The will of your I AM Presence is your will

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Ascended Master Vajrasattva through Kim Michaels, June 23, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM indeed the Buddha Vajrasattva. The poison for which I provide the antidote is non-will and non-being. Then, what is that? Well, we have given you some very profound teachings on free will. Quite frankly, we have given you teachings on free will that are beyond what has ever been released on this planet. This is not said to elevate the teaching but to give you an appreciation for the fact that there is much here for you to ponder because the only way to overcome non-will and non-being is to have a deeper understanding of free will than what most people on earth have.

Free will is both limited and free

What I wish to give you is a certain perspective on this. What we have said is that the Creator created self-aware extensions of itself as co-creators and gave them free will. Free will. Now, most people on earth, when they hear the concept or the words “free will,” they think that there are always some restrictions to your will, that there are restrictions to the options you have, the options you could potentially choose. As we have said before, that is correct in the sense that when you start out as a co-creator, you are projecting through your current sense of self onto the Ma-ter light and the Ma-ter light out-pictures that.

Your current sense of self limits your free will in the sense that your current sense of self limits what you can see, what you can envision, what you can imagine. There are limitations on free will in the sense that the choices you can see will be limited by the vision, the perspective, of your current sense of self. There are no limitations in the sense that you are free to explore whatever you can do as a co-creator in an unascended sphere.

That means you are free to raise your sense of self, to expand your sense of self, to the highest degree possible in an unascended sphere so you can ascend. Then, of course, you can continue to exercise your will in the ascended realm. Actually, your will becomes more free, although free in a different way than what you can currently envision when you are in embodiment.

You also have the option, with your free will, to go the other way and restrict your sense of self, even going into duality and creating a separate self and then exploring the full range of what you can possibly envision and do through that separate self. Now, there are those who will say: “But I don’t have complete freedom to do whatever I want to do through a separate self because of karma, or because of other restrictions, or other people, or the way the Ma-ter light works. In other words, my previous choices limit my current choices and that is not truly free will.”

Well, as we have said before, the simple reality is that if you make a choice and the choice has no consequence, you have not actually made a choice. When you make a choice to project through your current sense of self, if the Ma-ter light did not send anything back to you, did not outpicture what you are projecting onto it, you would in effect not have made a choice. As we have also said, what you currently experience in the matter world is the result of what you have projected through your current sense of self.

You have the option to expand that sense of self. Not only what you get back in the physical circumstances will change (at least gradually), but your experience of those physical changes will change immediately when you change your sense of self. Even though you experience consequences of your choices, you still have the free will to transcend your sense of self or to limit your sense of self, to transcend or descend.

The definition of non-will

However, there is a special case that I would like to explain to you. Let me, as an example, begin with the fallen beings. You have in the fourth sphere certain fallen beings who use their co-creative abilities, including the light they receive from their I AM Presences, to start creating not in a creative way but in a controlling manner. They manage to create for themselves certain planets where they can create these sophisticated civilizations with a very controlled environment and culture. It is a very hierarchical structure where one, two or maybe a few fallen beings have absolute power over the potentially billions of people embodying on that planet.

What happens to these beings is that they begin to think that they can do anything they want and escape the consequences because the people are, so to speak, following them and in many cases they bear the burden of the consequences of the leaders. The leaders can sit in an ivory tower, like you saw the kings and the emperors of old, and the people do all the work and they absorb all the problems. The leaders can build the illusion that free will means that you can do anything you want and escape the consequences.

Now, this can lead to a special state of mind where these beings become centered on themselves. Even though they have not yet fallen, they still become so centered on themselves that they now adopt an attitude, a belief that: “If I have truly free will, if I – as only me, as a separate being – if I have truly free will, then the entire universe should bend to my will.” This is the ultimate, we might say, outplaying of free will. It is also the ultimate illusion of free will and it is, in fact, a denial of the freedom of will and therefore it is the definition of non-will.

These beings in the fourth sphere had the illusion, based on their experience on their own planet, that because the planet to a large degree conformed to their will, then the entire universe should do the same. They did not realize, of course, that the rest of their sphere was ascending and was reaching the ascension point. They did not realize their illusion until they were confronted with the illusion by the ascended masters. Suddenly, they had this awakening and they decided that if the entire universe would not respond to their will as an individual being, then they do not truly have free will. Therefore, the Creator has lied to them, it is a scam, they have not really received free will.

The illusion of non-will

Now, you can see, of course, that this illusion can only arise in a being who is completely focused on itself, has no respect, no kinship, no sense of oneness, no compassion for all other beings. They are essentially acting as if, here is a planet with billions of people and all of those billions of people should submit themselves to the will of one individual.

Beyond that, they also say that all of the billions of other planets in their sphere, with countless billions of other beings, they should also conform to their will. More than that, the ascended realm that has ascended and become permanent should conform to the will of this one individual. The Creator should conform to the will of that one individual. We can say, of course, that this is the extreme outplaying of free will. You can put yourself in such a state of separation, such a state of being focused on yourself, that you believe the entire universe, the entire spiritual realm and the Creator, should conform to your will.

This, of course, means you essentially believe that all other beings, including ascended masters and the Creator, should suspend their free will in order to give you the illusion that your will is completely free. This is, of course, a complete misunderstanding that is only possible when you are in that state of separation based on duality.

When these beings are confronted with the ascended masters, some of them actually realize this is an illusion. Some of them come to see this and they are therefore given help and they can ascend with the rest of their sphere. Those who will not see this illusion, but deny this illusion, they fall and now they are in an entirely different situation.

Before, they still received light from their I AM Presences. They were qualifying that light with duality and they were using it, not only to build that sense of being a separate individual that is more important than all others, but also to build whatever ability they had to control other beings and to even control matter. Now, they take embodiment in the next sphere that is created. It is denser than the previous one. Suddenly, the abilities they had for controlling matter are not quite as strong as what they had before.

At the same time they do not have the light from their I AM Presences so they cannot override the density of matter as they could in their first sphere. They now experience that they cannot maintain the sense that: “I am the only one that matters and the universe should conform to my choices.” The reason they cannot maintain this is that they experience that they cannot quite gain the same power in the sphere they fall into as in the one that was their first sphere.

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