Transcending the sense of hopelessness

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea through Kim Michaels, October 10, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

I AM the Ascended Master the Elohim Astrea. Since I am on the Fourth Ray of Purity, it has often been my job, as Sanat Kumara said about himself several times, to be the cosmic garbage collector, the one who comes and cleans up the mess that human beings have created when they cry out for deliverance from that self-created mess.

The sense of hopelessness

We realize that the messages we give at a conference like this can be somewhat sobering, especially for people who might be new and not so familiar with our teachings. It might seem like there are so many problems in America that it is almost hopeless to do anything about it. Those of you who are more experienced with our teachings know, of course, that we only bring a problem to your attention when you can do something about it, by making the calls, holding the vision, and so forth. Yet what I want to address here is a certain energy, a certain state of consciousness, that has crept into the American collective consciousness now for some years. It is a certain sense of being overwhelmed, not being able to see a way out, not being able to see what can be done about the problems that seem to be getting more and more serious, with no end in sight.

Now, this messenger recently read a story about Russians who were leaving Russia because they did not want to fight in Putin’s war. He took note of the fact that one of these people said that his reason for leaving was that they could not do anything about their own country. They had tried but nothing worked. This is, of course, a defeatist attitude. Many, many Russians have this after so many years of the Soviet Union, and Putin has made use of this to make it seem even more impossible for them to change the country. That is why so many have left.

Yet what I am seeking to point out here is that this kind of defeatist attitude is not a traditional American mindset. America traditionally has more of the can-do attitude: “Yes, we can do this, we can overcome this obstacle, we can move forward, we can clear this problem.” What you actually see has happened here is that more and more Americans are starting to drift into this sense of hopelessness. They sense that there is nothing that they can do to change things. You have the saying in America “You can’t fight city hall,” and many people are starting to feel that also about the federal government. This is, of course, not constructive in a democracy in general, but certainly not in America, which has such a tradition for being innovative, for transcending problems, for experimenting with new things and always finding a way around the obstacles. What I come to offer you is my assistance in shattering this matrix, binding these beasts, these demons, these entities, that are invading people’s minds and giving them this sense of hopelessness that leads them to feel what? Anger. Anger and frustration. They are looking for someone to blame. They are looking for a scapegoat.

Now I know that other masters have talked extensively about Trump and the Trump presidency. But I want to add here that Donald Trump actually did more than any single person in recent years to spread this sense that Americans cannot do anything about certain issues. From even when he ran for President, he talked about the deep state, the swamp, like there was some big, unseen government entity that nobody could do anything about. He promised to do something about it if he got elected. But when he got elected, well, what did he actually do?

The essence of conspiracy theories

Well, what could he do? He could have focused on some real, practical problems, and he did to some degree.But he could not do anything about this unknown entity that does not really exist except in people’s minds. But what did you then see when he did not win the election? Well, he blamed it on this unseen entity, this deep state, this system that had stolen the election away from him. Many of those who followed him, they took in this energy of the hopelessness, and therefore they are still, many of them, in this state of anger, blaming their own government. They do not really know who they are blaming. Certainly the Democrats and Antifa, and the current President becomes an outlet. But if they really thought about it, they could not really define who they are blaming, who is the deep state.

This is the essence of many conspiracy theories. There is this secret society that is running things behind the facade. But the nature of a secret society is that it is secret, it is unseen. How can you ever come to see it? How can you ever do anything about it? Which is precisely why conspiracy theories are made up, so that they can make people feel hopeless. Discouragement is the greatest tool in the devil’s toolkit, and many Americans have become discouraged.

Astrea’s offer

Now, we have given you many teachings that it would be better that people directed their anger against the power elite, demanded changes to many of these systems, and realize that this must go beyond the political divide because neither the Republicans nor the Democrats alone can do anything about this. That requires an entirely new approach that crosses the divide in the political spectrum, because that divide is created and magnified by the power elite. What I come to offer is my assistance for those of you who see this as a concern, for those of you who have time to do something about it. Give my decrees and make specific calls for me to shatter this cloud of hopelessness, this cloud of the can’t-do attitude, and bind these demons, these entities, these collective beasts, and shatter it, shatter the matrix behind it, the thought matrix behind it.

America is, despite the many problems we have made you aware of, not on the brink of disaster. America is moving forward towards the golden age. This can be seen in many different areas, with many new innovations, many new thoughts, many people who are opening their minds to new ideas. America is not a lost cause. The situation in America is not hopeless. But unfortunately many Americans cannot see this because they suffer from a condition that we might call the internet addiction.

Co-creating through the chakras

We have explained about chakras. We have explained that chakras are portals for energy and that energy can move in both directions. What is it you do as a co-creator? We have said you formulate a matrix in the mind, you are projecting that matrix upon the Ma-ter light, but how are you projecting the matrix? Through what are you projecting the matrix? Well, through your chakras. When you are co-creating a condition, the light you receive from your I AM Presence is directed out through the chakras. This creates a certain sensation in the chakras that is, for lack of a better word, pleasurable. It is enjoyable for you to feel the release of the light through the chakras. This is what happens when you are co-creating. But many people have gone into the duality consciousness, where you in most cases are not actually co-creating, you are reacting. Instead of being in a co-creative frame of mind, where you are constantly directing out from your mind, you are reacting to conditions.

Addiction to the websites that lower your energies

What happens is that many Americans and, of course, many people around the world have gotten so used to going on the internet and locking into pages that give them something that stimulates their minds. When their minds are stimulated, they release light through their chakras, and this gives them a certain pleasurable sensation. Unfortunately that light often goes to dark forces in the astral plane, entities, demons, collective beasts, but the feeling of energy moving out of the chakra is much the same, or at least close to, what you feel when you are co-creating. This can give people some sense of pleasure, even some sense of meaning, for they are doing something. But what you can see in many people is that this has become obsessive-compulsive. This has become an addiction. It is not just a matter of pornography. It is also a matter of going on, for example, conspiracy websites or other websites that present this doom-and-gloom picture that there are so many problems, there are all these things going on, and there is nothing you can do about it. You sit there, you are stimulated by all of this information, and you feel the light released through your chakras. Then after it is released, you feel a low. Then in your daily life you feel a low because you are depleted of energy. You think you have to go on that website again and read some more so you can again have this sense that at least something is happening.

This has become an addiction for many, many Americans and, of course, people around the world who have to go on these websites that lower your energies. Even some ascended master students have been pulled into this. But we have given you the tools. Center in your heart, feel: “Does it raise my energies? Does it lower my energies?” If it lowers the energies, then do not partake in it, break yourself from this. But again you can also make the calls that other people are cut free from this internet addiction, this addiction to negativity, this addiction to hopelessness, a sense that nothing can be done. You have this overall sense that nothing can be done, but when the light is forced out of your chakras, you feel you are doing something. You do not connect that the low you feel later was caused by the fact that the light was released in an unbalanced manner. People keep doing this day after day, hour after hour, taking in all of this stuff, listening to the radio, watching TV, where they are again stimulated with all of this negativity, all of these problems. They become addicted to it.

There are people who are addicted to certain television channels, certain radio programs, where you have these hosts that promote all of these conspiracy theories, negative things, and then sell their products to people who are scared into this defeatist state of mind, thinking the world is going to come to an end next week so they better stock up on all of these supplies. This is an entire industry in the United States that is fed by a huge beast, and you can, of course, make calls that I will bind this beast. I will do so as you authorize me to do it with your calls. This can have the effect of cutting more and more people free from this so they get over it, so they come to the realization: “But this doesn’t really do anything for me. I just feel worse and worse when I go on these websites and take this into my mind. I’ve got to find another way to approach life. I’ve got to find something else.” Most will not find an ascended master teaching, but they find something else positive and constructive.

The realistic optimism of the ascended masters

You have a movement in the United States where people who are not traditional politicians are running for office. You have several Congress men and women, who have been elected in the last election, who are not what you would call politicians but who are people who decided that they wanted to see if they could challenge the political system and bring something new. There are many, many initiatives, many, many things in the United States that are pointing forward, pulling the nation forward towards the golden age. It is by no means a hopeless situation.

We are, of course, not only optimists. We are realists because we see that the dark forces are losing the battle. They always get frantic, they always panic, and then they throw everything at people that they possibly can in this frantic hope that they can turn the situation around, like Putin is doing now in Ukraine. They always panic and think: “If I can just push hard enough, I will win.” But you see, once you have started losing, it is because you were pushing in the first place, and your use of force generated the counterforce that you cannot overcome. So no matter how hard you push, you just generate more of a counterforce, and you cannot overcome it. That is why Hitler was defeated. That is why the Soviet Union was eventually defeated. That is why all of these dictators and warriors that you see in the past, these conquerors, eventually ran out of steam because they ran into the return current from the matter realm, and they could not defeat it.

That is why we are realists. We know this mechanism, we have seen it over and over again outplay itself, and therefore we know that this planet is moving step by step towards the Golden Age of Saint Germain. It is a certainty that the golden age will manifest. It is only a matter of when and what exact path it will take before it manifests. Nevertheless, it is a certainty, and we hope that you who are direct students can lock into that realistic optimism that we have, that certainty we have, and therefore not be so disturbed by these outer events.

We understand that they are disturbing to most people, and that there is upheaval in the collective consciousness, and that there are some people even outside America who also feel that sense of hopelessness: “What can be done?” But you can go back in time to any time, any crisis, especially where it is more obvious, and there have always been people who thought: “This is the end. This is hopeless. We cannot get out of this situation. Nothing can be done.” Then still something shifted, the planet moved on, society moved on, and new solutions came into focus. Now nobody remembers what happened in 1929 or in 1914 or in 1939 and all of these crisis points in history.

You who are students, consider making the choice, making the conscious choice to focus on this, focus on the progress, focus on the positive. You can still make calls for the many issues we are asking you to make calls on, but you do not need to be pulled into the negativity. On the contrary, when you are making calls on something, do you not think it works?

How making the calls works

I know some of you have asked: “Well, with all the decrees that have been made on the situation in Ukraine, why hasn’t the war stopped?” But we have explained this: Things take time. Look at how the war is going, look at how Russia is being pushed back. Do you not think your calls had an influence on this? Realize one thing here, this is what we have been trying to tell you for a very long time. What happens in the physical octave is a reflection of what happens in the identity, mental and emotional realms. A chain starts in the identity, filters into the mental, then into the emotional and then into the physical. This takes time. When you make a call, you are in physical embodiment, you are sending it up, and then there is the return current. But everything works within the constraints of free will and the collective consciousness and people’s individual willingness to raise their consciousness. We cannot instantly answer your call because we are working with this very complex system. But you can rest assured that when you make a call, the call compels the answer.

There is immediately the start of a return current through the identity, mental, emotional and eventually into the physical. This may not take the exact form of what you are calling for, or what you have in your mind when you are calling, but the return current is there. Many times we have seen students who became discouraged because they had made the calls for some time, but now they decided in their minds that this was the time limit, if they had not seen a manifestation of results by now, then they were not going to get it. So they were going to give up, perhaps even become negative towards the whole idea of making calls. In many cases these students gave up just before there would have been a physical manifestation. Other students have given up after there was a physical manifestation, but it was not exactly what they envisioned. So they did not see it. They did not acknowledge it. What we are hoping you can step up to realize is when you give an invocation or a decree, there is a result. It is a return current of energy from us that filters down. Even if there is no visible effect at the physical level, there is an effect at the three higher levels.

Now, we have said before that once things have crossed over into the physical, there is a certain cycle they have to be allowed to cycle through in many cases. This means that you can have a certain problem, such as the war, you are making the calls, but first of all it takes time for that return current to reach the physical. Even in the physical there is a certain momentum that takes time to overcome. Then, of course, there is the other aspect, which is that everything is a teaching device for having people see the consequences of their actions and the need to change. This again can take time. As we have said, this war is an opportunity for the Russian people to see something they have not been willing to see, but also for the Ukrainian people and for the people in democratic nations. We have given teachings on this several times, what people need to see. Again sometimes we are holding back the result from becoming physical because people have not learned the lesson. But the result is still filtering through the three higher minds, which makes it easier for people to learn the lesson. This can greatly shorten the time that it takes for a certain problem to be overcome.

The need for instant gratification

Back in the 1930s and the early 1940s, many, many students of the I AM movement gave decrees concerning World War II. They did not have an immediate effect. This war was such a huge endeavor that it could not be stopped immediately. But if the I AM students had not given their decrees, the war would have lasted two and a half years longer than it did. That is a very large number of people killed that were now spared because of the decrees. Had there been more people giving decrees, it could have been shortened further, but it could not have been shortened beyond a certain point. Sometimes things need to unfold in the physical for people to see what they have not been willing to see in other ways. When you know this, when you realize this, you can avoid being discouraged and accept that the call does compel the answer, but the answer is not always what you envision or desire to see with the outer mind.

This messenger was feeling some of the decrees and invocations you have given, and he felt the flow from the spiritual realm through the Holy Spirit flowing through him. He realized that he had been feeling this since he first started giving decrees now many years ago. He realized that this had always been enough for him, for when he felt the flow, he knew that the decrees had an effect. You can, of course, adopt this attitude of realizing that the flow of energy will have an effect. It cannot fail to have an effect. But it may not be what your outer mind would like to see at the exact same time you would like to see it. This is a general tendency in the modern world. People, because they all carry a little piece of plastic in their wallets that they can pull out and buy whatever they want and get it right now, have become almost addicted to instant gratification.

You who are spiritual students, why would you be addicted to instant gratification? Your goal, if you have understood our teachings, is to work on your ascension, which you know takes time, possibly the rest of this lifetime or further lifetimes. You have a long-term goal. Why would you be impatient about your decrees having an instant effect? What did Jesus say? “In your patience possess ye your souls.” Certainly this is an important thing to keep in mind for spiritual students. You do not become attached to outer results. You do not become discouraged if you do not get the results your outer mind expects. If you feel this is a problem for you, use our tools to unmask that separate self and let it die so that you can have peace of mind. What you are doing here is the work of the ages. It is not the work of the instant. You cannot expect instant results on the spiritual path. It is not realistic. But you can expect that the results will manifest regardless of appearances in the material realm.

With this I have given you the impetus, the momentum, the energy, that I wanted to give you, and I hope it will help some of you shatter that sense of discouragement or hopelessness that you might feel. You can step up to feeling what other masters have talked about: the joy, the joy of knowing, as Master MORE has said, we were winning from the beginning. We are winning, for this is no longer the beginning. I seal you in the Fourth Ray of Purity, the joy of purity, for when you feel purity, how can you not be joyful? Lack of joy is an impurity that cannot exist in a flame of purity. Be sealed in the presence of the Elohim Astrea.


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