The year of willpower

TOPICS: The need for Russia not to go back to totalitarian rule – Helping people cope psychologically with natural disasters – Why the American government has not learned its lesson in Iraq –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 31, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

Beloved hearts, I come at the start of the New Year to congratulate those of you who have so faithfully and lovingly given the Rosary of Infinite Light over these past 33 days. I have already told you that the rosaries you have given have averted an even greater earthquake and thereby saved many lives. I know it is difficult to watch such a great loss of life and feel any sense of victory in the midst of this disaster. Yet I must tell you that the mitigation of this earthquake through your prayers is indeed a victory.

Another great victory accomplished through your rosaries is the outcome of the election process in Ukraine. It was truly your rosaries given that prevented the outbreak of large-scale violence after the failed election in November. The light invoked by your rosaries cleared the way for a peaceful resolution and the new election that took place after Christmas. Your prayers cleared the way for the election of the people’s choice for the presidency.

This is a great victory for the people of Ukraine, and it has the potential to bring true freedom and true democracy to a nation that was once part of the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union. This is a very important victory because it has the potential to build a bridgehead of light that can spread to other former Soviet republics and to Mother Russia herself. This is truly of great importance because the choices made by the Russian people over the coming years will have an enormous influence on the world as a whole.

The need for Russia not to go back to totalitarian rule

I can tell you that I have great love for the people of Mother Russia, and I know that many of them have great love for me. I truly encourage all spiritual people in Russia to take up the use of my rosaries, and I am infinitely grateful for those who have spent their time to translate them into the Russian language and have made efforts to get them out in printed form or over the internet.

I can assure you that it is extremely important, not only for the Russian people, but also for the world at large, that Russia does not revert back into a totalitarian regime that, as all totalitarian regimes are likely to do, might be tempted to use military power to defend itself against what it perceives as an outer enemy, but which is truly the cosmic mirror reflecting back to the dictators their own misuse of power.

Thus, I will tell you that in this coming year of 2005, one of the most important global issues is indeed a large-scale awakening of the Russian people, so that they will fully and finally let go of their dreams and their expectations, built under the rule of communism. The Russian people must stop looking for the state to always take care of them, and instead they must look to God to take care of them. It is essential that the Russian people awaken to the fact that they now have greater freedom and therefore have the potential to take command over their own destiny. Yet they can take command only by unlocking the power of God within themselves, so that they can co-create with God a new nation.

It is essential that the Russian people decide to value their freedom, to value democracy and to demand true democracy and true freedom from their leaders. I can assure you that if this is done from a true spiritual state of awareness, it can indeed cause the full and final overthrow of totalitarianism in Russia without any bloodshed. You have seen the process that took place in Ukraine, and that process can be duplicated in Mother Russia. But it can only happen if the sons and daughters of Mother Russia awaken and decide to defend their mother against the forces of totalitarianism that are seeking to imprison Mother Russia and rape her of her light.

This is truly a great burden to my heart, and I can assure you that if you will give my rosaries, we of the ascended masters are ready to give immense assistance to the spiritual people of Mother Russia. Therefore I say to you, prove me herewith, and I shall pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And you shall truly see the beginning of freedom, democracy and prosperity in Mother Russia.

Helping people cope psychologically with natural disasters

I now turn to the recent disaster in Asia, caused by the tsunamis and earthquakes. I am indeed gratified to see how the world has been partially awakened by this disaster and how many people have rallied to give aid. Yet I hope that those of you who are open to my words can see that there is a need to truly funnel the energies of this disaster into awakening people to the very fact that even natural disasters are the products of the misqualified energies produced by humankind. I trust you can also see that there is a need to help the people affected by this disaster to rebuild their lives in a positive way.

If you have ever studied the psychological effects of any natural or manmade disasters, you will see that many people’s lives are literally ruined because they cannot overcome the emotional wounds and leave the disaster behind them. You have to understand that the souls who were taken out of embodiment were taken for karmic reasons. These souls are therefore in their rightful places, and once they are cut free by your calls to Shiva, they will be taken by the angels to places in the spiritual realm, where they will receive assistance, guidance and healing.

The souls who were left behind were left behind because it was not their karma to perish and because their souls wanted to remain on earth to grow further. Yet it often happens that the shock and trauma of the event, and the sorrow of losing loved ones, material possessions or their former lives, causes people to become so paralyzed that they lose all connection to the true desires of their souls. And because the survivors are in physical embodiment, we of the ascended masters cannot assist them against their free will. Therefore, there is an immense need for those of you who have spiritual awareness to make the calls and invoke our assistance on behalf of those of your brothers and sisters who are so traumatized by this disaster, that they cannot invoke our assistance on their own. Many of them are simply too shocked, but some are too angry and do not want the assistance from a God whom they conceive to be angry and whom they believe has punished them by letting them survive this disaster.

To help you make these calls for your brothers and sisters, not only for this disaster but for future disasters, we have decided to release to you a special rosary for the healing of the victims of all types of disasters. This is indeed a most powerful rosary that invokes the presence of Archangel Michael and Shiva as the Alpha, or masculine, polarity and invokes the Presence of beloved Kuan Yin and myself as the Omega polarity. Through this action, you can indeed lift the cloud of fear and sorrow that envelopes an entire event. You can therefore help heal your brothers and sisters and even heal the earth Mother herself of all scars. You can help your brothers and sisters move on to rebuild their lives as swiftly as possible.

I therefore encourage you to use this new rosary whenever a large-scale disaster occurs. Let me also say that I am somewhat cautious about releasing a rosary for the healing of those who have been affected by disasters. I do not want you to use this rosary on a regular basis because I want you to use my other rosaries to prevent disasters from occurring. Truly, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.

This is an important principle for you to understand. As beloved Jesus has explained, there are four levels of the material universe. As karma comes back or as negative energy accumulates, it gradually builds up tension that eventually ends up in the emotional realm just before it becomes physical. As you know, emotions are very fluid, and they are represented by the water element. Therefore, even though the energies in the emotional realm can be very intense, it is far easier to consume emotional energy than it is to consume the energy after it crosses over into the material realm. In other words, your calls and rosaries have a much greater effect before the energy or karma breaks through into the physical realm. Once the energies have crossed over, it will take far more rosaries and prayers to mitigate the effects of the disaster than it would have taken to prevent the disaster from becoming physical.

I therefore hope that this will be a word to the wise and that those of you who have already been awakened to the spiritual reality, explained by us in our latest dictations, will truly make it your cause in this coming year to help awaken others to the connection between humankind’s consciousness and natural disasters. I sincerely hope that this coming year will bring about a large-scale awakening, so that many more people will take up the use of my rosaries or other spiritual techniques for mitigating world karma and consuming negative energy. And, of course, given that my rosaries are truly the most powerful spiritual rituals currently available on this planet, I sincerely hope that many people will discover these rosaries and decide to use them.

Truly, a rosary a day keeps calamity away. And that might be a motto that could serve humankind well in coming years, for there is a potential for both natural and man-made disasters to haunt this planet in a variety of ways.

Why the American government has not learned its lesson in Iraq
As a note of caution, may I draw your attention to the situation in Iraq and the upcoming elections. Let me please convey to you that the key to resolving this situation without an escalation of bloodshed that leads to civil war is truly not found in Iraq but is found in Washington DC, in the White House, the Congress and the Pentagon.

As my beloved Jesus has explained, the American government and military have created a force, and the universe has generated a counter-force, which you see manifest as the insurgency in Iraq. And when you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind by being opposed by people who are more prone to violence than yourself. Thus, you might note that while the rest of the world was moved to compassion by the tsunami disaster, the insurgents in Iraq continued their bloodshed as if nothing of importance had happened. So the American government, by pursuing a selfish political agenda in Iraq, is now faced with opposition from people who are far more selfish. These insurgents are indeed consumed by their self-hatred, projected unto the outer enemy.

The American government has so far taken the completely wrong approach to this crisis. They are so trapped in the same consciousness that caused them to go to war in Iraq, that they cannot see that the more they push to destroy the insurgency with violence, the more the universe will push back in an attempt to awaken them to the folly of their ways, so that they can learn their lessons.

As we recently said, humankind must be awakened before the year 2012, and if they cannot be awakened through spiritual understanding, they will be awakened by an increase in the intensity of man-made and natural disasters. Likewise, for there to be a peaceful resolution to the situation in Iraq, the American government and military must be awakened to the folly of their ways. And if they cannot be awakened through spiritual understanding, they must be awakened through greater resistance to their policies.

I can assure you that the killing you have seen in these last months, the senseless killing, will continue to escalate until the American government and military finally learn their lesson.You might note that the American government has been very generous in giving aid to the victims of the recent disaster in Asia. Yet you might compare the amount of aid given by the Bush administration to the amount of money spent on the war in Iraq. And this will give you an idea of the priorities of these people and the fact that furthering their worldwide political agenda is far more important to them than serving God within all people.

My Beloved Jesus said that he who would be greatest among you should be the servant of all. So far the leaders of the American government have completely refused to learn that lesson. They have enveloped themselves in the illusion that they are serving the cause of freedom and democracy by furthering their political agenda and forcing democracy and freedom upon people who are not ready for it.

Yet I can assure you that they have not learned the lesson of humility and of servant leadership. And therefore, America currently does not live up to its potential to be the greatest nation on earth. It is indeed sad to see people who use the religion that claims the name of my son to justify such actions. It is indeed sad to see some Christian leaders in the United States who backed this war before it started and who continue to back it out of pride, because they will not admit that they were wrong. It is sad to see an administration who will not admit their mistakes, and who will not admit that every single reason they gave for going to war has been proven to be invalid or flawed.

How shall this nation learn its lesson, when the leaders in both church and state cling to their pride and out of unwillingness to lose face, will not admit their mistakes, learn from them and take this nation in the direction of national Christhood that will make it the greatest nation on earth? So we now see that in the year 2005 there is a great need that the people in both Mother Russia and in America are awakened to their responsibility to put their leaders in their rightful places as the servants of the people, instead of the servants of the agenda of the power elite who are seeking to control the spiritual people on this planet, turning them into slaves of their agenda of darkness.

Thus I say to you that what is needed in 2005 is willpower from the people. The will to stand up against darkness and oppression, not through violence but by letting the power of God stream through them. And this then is my agenda for this coming year, and as soon as you have made sufficient calls to help the victims of the recent disaster, I will give you further teachings on willpower, and I will indeed give you a new and most powerful rosary to awaken people to the power of the will of God within them.

Therefore, I seal you now in the fire of a Mother’s heart, the fire of a Mother who is like the she-lion defending her cubs against the hyenas who would devour them for lunch. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, I seal you in the comfort flame of the Divine Mother, East and West. Amen.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels