Transforming the nations of the Soviet block

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, June 20, 2015, during a conference in Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come because, again, the call compels the answer. I am grateful to have been provided a platform here in this country of Estonia. My message is not only for this country but part of my message is especially for this country of Estonia.

The Estonian spiritual flame

We have before talked about how Estonia carries a Love flame, not only among the three Baltic countries but in all of this region of Eastern and Northern Europe. I know that when you, as Estonians, look at yourselves and your nation, you often find this difficult to believe. Some have indeed read what we have said before and rejected it because they don’t see how the Estonian people can be seen as “being loving.” But perhaps I can help you understand that the rough façade that you see in yourself – the rough sense of humor, the silence, the lack of openness – is a defense mechanism. It covers over the inner softness, the inner tenderness, that has been put down for so long, for so many generations, that you dare not acknowledge it or express it for the fear of what will happen when you are put down once again.

Surely, “the child who has been burned shuns the fire,” as the old saying goes, and therefore you can see entire nations (Estonia certainly not being the only one) where the people have for so long had to suppress the spiritual flame that they carry, that they dare not even acknowledge it in themselves. I truly wish there was a way to reach into people’s hearts and help them discover the flame that burns there. I, of course, see that flame. I see the unique beauty of it. I see this for every nation, but given that I am speaking here, I see the unique beauty of the flame burning in the hearts of the Estonian people. I also see that this flame burns in the hearts of many of the people who live in Estonia but who do not always feel as Estonians because they come from a Russian heritage.

Russians in the Baltic countries

You need to ask: “Why did those particular people from Russia or their ancestors get settled here?” Is it not reasonable to assume, my beloved, that it was because something in their heart flame resonated with the heart flame of the Estonian people? When you begin to recognize this, perhaps you can also begin to see what is the way out of the current tension that so many in the Baltic countries and the other Eastern European countries feel. Especially in the Baltic countries we have the issue of many people from a Russian heritage living in those three countries. With the current tension with Russia, of course, there is concern about what is going to happen and of course the people of a Russian heritage are feeling somewhat ostracized by the rest of the population in their countries.

What is the only real way to deal with a situation like this? The only real way is to look beyond the outer differences and to acknowledge that even though you come from different countries (different religions, different races, different ethnic groups, different nationalities) you can still have a resonance of your heart flames when you recognize the resonance in yourself.

You can feel when your heart flame resonates with the heart flame of someone else and then, if you make a switch with the outer mind, suddenly the outer differences no longer matter. They are not obstacles that prevent you from communicating or finding solutions. You see beyond them and you can communicate and you can find solutions despite the outer differences.

My beloved, I talked at the conference in Holland about the wisdom of the Mother. The wisdom of the Mother can be a delicate balance to find; this I acknowledge. When you find it, you see that there comes a point where you have to look at a certain situation and you have to acknowledge that this problem will not go away: “This particular situation, this issue, will not just vanish into thin air. It doesn’t matter how much we pray, how much we wish, how much we decree, the issue will not go away. We have to find a more constructive way to deal with the issue without resisting it.”

You have in the three Baltic countries a large population of Russian origin or descent. They are not going to disappear. You who are the native people in these countries have to acknowledge this, stop resisting, stop wishing that the problem would go away. Then, you have to find a more constructive way to deal with this so that the Russian part of your population does not become an inroad for the aggressive forces behind Putin and the current Russian government to interfere with your nations.

I will not give you specifics for how you deal with this because each country needs to decide based on your own mindset and tradition. I will say that you need to find a way to break down, in your own minds, the separation between Russian and non-Russian. In practical terms, you may also have to find a way to give people citizenship without certain requirements, such as language.

This situation is not just an aggression from the outside coming towards your nations. It is to some degree precipitated because after more than twenty years of being free from the Soviet yoke, you still have not been willing to face this issue of what to do with the Russians living in your countries. I say again, from the ascended master level we do not look at people as Russians or Estonians or Latvians or Lithuanians. We look at human beings as our spiritual brothers and sisters. We see your heart flame, we see beyond these outer characteristics that so often divide you. Therefore, we see that the only practical and spiritual way is that people start acknowledging their heart flame and learning to feel when it resonates with someone else and then use that inner resonance to look beyond the outer differences.

This will give you a different perspective on a situation that seems to have no solution.  Suddenly, when your focus shifts just a few degrees, you will begin to see, not an absolute or final solution but you will begin to see the next step that will move you in a positive direction. When you take that step, then you will see the next-and the next-and the next.

Each nation has a Divine plan

This is how it works on your individual spiritual path. My beloved, we have told you about a Divine plan and before you come into embodiment, you meet with your spiritual, your ascended, teachers and you create a life plan for this lifetime: What you want to learn, what you need to experience in order to see things in your psychology and what your service is, what you can bring as your gift to this planet.

There is nobody who has, at a certain age, seen the totality of their Divine plan. This is not how you grow. You grow by making a decision based on what you see today. When you make that decision and you are willing to learn from the decision and seek an inner perspective, an inner direction, then you see the next step on your path. Only when you take that next step, will you then see the one coming after that. This is how the path works.

This is also how the paths of nations work. If you individually have a spiritual path, does it not stand to reason that each nation also has a spiritual path. For each group of people, whether they form an actual nation or a group within a nation, they are on a collective path. How do you learn as individuals? By interacting with other people. How do you learn the most? By interacting with people who are in some way different from yourself.

There are some nations who have in their collective Divine plan vowed to interact with certain other people. You may think that the Soviet occupation of the three Baltic countries was forced upon those nations from without. You may think that the re-settlement of Russians in those three nations was forced upon you from without, but it was something that you had collectively agreed to as part of your national Divine plans. This was not only for your own growth but also for the growth of the Russians who settled here, who gain a different perspective than they could ever get from staying in Russia. You are in a way educating the Russians in how to be less Russian. But they are also educating you in how to be less Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian. If you find a positive way to interact, then you will all educate each other on how to be more of what you are, not less of what you are not.

Of course, the Russians are not Russians no matter how strong their national sense of identity is. I speak directly into the collective consciousness of Russia and Russians everywhere: “You are not Russians! You are the Sons and Daughters of God! You are my beloved children! Stop acting like you want to be so different from my other children that you cannot get along with them!”

Ascended master love

We love all human beings with an infinite and unconditional love.  We do not love some people more or less than others. In infinity and unconditionality the concepts of more or less have no meaning. You understand that even the words “infinite” and “unconditional” are not really the correct words because no word can carry the vibration of our love. When we speak in words, we have to find some word that comes close to carrying the meaning.

Our love is so beyond human love that it is the ultimate transformative experience to experience the love of an ascended master. Truly, I wish I could give this experience to all people. We seek to give it through our dictations, through our teachings. We seek to give it to you individually when you give our decrees and invocations or when you find that moment of silence where you just let the mind rest. You let the thoughts fall away, you let the outer worries and concerns fall from you, at least for a moment, and you are just open to receive it.

Surely, at a certain stage of the spiritual path you cannot be open because you would open yourself up to lower forces. Therefore, you need to go through a period where you invoke protection. You call for yourself to be cut free; you call for the transformation of the energies that pull your attention into the astral plane or wherever. There does come a point where you have walked the path long enough, you have applied the teachings. Instead of always being focused on doing something or decreeing or this or that, you need to make time once in a while for just silence, just openness; not to get a direction, not to get an answer, not to have some heavenly voice speak to you. The less intention or expectation you have, the more open you are, the more likely it is that you will just experience love and nothing else.

Once you experience the love, then all of these other things; it is not that they fall away, it is not that they become unimportant, but it is that you see them in a different perspective. They no longer dominate your life; they no longer control your minds, your thinking or your feelings. They are just aspects of life that you can deal with without being fully involved with them. You can be in the world but not of the world.

The Estonian people and the Middle Way

As Archangel Michael said, you need to make your own decisions, but everything can be taken to an imbalanced state. You can have people who do not want to make decisions, and that is the one dualistic polarity. You can have the other, of people always in the mindset of doing something, having to make decisions, having to plan, having to change something—and they don’t have a moment for silence.

The Buddha talked about the Middle Way, which is not in between but beyond. It transcends both the polarities and what is in the midpoint between them; it transcends the scale. This, the Estonian people actually have a potential to realize. When you realize that you can express that love flame (you can dare to acknowledge it in yourselves), you can dare to let the rough outer facade (the sense that you are somehow primitive, that you are a little unpolished, not quite as civilized as some nations), you can let this fall away as being completely unimportant. My beloved, I see your heart flames. I do not see them as being less sophisticated compared to the heart flames of the people in any other nation. I see the same in Latvia and Lithuania, in Poland and Hungary and Czechoslovakia (or the former Czechoslovakia), in Romania, in Ukraine, in Russia.

You see, my beloved, would you not throw away an old overcoat when it was worn, and it had holes all over and it would rain right through? Maybe you would really like the coat and you will be a little sentimental about it, but after a while wouldn’t you get over the loss and feel much better in your new coat? Well, that is what you can do with this leftover from the past. All of the nations who were part of the Soviet block have tremendous records of unresolved energy.

We, of course, look to the spiritual people to make the calls for these to be dissolved and consumed. There comes that point of a conscious decision where you look at this, you look at your national background and your culture, and you see that certain things were developed only as a defence mechanism. They really do not serve you as a spiritual person, and therefore you decide to throw away that overcoat for yourself. By doing so, you make it easier for other people in your nation to do the same and that is how the whole progresses. Everyone is lifted up.

Now, you may say: “How can I, one person, how can just a few people affect an entire nation?” But you are not alone, affecting the entire nation, my beloved. What is pulling up a nation? We are the ascended masters, we are pulling up but we need someone in physical embodiment to be the anchor point, to be the open door. We need to have something to pull on. There needs to be a small percentage of people in a certain group, in a certain population, who are willing to be open about their relationship to the ascended masters, who are willing to work on their personal relationship. We can pull you up directly and thereby through your ties to those in your family and other people you meet in society, the whole is pulled up. You don’t have the power to pull up your nation but you don’t need the power, if you allow us to pull you up by you being willing to let go of the old.

Nations from the Soviet block

Be willing to look – and I speak to all of the nations who were part of the Soviet block – be willing to look at your national history and identity. Be willing, as the spiritual people, to try to identify what is your national self-image. Do you see yourselves as victims, as many of those who were part of the former Soviet block did and still do? Do you see yourselves as victims of an outer force?

Do you have a sense that there is no point in us really making decisions or determining our own destiny because we cannot? We never know when something bad is going to happen from the outside that is going to overrule all the decisions we make. This kind of consciousness you can look at as spiritual people. You can identify it, you can make the calls on it. You can, first of all, look at it in yourself, how has this has affected your life, how this has affected your self-image, the way you look at yourself, your worthiness of what you can and cannot do. Look at it and then throw away that old coat.

Let it go into the fire of Archangel Michael, the fire of Astrea, the fire of Saint Germain. Let it just burn, as you shortly will see the wood burn in the midsummer fires. Go to these midsummer fires and then, in the coming days, meditate with me on what is your national identity. Then, as you look at the fire, visualize how you take that national identity, that old overcoat, and you throw it on the bonfire and you watch it be consumed by the physical flames. Behind it you watch the spiritual flames consume it in all four octaves of the physical realm.

A few spiritual people can change a nation

My beloved, so much service can be performed by a few spiritual people who identify these national mindsets and will decide to let them go. You would not believe the effect this can have on a nation. There are examples from history, my beloved, where one person shifting his or her consciousness has changed the equation for an entire nation because other people saw it, saw that there was an alternative. They suddenly saw the limitations they had been putting upon themselves and they also let go of the old overcoat.

My beloved, you are enough people in this room to change the nation of Estonia. It does not take so many. In fact, one person can, as I said, change an entire nation. I do not say this to over-inflate your egos because, again, you know what the ego does and you see how the ego works. You also need to see the opposite polarity of the ego that always wants to put you down and make you not acknowledge your potential as a spiritual being in embodiment. That potential is to work with the ascended masters so that we can provide the power that you do not have. You provide us the open door that we do not have in any other way than people using their free will and being willing to change themselves first, rather than focusing on forcing other people to change, as so many people do.

I do not want to put a burden upon you, my beloved. I do not want you to feel obligated or feel that this is so important that now you have to go out and be frustrated about how you do this. I just want you to realize how much of a service you can give by shifting your own consciousness gradually and by finding a way to have that inner silence where you just experience our love. There is a service that is active and outgoing. It is important, but there is also the inner service that is often not recognized because the outer mind sees it as passive and therefore not as valuable. It is equally valuable to have that inner experience and some of you know this because you know how to do this. You have already found your own way to be silent and you hold a balance, and many times you do not dare to acknowledge how valuable this is.

I say again: Meditate on your own heart flame, meditate on the heart flame of your nation and all of the people living in your nation. Then, by just experiencing the heart flame, letting it shine through you, you are actually helping to shift the consciousness of your nation upwards. Other people will discover it. Maybe they will discover it through song and dance. Many people have already found it through song and dance in Estonia and the other Baltic nations.

By a few spiritual people being more conscious of this, you can help shift these people into a more intense experience, a more conscious recognition. Then, within a short period of time, a nation can dare to be more bold in acknowledging: “We have something to offer on the world stage. We do not need to hide this behind this rough outer facade, we can dare to acknowledge who we are and be who we are.”

How do you ascend? By daring to acknowledge who you are as a spiritual being and that is all I really want for any of you. With this, I seal you in the love of the mother that transcends any love on earth.


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