The way you see things co-creates those things

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 13, 2019.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and for this fifth lesson we are dealing with the Fifth Ray of Vision. Vision, my beloved, is not what it has been made out to be, what you have come to see it as, as you grew up in the modern world. The image you have been given since you were a child is that vision is a passive thing. There is some objective thing out there, there is something called light that hits that thing, bounces back from the thing and then enters the retina of your eye where it is transformed into an image that your brain can see and process.

Vision changes over time

We have talked about this before of how this is an illusion because vision is not passive. The fallen beings want you to think it is passive and that is why they have managed to make all societies on earth bring up their children with this illusion of the passivity of vision.

Vision is, as we have mentioned before, an active thing. We need to talk more about why it is active and how this works. This, then, ties in with the lists I asked you to make in my last discourse. I had you make a list of things that absolutely cannot be changed. If we think about the wording here, I was playing a little bit of a trick on you by saying that I wanted you to make a list of “things” that absolutely could not be changed, or at least that no power on earth could change. I have said before that there is a certain matrix for the earth that was set and defined by the Elohim and there is no power on earth, not even the entire collective consciousness, that could change this. So there are things that absolutely cannot be changed.

Technology changes vision

Then, of course, you have been brought up in a world where there is a lot of technology. This brings us to the second list of things that could be changed but only by physical, technological means or by physical labor. Of course, modern technology (inspired primarily by me but also other ascended masters) has actually, within the last decades, made discoveries that in a way challenge many of the previous views of life. There were things a hundred years ago that people would say absolutely could not be changed but now you know that they can be changed.

The atom can be split, the very building block of matter, as it was seen at one point, can be split. There was a time when people would absolutely have denied that this was a possibility. You see that there has been some movement because of technology where things have now become possible that were not possible even decades ago. People in general have, of course, not adjusted their view of life based on this. I need you to start adjusting your view of life. I need you to recognize here what technology actually is. Why do you have, again to use this example, technology today that can split the atom? Why do you have technology that can even split subatomic particles into smaller components? It is because you have knowledge today that was not there in previous times.

Before Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity came out in 1905, there was no knowledge of even the theoretical possibility of splitting the atom. That was because, at the time, scientists had a completely dualistic view of the world where they saw an absolute barrier between matter and energy. The world was made of two separate components and one could not be transformed into the other. Einstein, then, discovers the theory of relativity and realizes that all matter is actually a form of energy. This is completely in line with what I have told you previously. You need to start seeing that behind all of the visible forms that you see, there is pure energy. There is a complex pattern of energy waves, of on-and-off signals, of interference patterns between energies. This is the deeper reality.

Seeing everything as fluid

The reason this is important is that when you see that there is an energetic reality below the level of matter (or the macroscopic level), you realize that this level of energy is fluid. You have certain physical phenomena, such as Mount Everest or any other mountain that you have personally seen. You look at this massive rock and you see that it is beyond any power to change. It is solid, it is massive. When you look beyond the physical level, the macroscopic level, you see that the deeper reality is that even this solid mountain is made out of vibrating energy and the energy is much more fluid than matter. There is at least a theoretical possibility that the energy that makes up the mountain could change. Of course, if the energy changes, matter must change with it. What Einstein actually did was that he changed the traditional view, the classical physical view, of cause and effect.

This, unfortunately, is something that scientists in general have not been willing to acknowledge. They have not been willing to acknowledge it at the surface level because they do not want to give up materialism, they do not want to see a link between matter and mind. At the deeper level, it is truly because they are blinded by the fallen beings who have managed to infiltrate the scientific establishment as they had influenced the Catholic church during the Middle Ages. (But that is beside the point, as I do not really want to go into a political discussion here.)

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