There is only one test on the spiritual path

TOPICS: All students need to be tested in humility – The essential quality of the ego – An amazing thing about spiritual students – The true path of discipleship – The willingness to move higher – Even an ascended master can make karma – A special test –

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Ascended Master El Morya, January 4, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

All students need to be tested in humility

If the messenger be a person whom you perceive as an ant, will you heed the message anyway? Or will you fail the essential test of discipleship and thus lose the thread of contact to the heart of El Morya? It is not a matter of what I say, how I say it or through whom I say it. It is a matter of your ability to read the vibration of the voice, to read the inner message in the words and thus recognize the master Morya beyond outer appearances. This, has always been the true test of discipleship: Can you recognize the master regardless of the disguise that he may be using at the moment?

Those of you who are familiar with the master Morya, will know that at my retreat in Darjeerling I have a gruff gate keeper. Why is that so? Many people in the world think that we of the ascended masters are interested in attracting the greatest possible number of students, but it is not so. Our primary concern is to present every person that comes in contact with our teachings with the essential test of discipleship.

And that test is whether you can look beyond outer appearances and catch the inner message that is deliberately disguised, so that the outer mind finds it difficult to recognize the master behind it. Thus, you might say that the gatekeeper at my retreat has the function of acting as a filter for those who are not willing to let go of their preconceived opinions about how they should be greeted at the retreat of the ascended master Morya.

The essential quality of the ego

The essential quality of the human ego is that it cannot – it will not – see reality. It has created a mental image, a graven image, an idol and it seeks to project it upon what it calls reality. Thus, when a person who is trapped in the ego consciousness comes across an outer teaching, that person already has a mental image of what a true spiritual teaching should be like, of what a true spiritual master should be like, and the person seeks to project that image upon our teachings, upon our messengers and upon ourselves.

Obviously, once we give an outer teaching that is released in the physical, whether it be in books, or on a website, we cannot control who finds that teaching because we have no desire to control free will. Yet what we can control is how we use the outer teaching to present students with the essential test of discipleship which, as I have said, is the test of humility.

You see, my beloved, the ego is not a student of the ascended masters. The ego is a student of the false hierarchy and the false gurus who have come to this earth for a very long time, peddling their theories that spring from the mind of anti-Christ. This goes all the way back to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, and now that you have heard Maitreya’s landmark discourse, you will know that there is much more to understand about the story of the Garden of Eden and every mystery school following it, even the outer religions of this planet—that do not deserve to be called Mystery Schools even though they have plenty of mystery.

The test has always been whether a person is willing to look beyond his or her ego, thus being willing to question and look beyond the mental image, the graven image, created by the ego and inspired by those who have long ago rebelled against God and have decided to seek to lead everyone else astray, falling for the ultimate temptation of pride, of thinking that if they can get everyone to worship them and agree with their beliefs about God, then they must somehow be right.

An amazing thing about spiritual students

Ah my beloved, if you could see the depth of the pride of the fallen angels, most of you would be shocked to the core of your beings, for their pride is almost absolute. And by that I mean that there is almost no opportunity whatsoever to turn a soul around who has descended to that level of pride, thinking that it knows better than God and certainly better than any of the representatives of God sent to this planet by the ascended masters.

Thus, when I, Morya, look at spiritual organizations, I must tell you that what amazes me the most is that someone can come in contact with an outer teaching and an outer organization. The person starts studying the teachings. The person starts applying the teachings, at least the outer aspects of the teachings, such as giving decrees and prayers. After a certain time – and for some it only takes weeks, and for others it takes decades – these people begin to feel that they are now worthy to be students of El Morya or another ascended master.

They think that because they have studied the teachings and can repeat the teachings, the outer word, because they have practiced and given so and so many decrees or even because they have passed certain outer initiations that they have been exposed to, suddenly they begin to think that they have reached a level of mastery. And now, their egos whisper in their ears – or even the false hierarchy impostors whisper in their ears – that they have become such advanced students that they no longer need to be tested in the essential test of discipleship. Because they are so advanced, because they have done so much, they do not need to be tested in humility.

Yet, it is precisely the student who has done all of the outer things right for a number of years who more than anyone else needs the test of humility. For the more you have done on the outer, the more you have done on the outer path, the more you need the test of humility, so that you can transcend the outer path and realize there is an entirely different level of discipleship to which you have the potential to ascend—if you are willing to look beyond the outer teaching and even your preconceived opinion about how the “real” student should follow that outer teaching and the outer path. This, my beloved, is the essential dividing line between those who call themselves students and those who are students of El Morya.

The true path of discipleship

My Beloved, we welcome many lifestreams to our outer teachings. We have set up certain barriers of entry that turns back some, but those who are willing to pass those outer hurdles are welcomed. Yet being a member of an outer organization, doing outer practices – even for decades – does not mean that you automatically become a true student of El Morya who has discovered and has been willing to follow the inner path of discipleship.

This is something that I wish the majority of the members of spiritual organizations would wake up and understand. For if they were to understand this, they could very quickly accelerate their spiritual attainment to the point that we could start working with them in an entirely different way, and therefore their service to this planet could be multiplied manifold.

Yet those who are not willing to look beyond that outer image, created by their egos, cannot make that leap of faith, giving up their preconceived opinions, their sense of superiority, their sense of comfortability on the outer path in order to once again bend the knee in humility and say “El Morya I am willing to be God-taught. I am willing to be taught the higher way of true discipleship, the inner way of becoming one with you El Morya, with your God flame, thus becoming in essence the twin flame in the physical octave of the ascended master El Morya.”

Yes, in the past we have given teachings on twin flames, but those teachings were adapted to the level of consciousness that humankind had at the time. They were very linear, but there is always a higher understanding, a higher teaching. Our previous teachings are not invalid – there are twin flames at the soul level – but there is indeed a higher teaching where there is a vertical relationship of twin flames between your being here below and the higher Being out of which you are an individualization.

Thus, I, the ascended master El Morya, have many twin flames that are embodied on earth at this hour. It is my desire that all of those should be awakened and recognize who they are. For were that to happen then I, Morya, could be myself, my spiritual being, in embodiment through my students below. Do you see, my beloved, this is the path of oneness that we have now spoken about in many dictations.

The willingness to move higher

It is the inner path, the real path that we long our true students to discover and embrace. Yet you must understand that this path could not be given out publicly in the past because cosmic cycles would not allow it and the consciousness of humankind would not allow it. Thus, what you have seen now is indeed a breakthrough for this planet, and it is brought about by the very fact that a critical mass of people on this planet have been willing to embrace a new awareness.

Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness is a major dispensation for this planet. It is indeed the culmination of everything we have worked for, for a century and more, because it is an initiative dedicated to promoting the inner path of oneness, even by giving an outer teaching that can be found by anyone, even those who are not ready for that path of oneness, even those who are committed to the anti-path of separation from God.

Thus, I can assure you that every ascended master in heaven is putting his or her momentum and sponsorship behind this initiative, and I El Morya have indeed been granted the opportunity to sponsor the initiative itself. Yet as we have explained concerning the multiplication of Mother Mary’s rosaries, the multiplication, the sponsorship, that I can give to this new initiative is not based on outer criteria, such as membership or the willingness to give a certain amount of decrees or come to a certain amount of services. It is indeed a sponsorship that is based entirely on people’s willingness to walk the path of oneness and come into oneness with each other.

Even an ascended master can make karma

Truly, my beloved, you might wonder how I, an ascended master, could make karma by sponsoring an organization. Let me tell you why. Those who are on the outer path tend to think that our goal for sponsoring an outer organization is to attract members and to save the world. My Beloved, our real goal for sponsoring any organization is not to achieve anything on the outer. Our real goal is to attract those who are the true students and to raise them up on the inner path to attain the highest possible degree of Christhood.

Even in the past we talked many a time about the need to manifest your individual Christhood, the need to come up higher. The teachings were there. We gave teachings about the inner path. Yet they were veiled, they were spoken between the lines so that those who were too focused on the outer path, essentially using the teachings of the ascended masters to puff up their egos, could not discover those hidden teachings. Our true goal was to raise up people to Christhood and thus, the success of any organization is measured by how many people were raised to at least the beginning stages of Christhood.

Yet for this to happen, there must be students who are willing to look beyond the outer teaching, even the outer word, those who are willing to internalize the word, those who are willing to multiply their talents instead of burying them in the ground of the outer teaching and the outer practices. You see, that is how even an ascended master can make a certain amount of karma. And although it does not require that master to reincarnate, the karma will have to be balanced. And of course, as an ascended master I cannot balance that karma in the physical, so I look to those who are my true students. And I must tell you that even a few students who commit themselves to the path of oneness can very quickly balance this karma.

A special test

Thus, my beloved, I come to commend those of you who are willing to listen to me, even though I speak through a messenger who has never ever claimed to be anything beyond any of you, someone who has been willing to stand up and deliver the Word without claiming any particular authority for doing so, thus giving a very special test of humility to all.

The test is simple—can you look beyond the outer messenger, can you even look beyond some of the teachings we have given that are deliberately meant to push the buttons of your ego, to challenge your preconceived opinions about what an ascended master should or should not say. And thus, can you discover the real, living El Morya behind the outer message and the outer messenger?

I, El Morya, have the privilege of sealing this conference in Colombia, of sealing you all in the flame of mirth that I have embodied in many lifetimes and that I call you to embody, so that you do not fall into the trap of taking yourselves too seriously or taking the fallen angels too seriously, thereby giving them power over you. Thus, my beloved, be sealed in the fullness of my joy. Morya I AM.


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