Transcend the non-will and non-being and be the flow! 

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Ascended Master  Vajrasattva through Kim Michaels, September  23, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action.

I AM the Ascended Master the Dhyani Buddha Vajrasattva. The antidote that I bring is the Diamond Will of God. The poison that this antidote consumes is the poison of non-will and non-being. This may seem like an odd combination, especially in connection to the topic of flowing with the River of Life. The Diamond Will—well, what is a diamond? The hardest substance on earth. The Diamond Will is that which no substance on earth can go against.

The Diamond Will of God

But often when people hear the concept of the Diamond Will, they will think it is something immovable, impenetrable, unconquerable. Therefore, in this association, it will be difficult for people to connect it to this ever-present movement of the River of Life. What does this hard will have to do with the movement of the River of Life? Well, as always, there is more than one way to look at things. You can go beyond appearances, and I aim to take you beyond appearances. Let us begin by considering the spiritual poison of non-will and non-being.

This concept of the spiritual poisons is, of course, something that was brought forth in previous times that were very different from what you see today in the modern world. But with the imagery and explanations we have given you in this dispensation, we can also say that a spiritual poison is actually one of these selves that has been created in the collective consciousness.

Over a long period of time, people have focused their attention on a certain matrix, allowing their co-creative energies to flow into it. Therefore, they have collectively created this matrix, yet we cannot really call it just a matrix because it sounds like it does not have life and consciousness. That is why we have called it a self or even a collective beast because what you create is something that becomes semi-conscious, somewhat conscious. It is not self-aware as you are because this is not an extension of the One Mind. It is created out of the separate mind. It does not have the ability to look at itself, evaluate itself and decide to change itself. It is more like a computer that is programmed in a certain way based on a certain thought matrix.

The basis of co-creation: bringing the light

What you see and what we have explained is that after the fallen beings came to this planet, they attempted to make it very difficult for people to exercise their free will. They wanted to control every human being on earth, prevent them from manifesting Christhood, but also prevent them from being creative in any way whatsoever. Now you might look at earth and see that there are many people who think that creativity means something specific. It means bringing forth something new like painting or music or sculpture or inventions or whatever. But creativity really is in its most basic form that you bring forth spiritual light from the ascended realm into the unascended realm. This is creativity in its most basic form, that you are the open door for bringing light, a higher vibration, energy of a higher vibration, into the unascended sphere.

What you can basically say is that you can compare an unascended sphere to an empty jar. Imagine you have this big jar sitting on the floor and as you who are here at this retreat have been giving your invocations, have been talking together, have been helping and inspiring each other, you have put little glass beads into this large jar. Gradually in these days you have been together, you have been slowly filling up the glass jar. The entire unascended sphere can be said to be an empty jar and as people bring light through their own beings, they are increasing the amount of light in this jar. When the jar eventually becomes full, the sphere can ascend. This is the basis of co-creation. There are, of course, many layers of co-creation where you can be more and more specific.

As we have explained, the Elohim created the earth in a certain state. Co-creators were sent into embodiment and by your positive actions, when you see yourself as a connected being, you are building on the foundation set by the Elohim. You can build more and more elaborate structures, more and more advanced civilizations, and this is part of the co-creative process. What have the fallen beings been trying to do since they came to earth? They have, of course, attempted to stop this process. They have attempted to set up this standard that creative efforts should be measured against, so that you now have an outer standard that people feel they should apply to their creative efforts and to every aspect of their lives. This outer standard implies that something is right, something is wrong; you are either successful or you fail. Since the standard is based on “you are either perfect” or “you are not good enough,” most of the time it will seem like you have failed according to that standard.

But what have I just said? The outer manifestations are not what is really important in an unascended sphere. If you have brought light into the sphere, your creative efforts have not failed. If you have used your creative efforts to transcend your sense of self, your creative efforts have not failed. The success or failure of your creative efforts does not depend on anything outer in the material world. That is why this standard that the fallen beings have created is a completely false standard. It should not be applied to creativity. Yet, of course, people have been tricked into applying it.

Standards shut down creativity

Entire civilizations have been created based on this standard. Just look in known history at the Middle Ages and the Catholic church which had a standard against which everything else should be measured, namely the infallible church doctrines. This standard allowed for very little creativity, very little creative expression, and the result was that the people who bought into this standard very often felt that there was no point in even trying to be creative for you would fail anyway.

You see, for example, how there was this entire movement of women who started becoming more conscious of nature and how nature works and how the body works. They started to become healers and this was a creative expression. But the Catholic church labeled them as witches and started the entire witch-hunt process, which, of course, was connected to the Inquisition. And so what did many of these women eventually do? Well, some of them were tortured, burned at the stake and went out of embodiment. But others just gave up trying to express this creativity realizing it was pointless. You see many, many, many, many, many examples of this throughout history and even before known history. The pattern you always see is that the fallen beings create some institution which defines an infallible standard, and this institution creates an extension of itself that can enforce that standard.

You saw the same thing in the Soviet Union where the party created these various institutions aimed at controlling and suppressing the people. The fear that the fallen beings always have is that creativity is a threat to their control. They are always seeking to gain control, but they know that at any moment someone could come out with a new idea that could threaten their control. The Buddha did it. Jesus did it. Many other people have been the open doors for bringing forth some idea that threatened the control of the fallen beings.

The collective beast of the non-will and non-being

The fallen beings are always trying to shut down creativity by force. What is the result of this very aggressive, forceful attempt to shut down creativity? Well, it is that over a long period of time there has been built this collective beast of the non-will and non-being. This beast will seek to invade people’s energy fields and their emotional, mental and identity minds. It overwhelms people so they lose their will to be creative. How can that beast gain entry into people’s minds in the first place? Well, it does so because after people have experienced that their creativity was forcefully suppressed or was not wanted or was ignored, there can come a point where people give up. They say: “What is the point in being creative?”

The moment you give up, you open your mind to the influence of this collective beast of the non-will and non-being. This collective beast, of course, is created by many, many people over time and is therefore in a certain way more powerful than any individual. When you first allow it into your being, you will be overpowered by it. Now this does not mean that you are lost forever. You can, of course, become aware that you have given up on being creative and you can make a decision that you are willing to be creative and this can then gradually close your mind to this collective beast so that you can again dare to express your creativity. When you have the ascended-master teachings, you can use the invocations and decrees to call for you to be sealed from, to be cut free from this beast, but it all has to start with this decision that you are willing to be creative.

The worldly image of creativity

This means we now need to look at the worldly image of what it means to be creative. So often this is associated with art, for example, where you see that there has been a certain development in art. Let us look at painting and go back to medieval times where there was a certain style of painting. There were certain centuries where painters were attempting to paint something that was very realistic, almost like a photograph. Then when the camera was invented, suddenly you could just click a button and create a realistic image that way, and now painters started going into different forms of expression, the more modern abstract expressions, and this is what for many people is considered creative.

Much modern painting is not, however, what I have called creative because what these artists do is one of two things, they either create something from their own minds—and now be careful here—I am not saying that you should not ever create something from your own mind. Most painters, most artists, however, are creating from the separate mind. They see themselves as separate beings, they see themselves as being these very important Bohemian people who have a right to live this special outrageous lifestyle and they are bringing this forth from their own separate minds. They think that as long as what they are doing is different from what everybody else is doing, then it is creative.

There are also many artists who do not feel they can be creative enough from within their own minds, so they open themselves up for inspiration. But when they are trapped in seeing themselves as separate beings, where does the inspiration come from? Well, it comes from the emotional realm, the mental realm or in a few cases the lower identity realm, but it does not come from the ascended masters, from the ascended realm or from people’s I AM Presences.This is the worldly definition of creativity, but this is not the higher definition of creativity.

Levels of higher creativity

As I said in the beginning, the very basic form of creativity is that you bring forth light of a higher vibration from the spiritual realm into the unascended sphere, therefore helping to raise up the unascended sphere. When you see yourself as a connected being, you are not thinking you are being creative as a separate being, you see yourself as being a co-creator because you know that you are connected to your higher self and you are receiving energy from your higher self.

This does not mean you cannot be creative within your own mind. It is very possible and many people have done it. They use what is already in their emotional, mental and identity bodies to bring forth something. It can be art, but it can just as well be a practical invention that improves some aspect of life. Many people have done this and there is, of course, nothing wrong with this. I am not in any way saying that there is anything wrong with it.

But there are, of course, levels of creativity. When you are a spiritual person and you recognize you have a higher self, that there is a realm beyond the material, that there are beings in that realm, the ascended masters, then you can gradually strive to become more and more conscious of yourself as a co-creator. That means you can now open your mind so that you are not only bringing light into the material realm but also bringing ideas, images, music, practical inventions or even the perspective of looking at some aspect of life and pointing out what needs to be improved, what could be done better or even what is non-constructive about this.

This is also a form of creativity and there are, of course, levels of this kind of creativity where you can become more and more conscious. What can also happen as you become more and more aware of the creative process is that you become more and more neutral. When you start being creative, as I said, you can create out of the outer mind with whatever contents you have in your emotional, mental and identity bodies, and you can use that to bring forth something new.

But as you become more aware of the process, you realize that the contents of your outer mind, while they can be used to bring forth something creative, they will also in a certain way limit your creativity because you have, as other masters have said, been brought up with a certain overlay, a certain cultural overlay, of what your culture thinks it means to be a human being. You can still be creative within that framework, but there comes a point where you will begin to feel this as a restriction. That is when you can then begin to look at yourself and free yourself from this—we might even call it a conscious or a cultural programming, so that you become more and more neutral. You have less and less of a bias, less and less of a sense of limitation in your mind of how your creativity should be expressed. As you become more and more neutral, you become more and more of an open door, and this means you can receive much more from not only the ascended realm but also from what we have called the River of Life that is always seeking to raise up any aspect of this unascended sphere.

It is really quite possible for people who have never heard of anything spiritual to connect to the River of Life and to bring forth something that is based on what they already have in their four lower bodies. It is still creative, it is still something new, it can still improve life in some way and it is a certain connection to the River of Life. But it is limited by the contents of their minds and this cultural programming that they have. But when you are a spiritual person and you have a spiritual teaching, you can make the decision to consciously open yourself to having the River of Life flow through you and express itself in creative ways. But this requires, of course, that you become aware of the resistance to creativity found in the world which is, as I have said, this poison, this collective beast of the non-will and the non-being.

The alpha and the omega of creativity

What is it that creativity requires? Well, if you look at what we have told you about the seven rays, we have said that the first ray is the Ray of Will because the entire world of form is created out of the energies of the seven rays but it started with the creator formulating the will to create. For you it is the will to co-create, the will to be creative. This is, of course, what the fallen beings want to shut down on a planet like earth. You need to become aware of this and you need to make a decision that you are willing to be creative. You are willing to dare to express something. You are willing, as Shiva said, to open your mouth and say something, even if it is not necessarily the best way it could be said in the beginning because you need to always be open to the fact that it takes practice.

It takes practice to become more and more open to the flow. It may also require practice in terms of requiring physical skills. Most people cannot pick up a paintbrush and start painting a good picture from the beginning because you need certain technical skills and this, of course, applies to any other aspect of life, any other aspect of creativity. There are always the two things, the alpha and the omega, the willingness to express and the skill to make that expression the way you want it to be. But it does not do you any good to have the skill if you do not have the creativity, and it does not do you any good to have the creativity if you do not have the skill to express it. These two go hand in hand, but it must start with the will to be creative and the will to learn something. As you formulate that will, as you become conscious of that will, you can begin to free yourself from this downward pull of the non-will.

Non-will and non-being

You look at the world and you see that so many people are trapped in this non-will where they just accept conditions in their society the way it is and they do not think it can be changed. They just adapt to it and try to make the best of it. For example, you see many societies that have a high level of corruption. Many people think: “Well, that is just the way it is, I just have to pay the bribes” or “I have to get myself in a position where I can accept bribes because that is the only way to get ahead in my society.” This is a non-will. You are not willing to work on improving it. You are not willing to say: “No, this is not right. I am not willing to participate in this.” You just accept the way things are. Instead of flowing with the River of Life, you are flowing with the currents of the collective consciousness, and this is a non-will. It is a non-will to do what you know is right, and instead you just flow with the way things are, not seeking to change them.

After you start manifesting this willingness to express yourself, the next step up is the non-being. Non-being is a concept that is more difficult to grasp and for that matter more difficult to put words on because “being” is a concept that is difficult to grasp. Many people, and you can find spiritual or self-help teachers out there who talk about “being,” whether it is being in the now or being this or being that. But what is it really? What does it really mean to be? Well, in the context of what we are talking about at this conference, it means to be in the flow and, of course, not just the flow of the collective consciousness, but the flow of the River of Life.

What is the flow of the River of Life? How is it different from the flow in the collective consciousness? Well, the flow in the collective consciousness pulls you into conforming to the collective standard, which means you are not growing, you are not transcending yourself. But the River of Life pulls you into transcending yourself because as we have said, the purpose of an unascended sphere is that you start out with this base level of energy and then you, who are the self-aware beings who are in the sphere, gradually bring forth more light from the spiritual realm and therefore gradually fill up the sphere with light.

I have given you this image of the jar that is gradually filled up. This is, of course, not a fully sufficient image. I am just giving you a simple visual illustration. The entire unascended sphere will gradually be filled up with light until it can ascend. This is self-transcendence. There is the self-transcendence at the individual level where you are willing to transcend yourself and therefore bring forth more light, more ideas, and this leads to a collective self-transcendence. As we have said, earth is really not collectively part of that upward process, but there are untold numbers of natural planets that are part of this upward flow and, of course, they have a much stronger influence than the few unnatural planets do.

Being is not a static state

The River of Life really is the most powerful force in the unascended sphere and it is an upward transcending force. What has happened on earth is that many spiritual teachers, especially from the East, have taken this concept or this word “being” and they have interpreted it to mean something static. Going very far back in India, in the Vedas, there is this concept of the Atman, which is the universal self that is perfect and, because it is perfect, it is not changing.

This was a very prominent concept in the Vedic tradition of the Brahmins. They operated with this concept of the Atman. As we have said before, there is a certain universal aspect of the Christ consciousness that can be compared to this. In a sense you could say that the Creator formulated a certain matrix before starting the creation of your world of form, and that matrix has not changed because it is the matrix that will bring this world of form to higher and higher levels. You could say that the matrix of the Atman itself does not change, but the Atman is the matrix for how the world of form will change and will transcend itself. You see that even in the Atman there is an unchanging aspect of the matrix, but nevertheless the entire purpose of the Atman is to guide the self-transcendence of the world of form. This is why the Buddha said that he had never seen in himself this unchanging self. And this is an important distinction to make.

The Brahmins of the Hindu religion or the Vedic tradition were taking an ideological approach. They had formulated this idea based on the Vedic revelations as they saw it—that there was this unchanging Atman. As a result of this, they had formulated the idea that in the beginning was this unchanging Atman. The world was created as an illusion because only Brahman, only the Atman was real. The world is an illusion and the goal of the world is to overcome this—or the goal of a spiritual person is to overcome the illusion—and go back to the original state.

But as we have explained in all of our teachings, this is not the real goal of creation. The real goal of the world of form is self-transcendence, so that you become more than the self you started out to be. But the Brahmins were very attached to this view of this unchanging perfect self because they had locked into this idea that you also find in the Abrahamic religions—that God must be perfect and therefore, if something is perfect, it cannot change. What we are giving you is the image that God is not perfect in the sense that the Creator is not changing because the Creator is transcending itself by creating.

If there were a perfect unchanging being somewhere, that being could not create a world. Why would you create something if you are already perfect? In order to create, the Creator must be willing to transcend itself. It has the will to transcend itself, to become more. The Brahmins of the Hindu religion and even many spiritual gurus that have come out of that tradition are very attached to this image of the perfect beginning: only Brahman is real, the world is an illusion; the God of the Old Testament is the perfect being. What they did was that they took this idea formulated in this world—and, of course, formulated by the fallen beings—and they projected it onto God. And after they had started projecting it, they were not willing to compare the idea to reality. They were not willing to investigate the question: “Is there really such an unchanging self?” But the Buddha, while he was preparing himself for his mission, was willing to look into his own mind, his own being. He was willing to ask himself the question: “By observing all aspects of my mind, can I find an unchanging perfect self like the Atman?” And he spent years observing himself, looking at all levels of his mind, and he never found an unchanging self.

Where I am going with this long explanation is that there is a tradition in the world of spiritual teachers who teach that “being” means something static, something unchanging, something peaceful. And they have over time created another collective beast that is based on this image, this view of the non-changing, so-called peaceful state. And there are many people who have tuned into this collective beast in meditation. There are those who have surrendered themselves to it, thinking that the goal of the spiritual path is to attain this state of inner peace, inner calmness, inner silence, no thoughts, no movement. They think, of course, that this state of no change is real. They think it is the ultimate reality. They think it is either Brahman or at least the Atman created by Brahman. They think this is the highest form of spirituality. Therefore, they think that they have attained the highest goal that you could attain on the spiritual path.

But just take a look around on this planet, mentally look at the planet. Can you really uphold the illusion that this is a high planet? We have given you the teachings, of course, but I am speaking about from the perspective of spiritual people who do not have an ascended-master teaching. Can you really uphold this illusion that this is a high planet? If you recognize that there are so many things going on that are not spiritual, you should be able to see that this is a low planet. And how realistic is it that on a planet as low as this, you could attain the highest possible state of consciousness? I am just putting that question out into the collective consciousness, so that some people who are ready for it can pick up on it.

True being of self-transcendence

I know that you who are here already grasp this, but it needs to be directed out there, so that it can reach those people who are ready to break free of the illusion that the goal is to strive for some state of non-change. As we have explained, the real goal of the spiritual path is to lock into the purpose of creation which is self-transcendence. That is the River of Life, which is why I am saying that there is a false concept of “being” in the world, in spiritual traditions, but the true concept of “being” is constant self-transcendence. In other words, it is not a matter of “being” still, it is a matter of being creative, being self-transcending, being in the River of Life.

When you lock into this, that is when you can begin to open yourself to this real state of being, the dynamic, moving state of being. You are not trying to still the mind, pacify the mind, stop the flow and be in a state of stillness or non-change. Instead, you are locking into the basic force of the unascended sphere which is self-transcendence, constant self-transcendence. And this is true being.

You have a non-being, a poison of non-being, which means two things. There are those who are not aware, who are just surrendering to the conditions in their society and who are blindly following what their leaders tell them to do. This is one aspect of non-being. But the other aspect of non-being is those who think they are spiritual, but who think that they should strive to attain this state where there is no change, no self-transcendence. They have come to believe that all self-transcendence is in the realm of duality because any kind of differentiation is a state of duality. Only the Creator is real or only Brahman is real. But as we have said before: If only Brahman is real, where did the world come from? It must have come from Brahman. And how could Brahman create something that is separated from itself?

Denial of the ascension process

The next thing I want to talk about is the concept which has a very long spiritual tradition in India, that it is possible for a human being on earth to reach the highest level of consciousness. And the highest level of consciousness is supposedly God-realization, where you realize that you are out of the Creator’s being, you are one with the Creator and you are actually Brahman in manifestation.

There are different ways to describe this, of course, but let us not get lost in words. What you see in this image is that they have created a polarity, a dualistic polarity where they say: “Here is the world, it is an illusion. But even though I am in the world, I can come to see through this illusion and I can jump from the consciousness that is here on earth to the highest level of consciousness, oneness with God or with Brahman.” This has then caused many people in the modern world to create this image that there is the illusion on earth and then there is Brahman or God or the Creator, and there is nothing in between. You have earth and you have God, and you can awaken from the illusion on earth and immediately become one with God. In other words, there is no need for an ascension process. You just switch your mind and attain God-realization and you are at the highest possible level of consciousness, united with God. Or you have people who think that they can channel God or the Creator directly and they do not need anything in between.

Many of these people would deny the existence of ascended masters. They would say we are imposters, we are an illusion or we are not important. But again, as we have said before, the world was not created with your sphere. The world was created as a process that started a very long time ago before your sphere was created. There was the Creator who created the first sphere and sent self-aware extensions of itself into that sphere. They ascended which brought their sphere to the ascension point. Then the Creator created the next sphere, but the ascended masters from the first sphere then created the structures in the second sphere. And then they sent extensions of themselves into the second sphere. And this has continued until your sphere, which is the seventh sphere in the process. This means what? It means that regardless of what western religions say, regardless of what eastern religions say, the Creator, the ultimate God, did not directly create your sphere, did not directly create planet earth and did not directly create you.

Yes, the core of your being, the Conscious You and your I AM Presence, are ultimately extensions of the One Mind of the Creator, but you are not directly out of the Creator. Your being, your Conscious Self, your I AM Presence, came out of the ascended masters in the level above you. Therefore, the distance in vibration between your level here in this unascended sphere and the Creator is such that there is no way you can cross that distance directly and connect to the Creator. This does not mean you cannot connect to or experience the Creator, but it does not happen directly from here to there. It happens through the entire hierarchy of ascended masters from your sphere all the way up through the six ascended spheres and then to the Creator. What does this mean? Does this mean that all of these people who think they have attained God-realization or that they are channeling God or having a conversation with God are deceived? That is exactly what it means.

As there is a collective beast of non-will and non-being, as there is a collective beast of this silence, this unchanging, seemingly unchanging state, there are collective beasts of various gods that have been created throughout history. One is the Brahman of the Hindu religion. One is the God of the Old Testament. These are simply collective beasts. People can connect to them. They can have an experience that is way beyond their own mind. And if they project on this that they have experienced the ultimate God, they will very firmly believe in this illusion. It is very difficult to argue or reason with them and help them see that this is not the case because the experience seems more real than their normal state of awareness.

Yet the reality here, the very simple reality is that when you really connect to the River of Life, you see that there is so much more beyond the physical realm and especially planet earth that you are open at least to the realization that it is very difficult while you are in embodiment on a planet like earth to grasp what the spiritual realm really is about. To understand or to experience all the levels of the spiritual realm gives you a certain humility where you do not believe that your religious background or your imagery from your religion is the ultimate description of the spiritual realm. You are at least open to the possibility that there could be these levels of the spiritual realm that you need to go through in order to get to the ultimate God. And then if you cultivate that openness and expand your connection, there will come a point where you recognize that there is a hierarchy of ascended beings between the earth which is a very low planet and the ultimate level of consciousness, the Creator.

If you have these beings who claim to be spiritual, but are denying this hierarchy, these levels of the spiritual realm, they are not connected to reality; they cannot be, for then they would acknowledge reality. I know full well that they can come up with all kinds of arguments to counteract what I just said. And as we have said before, the Law of Free Will mandates that there is plausible deniability and plausible plausibility.

Direct experience of ascended masters

In their minds, their arguments will seem perfectly real. But the purpose that I have for putting this into words in the physical octave is not to argue with people, but to simply put something out there that those who are willing, those who are open, can use to say: “Instead of arguing, instead of reasoning with a linear intellectual mind as I have done so many times in the past, why do I not just open my mind to an experience? Is this real? Is there really a hierarchy of ascended beings? If there is, I do not want to understand it intellectually, I want to experience it directly. I am willing to open my mind to this experience.” And this then opens you to flowing with the River of Life.

How will you get an experience of ascended masters? By experiencing the flow and realizing that the flow is the basic reality of creation. The flow is the purpose of creation because we of the ascended masters are not static beings. We are not perfect beings in the sense that we never change. We, the ascended masters, are constantly transcending ourselves, moving higher and higher towards the ultimate level of consciousness, the Creator consciousness. Those of us who are chosen to work with earth are constantly transcending ourselves by seeking to help you, by interacting with you, by helping you work on your psychology. By raising you up, we are raising ourselves up. This is the River of Life where all who are part of that River are transcending themselves, not as separate beings, not in order to feel better than someone else, but in order to experience that joy of the self-transcendence, that is constant growth.

Denial of self-transcendence

The non-being, the poison of non-being, is really this denial of self-transcendence, which is a projection that the goal of the spiritual path is to attain some perfect state where there is no change. Can you not perhaps see—and I know many people will not be able to see it, but some will see it—that there is a cognitive dissonance in what these so-called gurus teach? They teach there is a path that you have to follow, but they also teach that when you are successful in walking that path, change stops. Yes, when you look at this from the perspective of a separate self, this seems real. Why? Because what is the essential dream of the separate self? It is that it can become immortal, permanent, perfect. And the way the separate self looks at perfection is that it is something static because if it is perfect, how could it change? This seems perfectly logical to the separate mind. It does not seem logical at all to an ascended being who experiences the reality of constant self-transcendence, never-ending self-transcendence.

These are some ideas that you can benefit from contemplating, but they are also important to project into the collective consciousness and that is why I have chosen to use this opportunity to project this out there. When you look at the planet, you see that there are many, many people who are ready to take these ideas and realize that their approach to spirituality has not been the highest approach and that there is more to grasp about the spiritual path. There are many enigmas that have not been resolved by these gurus out there who make these very authoritative statements or claim to have reached some ultimate state of consciousness or their followers claim they have reached some ultimate state of consciousness.

We are all the flow!

Naturally, as an ascended being who is not under the constraints of time and space, I could go on and would enjoy going on, but I recognize that you are in time and space and your bodies are very much in time and space and they have certain needs and so, therefore, I will end this release by expressing my gratitude for you being willing to be the open doors for the River of Life to flow through you into the collective consciousness, into the individual consciousness of those who are ready for this teaching.

There are, of course, many ways to be the open doors for the River of Life, but by experiencing this release from the ascended realm and allowing it to flow through your auras and chakras, you have been in the River of Life. By participating in this event, by giving the invocations and decrees, by interacting with each other, by talking, by flowing, by joking, you have been and you are in the River of Life. And I hope you can recognize that. I hope you can see that being in the River of Life is not some far-flung idealistic goal that it will take you years to attain. You can already now experience being in the River of Life. You have experienced it and you can just build on that experience and gradually become more and more open, more and more neutral, so that the River of Life can flow through you in a more and more concentrated form as you experience this amazing process that is the rest of your lives in the physical realm. I hope you recognize that you are already experiencing the flow of the River of Life and that you can continue from this point forward to build on what you are experiencing and experience more and more of this flow that we are, that we the ascended masters are, and that all of the unascended beings in this sphere who are tied into it also are.

For you see, in a way, the flow is not something outside yourself that you open yourself up to. We have used this imagery, this wording, because this is what most people can grasp. But the higher understanding of the flow is that you are not even being in the flow, you are being the flow. You are part of the flow because: How is the flow created? Not by some mysterious force out there. It is created by all of the beings who are transcending themselves. We are all the flow, and you are the flow. And with this, I seal you in the Diamond Will that I AM, the Diamond Will that will never allow anything to stop the flow.


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