True service means acceleration into unity

TOPICS: Stepping up to a higher vision of service – Understanding the Alpha and the Omega of service – We want earth to rise above conflicts and disasters – Service is the foundation for the Golden Age – Service and the removal of poverty – The Golden Age requires acceleration – The essential requirement for true service –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 25, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come to discourse with you on the poverty consciousness and how it relates to the sixth ray. And I come with fire and determination, for my beloved, in my previous discourses I have attempted to give you understanding, but it is necessary to give you more than understanding. It is necessary to give you a quickening, an acceleration that goes beyond the intellectual understanding. For if the intellect itself could raise the world into the kingdom of God, then surely this would already have happened—considering the amount of intellectual people that have walked this earth and taken up positions in society.

You who are the spiritual people on earth have been told that the sixth ray is the ray of ministration—of ministering to life, of giving service to life. And while this is true, I come to give you a higher understanding. For I must tell you, that there is not one amongst you who have understood the fullness and the reality of the sixth ray, and what it means to give service to life. You have all adopted – through subtle means coming from the culture – a view of the sixth ray that is distinctly anti-service—that is even anti-Christ. And that – precisely – springs from the mechanization consciousness that I spoke about yesterday.

Stepping up to a higher vision of service

My Beloved, what does it mean to give service to life? You have all come to believe, that when you are serving someone, you are being somewhat passive, you are helping them according to their need, the need that you see as a physical manifestation. But the true need of people is not to have some human, or bodily or worldly need fulfilled. The true need of people is to have an acceleration, so that they are awakened to their lack of vision, and so that they can see beyond the separate self—the separate self that has these worldly needs.

Thus, you need to step up to the realization, that there is service and there is SERVICE. There is worldly service, mechanical service, and there is spiritual service, creative service. You will not serve life in an ultimate capacity by fulfilling people’s outer needs through mechanical means. You will give ultimate service to life only – ONLY – if you step up your vision of service, to where you realize that you need to accelerate people beyond their current needs—instead of simply seeking to fulfill those needs.

When you seek to fulfill people’s needs, even the needs of the poor, the infirm or the sick, you are enabling them to stay in the consciousness that has precipitated their outer physical condition. This is an essential realization, and I, Saint Germain, have come this day to literally draw a line in the sand and say: “Those who are not willing to accelerate their vision of service, should no longer count themselves students of the ascended masters!”

So from this day forward, I want all of you – who call yourself students of the ascended masters – to step up to a higher vision of service, a higher love, a higher power, where you realize, that in order to give true service, you must have that balance of love and power, so you simply do not go out and serve with a passivity of love, human love. But you go out with the power of God and say, “What is the situation here, what is the spiritual, psychological cause of it, and what needs to be done to accelerate these people out of their current limitations, out of their current state of consciousness. So that they can begin to co-create a better situation through the mind of Christ, instead of the current situation that they have co-created through the mind of anti-Christ, through the mind of duality, through the mechanization consciousness.”

Understanding the Alpha and the Omega of service

My Beloved, if you will take a look at the world, you will see that there are many organizations in this world who are centered around giving service to those who have some kind of lack. Take for example the Red Cross, which goes out to disasters or wars and administers medical aid to those in need. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with doing this, for when there is a need, someone must fulfill that need, and this is indeed the Omega expression of service. But what I want to draw to your attention here is that if service is centered only on the Omega – only on the love that becomes passive, always adapting to situations in the world – then that service is not ultimate service. For it will not change conditions in the world.

Surely, it is a worthy goal to give humanitarian aid when there is a war, but if you do nothing to change the collective consciousness to avoid future wars, then you have only given a half service. And I can tell you exactly what will happen as a result of this kind of service. The Red Cross might be a world-wide organization that has great resources, but I can assure you, that if humankind does not make a serious effort in the coming decade to overcome the consciousness of war, then you will see so many conflicts and so many wars that no organization – including the Red Cross, including all the rich nations in the world – can administer humanitarian aid to the different crises that will spring up around the world.

For you see, my beloved, service that is focused on the Omega aspect – and passively adapts to the conditions in the world – has become a closed system, and it will become subject to the second law of thermodynamics that will cause that system to break down. Thus precipitating so many of the situations that the service is meant to administer unto, that there is not enough resources to do the work. And why is this so? It is so precisely because those people who are involved with humanitarian aid, such as the Red Cross, have lulled themselves to sleep—into a thinking that by doing this humanitarian service, they are doing enough, they are doing their share for humankind and thus they do not need to do any more. But I come to tell you, that all people on this planet who are involved in any kind of charitable work—I come to bring them the light of the Great Central sun, to challenge you to step up to a higher view of service, where you realize that giving this kind of service simply is not enough.

We want earth to rise above conflicts and disasters

For my beloved, we of the ascended masters do not desire to see this planet continue on its current track, where you have more and more conflicts, more and more natural disasters. We desire to see this planet accelerate beyond those disasters and those conflicts. But this can only happen, when there is an acceleration in consciousness, and as we have said over and over again, that acceleration in consciousness must start with the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people.

The top 10 percent are often the people who are involved in some kind of humanitarian service, because they have the higher awareness, they have accelerated their vision, as I spoke about in my last discourse, to look beyond the separate self, to see the need to do something for others, to see the need do something for the world. But they have not stepped up to the ultimate view of service, and therefore they think it is enough to simply administer unto the needs and the problems you see in the world—without doing something to change those problems by changing the consciousness that precipitates the same problems over and over again.

If these people are not willing to listen to divine direction – coming from spiritual teachings or from their own higher selves – then they must simply enter the school of hard knocks. They must see, that the problems they are trying to administer unto will accelerate to the point, where they do not have the resources—and therefore will finally break down and say: “There must be a different way, we must do something more, we must change our approach.” This is again the school of hard knocks, as opposed to the school of divine direction. And I wish that all those who are in the top 10 percent – all those people out there who are very loving, who are very kind, who have a good understanding of the need to serve others – would simply accelerate, would simply step up and realize that MORE is needed.

It is essential – absolutely essential – for the bringing in of the Golden Age, that the top 10 percent begin to realize, that giving service to life does not mean that you give service according to the current need. For if you do this, you can spend your life energy for the rest of this lifetime – and for an indefinite number of future lifetimes, however many you have left before the clock runs up – giving service without changing anything and without actually bringing the Golden Age closer to manifestation.

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