The Warrior Mentality

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 30, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary! I come to discourse with you on another aspect of the hidden causes of war. This one may not be so hidden for those who have paid attention to world history and world events.

The mindset of gaining honor from war

You will know that for a very long time, going back into the mists of history, there has been a culture, a mindset, that has seen war as desirable, as something from which you could gain honor. You can see in many different parts of the world a warrior culture, the Samurai in Japan being but one example. Many other such cultures have existed and are still existing today. There are many people who have seen it as desirable for young men to go to war in order to prove their valor. Some have sought to gain self-worth by going to war and proving your ability to kill other human beings.

How do you gain self-worth from killing other human beings, from being good at killing? You cannot do so when you see yourself as connected to those other human beings, can you, my beloved? You can only see this as desirable when you are trapped in the consciousness of separation and duality. That is when you go into the “us-versus-them” mentality that has played such a dominant part of the mindset you have found on this planet for a very long time.

“Us” versus “them.”Consider this mentality, my beloved. This is the essence of duality. Not only do we have a division between “us” and “them,” but we also have the value judgment that “us” is better than “them,” that we are locked in a struggle against “them” and that we have to prove our superiority by physically defeating “them” in battle or in a war.

Consider how this idea of gaining honor, self-worth or status in your society through war has played a part in the thinking of human beings in different cultures and in different time periods. Where did this warrior culture come from? It did not come from what I would like to call “human beings.” I know I have said that all human beings are spiritual beings, but when I talk about human beings, I talk about those who have been created specifically for the earth.

The beginning of the warrior culture

Each planet that has ever been created in the material universe has had a certain group of lifestreams that were the original inhabitants of that planet. They were meant to grow in self-awareness by co-creating their planet, taking it to the point where it could ascend with the rest of the universe when the universe was ready to ascend. Because of free will, there is always the possibility that the inhabitants of a given planet can take that planet into a downward spiral instead of the upward, ascending spiral intended.

This is not necessarily wrong or a big sin because it can also become an experience. When people have had enough of going into the downward spiral, they can come back to creating an upward spiral with a different experience. They can do this with an inner knowing that duality truly does not work.

It can be very difficult for a spiritual teacher to explain to lifestreams who have not experienced it, why duality does not work. Innocent lifestreams tend to look at going into duality as just another experience. In a sense, it is just another experience. Only, it is not just another experience because it so easily becomes a self-reinforcing spiral from which it is very difficult to extricate yourself.

The point I am working towards is that the original inhabitants of the earth did not invent the warrior culture. The warrior culture was invented by the fallen beings. This happened in the fourth sphere [See Cosmology of Evil] when that sphere was near the ascension point, and a certain group of fallen beings refused to ascend with the rest of that sphere. They came up with the idea of wanting to prove God wrong, and from this followed the desire to cause other lifestreams to misuse their free will. The simplest way to get people to misuse their free will was to deceive them with the duality consciousness and create the “us-versus-them” mentality. This led to the idea that there had to be a physical struggle to the death between “us” and “them.”

The warrior culture and the great struggle

This is the essence of the warrior culture. A warrior spends his entire life – all of his attention, all of his time, all of his physical strength – developing the ability to kill other people in battle, using whatever weapons and methods are there at his time and in his society. The warrior is always adapting to the development of new weapons, always seeking to have the latest, the most lethal and the most effective when it comes to killing other people. The warrior sees this as part of some great struggle. Throughout history, many different philosophies have been used to justify this struggle, but the idea is always that it is justifiable for “us” to kill “them.”

There may even be ideas that make it seem desirable for “us” to kill “them.” This warrior culture, this war mentality, has sometimes been justified with the idea that there is some grand struggle between two opposing polarities, such as God and the devil. We are on God’s side; those other people over there are on the devil’s side. Therefore, it is justifiable and necessary for us kill them. But you have also seen the Omega polarity of this, which is that there is no reason to justify the struggle by some epic mindset. The warrior mentality says that just the fact that we can defeat the enemy gives us the right to do so. We are warriors. We go to war. We fight the enemy. We defeat the enemy. Thereby, we gain honor, self-esteem, self-respect.

When you are connected to the reality that all life is one, when you see yourself as connected to a reality outside yourself, then you see yourself as a co-creative being. You know you are co-creating along with this greater reality. When you see yourself as a connected being, you gain honor, self-respect, by co-creating something.

Do you see the essential difference, my beloved? A connected being is directing all of its attention towards co-creating something new, something higher, something that benefits the All. A warrior is directing all of his attention towards destroying other human beings. Do you see that a connected being cannot come up with a warrior mentality? Only those who have gone into separation can do so.

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