The world of form is the facilitator of your growth

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Ascended Master Kuthumi through Kim Michaels, September  23, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action.

I AM the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

From time to time over the past 20 plus years that this messenger has been a messenger, people have asked why I am not working with this new dispensation. I thought I would take this opportunity in my capacity and my office as World Teacher to give some teachings about the practical aspects of flowing with the River of Life.

The contrast between daily life and spiritual growth

We have from time to time talked about certain enigmas that exist in the physical octave, certain enigmas on the spiritual path that you need to at some point wrestle with, try to resolve, try to get beyond. But perhaps the biggest enigma of all—an enigma that has existed from the very first time that self-aware beings took embodiment, not only on earth but in any unascended sphere—is how to balance spiritual growth with practical daily life.

Let us, not to be too philosophical, look at the reality you face here on earth, a very dense planet. And what does it mean that it is a dense planet? Well, it means that your physical bodies cannot sustain themselves only by the spiritual light that you receive from your I AM Presence. On many natural planets that have been raised to a certain level, this can actually be achieved, not necessarily by all beings on the planet, but certainly by those who have diligently applied themselves to the spiritual path and reached a certain level of awareness. They do not need to actually feed their physical bodies. But on earth, of course, your bodies need food. They need a certain temperature. They need shelter, a roof over your head to be protected from the rain and the snow. And of course, in some cases, in some situations, you need physical protection either from animals or from animals in human bodies, who might attack you.

This means that when you are in embodiment on earth and when you become aware that there is a spiritual path that leads to higher levels of consciousness, you face this enigma: “How to deal with the fact that I have to take care of my physical body and at the same time walk the spiritual path?” This enigma has, of course, only been even more difficult after the fallen beings embodied on earth, because they have spread so many lies and illusions, as other masters have already talked about. You have this quite old momentum on earth of people seeing a contrast, a contradiction between daily life and spiritual growth. Why am I the ascended master who talks about this? Well, because if you look at my embodiments, those that are known, you will see that I struggled very much with this issue.

The example of Saint Francis

You can take my embodiment as Saint Francis that is known to many spiritual people. You can see how I was brought up in a fairly wealthy family and spent many years indulging myself in the so-called sensual pleasures, then had an awakening. And now, switched almost to the opposite extreme, living as an ascetic. Forming this monastic order where I—to demonstrate that I was willing to leave earthly pleasures behind—among other things, demanded that the members of that order could only eat food that they had either found that was thrown out or that they had begged for. When you look at this with a neutral perspective, you can see that this was clearly an unbalanced approach. One of the main reasons why the order did not grow, partly because some people died from food poisoning or malnutrition.

You see that even we who are now ascended, struggled with this when we were in embodiment. Even in some of our later embodiments, we struggled with this. Why am I telling you this? Well, because perhaps you can look at yourself and see that it is not so strange that you are struggling with this and perhaps you can have a little bit of patience with yourself. But also, I am telling you this because why should you not seek to learn from my experiences? Why should you not look at this life of Saint Francis with a more critical, neutral perspective?

There are certainly books written about Saint Francis that you might read. But instead of reading it with the, quite frankly, idolatrous view that many people have of Saint Francis, you might read it with a more neutral perspective. Where you ask yourself: “Was what Saint Francis did balanced? Or was it too extreme, perhaps even fanatical in some way?” And I will not go into this too deeply because I encourage each of you, if you feel any affinity with me as an ascended master, to read about the life of Saint Francis and make your own observations. You can also ask for my help to see what was unbalanced and what you can personally learn from it.

How to deal with the body’s needs

I am just using it as an example of how basically all spiritual people on earth have had to struggle with this. And of course, you have various ways of dealing with this. And one of the typical ways that you see going far back into history is that people deal with sensual pleasures by denying themselves those pleasures, withdrawing from the world, seeking to deny the needs of the body beyond the bare minimum for the survival of the body. Many of the ascetics, such as the ones that the Buddha joined after his awakening, have taken this to various forms of extremes. We have, of course, many times said as ascended masters that in this day and age, this is not the most constructive approach. And we are not encouraging you to do it.

But there are, of course, other approaches that people have taken. One of them is to say that sensual pleasure is just something you have to overcome. And you do that by coming to a point where you have had enough of it. You just need to indulge yourself in sensual pleasures for a time, until you have had enough of it. And when you look at this approach, you can say: “Well, is it valid or is it not valid?” And the answer to that is yes and no. For some people, it can be valid. When they have gone beyond a certain level of the higher levels of consciousness, approaching the 96th level, they might have a certain desire left for a certain activity in the world. And it might be helpful for them for a time to indulge themselves in that activity, until they have had enough of it.

However, for people at a lower level of consciousness, what will happen when you indulge yourself in sensual pleasures is very simply that you will open your energy field to all of these entities in the collective consciousness that are created from people indulging in these pleasures. And they will then seek to overtake your mind, seek to not only indulge in a pleasure for a purpose of overcoming them but indulge in them indefinitely, whereby they can steal your light and energy.

This has been done by some people who were thinking they were spiritual and thinking they should indulge in these pleasures for a time. But have instead been caught in a treadmill of not being able to free themselves from the pleasures, because they went into this being taken over by some entity. And the entity has an insatiable need for the pleasure. Because when you indulge in the pleasure, you give the entity your light. It never ends. It can never get enough. It will never come to a point where one of these entities says: “I have now had enough energy from you. I’ll let you go and bother somebody else.” They cannot think that way. Some people have, therefore, wasted lifetimes that did not give them any spiritual growth. And eventually some have awakened. Others have not.

Again, there can be people who have reached that level where they are not vulnerable to these entities. They can indulge in that particular pleasure without it being driven by the entities and the insatiableness of the desire. It is quite possible when you reach a certain level of the spiritual path to enjoy sexual activity without opening your aura to these many sexual entities that seek to get people on a treadmill where they can steal their light. In other words, you can actually have sex without giving your light to lower forces. But this, of course, requires a certain level of consciousness, a certain level of non-attachment. And the same with any other worldly activity.

Withdrawing from the world

You will see again this approach that in order to be spiritual, we have to not engage in worldly activities, not only sensual pleasures but any worldly activity. Many spiritual people have adopted this mindset, as I did in my embodiment as Saint Francis. They have attempted to withdraw from the world, go into a monastery where they keep their physical activities to an absolute minimum. They have no family. They have no work. They are not engaging in society. They are living in this very strictly controlled monastic environment, where they have very few demands on them physically. And they can spend a lot of time in meditation or prayer. Or however they see a spiritual activity, as opposed to a worldly activity.

The thing is the topic for this conference is flowing with the River of Life. Does abstaining from worldly activities help you flow with the River of Life? And the answer is that in most cases it does not. There may be a few cases where people have reached a level of consciousness where they can withdraw from worldly activities and they can attune to the River of Life and have it flow through their prayers, their devotions, their meditations. I am not denying that this can happen, but I will tell you a very simple truth. Those who can experience the River of Life flowing through a so-called spiritual activity could also experience the River of Life flowing through almost any activity they would engage in. Because what have we been saying consistently in the dictations by other masters about this topic? That the River of Life does not flow according to outer conditions.

You cannot create a monastic environment or a mystery school or an ascended master organization where anybody who enters and engages in the activities will automatically have the flow of the River of Life. It all depends on your consciousness. And what is it about your consciousness that opens or closes you to the flow? Well, the more unbalanced you are, the more you close yourself to the flow. And I know that this is not a precise definition, because what does it mean to be balanced? Well, let us then consider this.

The unbalanced approach to life

During the Age of Pisces, there were certain initiations that some people needed to pass in order to be the forerunners for the shift that could happen. And therefore, there was more validity during the Age of Pisces that people would withdraw from the world, at least some people. But we are now in the Aquarian cycle. And in this cycle, it is not the most constructive that spiritual people attempt to withdraw from the world. And therefore, in this day and age, withdrawing from the world requires a certain force. For that matter, it also required force in the Piscean dispensation, but nevertheless, today it requires more force to withdraw from the world. And force always creates an imbalance. Because what is force based on? Force is based on the dualistic mindset that there is a polarity that is the right one, there is another polarity that is the wrong one. And you need to avoid the wrong and move towards the right. This is essentially the approach that spiritual and religious people have had for a very long time. They use their religion to define that according to their scripture and their doctrines, this is the will of God, this is the highest teaching, this is the highest way to live. They force themselves to live this way thinking that this will do something for them, such as secure them a place in heaven after they die. But they are using force to do this.

Force, therefore, propels you towards one of the dualistic extremes and away from the other. But when you try to move towards one dualistic extreme, what happens? Well, you might say that there is a rubber band between the two dualistic extremes and that rubber band is tied around your waist. Here you are, you are trying to move towards one dualistic extreme. And what happens? The rubber band between you and the other extreme becomes tightened. You are pulling on it. And it becomes tighter and tighter. And the closer you move to the ‘good’ extreme, the more the rubber band pulls you towards the other. The more force you have to apply to make progress, the more force you have to apply to avoid sliding backwards. And this means that you go into an unbalanced state of mind, an unbalanced approach to life. It cannot be any other way.

I speak from experience. I experienced it myself in many embodiments. So have all other ascended masters. We are not anymore trying to put ourselves up on a pedestal and say that we have ascended because we were so different from you. We are instead trying to help you lock in to what we even said in previous dispensations, that what one has done, all can do. By the fact that we were unbalanced, you can see that even though you might have been unbalanced, you can still make it. Because you can come to see the imbalance, see that it comes from these separate selves and overcome it.

Transcending the division

What is the constructive approach in the Aquarian Age to spirituality? Well, this requires you to become aware of what other masters have talked about, that the fallen beings have set up this standard, rather many standards. Here you are, you become aware there is a spiritual path: “I should walk that spiritual path or I want to walk that spiritual path. What is the standard then that I need to apply to how I walk the spiritual path and how to evaluate whether I am making progress on that path?” And here are the fallen beings saying: “We are the real teachers. Here is the standard. Follow that standard, you will make progress on the path. Don’t follow it and you will not make progress.”

Many, many spiritual people have adopted such a standard and what is it always based on? Some activities are not spiritual, other activities are spiritual. Engage in the spiritual activities, avoid the non-spiritual activities and you will make progress. And what does the standard then imply? It implies that the more you force yourself to avoid the non-spiritual activities and force yourself to pursue the spiritual activities, the more progress you are making. But compare this to what I just said with the rubber band. When you are moving towards those spiritual activities and moving away from the non-spiritual activities, you are tightening the rubber band that pulls you towards the non-spiritual activities. And this cannot be balanced.

This cannot be what the Buddha taught when he talked about non-attachment. We might say that an attachment creates an imbalance in your being and that the road to a higher state of consciousness is to overcome your attachments so you become balanced. Again, the balance that the Buddha talked about was not the midpoint between the two dualistic extremes. It is that you transcend the dualistic scale. How do you then transcend the dualistic scale? Well, you must give up the idea that there are some activities that are spiritual and some activities that are non-spiritual.

Now, you take all spiritual people on this planet and you present them with what I just said. And the reaction would be that 99% or more of them would reject it. Because they would hold on to the approach that they have taken that there clearly are activities that are not spiritual and there clearly are activities that are spiritual. And they might quote various things. They might point out that selling drugs, killing people, engaging in warfare, stealing from others clearly is not a spiritual activity.

Spiritualizing everything you do

And this is precisely how the fallen beings deceive people. Because where does all of the murder and mayhem on this planet come from? Well, from the fallen beings, of course. It is not always only carried out by fallen beings, but it originates there and they have pulled people into engaging in these activities. They have created these activities. And now, they are saying to the spiritual people who are beginning to awaken to the spiritual path, they are using these violent activities that they have generated to reinforce this idea that there are clearly activities that are not spiritual. And therefore, on the opposite end there must be some activities that are spiritual. If you engage in prayer or meditation or chanting or decreeing or spinning a prayer wheel, this is a spiritual activity that will enhance your spiritual growth.

Now, you might say this is another enigma. But it is an artificial enigma created by the fallen beings. Because the reality is that it is not the outer activity that is in itself spiritual or not spiritual. It is the consciousness of the person that determines whether this particular activity hinders the person’s spiritual growth or advances the person’s spiritual growth. In other words, when you have raised your consciousness to a certain level, then when you engage in a certain activity, you make it spiritual. Of course, and this is why the enigma is artificial, once you have raised your consciousness to a certain level where you can spiritualize any activity, there are certain activities you would not participate in.

Of course, murdering somebody is not a spiritual activity. But nobody who has raised their consciousness to a certain level on the path would engage in murder. This is an artificial dilemma to use these clearly aggressive activities to reinforce the standard: spiritual activity—non-spiritual activity. Because it is not a matter of the activity, it is a matter of the consciousness of the person participating. And this then means that in this Aquarian Age it is artificial, unnecessary, unbalanced, non-constructive, or should we say non-spiritual, to maintain a division that says any normal daily activity is not spiritual. And only these activities where I withdraw from normal life and engage in spiritual rituals or prayer or meditation, only those activities are spiritual.

What did I start out talking about? It is an inescapable reality on earth that your physical body has certain needs. For a very, very long time spiritual movements, spiritual teachers have defined that taking care of these bodily needs is not spiritual. You need to deny all the needs that can be denied. And you need to only engage in the absolutely necessary needs. You need to eat. But you eat as little as possible. And you eat food that does not taste good. And you make sure that you do not enjoy it while you are eating it. Then, when you do not enjoy life, you are spiritual. What nonsense is this?

Yes, I believed in this as Saint Francis. Sure. But do not make the mistake of thinking that because the Catholic church has made me a saint, I was the perfect human being in that embodiment. Take note that I did not ascend after that embodiment. Why? Because I had things to learn. I had psychology to resolve. Recognize that all of this division between spiritual and non-spiritual is artificial. All of this division between spiritual and non-spiritual is artificial. In this cycle of the Aquarian Age, the Golden Age of Saint Germain, this is not constructive. It is not constructive for your growth. It is not constructive for manifesting the Golden Age.

The purpose of life

Think about this concept. Saint Germain wants to manifest a golden age on earth. What do you think that it means that there is going to be a golden age? Do you think that means that the majority of the population are going to live in monasteries in remote regions and deny all worldly pleasures? Or do you think that daily life is going to become much better than it is now for all of the people on earth? They can all have an affluent lifestyle, where they do not have to spend all of their time and energy taking care of the needs of the physical body, but they have attention left over for working on their psychology, improving society, helping other people? You see that in order to manifest the golden age, this cannot be done if all of the more mature spiritual people maintain this attitude that they should withdraw from society. Who is then going to manifest the Golden Age? The fallen beings? Or the average person? How are you going to improve any activity in society unless the more spiritually mature people engage in society?

Consider this. Is your physical body, is the material world, is the mother realm an enemy of your spiritual growth? How could it be? How would you grow spiritually? Imagine for a minute. There is no physical world. There is only the undifferentiated awareness of Brahman. Only Brahman is real, the world is an illusion. Now, there is no illusion, there is only Brahman. Undifferentiated awareness. Well, first of all, how would you exist as an individual being if there was only undifferentiated awareness? But now, let us say that Brahman has manifested itself as individual beings. How would you then grow, if there was not a world?

We have said before, you grow by making choices and experiencing the consequences. But if there are no forms, if there is no differentiation, how would you make a choice and how would you experience the consequence? It is only because there is a world that has form that you have options for making different choices. And it is only because there is a world that shows different forms from different choices that you can see the consequences of your choices. And it is only when you see the consequences of your choices that you have a chance to look at your state of consciousness and realize that the consequences you manifested are a reflection of your state of consciousness. And therefore, you can refine your state of consciousness. You can raise your state of consciousness and manifest different consequences. How else would you grow?

And then, there are some that will say: “Well, the purpose of life is not to grow. The purpose is to awaken from the illusion and realize we are Brahman. We are the undifferentiated consciousness.” Well, yes then. But if Brahman is all that is real, where did you come from in the first place? There was nothing outside of Brahman, right? It could not be some kind of accident. Brahman must have decided to create you. And why did he do that? Did Brahman create you as an individual being just so that you could fall asleep and reawaken and go back to Brahman? Why then create you? Brahman could just have remained Brahman, the undifferentiated consciousness. And the only solution to this is that Brahman or the Creator created you as an individualized being so that you could gradually expand your sense of self, until you reached the same level of consciousness as the Creator.

There is the concept of the out-breath and the in-breath of God. God breathes out, creates the world of form, creates self-aware beings in that world of form, and then God draws that world of form back to itself. But why would God do this if the world just disappeared and if all the self-aware beings disappeared? God does not do it to draw you back into not existing, but to draw you back to God as a God, as a being who has reached that level of consciousness of the Creator. Tell me honestly, what other purpose can you see for the fact that you exist? Or are you so far out that you deny that you exist, because your self is just an illusion? In that case, nothing I could say would make any difference. Let us move on.

Do I grow from this activity?

You were created to expand your sense of self. And the only way you can expand your sense of self is by interacting with an environment that has form, so that when you make choices, it makes a difference whether you do this or do that. That is how you grow! What sense does it make to say that this world of form is an enemy of your growth? It is the facilitator of your growth. It is the very condition that allows you to grow. Is it a matter then of dividing the world up into spiritual and non-spiritual activities, trying to avoid the non-spiritual and go into the spiritual? Or is it a matter of saying that any activity can allow me to expand my sense of self?

It is not a matter of choosing: “Do I do this or do I do that?” It is a matter of choosing: “Do I learn from what I do or do I not learn from what I do?” Instead of thinking: “This activity is not spiritual. This activity is spiritual.” It is a matter of thinking: “Do I learn from this activity? Do I grow from this activity?” And that is not a matter so much of the activity, as this is a matter of your mindset, your willingness to look at yourself. Now, as I said, certainly there are some activities that you will not engage in when you are dedicated to your own growth, because you know they do not help you grow. You have experienced this in past lifetimes.

But when you take away these very violent, aggressive activities or other activities that harm other people—when you take away all of this riffraff created by the fallen beings or human beings in the state of duality and separation—you still have a multiplicity of activities that you can engage in that are not harming others, that are not harming yourself. It is meaningless to look at these activities and say: “Oh, this is spiritual. This is not spiritual.” Take any of these activities and it can facilitate your growth, if you engage in it with the attitude that you want to facilitate your growth, that you are willing to look at yourself and your reaction to any situation you encounter. That is being spiritual! For that matter it was always that way, but it is even more so in the Aquarian Age. It is not a matter of choosing a spiritual activity or a non-spiritual activity. It is a matter of choosing a constructive activity and making it spiritual, spiritualizing it.

Appreciating and engaging in life

Your body has certain physical needs. Why would it be unspiritual to take care of them? Why would it be unspiritual to eat? Why would it be unspiritual to enjoy eating? Here you are, you are living in this world. The Elohim designed planet Earth— it is a rather complicated effort to design a planet. You have a world where there are a myriad of elemental beings, who are working on bringing forth all of these physical things that your body needs. And these spiritual people who are sitting there in their monastery, chewing each mouthful of rice 108 times, while ignoring the pleasures of chewing the rice, focusing on some mantra, instead. How do you think they make the elemental beings feel? Do you think they make the elementals feel appreciated? Nay.

But take a person who is not overindulging in food, but who is saying: “I´ve got to eat. Why not enjoy it?” You appreciate the meal and the elementals who are involved in bringing forth that meal, they feel appreciated. How would that be non-spiritual? Take the fact that in the modern world, in order to get food, you either have to be a farmer and grow it or you have to have a job and make money to buy it. How would that be unspiritual? How would it be unspiritual to have a certain job and engage in that job, spiritualize that job? What have we been saying about the River of Life? It is not dependent upon physical conditions, meaning it can express itself through you in any situation.

When you are having a job, engaging in a job, when you are having a family, when you are engaging in some aspect of life, if you are open, the River of Life can flow through you and express itself. And raise the All by helping other people, by bringing forth new ideas, many, many things. Here are these people that are saying: “I need to be spiritual. And unfortunately, I have to have a job, but I am certainly not going to engage in it. I am going to do the minimum to make enough money so I can buy the brown rice and participate in my next spiritual retreat.”

And how are they opening themselves to the flow of the River of Life by doing this? They are closing their minds to the flow of the River of Life. But if you engage in your daily activities, your physical activities, with the attitude that you are willing to spiritualize this activity, then the River of Life has an opening and it will flow. You will feel it. You will feel the joy and suddenly is it really that unpleasant to have a job, if you are enjoying it? Is it really unpleasant if you experience that the River of Life is raising other people up through you? How is that unspiritual?

Letting the self die

What I am endeavoring to explain here is: Flowing with the River of Life is a matter of opening your mind to it. And opening your mind requires you to abandon the standard created by the fallen beings. Let it go. Be willing to see that you have certain subconscious selves. You all have. We all had when we were in embodiment. Subconscious selves based on the standard. They want to maintain the standard. They want to keep you in the standard, because these selves are based on this programming that if you live up to the standard, you are guaranteed to be saved. And if you do not, you are guaranteed to go down. They do not want to lose the power they have over you.

You need to be willing to engage in some effort there, to look these selves in the eye and say: “You are not me. I am not you. Yes, I created you, but I haven’t become you. I do not want you anymore. I do not need you in my life. Get lost. I am letting you die.” You see the magic here? These selves are projecting there is a problem you have to solve. You have to be spiritual and in order to be spiritual you have to follow the standard. You have to live up to it. But what we are saying is that you need to come to the point where you see this dynamic and you make a conscious decision: “I am not going to try to solve this problem anymore, because the problem is unreal. I am just going to walk away from the problem. I am just going to walk away from the self.” And the self will scream at you: “You can’t just walk away from me. You created me. You have a responsibility.” And the answer is: “Yes, I created you. And therefore, I have a right to uncreate you. And I am uncreating you!”

The illusion of separation

And when you do this, you can come to this point where any activity you engage in, you can feel the flow of the River of Life through that activity. And that is being spiritual. All of the other stuff, all of the other forms of spirituality that would deny what I am saying, all of the people out there, all of the gurus who would deny what I am saying, what are they doing? They are seeking to create an appearance that they are spiritual. Because what does the standard created by the fallen beings imply, which very few people have seen? It implies that if you create an appearance that you are spiritual according to this standard defined here on earth, defined by the fallen beings, then this can fool God. You can buy your way into heaven by living up to the standard. You can force your way into heaven by living up to the standard. Because what fools people on earth will also fool God. That is what is implied by this standard. Of course, this fools many people.

Look at all of the billions of people who follow one of these traditional mainstream religions. Take any of them, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, many of the others. They are creating the appearance of what it means to be spiritual according to their religion. And those who follow that religion, they believe this. They believe that by living up to this standard here on earth, they can get into heaven. Because they are not willing to acknowledge that there is a fundamental difference between earth and heaven. But what is the difference? Is it between earth and heaven? Or is it between the mindset of separation and the mindset of oneness?

Take the statement: “Only Brahman is real.” Usually it is said: “Only Brahman is real. The world is an illusion.” But as I have commented on, this is not logical. Because if only Brahman is real, then Brahman must have created the world. And then, the world must have Brahman in it. And then, the world must be real. There is no contradiction, no opposition, no conflict between God and the world. Because God sees that the world is created out of its own substance and being. God does not see any distance, any separation, any gap between itself and the world. It sees itself in every expression. There is no reality to separation between God and the world.

Where can the separation between God and the world exist? Only in the minds of self-aware beings who have free will. And who have chosen to go into the state of separation, where they have used the duality consciousness to define an appearance. And that appearance says: “The world is separated from heaven. And in order to get into heaven, you have to forsake the world.” The reality is that the only way to get into heaven is to overcome the illusion that you could ever be separated from it. And therefore, accepting you are in heaven right now. And therefore, while you are still in a physical body engaging in physical activities, you can express heaven in those activities. You can let the River of Life flow through you into these activities. This is spirituality! All the other stuff is just an appearance.

And let me tell you something that no human being can figure out on their own. But the reality here is that no appearance ever created on earth has ever fooled anybody in the ascended realm. You can create the most elaborate appearance. And the fallen beings have created some very elaborate appearances. You can project on this the sense of reality. And you can be absolutely convinced that this is real. But no matter how convinced you are, no matter how elaborate your appearance is, anybody in the ascended realm can see right through it, can see that it is as nothing. It has no reality to it.

All of the mighty empires and civilizations created by men, the least of the beings in heaven—if you can talk about the least, which is of course meaningless—can see through the illusion. Because in order to get into the ascended realm, you have to overcome this basic illusion on earth that you can create an appearance out of separation that is real. The only reality is oneness. Only Brahman is real. Only oneness is real. But duality does not mean differentiation, because Brahman has manifested itself as all the differentiated forms that make up the world. How are you spiritual? Not by denying the world and thinking you have to get into heaven. Because what are you doing when you are doing this? You are affirming the illusion of separation. And how can affirming the illusion of separation ever get you into the kingdom of God? It was the illusion of separation that got you out of the kingdom of God in the first place. How can creating a more elaborate illusion of separation get you back into the kingdom? It can NOT be done!

The only way to get back into the kingdom is to shift your mind and realize there never was, there never could be any separation between Brahman or God or the Creator and the world of form. And when you see this, the River of Life will flow through you and express that reality. And this is what will help other people! This is what will eventually shift the collective consciousness, when enough people open themselves to this reality. This is what will eventually bring the Golden Age. When people open themselves to the flow, so that other people can sense: “This person, there was something flowing through him that I haven’t experienced before. This isn’t human. This is more. And I want it too.” That is what will shift. This is true spirituality.

All of the other forms of spirituality are just appearances. And they have all the same effect. They reinforce the illusion of separation. And this is not spiritual, regardless of the appearance you create. Regardless of the idolatry you create around a certain guru who supposedly reached some high level of consciousness, but still validated separation between Brahman and the world. There are those who, if they were to ever read this dictation, would argue against what I am saying. They would pick the dictation apart. They would find some particular wording. They would argue against it with another wording that they are convinced invalidates what I am saying.

But what have I really done with this dictation? Have I only given words? Or have those words been endowed by the River of Life? The question is, as has always been the question for spiritual people, will you focus on the outer form? Or will you connect to the spirit behind the form? Will you look at the words, compare them to other spiritual teachings that you think are the highest spiritual teaching? And say: “Oh, this Kuthumi thing is saying something that contradicts what Ramana Maharshi said or the Vedic seer said or the Buddha said or Jesus said or my neighbor said. So, he can’t be real.” And if you are only looking at appearances, certainly you will think I am not real, because only your appearance will seem real to you. This is the effect of the duality consciousness that it makes an appearance seem real.

Connecting to the Ascended Master Kuthumi

How will you escape this veil of illusion, this maya, this consciousness of death? By connecting to something outside of it. And what is that outside? The River of Life, the flow of the Spirit that we of the ascended masters are part of, are one with. If you are not willing to look beyond the words and connect to my Living Spirit that is flowing through the words, then this dictation will do nothing for you. And we must simply refer to the old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Meaning that when the student is not ready, the teacher has not appeared. If a student is not ready and reads or listens to this dictation and does not connect to me as a living ascended being, then that student is not ready. I respect the free will of all people. I am not here seeking to connect to everybody. I am only seeking to connect to those who are ready.

As I have not spoken much through this dispensation, I am, of course, here in the ascended realm. I am connected to this messenger. We might say that the messenger’s mind and vocal cords is an opening like one of these funnels, when there is a narrow opening at the bottom and this wide funnel on top. The messenger’s mind is the narrow opening. My mind is the big funnel. And there is so much that I could bring forth, so much that I could say. But there is just this narrow funnel in time and space. There is the fact that you are in time and space, that your bodies have certain needs. What goes in must come out. And therefore, I will just take the approach here that if what has been expressed through this dictation is not enough to help you connect to who I am, then no amount of words would be enough.

Therefore, I shall be at peace with having taken this opportunity, having made use of this opportunity. And be at peace with what has been said, what has been said beyond the words. And perhaps I will take more opportunities to say other things, but that is not really the concern right now. The concern is really I am grateful for having been able to commune with you who are here, those who might read this, those who might listen to it. And I hope some of you are grateful, as well, for this meeting of the minds, meeting of the minds. Fusion of the minds, if you are willing to fuse your mind with the mind of the Ascended Master Kuthumi that I AM.

With this I seal you in the Flame that I AM. I will not put words on the flame, because you cannot understand the flame through words. You can only experience it or not experience it. I am experiencing it. The messenger is experiencing it. Most of you who are present physically here, you experience it. Most of you who are present over the internet, you experience it. And by you experiencing it, you are sending impulses into the collective consciousness that can help many other people awaken and experience that there is something beyond worldly appearances. And that something is more real than the appearance. That is the beginning of the spiritual path. That is the start of the process of being spiritual on earth. And as you expand your experience of the real and your ability to discern what is real and unreal and your ability to be neutral and just experience the real and experience the unreal, that is the most spiritual activity you can engage in. And that is what will raise the earth into the Golden Age of Saint Germain. With this I love you and I seal you in that love.



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