Total forgiveness leads to total freedom

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I come to you again on this joyous day, and I come to you in the flame of miracle forgiveness, because I truly am the Mother of Forgiveness. Well, the flame of forgiveness is indeed the flame of spiritual freedom. It is only forgiveness that can set you free from the imperfections found in this world.

I come to you with great gratitude for the rosaries you have given so faithfully over this past month. My last gift to you was the rosary of Miracle Gratitude. You might remember that the purpose of this rosary is to consume the world movement of terrorism. In this past month you have indeed seen several major terrorist plots be averted by the authorities in various countries.

I must tell you that there are presently not enough people giving these rosaries to totally consume the very cause of terrorism. Yet even a relatively limited number of people can have a major impact on terrorism. As you begin to consume the negative energies, the vortexes of negative energies, that feed the terrorists, you will make it easier for the authorities to expose and stop the terrorists from carrying out their plots. This is because it is partly the intensity of the energies that blinds people and therefore blinds the authorities, or even the people who live near the terrorists, to what is really happening. So you see my beloved, even a small number of people can diminish the energy and thereby expose that which is hidden behind a veil of negative energy.

When will revenge end in the Middle East?

Over this past month you have seen several examples of another force, namely the force of non-forgiveness. While this force is not the cause of terrorism and war, it is indeed the force that keeps terrorism and war going strong on this planet. You have especially seen this in the Middle East, where even the state of Israel has engaged in state-sponsored assassinations, which truly are acts of non-forgiveness that only breed more non-forgiveness from the other side. Thereby, these acts contribute to the downward spiral of violence in revenge for violence that has engulfed the Middle East for thousands upon thousands of years.

I tell you that even the ascended masters wonder if the people living in that region will ever have enough of this punch-counterpunch of revenge and revenge for revenge, until it truly becomes revenge for the sake of revenge itself. Truly, there can no longer be any real meaning to these acts of revenge because the spiral of violence started so long ago that no one can remember why it started. They only remember that they must perpetuate it by getting even, by getting revenge.

I come to you today to release a gift from my heart, a gift that can help those of you who are my awakened ones break this downward spiral of revenge and non-forgiveness, found not only in the Middle East but in many places throughout this planet. That gift is my rosary of Miracle Forgiveness.

Understanding the importance of forgiveness

I desire to give you a teaching, so that you may understand why forgiveness is so important. To truly understand the importance of forgiveness, you need to realize the profound truth that my son Jesus has explained so many times, namely that the basic law of this universe is the Law of Free Will. You also need to understand, as I explained in my previous discourses [Link 1, Link 2], that the very purpose of life, the very essence of life, is to grow, to move on, to self-transcend.

So what is it that prevents you from growing, from moving on, from transcending your current state of consciousness, your current sense of identity? Well, it is the point of non-forgiveness. You see, when there is something you have not forgiven, there is something you are holding on to, there is something you cannot let go of, and in that point of emotional attachment to the things of this world, you are holding yourself back. You are holding yourself tied to a limited and imperfect sense of identity, and you are essentially worshipping an idol of your own making, or at least the making of your culture.

By not forgiving, you are taking away your own freedom to move on. And as I tried to explain in my previous discourses, when you do not move on, you will stagnate. And if you stay too long in one place, you will become subject to the second law of thermodynamics, which means that a downward spiral, a negative vortex, of energy will begin forming around you. When that vortex becomes too strong, it will begin to overpower your feelings and your thoughts, until you begin to believe either that there is nothing outside the vortex or that you cannot escape the downward pull of the vortex.

No ultimate revenge

This is what causes so many people, especially in the Middle East, to believe that there is no other way to live than to be in opposition to the Jews or in opposition to the Arabs. It causes them to believe that there is no way to escape the cycle of violence, the cycle of revenge. They feel they simply must continue the cycle because they must have revenge, they must set things right by committing another act of violence to supposedly neutralize or make up for previous acts of violence.

Unfortunately, the intense energies of this negative vortex prevent people from asking the very logical question of when and how this could possibly end. Think about this, my beloved. Can there ever be an ultimate act of revenge? Can there ever be an ultimate act of revenge that will settle the score permanently and thereby bring about an end to violence?

Those of you who are not trapped by the relativity of the separate mind and by a downward vortex of non-forgiveness will be able to see the pure and simple logic behind these remarks. There can be no peace through revenge. It simply is not possible. There can be no act of revenge which stops the cycle of violence because if you avenge what has been done to you by doing something to another, you will inevitably create the desire for revenge in your opponent.

This should be obvious to anyone who knows elementary school physics and have learned about the law of action and reaction. For every action, there is an opposite reaction of equal strength. That is simply a law of the material universe. So when you take revenge, you are reacting to what was done to you but your reaction becomes a new action, and it inevitably creates a reaction from your opponent, even from the universe itself. And this cycle can literally go on forever—or at least it seems like forever.

There is indeed a very small minority of the people on this planet who do not want peace, who do not want resolution, who do not want an end to violence or an end to this spiral of revenge. These are the people who are completely trapped in the Luciferian state of consciousness that I described in my previous discourses. Yet those people are few, and the vast majority of the people who are caught in the spiral of revenge actually do want peace. And this then gives rise to the paradox that they say they want peace, but that they are not willing to stop the cycle of revenge.

While this can be almost impossible to understand for a person who is not caught in a negative spiral, your new understanding of energy and energy vortexes allows you to see the explanation. When people are caught in such a vortex of anger and revenge, they simply cannot see the fallacy of their thinking. They cannot think logically and rationally because they are so overpowered by the emotional energies that they do not even stop to think. This then is why there is a need for something to break the spiral, to break the downward pull. And that something is that someone must consume the energies created through revenge and non-forgiveness, the very energies that form a magnetic pull on people’s emotions and overpowers them, so that they lose all logic and rationality. Those someone must be the balanced people who are not caught up in these negative momentums and vortexes. My Beloved hearths, those someone are you.

The catch-22 of non-forgiveness

Before you can truly become an effective force in consuming the vortexes of non-forgiveness on this planet, you must free yourself from the point of non-forgiveness. You might say, “But Mother Mary, you just told us that we are not caught up in a vortex of non-forgiveness.” And that is perfectly true. You are not caught in a vortex that is so intense that it overpowers your feelings and prevents you from thinking.

Yet many of you do not realize what is the true cause of non-forgiveness. And you do not realize this because you were not brought up with a proper understanding. And you were not brought up with a proper understanding because the beautiful teachings on forgiveness that my son gave 2,000 years ago, have been obscured and distorted by the orthodox Christian churches.

The problem we have is that most people on earth simply do not see that non-forgiveness is based on a set of lies. They do not understand these lies, and therefore they cannot see the mindset behind those lies. And if you cannot see through the lies of the devil, if you are not wise as a serpent, then you cannot completely free yourself from those lies that permeate every aspect of life on this planet. If you do not become wise as a serpent, how can you be harmless as a dove?

So let me now give you a teaching in an attempt to help you free yourself from the lies about non-forgiveness. As I said earlier, the basic law of this universe is the Law of Free Will. You have the right to experiment with your creative abilities. In fact, your lifestream and your soul were created with a drive, a desire to experiment with God’s laws and God’s energies. Unfortunately, what has happened to most people on this planet is that they have lost their contact with their spiritual selves, and thereby they have become enveloped in a lower state of consciousness that causes them to see themselves as being separated from their spiritual selves, even separated from God. Because of this sense of separation, you no longer realize the basic reality that God has never hurt you whatsoever.

God has not created the conditions on this planet that have caused your soul to be hurt and wounded. Those conditions were created by human beings trapped in the lower state of consciousness, in which they are easily controlled by dark forces, as I explained in my previous discourses. So you see my beloved, God has not created the conditions that caused you to be hurt, and God never wanted you to be wounded. Yet most people on this planet cannot fully understand and accept that the misery on earth was created by human beings and not created by God. Somewhere deep within their beings they have a sense that either God must have created their misery or God must have allowed it to be created. And therefore, most people blame God for certain conditions in their lives.

Many people blame God for various negative experiences they have had in this lifetime. But when you go deep within the subconscious mind, you see that many people actually blame God for what happened to them in the Garden of Eden. They blame God for the fact that they fell into a lower state of consciousness. After all, where did the serpent come from if it was not created by God? And where did the tree of the knowledge of good and evil come from if God did not put it in the Garden of Eden. So if God had not put the tree in the garden and allowed the serpent to be in the garden, then their souls would not have fallen, and therefore it must be God’s fault.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.

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