Understanding the Buddha and the Mother

TOPICS: Why western people have become interested in Buddhism – The meeting of Buddha and Mother – Shattering the mental box of the male God –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, March 23, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Who, my beloved, is the Buddha? And what is the Buddha’s relationship to the Divine Mother? The Buddha is a Being, who recognizes the essential nature of all manifestations in the world of form. The Buddha is a Being who is One with what I call the Buddha Nature, but which we can also call the transcendent God.

While you are in embodiment on earth, you cannot actually know the transcendent God directly. But you can know that the transcendent God exists and is beyond any form, any images, any words or doctrines. This you can know through the agency of the Christ consciousness and the Buddha consciousness, which is the state of consciousness that allows you to know, that even though you are trapped in the material world, the world of form, there is something beyond that world. You came from that something, as did the entire world of form. And thus, the reality is, that the Buddha is meant to be a symbol for the transcendent God. The Buddha is meant to represent transcendence.

The essential nature of all form is that all forms are expressions of the transcendent God. This is what the Buddha symbolizes in this world. And thus, you cannot fully understand the Buddha without understanding the Divine Feminine, as so beautifully explained throughout this conference by various masters. For the Buddha does not represent the Father figure of God, as that Father has been portrayed by the male dominated religions.

Why western people have become interested in Buddhism

The Buddha does not fit the traditional role of Father. But the Buddha does represent the transcendent God. And thus, my beloved, the reason why many people in the West have become interested in Buddhism, is because they have grown up in a monotheistic religion, that portrays God as the remote Father figure, the unreachable Father figure, and denies or largely ignores the Divine Feminine.

So people feel lost; they feel that there is something wrong with that image of God. But they have nothing to put in its stead. And thus, they look to this mysterious religion of Buddhism, which offers them a different perspective by not creating a fixed mental image of God, and not creating a culture that says, that unless you accept that image and worship that God, you will burn forever in a fiery hell.

Truly, as I have said before, some have misunderstood the teachings that I gave, and they have thought that Buddhism is a religion that does not recognize God. But the reality is that Buddhism does not operate with a God that fits the traditional male image of God. But certainly, Buddhism is through and through a movement, a philosophy, that recognizes the existence of a transcendent Being that is beyond form.

The meeting of Buddha and Mother

Thus, as we say in the invocations, when the Buddha and the Mother meet, well then, the force of darkness they will defeat. For, you see, my beloved, when the Divine Feminine is understood, as it has been taught to you, then you see the oneness of the Divine Feminine and the transcendent God. And thus, the Buddha and the Mother have met, have become One, have become seen as the One God that is not divided, and thus can have no separation in its Being. Save the separation created in the minds of individual beings, as they exercise their free will.

This, then, is the illusion that I came to shatter, so many years ago. It is the illusion that Jesus came to shatter, that Krishna came to shatter. For truly, we are expressions of the Spirit of Truth, that have taken on various forms in various societies—expressing ourselves in a form, that we thought would potentially appeal to the people who were stuck in a particular world view, in a particular mental box. And thus, we recognize – and we have always recognized – that due to the nature of the material universe, in its current form, it is not possible to give forth an ultimate spiritual teaching or philosophy. And therefore, we are never seeking to bring forth the ultimate, the one absolute truth that will replace all other religions.

No, my beloved, we are always seeking to shatter the mental boxes that people have at the time. And then, as humankind grows in awareness, well, then they raise their consciousness somewhat. But, as long as they are still trapped in duality, even their raised awareness will cause them to create another mental box. As you saw when people in Europe escaped, or at least partially escaped, the mental box created by the Catholic Church during the middle ages. They used science as a means to escape that mental box, but, then immediately started using science to create another mental box. And thus, we are always playing the game of coming into form, to shatter whatever mental box is holding people back at the time.

Shattering the mental box of the male God

Right now, one of the most important mental boxes to shatter is the tendency in the West to ignore or deny the Divine Mother and the importance of the Divine Feminine. Thus, it is my privilege and my joy to seal this conference. And to let you know, again, that you have indeed attained the goal that we set for this conference. You have created an impetus, a major surge of energy, that will shatter part of that mental box. And therefore, it will give people the opportunity to choose a new vision, a new way of looking at the Divine Feminine, in both men and women—recognizing the true nature of the Divine Feminine and how it must be raised up in both men and women. So that both men and women find the balance between the masculine and feminine in their beings, thereby attaining their full potential.

Thus, I, Gautama, congratulate you. I extend our gratitude to you. And I seal you in the great joy of the Buddha’s heart. For my beloved, when you know the essential nature of all things, you know that God is not an angry God in the sky. God is the happy God, the joyful God, who is in a constant state of bliss. And when you realize the essential nature of yourself, you connect to that bliss. And it is indeed my great hope, my great joy, my great vision, that we will eventually bring forth teachings and tools that will empower people to touch the hem of the Buddha’s garment, and thus touch the bliss that is the Buddha. For, as the Buddha for earth, I do indeed represent to earth that flame of eternal bliss.

My Beloved, reach out with your heart and touch the hem of the Buddha’s garment, and allow your being to be filled with the Buddha’s bliss. Thus, I seal you in that bliss, and I ask you to meditate to the music, but to go beyond the music and touch my heart, my blissful heart.


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