07. The unconditional joy of service

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Ascended Master Nada, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Nada is the name I have given. It is a name that has been associated with the Sixth Ray of service and ministration. But, of course, as you might have noticed with all of those who have spoken before me, I AM MORE. Why do we say this? You will see that we have given you our past lives in order to signify to you that because we have been embodied and have ascended, you too can ascend.

We also know that the human mind, the dualistic mind, will take anything and turn it into a graven image, and therefore say: “Ah, yes, Nada. I have a little box in my database where I can put her.” If you put me in a box in the database, you will not tune in to the fullness of who I AM, for I will not fit in any database on earth. I AM beyond conditions, and service, true service, is beyond conditions. Why, my beloved, is this so?

You volunteered to descend into the denser realms of this material universe. Perhaps you were previously in a higher sphere. At some point you volunteered to serve in raising all life. How do you raise all life, my beloved? Why do you need to raise all life? Because, as Maitreya explains in his book, God creates a sphere that has a basic structure but is not yet completely filled with light. Then God sends extensions of itself into the sphere to be the open doors for bringing more light. In serving in that process, they grow in self-awareness.

You came here to bring light

You came into form in order to serve by bringing the light, out of which you came, into this world, raising it up, spreading the light, filling the world with light, so to speak. What is the light of which I speak? It is spiritual light.

If you want a visual illustration, consider the planetary model of the atom with a nucleus and electrons orbiting around it. Consider how much empty space there is. If you look at the proportions of the atom, compared to the proportions of your solar system, there is actually more space between the electrons and the nucleus than there is between the Sun and even the most remote planet.

In the structure of matter, at the current level of this material universe, there is much empty space. There is much room to be filled with light.

You came here to share your light. For many of you, when you came here there were already beings who had descended into the duality consciousness. When you came, you experienced that your light was not received. Not only was it not received, it was rejected, or you received the message that only if your light lived up to certain conditions would people receive it.

Gradually, you came to accept the idea that you should either color your light or suppress the flow of light through you. The reality of disease of any kind in the physical body is that it began in the higher bodies as a suppression of the light that you are. When you suppress the light, then you are not in the River of Life. You do not feel fulfilled, happy, at peace, joyous. You do not feel alive.

Suddenly, you have people who come to the realization that they have a disease in the physical body that might actually kill the body. What do they try to do? They try to suppress even more. But it was suppression that started the chain reaction that led to the physical disease. How can more suppression help you overcome the physical condition?

When people come into a spiritual movement, their ego morphs into a so-called spiritual ego, or spiritual persona, that takes on the characteristics that it thinks it needs to take on. In many cases that means people accept that you should behave a certain way. There are certain things you should not say, certain things you should not express. Many people grew up in an environment where everyone suppressed their emotions. Some have overcome this to the point of feeling comfortable expressing positive emotions, but not feeling equally comfortable expressing so-called negative emotions.

Many of you will recognize the same pattern. You realize that in a spiritual movement, certain things are appropriate and certain things are not. Why do you have four lower bodies? Because the material universe is at such a low vibration that you cannot express light here from the etheric level directly. You need lower bodies, gradually stepping down the light, eventually reaching that level of the material universe with its density.

You have four lower bodies that are designed to be vessels for transferring the light. If you are to express your light in the material universe, you must express it by letting it flow from your higher being into your identity body, into your mental body, into your emotional body, and then into the physical where you express it in different ways. One example is certainly through speaking the word, but also by a smile, by a look, by expressing that emotion that is genuine and sincere, thus uplifting another person.

Suppressed emotions block the flow of light

What I want to bring to your attention here is that what stops the light is the decision to suppress something. When things are suppressed, they cannot flow. When they cannot flow, well they must accumulate. You have many people who accept a certain sense of identity that sets limitations. They accept mental limitations of what is proper to think or believe. They accept other limitations for what emotions are proper, and you see the suppression in the emotional body. The suppressed emotions will naturally begin to accumulate. As the emotional body fills up, there is no longer the flow of light that can penetrate through the suppressed emotions.

The light cannot reach your physical body and renew the cells. The cells begin to outpicture that they cannot flow, that they cannot bring forth new life and so they bring forth lower manifestations. As a spiritual person, can you see that when you realize you need some kind of healing in the physical body, your spiritual imagery, your spiritual persona, your spiritual culture can be a direct block to that healing? You are not willing to acknowledge that in order for you to be healed, you have to re-establish the flow of light through the emotional body. The only way to do this, my beloved, is to go into the emotions that have accumulated and get them flowing again.

In many cases this means that you must stop suppressing the negative emotions and give expression to them for a time—no matter how wrong or shallow they might seem. Some people have gone through several years of journaling, expressing whatever came to them. If you do not express it, you cannot re-establish the flow and thus you can continue, for the rest of your life, being stuck at a certain level of consciousness. You think – with the outer ego that has taken on this aura of spirituality – that in order to reinforce the image that you are a spiritual person, you cannot express any negative emotions. If you do, you may indeed get a negative reaction and have others think negatively of you.

You want to continue to suppress these emotions, but in suppressing them, what are you doing? You are continuing to block the flow. You cannot break through – in your conscious awareness – to your conscious acceptance of who you really are. You remain trapped in a lower sense of identity. Certainly, the negative emotions are not pleasant. Certainly, they should not necessarily be expressed in a group setting. But you, individually, need to express the emotions so that you can work through them and not only theoretically understand, but directly experience, that you are more than the emotions.

What will happen is that as you give expression to them, and as you look at them, at some point, you will have that Aha-experience of realizing: “But this is not who I am. I am more than this. This is just energy that has taken on a certain vibration, a certain condition. But this is not the fullness of who I am. I am feeling this way, but that does not mean that I am this way.”

Unless you look at the emotions, you cannot come to see that you are more. When you run away – do not want to acknowledge that you even have negative emotions, and do not want to give them expression – you are continuing to reinforce the gap, as Mother Mary spoke about, between where you are and where you want to be.

You cannot cross that gap, as we have given the illustration earlier, that you cannot move from point A to point B by first moving to the halfway point, and then to the halfway point of the remaining distance, and continuing to break the distance into smaller and smaller segments. You can continue this indefinitely because there will always be a gap.

The flow must be re-established, my beloved. When a river has frozen over in winter, the flow can be re-established only by the ice becoming liquid again. Before it can become liquid, heat must be applied to it. The heat is applied to your pent-up emotions by your conscious awareness, by your willingness to look at them, even the willingness to acknowledge that you had those negative emotions at some point.

I am not thereby saying that you need to acknowledge or accept the emotions as real or permanent. You need to come to the point where you can accept yourself for having those emotions, or for having had them in the past. You can look at yourself and realize that you had or have certain emotions because you are in a certain state of consciousness. Then you come to realize – as has been said previously, most clearly by Mother Mary – that God loves you unconditionally regardless of the state of consciousness you are in. If God loves you unconditionally, can you not then accept yourself unconditionally? Well, you can, if you are willing to simply shift your awareness.


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