To My Students—Past, Present and Future

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels, December 6, 2015

I am the Ascended Master Guru Ma. I wish to make some comments here, based on the fact that my two beautiful daughters and my beautiful friend have decided to write forewords to this book. The significance of this is that I am now allowed to take this release to a higher level. This is also brought about by the fact that a critical mass of the students who knew me while I was in embodiment have also accepted this book, or at least used it to increase their attunement with me.

Do you understand, my beloved, that whether you believe this book is dictated by the real Ascended Master Guru Ma or whether you do not believe this, you can still use the book to increase your attunement with the real Ascended Master Guru Ma? This may seem like a contradiction or a paradox, but there is no one who will make it to the higher stages of the path of the ascension without being able to deal with paradox. There are innumerable paradoxes presented by the dark forces for the purpose of keeping your minds trapped in a closed loop from which there seems to be no escape. 

The purpose of paradox

Do you not see, when you look back at my physical life and the organization that I was the leader of for so many years, that both my life and the organization presented certain paradoxes, certain contradictions? In fact, you may say that my entire life presented one big paradox. Have you never considered that this was exactly the same paradox presented by Jesus when he was in physical embodiment? You may not have considered this because you do not remember – those of you who were in embodiment with Jesus – what it was like to have a living master in embodiment.

You see, my beloved, Jesus – however perfect you may think he is, based on the idolatry of official Christianity – was still in a physical body. He had human characteristics. When he had walked a whole day on the dusty roads, his body smelled as bad as those of his disciples. He did not walk around always with clean clothes, neatly trimmed hair and a halo around his head, as you see in so many pictures of him. He could at times be moody and grumpy, burdened by the energies for which he was holding the balance for the planet.

The disciples of Jesus faced the same paradox as the disciples of any master in embodiment who has had a certain measure of spiritual mastery, a certain gift of the Holy Spirit streaming through them. The paradox is to bridge the gap between what you observe as a human being with human qualities and human limitations and then locking in to the greater light that does not come from the person, is not produced by the person but is nevertheless streaming through that person—for the person is the open door.

I was the one who barked at you

While I was still in embodiment, I once told you, my students, about how it was for me, often being the one who had to be tough on you, present you with a message that your ego did not like, give you a discipline, give you a spiritual spanking, so to speak. I said to you that many of you had an idolatrous image of El Morya as the perfect master. But I was the one who barked, I was the one who was right there, having to confront you with your momentums or whatever it might have been.

I was the one who received the negative energy from you whereas you never dared to direct it at El Morya because you did not see the real El Morya, you saw an idolatrous image of him. For me, those of you who had gotten offended – or rather whose egos had gotten offended by me – could so easily find some human limitation, some human quality that you could then use, that your egos could use, as an excuse for not heeding what I said to you.

So many times I have been the one who had to confront a student with his or her momentum. Then I saw how, suddenly, the idolatry that the student had of me was shattered. Suddenly, the light in the students’ eyes changed and they shifted in their minds from the blind idolatry of thinking I would always live up to their image of me. Suddenly, they realized that I am not always going to be whatever they expected me to be, such as gentle and kind. I will sometimes be tough, I will be direct, I will confront you with your ego momentums, I will challenge what we called the Dweller on the Threshold.

An excuse for not heeding the guru

When that happened, so many of you then made this very subtle shift. You would now start looking at me and look for some human quality, some human flaw – whether real or perceived – and you would use it as an excuse for not heeding the guru. Suddenly, the guru had fallen from being the idol on the pedestal to being the ant beneath your feet. And you did not think you had to heed the ant. Now, you had an excuse, and many of you managed to somehow create this double state in your minds. With your conscious minds you were fully convinced that you were still my loyal and obedient students, you were still following me. Yet there was a certain aspect of my instruction to you, a certain challenge of your ego momentum, that another part of your mind was convinced could not be right and therefore you did not have to heed it.

The challenge of having a living guru

How many of you are willing to look back at your personal interactions with me – those of you who had personal interactions with me – and acknowledge the very tendency I am describing? Are you willing to acknowledge how you used a human imperfection to refuse to look at yourself? How you used a human imperfection of the guru to refuse to heed the guru’s direction? This, my beloved, is the central challenge you face when you have a guru in physical embodiment, as opposed to a guru who is either ascended or who died before you came into that movement.

Look at previous ascended master organizations, look at the organization created by Yogananda. Look how, when the guru is no longer in embodiment, they have created this idolatrous image of how perfect the guru was. You see, my beloved, this is all well and good. You can make progress in an organization like this, but the real advantage of having a guru in physical embodiment is that this guru can give you the supreme test of chelaship, and it is the test I have just outlined. Will you use a human imperfection of the embodied guru to refuse to heed the guru’s exposure of your own ego? 

Are you hiding from the guru?

This I say because, since this book was published, I have watched every one of my students – or those who consider themselves my former students – who have heard about this book. I have watched your reactions. Do you really think that I cannot see you? Many of you do because you think that when the guru is no longer in embodiment, it is much easier to hide from the guru.

It is in the sense that I cannot physically call you into my office or call you on the phone and tell you what your dweller is doing. Therefore, you can believe that if you cannot hear me, then your dweller is probably not doing anything it shouldn’t be doing. You come to believe that I am not seeing what you are doing. Then, when you hear about a book supposedly dictated by the Ascended Master Guru Ma, you think that I do not observe how you react to this. But I do observe. Not with judgment, not with criticism, but I observe with love. Love is not blind; ascended, divine love is not blind, my beloved. 

Excuses for rejecting this book

I see exactly how many excuses have been used by those who call themselves my students to reject this book, often without even looking at it, without holding it in their hands, without reading a word in it. How amazing it is to see – again – this division in the mind. With your conscious mind you are convinced that you are my loyal and faithful student, but another part of your mind convinces you that you do not even have to investigate whether I have actually dictated a book. You think you can know and reject the book without looking at it. 

How would you have come to be my follower if you had rejected me in physical embodiment, and the teachings of the ascended masters, without looking at it? So how can you claim to still be my follower without being willing to look at my book, to read it with the heart – and not with the analytical mind – and to tune in to my vibration? So that I might show you – not tell you – but give you an experience in your heart of my Presence. 

I know well that many of my students – or should I say, some of my students – have an ability to tune in to my Presence and they do not need this book. I can assure you that by reading it, you would still be able to tune in to my Presence in a stronger, more profound way than you can now. There are only very, very few people who are so attuned to me that you could not benefit from the book. There is also a group of students who have sporadic contact and attunement with me but who could greatly benefit from using the book to increase your attunement. 

Transcending your image of Guru Ma

The simple fact is, my beloved, that the underlying message in this book, and the main reason I dictated this book, is that so many of my students are limited by the image of me that you created while I was in embodiment, after I left embodiment or after I was no longer functioning as a messenger. This is the underlying message in the book, and the outcome or the consequence of that message is, of course, that I want you to transcend your image of me based on how I was in embodiment. Why? Because, as I say in the book, in order to qualify for my ascension, I had to transcend the images of myself that I had while I was unascended. 

This is the same for everyone. Do you not understand that it is your image of yourself as an unascended person that keeps you tied to the body? You will not ascend until you let go of the image that you are an unascended person, an unascended being. That is when you can ascend. In order to let go of that last image of yourself as an unascended being, you have to let go of all of the other images of your identity that are based on conditions on earth. 

Did you not get this by reading my book? It is the most profound message that I want to give you as a newly ascended master because it is something that I did not fully get while I was still conscious and functioning in my busy daily schedule. I want you to have it so that you can look beyond even the image of myself that I had while I was in embodiment and tune in to my Presence as an ascended master. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing you being loyal to a mental image of me. I have every interest in having you tune in to me in my ascended state, for that is how I can help you grow! 

Many of my students cannot make their ascension

A considerable majority of those who came in contact with me while I was in embodiment cannot make their ascension as long as you hold on to the image of me that you created while I was in embodiment. You are so close to qualifying for your ascension, but you cannot take that last step until you free yourself from your image of me and the image of yourself—that you do not even realize that you have built based on my example and teachings. It is not that there is anything wrong, dark or false about this image but as I said, all of the self-images based on earth must be let go. As long as you hold on to my image, I cannot help you from the ascended state. Do you not see this? 

What did I say when I was in physical embodiment? This messenger was sitting in King Arthur’s Court when he heard me say this from the stage and he almost jumped out of his chair. I said: “I am not going to leave until the last one of you has ascended.” He realized very clearly that this was making my ascension contingent upon the free-will choices of other human beings, which you cannot do. I, of course, responded to the fear that many of you had at the time where it was beginning to be rumored that I had some mysterious illness. I was trying to reassure you that it was my desire to stay with you as long as I possibly could. This was before I had come to the realization that there was no stopping my illness and that I had to go through this, for me rather humiliating and disconcerting, experience of losing my mind and memory.

Leaving my students behind

When I came to that acceptance at inner levels, I also realized that I faced a choice. In order for myself to ascend, I had to let go of the sense of loyalty to my students. Do you understand that it was a misconception on my part that I could stay in physical embodiment until all of my students had qualified for their ascension? It was a misconception because when you are the guru, you must remain ahead of the students. That means there comes a point, when you have been an embodied guru, where in order to help your students ascend, you must ascend yourself. 

This is what Jesus also demonstrated at the beginning of the Piscean age, and I realized that this is what I had to demonstrate at the end of the Piscean age. Jesus was the example at the beginning and I am – potentially, for those who will accept it – the example at the end of the Piscean dispensation. This is potentially significant if enough people come to accept it. There is a significance here that I may expound upon at a later time, but for now I wish to leave it open for you to ponder what this might mean.

I realized that I could not fulfill this vow of mine. I had to surrender it and I had to ascend. Only by ascending could I fully help you who are my students. That is why I have brought forth this book in order to explain to you that I cannot help you from the ascended state if you hold on to the unascended image of me. I cannot give you the help you need in order to qualify for your ascensions unless you are willing to let go and tune in to me as an ascended master. In order to tune in to me you must be willing to surrender your unascended image of me. You must be willing to go into this no-man’s land of having no image of me until your mind becomes empty so that you can experience my living Presence as an ascended master.

Experiencing the ascended Guru Ma

I am not talking about you analyzing, understanding, conceptualizing with the mind what I am like as an ascended master. I am not talking about you trying to form an image of what I am like as an ascended maser and projecting it upon me. I am talking about you opening your mind and heart, emptying it of your previous images so that you might experience my Presence as an ascended master. It is not a conceptualization of me as an ascended master that will help you ascend; it is only the direct experience of my Presence that will help you ascend. Do you not get this? 

The significance of this cannot be overstated. There are many of those who call themselves my students who will not ascend unless you experience my Presence as an ascended master. Otherwise, you cannot accept that the path I taught can lead you to your ascension. Therefore, you will stand there on the threshold, but your dweller will keep whispering in your ear why you cannot take that last step. 

I know this because when I was standing at the threshold of my ascension, my dweller was whispering in my ear why I could not take the last step—and so it has been for everyone who has ever ascended. You will not fully leave the ego or the dweller behind until you take that last step into the ascended realm. What would keep you in a physical body? Nothing but that last aspect of the ego or the dweller can keep you in this dense realm once you begin to tune in to and experience the bliss of the ascended realm.

The clever arguments

Now, my beloved, I have listened to your arguments for why this book cannot be true and why it cannot be genuine. They are very clever, very ingenious, very imaginative, some even amusing. I will not comment on any of them. I will not give you any reason or argumentation for why this book is genuine. 

I have heard some of you comment on this messenger and why he cannot be a genuine messenger, and again you have used many reasons, many arguments. Again, I will not comment on any of them. If you desire to hold on to your arguments for rejecting my book and the outstretched hand that it is, then I will simply stand by and say: “Until another time when you are ready. Then I am still here for you.” I will hope that you are ready to accept my hand before your time runs out in this embodiment. 

Do you see, my beloved, that I have no intent other than helping you win your ascension? I do not even have the intent to use this messenger and this book to comment on the organization that I spent so much time and effort to build. Do you not see that this messenger has no intention of becoming a leader of a past organization or starting his own organization? He has no intention of personal gain or recognition. 

Why has he been the open door for this book? Well, partly because those who are able have an obligation to let the ascended masters bring forth what we want to bring forth. But also, of course, because he was a part of my organization. Although he had little personal interaction with me, he did indeed tune in to my Presence. Because he benefited greatly from being affiliated with my organization, my teachings and myself, he had—not a debt but maybe a debt of honor that he wished to fulfill. 

Cosmic cycles and this book

Cosmic wheels turned in such a way that the book was brought forth when it was, which was exactly according to certain cycles. Even this second edition is also brought forth according to other cycles that few people understand with their conscious minds. I understand them, Lanello understands them and we are happy to see – very happy to see – that this release from our hearts can now be accelerated to the next level. 

How many of you truly understand the message in Jesus’ parable about the talents? How many of you understand that we of the ascended masters are allowed to give an initial offering, but then we can only give more when there are enough people in embodiment who take what we have given and multiply it in their own beings? 

You see how long it took before there was a readiness for me to give this book. You see that for me to give more, or Lanello to give more teachings – either through this messenger or another – a critical mass of people will need to take what is given and multiply it in their hearts. That is why I started out by presenting you with the paradox that whether you believe this book is from the Ascended Master Guru Ma or whether you do not believe it, you can still use the book to increase your attunement with the real Ascended Master Guru Ma—whomever you may think this is. 

Beware that if you read this book through the filter of your dweller and ego, then this book will not help you increase your attunement with me. Thus, it will in a certain sense be your judgment for refusing to follow the guru beyond the clever arguments of your ego-dweller. Do you not realize, at least in glimpses, how clever the dweller can be in presenting you with a seemingly watertight argument for rejecting the guru? So many of you, so many of those who came into contact with me, my organization or my teachings, have not fully grasped this. You have not fully grasped either that the goal of the ascended masters has never been to create an organization and to give a teaching that is an end in itself.

The key to your ascension

The goal of the path given by the ascended masters has always been one thing only and it is that you win your ascension. How do you win your ascension? Some of you have come to believe various illusions about it. One is that the masters will do it for you. Another is that you can do it entirely by your own efforts. The truth is a combination of the two.

You cannot win your ascension without tuning in to the Presence of some ascended master. It cannot be done! There is no being who has ever qualified for the ascension without tuning in to an ascended master and receiving a gift of light – acceleration – from that master. Likewise, there is no one who has ever qualified for the ascension without multiplying the talents they have been given from the master. 

My goal as an ascended master is not that you are loyal to an outer organization or teaching. Neither is it my goal to get you to abandon an outer organization or teaching. My goal is to give you the opportunity to tune in to my Presence as the ascended master I am today, for this is how I can help you win your ascension. 

Now, it may be that whether you knew about me while I was in physical embodiment or whether you have found this book without being affiliated with my organization that you cannot fully tune in to me as an ascended master. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this. Then, I encourage to find another ascended master with whom you can have greater attunement and then by all means go after that attunement. It is by no means my goal with this book to say that you should, if you have read it, tune in to my Presence. You should tune in to whichever master is closest to your heart and expands your heart. My goal with this book is to present those who do feel an attunement with me with the opportunity to accelerate that attunement to a higher level.

Has Guru Ma ascended?

Therefore, I say: The real question to ask yourself, is not: “Is this book from the ascended master Guru Ma or is it not?” The real question to ask yourself is: “Do I believe Guru Ma is now an ascended master?” If the answer is “No,” then obviously I cannot help you and you must seek another guru. If the answer is “Yes,” then the existence of this book and the validity of it is not the issue. The issue is: “What can help you tune in to the ascended master Guru Ma?” 

If the book can help you: “Good!” If not, find other ways. Use the teachings I have brought forth while I was in embodiment. There are so many tools and teachings, and if they can help you, by all means use them. 

The infinite field of daisies

I will give you one last tool, a very simple tool. Because it is simple, it is also potentially very effective—if you can approach it with the childlike mind. You may know that while I was in embodiment my favorite flower was the daisy. Some of you will even recall a picture taken of me in my younger days while I was sitting in a meditative posture in a field of daisies. Well, I wish you, if you knew of that picture, to put it out of your mind. 

Instead, I wish to give you another image. It is the image of a field of daisies. Bright green grass, like the first tender grass of spring. Sprinkled on this field: daisies. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions. The sun is shining on the field from a low enough angle to create this golden light that is almost ethereal.

 I wish you – whenever you have time, whenever you desire to tune in to my Presence – to sit in a quiet room in a meditative posture and visualize this field of daisies. Do not focus on a particular flower but allow your inner eye to be drawn towards the distance, towards the horizon. Then see how the field stretches to infinity, and in that infinity I AM. There you can tune in to my Presence if you will, for I will always be there waiting for you. 

I am an ascended master and I have unlimited time. You are in embodiment; you do not have unlimited time. But you do have the ability to choose. I cannot choose for you, and therefore I can only wait for you to open yourself to my Presence. 

I have now done everything I wished to do, and everything I am allowed to do, at this particular point in the eternal cycles of being. I am the Ascended Master Guru Ma. I know who I am. If you do not know who I am, it is because you do not fully know who you are. Thus, you might ponder that question! 

This dictation is also found in the book: Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-aid.

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