Think and grow into oneness with the Christ mind

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 28, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

I gave you a very somber and sobering set of messages yesterday and Mother Mary was, of course, very sombering as well. I thought that today I would strike a slightly more optimistic tone given that the messenger is wearing a pink shirt instead of the blue flame he was wearing yesterday.

The realistic view on the fallen beings

Let us take a look at America. I have said that I am a realistic optimist or an optimistic realist or just a realist. Why is this so? Well, this is because I am an ascended master and I therefore have a perspective that is beyond what people on earth have, but it is especially beyond what the fallen beings have and can have.

Now you may have formed a somewhat inaccurate image of fallen beings and their abilities, their wisdom, their sophistication, their knowledge, their understanding of how the world works. And it is partly because we are somewhat in a dilemma when describing the fallen beings. We need people to understand, of course, that the fallen beings exist. We need people to understand that they have an intent that is entirely self-centered and in some cases even destructive. We need people to understand that the fallen beings always have an agenda, that it is not the agenda of most of the people on earth and certainly not the agenda of the ascended masters. And we also need people to understand that the fallen beings are indeed wiser, have more experience, have more knowledge of how the material world works and how to manipulate human beings. They have a far greater knowledge of these topics than the average person.

This is, of course, in line with Jesus who said: “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” We need people to understand that there are serpents in embodiment and out of embodiment and that the only way to free yourself from them is to be harmless as doves instead of engaging in a fight with the fallen beings. We need people to understand all of this yet in giving people this knowledge we may create the impression that the fallen beings are far more powerful or far more wise and manipulative than they actually are.

It is true that the fallen beings understand many things about how the material universe works, but they understand this from a very specific perspective and that is how to use the material world to give themselves power and privileges. Their desire to understand the material universe is centered around themselves. At the same time of course, they are in the duality consciousness otherwise they could not be fallen beings. The duality consciousness and the self-centeredness means that the fallen beings are inherently blind. They have a spiritual blindness that they cannot overcome.

Now you may find this somewhat surprising but step back and think about this. The fallen beings cannot see beyond their self-interest. Therefore, they cannot see the perspective we have as ascended masters because we do not have self-interest. And therefore, we see a much broader perspective, a much broader reality of how the entire unascended sphere works and how this unascended sphere that we are in today is just part of this greater hierarchy of spheres and how energy flows from the center from the Creator through all of these levels into the current sphere.

Now the fallen beings, some of them fell in a previous sphere but it does not mean that they retain a sophisticated knowledge of what happened to them. They fell, as I said, in an unascended sphere and they are currently embodied in an unascended sphere. They understand somewhat, although not fully, but they understand somewhat how an unascended sphere works but they do not understand how the ascended realm works. And they cannot understand this unless they, of course, give up the fallen consciousness and engage in the spiritual path of seeking to get instructions and knowledge directly from the ascended masters.

Now, you who are avatars and original inhabitants in embodiment, you also cannot understand on your own how the ascended realm works. You can understand this somewhat because we have given you teachings about it. But still even though, even if you studied all of the teachings given by the ascended masters since the 1930s, you would still not gain the full perspective that we have from the ascended realm because you cannot gain this perspective until you ascend.

The realistic view on the unascended sphere and earth

Why am I a realist? Well, because I have a perspective that neither human beings nor fallen beings can have. And what do I see? Well, I see the entire hierarchy of ascended beings that reaches all the way up through the various ascended spheres to the Creator. And I see, of course, that the entire world of form is upheld by a constant stream of energy coming from the Creator.

I also see that all of the ascended beings in these previously ascended spheres are multiplying the talents, the energy given to them by the Creator, and therefore they are using it to not only enhance their own environment but also the next level down in the hierarchical structure. In so doing, they are multiplying these talents and creating a stream of energy that goes back up to the Creator who then multiplies it and sends it back down. And this has created an upward spiral. You understand that there is an upward spiral in these six ascended spheres. Now we have also explained that there is an upward spiral in this unascended sphere. And I see and experience all of this because I see and experience myself as part of this entire upward spiral. I see that the entire unascended sphere in which you are currently focusing your attention is this giant upward stream of the River of Life. And therefore, of course, I experience very clearly that earth is just one little planet in an immense, an immense universe.

In our conference in Kazakhstan where we talked about the River of Life, we attempted to give you some sense of co-measurement of the immensity of this. Untold numbers of planets, untold numbers of self-aware beings, untold numbers of ascended beings, all being part of this River of Life, creating this upward thrust, this upward pull that pulls up on everything in this unascended sphere, including earth.

I see, I experience that the earth is being pulled upwards by the rest of the universe, the majority of planets with self-aware life forms. And I see, of course, that there is no force on earth that can in any way, shape, or form resist this upward pull. The earth, therefore, is being pulled up. There is no way that any force on earth can stop this.

That is why I can say with an absolute certainty that nothing can stop my golden age. Because my golden age is not created as an ego trip by me. It is created as part of this entire upward movement of the River of Life. I am, my golden age, my vision for the golden age is in alignment with this upward movement. It is an expression of this upward movement. I did not create this as a separate being. I did not stand there as a separate being and saying: “So how does the River of Life work? I better adjust my vision for the golden age to the principles behind the River of Life, so I do not get into trouble.” I first merged with, became one with the River of Life, and then from inside that flow, I formulated the vision of my golden age.

Free will in an unascended sphere

As El Morya, when he was still calling himself El Morya said: “We were winning from the beginning.” because when you align yourself with the River of Life, what force on earth can oppose you? Whereas free will, you might say: Well, free will is in the minds of individual lifestreams who are allowed to create any mental image in their minds, even though it is completely out of touch with the reality of the River of Life.

That is how free will is allowed to outplay itself in an unascended sphere, at least when that unascended sphere has turned that critical corner where the vast majority of the planets with intelligent life are in an upward spiral. Free will exists, yes, but really only within the minds of individual beings. And it is a matter of how they use that free will. Do they use it in alignment with the River of Life or do they use it to create the impression that they can do whatever they want as individuals, regardless of the River of Life?

What is the River of Life? It is a unity, a oneness between individual self-aware beings who have experimented with their free will and by experimenting come to the point where they have given up exercising their free will as separate individuals and instead chosen to exercise their free will as not only connected individuals, but individuals who are one with the Christ mind, which is one with all life. “Without him, (without it), was not anything made that was made.” Thus, the Christ mind is the mind that unifies all self-aware beings, all life, all forms, all energy. It is not a matter of, does that mean you give up your free will? No, you take your free will to a higher level. You still have free will as an ascended master. In fact, you have a more free will than you have as an unascended being and you have especially a more free will than you have as a being in duality.

Now, the fallen beings, of course, argue in many ways and they use the duality consciousness to come up with all kinds of arguments and they have argued that you only gain really free will by going against the River of Life, the upward movement of all life. But you cannot actually have free will in duality. You cannot exercise a truly free will.

Desperation of the fallen beings

Why not? Because you can only exercise your will based on the vision you have. And in duality, your vision is inherently limited. That is why the fallen beings cannot see what I see. They cannot see that the earth is being pulled up by the River of Life. They cannot truly grasp this. But they can, to some degree, sense that something is shifting. They can sense that the earth is slipping out of their grasp, out of their grip.They can sense that societies are moving forward and they cannot stop it. They can, of course, also look at history and see that they could not stop the emergence of the democracies. They could not stop the founding of the United States of America. And even though they have ever since the founding of this nation attempted to control this nation, they are feeling that their control is slipping. They are losing their grip.

They do not understand why, because they do not have the perspective that I have talked about. But they feel it is happening. And that is why they are acting out in desperation. They sometimes think they can stop the change, but some of them realize they cannot stop it, so they attempt to delay it as much as possible.

How do they seek to delay it? Well, in all the ways we have talked about, subverting democracy, manipulating democracy, manipulating the economy, you will realize that the invocations you have given for this conference are all based on the book, Spiritual Solution to American Problems,  and some of these dictations were given quite some time ago.

But there are many other teachings we have given about America that are as relevant today as when they were given. In fact, more relevant because we, of course, foresaw the developments in America. We have seen in many past ages how when a planet is beginning to slip away from the grip of the fallen beings, these fallen beings become more and more desperate trying to maintain their power, their influence, their control. And this is precisely what is happening on a planetary scale. It is precisely what is happening in America.

Maintaining control through fear and anger

One of the ways that the fallen beings seek to maintain this control is through fear. I inspired this messenger to look up the polarization of America and see that there are quite a number of scholars who are aware of this issue and have researched it for quite some time. And they have seen not only the polarization, but they have also seen that a large part of this polarization is driven by fear, the fear of what might happen, the fear of the other side taking society in a destructive direction.

And they have appealed to a large segment of the American population who are still primarily driven by their emotional bodies. This has traditionally been the main way that the fallen beings have attempted to control the population, through the fear that is centered in the emotional body. They have attempted, of course, also with the mental and identity bodies and, of course, in the physical realm. But the primary way has always been fear.

Why did it take so long before the feudal societies of Europe were overturned? Because the peasants feared the noblemen and the king. They feared the church, they feared going to hell, they feared many things. You see, when you look at this from a neutral perspective, you see that many people in America have been polarized in an extreme direction because they have fear. What is the outcome of fear? It is that you feel powerless. What is the outcome of feeling powerless? It is anger. When you cannot bear your sense of powerlessness you go into anger and now you act based on the anger because you think this will empower you.

And you see that there is a certain segment of American politics who is driven by this anger against the other side. You see it on both sides of the political divide but obviously if you look at it neutrally, you see it more on one side than on the other. This is a feeling-based and emotionally driven polarization. And what it is when you look at our teachings that we have given, what is the effect of acting based on the emotional body?

Turning off rational thinking with fear and anger

It is, of course, that you act without thinking or at least without thinking very deeply. Therefore, as I started out talking about this “superficiality” in people’s actions. Because the fallen beings know very well that if they can make people angry enough, they can make them feel powerless enough and then they can make them feel angry enough that they will act without thinking. This is the mob mentality that I talked about on a larger scale.

The fallen beings are experts in creating this kind of manipulation. Manipulating a group of people into this where their anger has now become so strong that they no longer think about or care about the consequences. They might even think that the consequences, whatever they are, are worth it in order to achieve this goal that they have come to think is the only way to avoid the calamity that they fear. You make people fear a calamity that these other people are going to bring about if they are allowed to do so. You make them angry enough to act against the scapegoat and then you can make them do almost anything as history proves.

Now, what have we told you about your four lower bodies? There is a hierarchical structure. The energy flows from the spiritual into the identity into the mental into the emotional. And therefore, ideally the mental body should be in control of your emotional body. Therefore, you should not be in such an emotional state that you do something that is against what you actually know and recognize in your mental body. But what do you see in many of these situations where there has been this mob mentality? You see that people are actually acting against their better knowledge. They are acting against their higher principles.

How do you get Christians and Muslims who both believe in the Old Testament: “Thou shalt not kill.” to kill each other? By making their emotions so agitated by making them so focused in the emotional body that it overrides what they know in their mental bodies.

How do you make a mob of normally relatively rational people suddenly become a mob and break into the Congress building in an attempt to, in their minds, save democracy which is against their knowledge that not only is this illegal but it is not according to their Christian principles that most of them follow. How do you make them do this? By agitating their emotions to the point where they are so centered in their emotional bodies, they are so driven by their fear and by their anger that they do not care about their higher knowledge or about the consequences. They think they can get away with this or that it is worth it, whatever the consequences may be.

Many of these people have now gone to prison and only a very few of them think it was worth it. And only a very few of them are still trapped in the emotions. They have snapped out of that emotional state and been able to think and realize that this was not what they actually wanted to do. But they could not see it at the time, could they? Or they would not have done what they did.

Bringing destruction upon yourself

This is the manipulation of the fallen beings. And the fallen beings, they think that every time they can get a group of people to go into this emotional state, they have won. They have won some kind of victory. They have furthered their ends.

There are some fallen beings who think or who feel they gain a sense of empowerment by being able to control and manipulate people. There are others who just want chaos and they feel that by manipulating people into these situations, they are furthering the chaos. They are increasing the chaos on a planetary scale and this gives them a sense of empowerment.

You see that the fallen beings, they feel very sophisticated because they can manipulate people into this emotional reaction. But why are they doing this? Because they themselves are trapped in an emotional reaction. As I said, they feel their control of the earth is slipping away. They are afraid because they are afraid of the consequences. They have gone into feeling powerless. Then they have gone into anger and now they are acting based on that anger. The fallen beings think that they are manipulating the people but the fallen beings are trapped in the exact same reactionary pattern as the people they are manipulating.

How sophisticated is that? How much power does it actually give them? Because they themselves are pulled in to that same dynamic. And therefore, they cannot actually see the larger consequences of this. Now we have said many, many times that the fallen beings are trapped in the duality consciousness. We have talked about how when you act in duality you are creating an opposition because you are sending out an impulse that is being reflected back by the cosmic mirror. Or sometimes reflected back by the cosmic mirror through other people who oppose you.

 Bringing the world closer the golden age

The fallen beings, of course, cannot see this but I see it from the ascended perspective. What do I see from the ascended perspective? I see that whatever the fallen beings do to polarize America, to drag groups of Americans into this very polarized reaction, into this violent reaction, it actually brings the world closer to my golden age. Now this may sound somewhat naive but not when you see what I see from the ascended perspective. As I said, the earth is being pulled upwards. It cannot be any other way given the nature of the unascended sphere that it has long since gone beyond this point where the upward spiral has become irreversible. There will be a golden age.

The question is what will it take to bring it about? And what it will take is in terms of America and the golden age in America that a critical mass of American people come to certain realizations. How can this be brought about that people come to these realizations? Well, it can be brought about in two ways. One is what we have called the higher way of people receiving directions from the ascended masters even if they do not know about us or they receive these ideas, they think about it, they internalize it, they share them and they gradually build this upward movement where they want a better life, a better society than what they have.

The other way is the School of Hard Knocks. And what does that mean? It means that people now instead of receiving this balanced perspective on how to grow, they go into the unbalanced reaction, they are polarized, they act out in these extreme ways and therefore they create what might seem in the first place to be chaos that goes against the manifestation of a golden age. But the chaos makes the polarization so extreme that people can begin to see that this is too much.This is too far out. This has gone too far.

And this means that after having gone through the upheaval, gone through the chaos, people see the same thing that they could have seen or that other people have seen without going through the chaos. What you see here is simple. The fallen beings sense that a change is coming. They attempt to stop the change by creating this polarization, creating the violence, creating the chaos, but they only speed up the process where it comes to the point where a critical mass of Americans can see: “This is too much. We need to take America to a higher level.”

Seeing that duality is not working

Some people see it the easy way. Many people have already seen it the easy way, but not yet a critical mass. But by going into the polarization, people will begin to see it through the extreme outplaying of this mindset. Because what is the change that needs to happen in America? What is it they need, that people need to see? They need to see that duality is not working. That duality is not giving them the kind of life that they want.

They need to see that differences are not a threat. The differences you find in America is precisely why America is more prosperous and further advanced in certain ways than most other nations. Because it is a creative opportunity. People need to see that the differences can be used for growth when people come to that underlying sense of oneness, tolerance for differences, which is the hallmark of the Christ consciousness.

Right now, of course, many people are so polarized, there are so many divisions. And the divisions lead to conflict after conflict. But the change that will bring about the golden age in America, and for that matter any other nation, is that people see beyond the differences, see the commonality, see the basic humanity, see the essential humanity, and start to see the potential, the creative potential of their nation.

Wanting a better life

This is what will bring the golden age. And it is inevitable that this will happen in America and other nations. It is just a matter of how it will be brought about. How people will come to that point where they see: “This is not getting us where we want to go.” And where is it that people want to go? Well, most people do not have a clear vision of this. But there is one thing that can unite at least a critical mass of Americans. And that is they all want a better daily life for themselves and their children.

We have talked about this before in the context of the war in Ukraine and the age of empires being over. Most people on earth and certainly most people in America want a better life for themselves and their children. And this cannot be achieved as long as you allow a small power elite to steal the wealth of the American people. To steal the fruit of their labor. And that is just one among many things that people need to see. But this is one that they can fairly easily and quickly come to see that it is time to take America back. It is time to take America back to the people to make it a country, a nation of the people by the people and for the people. This they can come to see fairly quickly.

Equality and social awareness: fallen beings’ worst nightmares

The fallen beings, of course, are doing everything they can to avoid this. Not that they can really see the potential because they cannot fathom this but they are trying to keep the American people divided. And they are doing everything they can to achieve this.

Now again I spoke yesterday about the fact that I was deliberately setting up the American political system to favor the balanced approach, the centered approach, the what some will call compromise. But it is not really compromise. It is actually doing what is the best for the majority of the population. And this is, of course, what the fallen beings do not want. Why? Because they do not want a nation where all men and women are created equal. They do not want equality.

To the fallen beings equality is one of their worst nightmares. It is one of their most hated words or concepts. Equality. Why would a fallen being want equality? Their entire mindset is based on setting themselves up as being superior to the vast majority of the people. And they certainly see the people on earth as being far inferior to themselves.

Why is it that America has this culture of the rugged individualism, the everybody for himself, you are making your own luck, the individual who takes care of himself, the lack of social awareness that we have talked about it is because the fallen beings have managed to manipulate a certain segment of the American population into believing in this each man for himself. And it is in most cases each man for himself even though some women are also caught in this mentality. But the vast majority of women are not.

The fallen beings are seeking to spread this mentality—it is not even an ideology or a philosophy—it is more of a mentality that Americans are for those who make their own luck who are willing to work hard and those who are working hard should be allowed to have more than others and they should not pay taxes because taxes will just go to welfare for those who do not want to work.

The reality of the American dream

And they really believe that everybody in America could do what they have done, start their own business, join the business community, make their own luck, invest and become as rich as they have become. They really think that everybody could become a millionaire because they do not think clearly and realize that the entire system is set up to allow a few people to become millionaires by keeping the majority of the population down.

The fallen beings need to keep the American dream alive by allowing a few people to rise to a higher level so that there will be enough people that believe in this so-called American dream. But the reality if you look closer is that not everybody could do this because the entire system is set up to prevent the majority from doing this and keep them as worker bees who submit to the corporations. This is the reality of the American system.

Another reality is that even the people who have worked themselves up and become millionaires or billionaires they are not really part of what we call the power elite because the power elite is made of this very small closed club of these families that have inherited their wealth and they look down upon all these newcomers who have become billionaires.

Do you think these very old families in America—they respect Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the other billionaires? They do not. They have nothing but contempt left over for them. They are not part of the elite and they will not be part of the elite. Perhaps their children or grandchildren may be, but only people who have grown up in that environment and take their privileges for granted can really be part of the elite.

One of the things that the American people can come to see is that there is this elite who has nothing but contempt for the American people and they might use the people they might use politicians but they have nothing but contempt for the politicians. Many politicians believe in the flattery that they are part of this important club but the people at the top have nothing but contempt for any politician. They only have loyalty to their own kind.

Equal opportunity for all (children)

This the people can come to see and they can come to see that all men and women are created equal in the sense that they all have the same potential to transcend themselves. And therefore American society is meant to be a society that gives all people equal opportunity. Equal opportunity to improve the lives for themselves and their children. This is something that could potentially unite a very large part of the American population. We all deserve equal opportunity to improve our lives for ourselves, for our children. And this is what society should provide to the greatest possible number of people. This could be a truly uniting factor in this coming decade.

Now as Mother Mary so eloquently said: “Who will be the first to see this in large numbers?” Women, of course, who want what is best for their children more than they want some ideological idea or they want to be right or defeat those other people. Women are the ones who can see that: “If I am to do what is best for my children then what is best for my children is actually what is best for my neighbor’s children and my neighbor’s neighbor and how far does this go on? And do we not come to a point where what is best for my children is what is best for all children?”

This is the shift in mentality, shift in awareness that can come about and people can come to see that you cannot do what is best for all children if society and the political debate is so polarized that nobody could come together and even talk about: Well what is best for all children? What is best for all of us? Not just some of us.

Making people think

And of course, this is precisely the situation you have right now. But why is this so? Because people are trapped in their emotional bodies. Their emotional bodies are so agitated, so stirred up that they cannot think clearly. Now, one of the goals that our American students defined for this webinar was precisely how to change the public discourse from being so polarized to being more unified.

I will make a simple suggestion for how you could help bring this about. And it is simply this. Ask people questions that make them think. Do not ask questions aimed at making them think what you think or agree with you or accept your viewpoints. Just ask questions that make them think.

What have I said earlier? People are so trapped in their emotional bodies that they can be manipulated into doing things that are against the viewpoints they actually hold in their mental bodies. Their emotional bodies are overriding their mental bodies.

Look at the public discourse. It is so polarized, so confrontational. But why? Because it is taken over by people who have this obsessive compulsive need to make other people agree with their viewpoints. And when you have this obsessive compulsive need, then you are not thinking and you are not trying to make other people think. You are trying to prove other people wrong or put other people down or shame them into agreeing with you.

What you can do as ascended master students, what you can also make the calls for that others will do is ask questions. Learn from Socrates. What did he do? Rarely stated a viewpoint. He asked questions. To make people clarify what they actually think. Not what they feel but what they actually think. By asking these questions you can potentially as people are willing, help them reconnect to what they actually think in their mental bodies. And then they might be able to see that their emotional bodies are out of alignment with their mental bodies.

Seeing discrepancy between the emotional and mental bodies

There are persistent surveys, multiple surveys that have shown that the majority of the American people are not nearly as polarized as the politicians or the media. That most Americans are centered around the middle. That there is not such a big difference between what they actually think about politics. There is a big difference between what many people feel about politics. But there is not such a big difference between what they think.

By asking open-ended questions just ask people to clarify what do you actually think about not only issues but about the political process. About where the country should be going. About what is best for the country. What is your thinking really? How could what you see as your goals be brought about? What would be the consequences about what you feel and what would be the consequences if you act based on what you feel? And would that actually achieve what you think should happen? In other words, help people see the discrepancy between their emotional and mental bodies.

Transcending superficial sense of identity

Then you can take this to a higher level because these surveys have also shown that much of this polarization, much of the animosity, much of the hostility between groups of people is based on a sense of identity where they identify themselves with a certain label that has been put on people and groups of people.

And here you can again make people think: “Am I really a being who is defined by being against this other group of people? Do I really think that it is best for America if we are so divided into all these factions that are working against each other? Or do I perhaps think it would be more advantageous if Americans were united?”

United we stand, divided we fall, old clichés, but nevertheless they can make some people think and realize that they have allowed themselves to be pulled into this superficial sense of identity: “I am a Republican. I am a Democrat. And if I am a Republican I am against all those liberals who will destroy the country.”

Non-violence of Christ message

Is there perhaps a higher identity than being a Republican or a Democrat? What about being an American? What about being for democracy and the democratic process? What about being a Christian and living up to the ideals, turning the other cheek instead of beating the opponent group down by all means?

Many Americans claim to be Christians. They claim that America is a Christian nation. But what is the essence of Jesus’s message? It is non-violence. “Turn the other cheek. Forgive seventy times seven. Do good to those that persecute you.” Everything Jesus attempted to show people is non-violence.

If you are a true Christian, you are non-violent, otherwise you are not a true Christian. Regardless of what the Christian religion has done throughout history. If you identify yourself as a Christian, how can you accept or even take part in political violence? You can help people see by just asking clarifying questions that the current political climate is dominated by political violence.

I am not talking about only physical violence, but posting death threats on people’s Facebook accounts and many other of these expressions in social media or even in physical confrontations—this is a form of political violence. Is this in accordance with people’s Christian sense of identity? Is it in accordance with their sense of identity as Americans? And “united we stand?”

You can help people. It is not a matter of trying to persuade them. You need to approach this by being not attached to how people react to it. You just attempt to do what Socrates did. Get people to clarify what they actually think and then leave it up to them whether they can see the contradictions between their sense of identity—two aspects of their sense of identity— between their sense of identity and their mental thinking, between their emotional actions and their mental thinking.

Shifting into a positive, forward-looking state of mind

Just help people clarify what they actually think because you look at those who manipulate people, they are doing everything they can to prevent people from thinking. They have a very superficial view of the political process and then they stir up the emotions so people act on this very superficial thinking. This is the process.

If you are neutral about this you can see it. You can see it how it is being outplayed. You can see what people are doing this and it is not just one person. You can see how this is being used to stir up a reaction that has nothing to do with how the American system is designed to work and how it can fulfill its higher potential.

America is not a nation that is based on violence because the American political system is not based on violence. I know very well that America was born in the bloody Revolutionary War against England. I know there has been the Civil War. There has been all other wars that America has been involved in. But if you look at the American political system it is not based on violence.

All men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights. Meaning no governmental institution or no group of people have the right to take away other people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When a group of people allow themselves to be manipulated into this state of mind that they have a right to use violence to take away the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of another group of people then this is un-American.

This is not what the American political system was set up to do. This is not how it was meant to function. And this is not how it can function according to its highest potential.

I am speaking this into the collective consciousness because I see that a critical mass of Americans are very close to breaking through and seeing this. Seeing the imbalance, the unsustainability of the current political discourse, political climate, political situation. They are close to breaking through and saying: “This is not what we want. This is not the kind of country we want America to be.”

And the more people that break through, the more people that speak out, the quicker we will get to the point where the critical mass is reached. Now as I started out saying, this critical mass will be reached. It is just a matter of how much turmoil the nation needs to go through before the critical mass of people see how unbalanced, how ridiculous this is, how un-American this is, how unconstitutional it is, how undemocratic it is, how un-Christian it is, how inhumane it is.

There is an old motto or slogan, even the title of a book, “Think and Grow Rich”. But in reality, if you really think, you grow together, you grow into oneness when you really think.

You who are the spiritual students can be part of this by asking questions. Just make people think. Do not be concerned about what they think. Just make them think more deeply than they are doing now. And trust the process. Trust the upward movement of the River of Life.

There are many Americans who are today in a very negative, agitated, fear-based state of mind, fearing for America’s future, fearing this and that calamity. For America to go through the shift I am talking about, a critical mass of people will have to shift into a positive, forward-looking state of mind.

I would like those who are direct students of the ascended masters to be part of this shift and be forerunners for this shift. But you cannot be part of this shift if you are in this fear-based state of mind if you are looking for some calamity or the end of the world or the end of democracy or this or that.

If you look at yourself and feel fear in your emotional body, then start by asking yourself these questions. Start by actually looking at our dictations. Read my dictations about America. And then ask yourself what you actually think and why you think what you think and how you identify yourself. Are you identified with this or that grouping or as a spiritual being, as an avatar? Ask yourself these questions. Think and grow into oneness with the Christ mind.

With this, I thank you for your attention for being willing to be the broadcast stations for this message. And I seal you in this realistic optimism, this flame of realism based on oneness with the River of Life that I hold for America and for this planet. For it is this flame that will bring the golden age into physical manifestation.

Saint Germain, I AM.


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