Transcending the Daily Grind

TOPICS: The enthusiasm of discovering the Path – The challenge of the daily grind – How the mind gradually accepts norms – The dynamics of a downward spiral –  How invoking light can become a norm – Earth is sustained by spiritual light – Become the open door for light – A sense of co-measurement – How the light from Christmas affects earth – Using decrees release much more light – There is no wasted effort – Where is the Spirit? – The Catholic Church produces negative energy – Reconnect to your enthusiasm – Exceed your image of the masters – Shine your light  –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 25, 2014 through Kim Michaels

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come on this Christmas morning to talk to you about a topic that most of you know quite well, but you are not always as fully conscious of it as I wish you were. That is why I want to give you some words that might stay with you and might help you to counteract one of the greatest oppositions to your spiritual growth.

I have, myself, been in physical embodiment on planet earth. I was in my last lifetime a housewife with several children. I lived at a time when you did not have the many timesaving technological wonders that women have in the kitchen today—or men for that matter, too, if they venture into the kitchen. I know well how it was to be in embodiment at my time. You may think that was a long time ago, but when you ascend, time ceases to exist.

I can as easily remember how it was for me to be in embodiment 2,000 years ago, as I can tune in to how it is for you to be in embodiment today. Back then, I was extremely busy doing everyday chores just to get the family life working. I know that many of you, both men and women, are extremely busy today. You do not have to do some of the very time-consuming, daily chores that we had to do 2,000 years ago, but then you have other chores that occupy your time and attention. Thus, you do not have any more free time and free attention today than we had back then. I fully understand this.

The enthusiasm of discovering the Path

I would like you to think back to the time when you first became aware that there is a spiritual path, a path that leads to a higher state of consciousness, a path that leads through stages, steps of initiations, a path that is directed by teachers that have no human, subjective interests but are only interested in helping you grow. I would like you to reconnect to the feelings you had at the time.

Most of you were not brought up with an awareness of this path. You were brought up either in a traditional religion, for most of you the Christian religion, or without having any strong religious family background. You were unaware that there is a systematic path of initiations, leading to a higher state of consciousness, and that there is a set of teachers who are not like any teachers or authority figures you have ever met on earth, for the ascended masters have no self-interest. We have only the larger self-interest of knowing that all life is One, and therefore, there is only One Self. The only way to raise ourselves, as you would say it, is to raise the All.

Many of you felt a great sense of liberation, joy, and enthusiasm when you first realized that there is an alternative to the lifestyle presented by materialism or traditional religion. You felt liberated. You felt that a new world had opened up to you. You were excited and enthusiastic about exploring that world, including studying the teachings and, for many of you, also practicing the tools and techniques that we have given. We have now, for not quite a century but coming close, been giving specific exercises – decrees, rosaries, and invocations – designed to help you invoke spiritual light and direct it into specific conditions in your personal lives and in the world.

I know that many of you felt this sense of enthusiasm and joy when you first became aware of these tools. I know that many of you can remember, when you think back, the contrast you first felt between your former state of consciousness and then the state of mind that you experienced after having given a certain amount of decrees or invocations. You can remember the contrast between your normal state of consciousness and the sense of having raised yourself beyond it, of having purified your energy field, getting your chakras to spin in the right direction, to spin more quickly, to let through more light.

Many of you have known how it is to walk on a wave of light, to float along with a wave of light, after having given, perhaps several hours of decrees and invocations. Many of you felt that contrast, and you felt such a joy of being free of the normal weight that burdened you that you would give invocations or decrees for hours, just for the joy of feeling that liberation from the normal heavy burden of energy that you carried.

The challenge of the daily grind

My beloved, if you remember how this felt, then I wish to make you aware of one of the greatest enemies of your spiritual growth found on earth. It is simply what we might call “the daily grind.” The human mind, the human energy field, has an ability to adjust. This is in many ways a very necessary ability. Planet earth is right now a very dark planet, compared to many of the other planets in your galaxy and beyond. It is impossible to embody here without being disturbed by the conditions that you cannot avoid knowing about. Even if you do not see them directly in your own life, you see them in the media.

This, by the way, is one big difference between today and the time when I was in embodiment 2,000 years ago. Back then, we did not know so much about what happened in the world around us, especially not far away from us. Today, you have exploded on these colorful screens all of the news from all corners of the world. You cannot fail to know what is happening on this planet, whether it be war here, conflict there, the mistreatment of children, the starvation of people, and so forth, and so on.

How do you deal with all this disturbing information? Truly, if you maintained the full sensitivity that is normal and natural for a self-aware being, then you could not stand being in embodiment on planet earth. You would be so overwhelmed by the darkness, by man’s inhumanity to man, that you could not – emotionally, mentally, spiritually – stand being in embodiment. How do you, then, survive? By using the human mind’s ability to adapt.

This ability is centered around creating a sense of what is normal. The mind, in most cases completely subconsciously, creates a definition of what is the normal state in your environment. Once you accept that this is the norm, then this gives you a sense of equilibrium. It is this sense of equilibrium that allows you to survive in a given environment.

How the mind gradually accepts norms

Most of you are not aware of this process. Most human beings on earth are not aware of this process because it all happened gradually as you grew up. Many of you cannot remember how shocked you were as young children when you were exposed to some of the shocking ways that human beings treat each other. Perhaps, you experienced it personally. Perhaps, you were abused in some ways, either physically, emotionally or mentally. Perhaps, you just heard about it by the adults talking or through the media.

Can you remember, for example, how you experienced it when you first became aware that, on this planet earth, there is a state that is considered normal by many people, and it is called war? As a spiritual being in embodiment, there is a part of you that knows that war is never normal in any environment.

Most of you have been brought up in societies where you were exposed to movies, stories, books, and comic books about war. You were given toys that somehow depicted war: weapons, guns, swords, and soldiers. You were given the impression that on earth war is part of the norm. Most of you came to accept this, and it then became part of your state of equilibrium. This was necessary because how can you live on a planet like earth without accepting that war is a possibility?

On the other hand, how can you live on a planet where war is considered part of the norm? There is something deep within you that says: “This cannot be right. There must be something wrong here.” But you do not know what it is as a child.

Even constant conflict can give a superficial sense of equilibrium

On the one hand, you have a norm that gives you a sense of equilibrium, but at a deeper level of your being, you know that this norm is not right. The question is: “Where is your personal balance between the norm that has been imposed upon you from without and what you know to be true in your heart?” If you had completely surrendered to the norm imposed from without, you would not be listening to these words or reading them. You would be a “normal human being” who would not dabble into such esoteric spiritual concepts as ascended masters.

Many people on earth have completely surrendered to the norms of their society. There are even societies where people consider it completely normal to see themselves as being in a constant, existential conflict with other groups of people. Surely, you can mention the Middle East, but are there not many other situations where two groups of people have been locked in conflict for so long that both sides consider this normal?

Even though the people on both sides are in a constant state of agitation, this still gives them a sense of equilibrium, a sense that they know how life works in their environment. Strange as it may seem, even a state of constant conflict can give people a sense of equilibrium. If the conflict was removed, they would actually feel disturbed, compared to the relative sense of equilibrium they have now.

The dynamics of a downward spiral

This brings us to the topic that we have talked about in various books and dictations. Once the majority of the people on a planet have gone into a downward spiral, how shall they ever escape it? The downward spiral is created because people have come to accept a norm that limits their creative abilities. These people are not being the open doors for the light from the spiritual realm. If there is not a sufficient flow of light from the spiritual realm, then the people living on a particular planet will go into a downward spiral. Sooner or later, the second law of thermodynamics, as we have called it, will destroy their civilization. This is what has happened on earth to many previous civilizations, even some that thought they would endure forever, for they were so sophisticated and so powerful.

How shall a planet escape such a downward spiral? It can happen in only one way: There must be a critical mass of individuals who are willing to challenge the norm in their society. This may happen in any number of ways, as I know that all of you have experienced this in your own personal way. Something awakened you. Something made you realize that what the people in your society and family considered normal was not normal from a higher perspective. It was not normal in the sense that this is the way things are meant to be, or this is the only way that things can be.

You were, somehow, awakened to the idea that, at least in one area of society or one area of life, change was not only possible, change was absolutely a necessity. Someone had to do something to bring change, and you felt that there was something you could do. Otherwise, you would not have been awakened from the norm that was imposed upon you as you grew up.

There are many valid ways to make a contribution to breaking the negative spiral and improving life on a planet. Many things are needed. There are millions of people in the world who have never heard about ascended masters, who have never heard about spiritual light or invoking spiritual light, but they are still making a positive contribution to challenging the downward spiral on earth and creating an upward spiral on earth. These people do not all have to hear about ascended masters or invoking light. They need to be doing exactly what they are doing.

Nevertheless, I would like to give you a vision of what might happen if more people heard about the potential to invoke spiritual light directly and consciously. My beloved, from where should they hear this? Can it come from any other source than you, the people who have already experienced invoking spiritual light? What prevents you from going out and shouting from the housetops? What prevents you from no longer hiding your light under a bushel, the light that you have invoked, the enthusiasm and the joy you felt from invoking that light?

How invoking light can become a norm

It is precisely the mechanism that I have mentioned before that is one of the greatest threats to your spiritual growth. When you first hear about the teachings of the ascended masters and when you first begin to invoke spiritual light, there is such a contrast between the state of mind you experience after invoking light and your normal state of consciousness. You have a norm that is common on earth, and suddenly you experience that by studying the teachings of the ascended masters and invoking our light, you can experience an entirely different reality that is so much brighter, freer, more joyful.

What happens as you begin to invoke light on a regular basis? Suddenly, your sense of what is normal for you begins to shift. After some time, there is no longer this contrast between your normal state of consciousness and the state you have after invoking light. This is because your general state of consciousness has been raised to a higher level, and invoking light now becomes part of your norm. Because you no longer experience the contrast, you often begin to feel that perhaps invoking light is not so great, is not so important. You no longer feel the same enthusiasm and joy. Perhaps, you slack off a little bit and do not give as many rosaries or invocations and decrees. Perhaps, you begin to think about other conditions in your life that are pressing for your attention.

I am, in no way, blaming you for this. I have been in embodiment myself and I was for long periods completely overwhelmed by my daily responsibilities. It is easy to look back and read the Bible and how I interacted with Jesus during his mission. You think that I was always in that state of consciousness, always aware, always alert, but much of the time I was just like any other housewife or any other person in embodiment: completely absorbed in daily responsibilities. I am in no way blaming you. I am just making you aware that those of you who have discovered the power of invoking light are our best hope for bringing about real change on planet earth.

Earth is sustained by spiritual light

The simple fact is that what determines the future of this planet is the amount of light that is brought through from the spiritual realm to the four octaves of the material universe: the identity, mental, emotional, and physical octaves. We of the ascended masters up here in the spiritual realm have almost unlimited amounts of light that we are willing to release to earth. We certainly have more than sufficient light to completely consume any and all of the darkness found on earth. We could, theoretically, release this in one instant, but what would be the effect of this?

The effect would be that the light would be so shattering to people’s sense of what is normal that they would not be able to withstand it. Most people would feel that their lives were completely shattered by the light, for they are so used to the darkness that it is part of their norm and it is what gives them a sense of equilibrium. The light would be so disturbing that they would not be able to handle it. This is why we are not allowed to release too much light.

As we have explained many times before, what guides the evolution of life on earth is free will, the free will of the people in embodiment. That is why the law says that, even though we have sufficient light to consume all darkness on earth, we can only release that light through the minds of people in embodiment.

Become the open door for light

You, the people in embodiment, must become the open doors whereby we can release our light into the four levels of the material universe. Only by you fulfilling this role can our light be released. Only when our light is released will the darkness be consumed and things will change and phenomena like war will no longer be possible on earth. Do you not see that we have the light that will consume all war and potential for war on this planet? This could be done, theoretically, in the blink of an eye. In practical terms, it can be done in a matter of a few, short decades, if enough people became the open doors so that the light could be released in increments.

Do you understand the wisdom of letting the light be released through the minds of people in embodiment? This ensures that the light will not be released quicker than what people can adjust to. When you become an open door for a certain amount of our light to stream through your being, you can do this only by adjusting your norm so that you can withstand the light without having your sense of equilibrium disturbed. Because all human beings are connected, if you raise your norm, it will pull up on other people as well. Even though they might be disturbed by the light, they will not be overwhelmed by it so they feel that their world view and their equilibrium has been completely shattered.

When you adjust your norm, you make it easier for other people to adjust theirs. Those who are the forerunners for raising their consciousness are really the ones who determine how quickly the collective consciousness on earth can be raised. You are the ones who determine how quickly we can consume a phenomenon such as war or poverty or disease or old age or whatever you might have that needs to be consumed by the light.

Do you see that if you lose your sense of joy and enthusiasm about knowing the teachings, knowing the path, and invoking light, then you will not be as eager or as willing to witness to others what you experience? Then, the rings in the water will not spread as quickly. More people will not be awakened so that they also can invoke light. That is why I wish to make you aware of the tendency, that we all have, to be so overwhelmed by the daily grind that we adjust our sense of norm so that we do not feel the enthusiasm and the joy that we used to feel. Therefore, we do not share it with others so easily.

A sense of co-measurement

I would like to give you a sense of co-measurement. Since the 1930’s, students of the ascended masters have been deliberately invoking spiritual light through decrees. This was sponsored by Saint Germain and his release of the violet flame, but we have for many years also given other decrees that invoke the other seven rays.

My beloved, there are several ways for you to be an open door for spiritual light. I am in no way trying to say that it is only ascended master students, who consciously use decrees, that are the open doors for spiritual light. It is not my intent to say this. There are many, many people on earth who have raised their consciousness to such a level that there is constantly a certain amount of spiritual light streaming through their four lower bodies.

Most people who are deeply religious or spiritual are the open doors for such light. Many people who are not outwardly religious or spiritual are also the open doors for light through their kindness, their caring, and their compassion. Their willingness to help others, their willingness to raise the all in a positive way without using force or violence, this makes you an open door for the light.

Regardless of your level of consciousness, you can be an open door for much more light by using the decrees and invocations given by the ascended masters. There are a few people on earth who have reached such a level of consciousness that they do not need to use our decrees and invocations. Take note that I said there are “a few” people at this level. I am not saying that all spiritual people should use our decrees and invocations. What I am saying is that, for the vast majority of the spiritual and religious people, they could greatly increase the amount of light streaming through their beings by consciously using the decrees and invocations released by the ascended masters through various organizations.

How the light from Christmas affects earth

In order to give you a sense of co-measurement, I would like to refer to what is happening at this time of year. The reason I am giving you this dictation on Christmas morning is that there are few events, in fact there are no other events during the year, when so much light is released as around Christmas time. This is because the many people around the world who celebrate Christmas put their attention on the same event, the same traditions and rituals. Although they do it in different ways, it still creates a togetherness among all who celebrate Christmas, whether from this or that religious tradition. Many countries around the world, even those who are not Catholic, broadcast the midnight mass from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. There are over a billion Catholics who celebrate this together at the same time. When people put their minds together, driven by a positive urge, they do become the open doors for light in a greater measure than in their normal, daily lives.

You may look at these days around the Christmas celebration, and you may see that up to several billion people on earth focus their minds on this celebration and they are allowing a greater measure of light to shine through than normal. If you were to look at the earth with the vision we have as ascended masters, you could picture the earth as being dark, and then you could take one of these photographs taken from satellites during the night that shows you how much light there is around cities. You may even have seen photographs of how much the Christmas light has added to the normal streetlight in many areas of the world.

I can look at this from the ascended master perspective. I can see the normal level of the release of spiritual light on earth, and then I can see the increase around Christmas time. I can assure you that the increase is dramatic, but bear in mind that this is produced by billions of people participating in similar rituals at a similar time.

Using decrees release much more light

I wish to give you a sense of co-measurement. Let us say that we had 500 ascended master students*, sitting around the world in their own homes, but they decided to do a four-hour vigil of giving the rosaries and decrees and invocations released through this messenger. They would do this in the same four-hour time slot. I can tell you that if 500 people were to use the tools we have given, they could release more light in four hours than all of the billions of people celebrating Christmas. Five hundred people, my beloved, could release more light than billions of Christians who are not using the tools given by the ascended masters, the tools that we have given specifically for this time.

You could take the tools we have given in previous organizations and dispensations, and they could also achieve very spectacular results, but it would take more people. The further you go back in time, the more people it would take to achieve this same result because our previous tools were not as effective for this time as the tools we are releasing now. The tools we have released through this messenger are Aquarian-age tools. They will be effective for a very long time, although not forever. The tools we had given in previous dispensations were, to some degree, adapted to the transition between Pisces and Aquarius that those dispensations were meant to address. They were extremely effective tools for their time. They are still effective but not as effective as the tools that are specifically given for the first decades of the Aquarian age.

Consider, my beloved, that 500 people using the most effective tools available for invoking light could release more light than billions of people celebrating Christmas. I do not wish to limit the number to 500; it just so happens that this is the point where the balance would be achieved, the level where a four-hour vigil using our invocations and decrees would release more light than the Christmas celebration. Of course, if we had a thousand, two thousand, ten thousand, or even more people around the world who would invoke light, even if it were not at the same time, then the effect would be many, many times greater.

I can assure you that when you look at the earth, anyone using our invocations and decrees will create a light that is noticeable. It is as noticeable as a very bright light would be for a satellite looking at the dark earth.

There is no wasted effort

You, of course, do not normally feel what I am saying here when you give your decrees and invocations. This is because you are inside the system of the earth; you are experiencing life from the inside. You are under the burden of the cloud of the mass consciousness and the negative energies. Even when you give decrees and invocations, you may still be feeling this, and in many cases, you do not have time in your daily lives to give the decrees and invocations long enough to consciously experience being above the energies.

I do understand that many of you have busy lives where you cannot give two or three or four hours of decrees and invocations in order to raise yourself above the negative energies. I am only telling you this because I want you to know that even if you give 15 minutes of decrees or invocations, it still has a tremendous effect, even if you do not consciously feel it.

There is no effort made by using these tools that is ever wasted. There is no effort made that does not have a significant positive impact on the future of both your personal life and growth and the planet. I am not trying to say that you should go around feeling spiritual pride and feeling that you are better than other people. On the other hand, I am saying that you should not allow the daily grind and the weight of the energies to make you feel that this doesn’t matter, that it isn’t making any difference, that who cares about what you are doing?

We of the ascended masters care very much about every human being who is an open door for the light. We care especially for those who are making conscious use of the tools we have released for the purpose of shifting the earth to a higher level. We see the significance of every minute you spend invoking light. It is not insignificant what you do. It is extremely significant.

I fully understand that you do not experience it that way. I did not experience what I did 2,000 years ago as being particularly significant. The difficulty of being in embodiment is that you are so overwhelmed by the energies that are so heavy on earth that you lose the ascended master perspective. We all experienced this when we were in embodiment. That is precisely why we of the ascended masters are giving dictations in order to give you that perspective, in order to help you awaken, at least for a time, to the greater perspective. If you did not have the greater perspective, you would just be living according to the norm in your society, and then the downward spiral could never be broken.

I am not blaming you for feeling what you are feeling. I am only seeking to give you a sense of co-measurement and inspire you to know that it does matter what you do. Every time you take an invocation or decree and open your mouth, there are angels who are standing ready to take the light released and put it to the best possible use in raising the earth. When people come together for the Christmas celebration, millions of angels stand ready to take the light and put it to the best possible use. When you open your mouth to give a decree or an invocation, the angels are ready. It is never wasted. It will always have a positive impact.

The challenge of being in embodiment on a planet as heavy as earth is to know in your heart that what you do makes a difference and then continue to do it even though you do not directly experience the difference that it makes. I can assure you that when you leave embodiment, you will be shown the difference that it made that you gave the invocations and decrees. Any positive difference you have made through whatever activity will be shown to you after you leave embodiment. I fully understand that this is not much comfort to you right now. I fully understand that many of you feel overwhelmed, especially at this dark time of the year where it is easy to feel alone and feel like: “Does it really matter? Does it make any difference? Is it really worth it?”

My beloved, it does matter! It does make a difference! You decide whether that makes it worth it. I have already made my decision, and I know it is worth it. I am eternally grateful for all those people who have used our decrees and invocations. I have now released over 150 rosaries and invocations through this messenger. More will be forthcoming, I can assure you. I do this because I know it makes a difference.

Even if only one person gave an invocation one time, it would make a difference, but, of course, my vision is far greater. My vision is that in the future thousands of people will come together, as you saw in St. Peter’s in Rome yesterday for the midnight mass, and they will give decrees and invocations in unison. This will not happen in St. Peter’s Basilica—that I do not envision. I do envision people coming together both physically and over the internet and giving these tools, using them with full awareness of how powerful they are.

Where is the Spirit?

If you were to look at this midnight mass yesterday, or earlier today if you will, what would strike you is that here you have one of the biggest church congregations in the world. You have this big, huge building. You have all these people coming together and all of these people watching on TV. When you look at this spectacle, my beloved, I have one simple question for you: “Where is the spirit? Where is the opening for the spirit?” Be honest and look at the people who come up to read, to preach, to sing. Do you see them being overpowered by the spirit? Do you see them daring to be the open door and put some kind of feeling into their voices? It is not that you cannot be an open door for some light by being a good Catholic or a good Protestant or whatever. But if you dare to open yourself to the positive feelings of spirit, you can be so much more of an open door.

Look at the Pope, my beloved, and be honest. He is the head of over a billion Catholics, but where is the Spirit? Do you not see a tired, old man? It is very understandable that he is tired, for he is carrying an enormous weight of energy, but where does the energy come from? It comes from the entire structure of the Catholic Church, which produces the negative energy that becomes focused on the Pope and almost knocks him to the ground.

There are very few people who have the spiritual attainment to be in a position like the Pope and not be completely overwhelmed by the energies focused upon him. Those people who have the spiritual attainment would never volunteer to be in that position, for they would know that they could not move the system, even with their spiritual attainment. They would walk away to positions where they could be of better use.

The Catholic Church produces negative energy

The system itself produces more negative energy than positive energy. I have said that a lot of positive energy is released at the Christmas celebration, and it is true, but throughout the year, the Catholic Church as a system produces more negative than positive energy. This should be a cause for great concern for anyone who has an interest in the Catholic Church or the Christian religion at large, for the same is true there.

The Catholic Church is not contributing to the upward spiral on earth. It is not significantly contributing to the downward spiral in terms of energy, but it is contributing to the downward spiral by keeping so many people locked in a very limited worldview and a focus on these traditions and rituals that are not releasing Light.

How can it be that over a billion Catholics are not able to feel that there is no light? It is precisely because the state of the lack of light has become their norm. Of course, thousands if not millions of people are feeling the lack of light, and that is why they are leaving the Catholic Church. Still, so many are locked there because they think that the way the church is now is the way it should be, or the only way it could be.

They think the lack of Light in a religious organization or a religious service is normal. In fact, it gives them a sense of equilibrium. Look at some of the people who are sitting there in Saint Peter’s on the front rows being on television. Look at how they feel important in their positions. This gives them a sense of equilibrium, and if the Light came in to show them how hollow the outer position is, it would disturb their equilibrium. They do not want to be disturbed so they do not want the light.

Reconnect to your enthusiasm

My beloved, I am not saying this to lament about the state of the church but to give you a way to reconnect to this enthusiasm you feel. What was the enthusiasm you felt when you first found the ascended masters’ teachings? You may think it was that you got these wonderful teachings that answered so many of your questions, but the real source of the enthusiasm and joy was that you encountered the Light, the spiritual Light, in a greater measure than you had ever encountered it before.

Why do you, perhaps, not feel the same enthusiasm today? Because the level of Light that you receive has now become a norm. How do you reconnect? How do you rekindle your enthusiasm?  By raising the level of light that can stream through you so that you still feel the newness of the light. If you want to maintain your enthusiasm for the spiritual path, you need to stay ahead of your outer mind’s tendency to turn everything into a norm. This is one of the simple secrets to experiencing the spiritual path as a joyful process, rather than the Via Dolorosa.

I admit, my beloved, that I could not always do this while I was in my last embodiment. Do not look at my last embodiment and allow your ego to say: “Well, if Mother Mary couldn’t do it, how should I be able to do it?” You should, instead, look at my last embodiment and say: “But I am living in a different time where the energies are in fact lighter than 2,000 years ago. I have the teachings of the ascended masters. I have the tools that Mother Mary did not have 2,000 years ago. I should, if I am willing to apply my knowledge and tools, be able to do better.”

Exceed your image of the masters

This is the difference between an ascended master and those lesser teachers who are either in physical embodiment or in the lower identity, the mental, or the emotional realms. The teachers who are not ascended want to set themselves up in a position. Although they are talking to you about how you can raise your consciousness and do all these wonderful things, they are not really interested in you exceeding them or the idolatrous image of them you have built. I am an ascended being. I know that especially the Catholics around the world have built an idolatrous image of me in my last embodiment. I do not want you to be limited by that image. I want you to exceed it. I want you to realize that you can do better in your last embodiment than I did in mine.

How else shall times progress? Do you not understand that this is the whole idea behind progressive revelation and a progressive spiral of initiation? When Saint German qualified for his ascension several hundred years ago, he had reached a certain level of consciousness. There are those among ascended master students today who can reach a higher level of consciousness before they ascend. Why would that be a threat to Saint Germain? I can assure you it is not.

There are people who have the potential to reach a higher level of consciousness in their last embodiment in this age than Jesus reached 2,000 years ago. Do you think Jesus is threatened by this? Do you think Jesus wants you to hold back and hide your light so that you do not overshadow him? Nay, my beloved. Jesus wants you to do the greater works that he promised 2,000 years ago that those who believed on him could do. That is how Jesus feels the ultimate fulfillment of his mission as a teacher and example on earth.

Shine your light

Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not hide your enthusiasm under a bushel. Do not hide it from yourself, first of all, but do not hide it from others either. Dare to let your light so shine before men that they can see that it is not your light but must come from a source beyond this world for which you have become the open door. Dare to tell them that they, too, can become an open door for that light and that the best way to start this process is to use the decrees and invocations given by those ascended masters who have already become one with the light.

We have become the source of the light that you can receive, for no one in embodiment can produce the light. You can only receive light from above, and that light is not even produced by the ascended masters, but it is released by us in a form that you can receive on earth. There is no greater joy for us as ascended masters than to experience the light flowing through us and being received by someone on earth so that the circle, the figure-eight, is closed. The light that flows to you is put to good use to raise the all, and flows back to us whereby we can release more light to you in an accelerating spiral that has no limit from our side.

Try us, my beloved, and experience that we do not limit the flow of light. Grow towards the point where you can accept that you do not have to limit it either. Then comes that point where you do not limit the light, for you have become the open door, and you know this will make the earth more.


* We are conducting an ongoing vigil where we seek to get 500 people – or MORE – from around the world to do the same decrees and invocations at the same time. We will start by having a vigil one day a month, on the last Sunday of each month. Program for the vigil 



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