matter of you individually overcoming those last hurdles that prevent you from seeing yourself as part of a community. And then acting accordingly, saying: the community, the greater cause, the service to other people is more important than my individual path, even than my individual material circumstances. And thus, I am willing to transcend, I am willing to lay down my life, my separate life – materially and spiritually – in order to come into oneness with the greater life of the community.

Thus, I leave you with this challenge, which I know will cause quite a stir in some of you—who have been so used to focusing on yourselves as the solitary wanderer. And it will take a retuning of your consciousness, even a rethinking – a re-experiencing – of your identity, for you to come into unity, as the community of the Christ and the Buddha and the Mother and of Saint Germain—in the Aquarian age. Thus be sealed in the peace of Christ, and the peace of Buddha, and the peace of Jesus Christ as the Buddha. Beloved, I give you my peace, the Buddhic peace of Jesus Christ.


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