The True Community of the Holy Spirit

TOPICS: What it really means to be the chosen people – How to achieve oneness in the community of the Holt Spirit – Oneness versus sameness – Building the true community of the Holy Spirit – The true oneness in diversity – How to overcome the human consciousness – Overcome idolatry of Jesus – Your unique potential – Christianity is a religion of Being –

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Ascended Master Jesus, July 26, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I AM Jesus Christ, as Above, so below—in you. I come to applaud you. I come to applaud those of you, who have dared to come apart and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto their God.

I wish you to understand that whenever we of the ascended masters give any statement whatsoever, the relativity of the carnal mind will immediately distort and pervert that statement and make it relative and dualistic. The carnal mind takes the statement, “A separate and chosen people, elect unto their God,” to mean that a certain group of people were elected by God and elevated above the rest. And therefore, they are somehow special, they are somehow God’s chosen people.

This is what you have seen outpictured in your Judeo-Christian tradition as what happened to the Jews. Yes, the Jews were chosen by God for a special mission and calling. That did not mean that they were the only people on earth who were chosen by God. There are two sides of the coin. Yes, a people can be called by God for a particular mission, but the people themselves have to elect to step up to that mission and let go of their human consciousness, their sense of duality, their sense of separation.

And if the people do not elect to let go of the carnal mind, then the figure-eight flow between heaven and earth cannot happen. And therefore, the people will build an idolatrous sense of themselves as being somehow better than others, thinking that because they were called God’s chosen people four thousand years ago, they are still God’s chosen people today and can therefore treat other people in a way that is in violation of God’s Law of Love, in violation of my calling to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the duality consciousness.

The true meaning of those who are the elect of God, are those who have elected to leave behind the consciousness of separation and dared to affirm their oneness with God, as did I when I said, “I and my Father are one!”

Oneness versus sameness

I come to give you a sense of co-measurement of what can be achieved when you enter that state of Being and come apart from the state of doing. I want you to reread and listen to Archangel Michael’s dictation where he said, that there is nothing you can do to remove the forces of anti-christ from this planet. They can be removed only when you dare to BE who you are.

When you get in the consciousness of thinking that you are the doer, that you of your own self can do something and that it is up to you to combat these people that you think are doing evil, then you set yourselves up in opposition to them. And that is how you see the divisions among brothers and among nations that lead to conflicts that cannot be resolved. The divisions lead to revenge, to anger, to terrorism, to war, and the pattern of human power plays that have plagued this planet now for as long as anyone on earth can remember. But even for far longer, because we of the ascended masters remember all that has gone before on earth.

This is what I came, 2,000 years ago, to call people to come apart from: that consciousness of duality, that consciousness of carnality. But you see, there is only one way to achieve union and oneness on earth. It cannot be done as a horizontal oneness, as a forced oneness. Do you not see that so many regimes and systems in this world have attempted to force people into oneness by destroying their differences, by setting up a mold for how a human being should be?

And as in the fairy tale of the princess who could not fit the glass slipper, and one cut a heal and one cut a toe to fit the slipper, and so the ideology of communism – and for that matter capitalism and many other cultures – is that you should deny your God-given individuality in order to fit within the system. This cannot be, because God has created you in his image and likeness, and he has endowed you with the unique individuality that is God’s desiring, in you, to be more of himself.

And therefore, when you try to suppress your individuality, it will only create tension and anger. And eventually, you will explode, as you see so many people, both in Christianity, in other religions and in the New Age Movement, who crash and burn. They suddenly become converted, they have a reawakening or a re-birthing experience, and for a while they are so enthusiastic. But because they are not balanced, they come to a point, where they crash and burn.

Building the true community of the Holy Spirit

If you will study my website, you will see that I continually talk about the need for balance. And that balance can be achieved only when you go within yourself and strive for oneness with your Christ Self and with your I AM Presence. To form the true community of the Holy Spirit, the one body of God on earth, each member of that community must go within and find the kingdom of God within him or herself, so that each person has a vertical oneness with his or her Christ Self and I AM Presence.

When that vertical oneness is established within individuals, then there will be oneness as Above so below. And the horizontal oneness within the community will spontaneously appear. That true oneness does not mean that you lose your individuality, or that you have to give up your individuality to be part of the community. It means that you can all express your individuality. You can even have differences of opinions, where different people have different experiences. And let me tell you that they can all be valid experiences, given where people are at in consciousness. The important point is that behind all of the different experiences and opinions, there is a deeper sense of love, a deeper sense of oneness. This is the true community of the Holy Spirit. When that oneness is present, and when that love consumes all conflict, differences can be used to actually enhance each other.

Consider why has God created human beings so different? Yes, some say, “Why did God do that; it only creates conflict?” But the truth is that God has done so because he wants to see all facets of himself expressed on earth. And each of you have a unique God Flame, a unique facet of God, a unique individuality in God, that God desires to express through you. Only when you have that love, and you allow each other to be and let be, can you form that true oneness and community that does not get destroyed by conflicts and personality conflicts and power plays, as you see in virtually all spiritual communities throughout history, save a rare few.

The true oneness in diversity

What we would like to see formed in many spiritual movements in this age, is the same type of community that was formed by my disciples after my resurrection. They had that sense of oneness, that sense of community, but they were not all alike. Yet the difference between today and then is twofold.

Humankind in general has risen to a higher state of consciousness. And each of you individually, over these past 2,000 years, has risen to a higher state of consciousness. And therefore, you have the potential to form a community that is more powerful than what was formed 2,000 years ago.

Do not have idolatry of my disciples; they were far from perfect, and you will see this even in the scriptures. Yet at the same time realize, that we of the ascended masters do not require our disciples to be perfect. This is another example of the duality consciousness and how it perverts the truth of God. The human mind thinks that if something is perfect, it could never change. So if God is perfect, he could never change. Yet the reality is, that God is constantly transcending himself. Because when God creates – and God is constantly creating – he embeds his own being into whatever he creates, and thereby he becomes more than he was before it was created.

What we of the ascended masters ask of our disciples is one thing: the willingness to transcend your present sense of identity and become more of who you are in God. That is all we ask. But we ask that you maintain that willingness for as long as you are on earth, and never allow yourself to stop. Because when you come to a point in your psychology that you are not willing to surrender, a part of your human consciousness that you are not willing to leave behind, at that moment you hold yourself back, you set yourself apart from the flow of life that is the true community of God. It is almost like the little finger separated itself from your body because it did not want to move on with the whole.

How to overcome the human consciousness

There is truly a Body of God on earth. And over these 2,000 years, the body of God that I came to manifest, has formed a group of lifestreams that have risen in consciousness. And these are the lifestreams that I called in my address yesterday, to come apart from the mass consciousness, the duality consciousness, and form the true community of the Holy Spirit. The community based on love and the vertical oneness with your God, that then creates the oneness here below.

Let me say this very clearly. For you to manifest the Holy Spirit and be an instrument of the Living Word, you must be willing to let the Spirit flow through you, even though you are not completely free from the human consciousness. Because how can you ever be free, unless you allow the Holy Spirit to consume that human consciousness?

Heed what I am saying. It is one thing to come to the realization that, “I have duality consciousness and I need to remove it.” But you see, you cannot remove the duality consciousness by using your separate mind, by analyzing yourself. You can remove the human consciousness only by allowing the Spirit to flow through you, so that the Light of God can consume the human consciousness within you. So if you dare not let the Spirit flow through you, how can the human consciousness be consumed? It cannot be done.

It becomes a catch-22. And that is why you need to be willing to let the Spirit flow through you in whatever capacity you are able. And I am not saying that you should not use discernment. You truly should use discernment and protect yourself from the lower spirits, but you have to be willing to experiment with the Spirit and allow the Spirit to move you. And you also have to be willing to be honest and look in the mirror and say, “Is there still some element of human consciousness, some element of separation? Is there still some agenda, some sense of being the doer?”

Overcome idolatry of Jesus

Be willing to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Is there something in my human consciousness that is standing in the way of my service to God, that is standing in the way of my oneness with God?” And then be willing to admit and recognize that it is not the real you, and that you need to separate yourself from it by affirming your oneness with God. I know that many of you have been brought up to have idolatry of Jesus Christ—that I was so special, that I was so above everybody else, and therefore I could do things that no one else could do.

I will give you a lesson in how to trick your separate mind and the duality consciousness. You need to look that consciousness squarely in the eye, and then you need to consider, “Is what it is telling me logical, is it consistent, does it really make sense?” So look at the idolatrous image built by orthodox Christianity that Jesus was so special, and then consider my statement, “I of my own self can do nothing.” Why would a being – who is so elevated, who is so special, who is so above everybody else – why would he make that statement? If he was so great, then he should have been full of the sense that “I am the doer, I am the savior, I am changing this planet.” But I was not, because I knew the truth. I of myself can do nothing; it is the Father within me, the state of Being, that doeth the work.

This then is the true inner path that has been taught behind the outer path of the world’s outer religions. And it is, as I said yesterday, the path of oneness with the teacher, oneness with the Christ self, oneness with the I AM Presence—which is one with God.

As you give the Oneness rosary from this day on, I would ask you to observe yourself and what is going on in your thoughts and minds. Because that Oneness Rosary is truly the most powerful ritual you could ever want for obtaining oneness with God—if you are willing to let go of the sense of separation. The Oneness Rosary will bring up all resistance you have in your consciousness to accepting your oneness with your God, all of the programming you have received, all of your separte mind and the lies of separation.

So monitor yourself, and see where you feel some thought, some feeling that, “Oh, I’m saying these words that I am one with my God, but it can’t really be true because of . . . whatever reason you have.” Monitor yourself, and then identify the resistance. If need be, make calls for it in the rosaries and the decrees, but first of all surrender it. Leave it behind.

There is no greater feeling in the world than to leave the world behind, to leave the worldly consciousness behind. And to step out of the mass consciousness that is so filled with the lies of anti-christ, and go to the inner kingdom and feel that sense of oneness with your source, oneness with something higher than anything found on this earth.

To go to that oneness, you must be willing to be non-attached to the things of this world. You must realize that the prince of this world, the consciousness of anti-christ, is always there to tempt you into attachments. This is the situation on earth at this moment. It will not be that way forever—if you dare to BE instead of continuing to do.

Your unique potential

You must recognize that each person has a unique individuality, a unique mission and a unique gift to bring to this planet. And you must create a community where you can, to the greatest possible extent, express your individual gifts without preventing each other from Being who you are.

It is a challenge. It is a delicate challenge. Yes, it is a challenge that so far very few groups of people have been able to meet. Yet I know that in the present age many are up to the task. Therefore, I say to you: do not get caught up in the consciousness of doing, thinking that the world rests upon your shoulders and that you are the ones who have to save the planet and to turn back this or that darkness. Always remember that the first priority in your life, as stated by the Presence of Oneness and in the Oneness Rosary, is to maintain your oneness with God.

It is not a matter of forming a militant organization that can go out and do battle with the forces of anti-christ and beat those forces into the ground. We are past that point. What will make the difference is a true community of people who dare to BE, and who support each other in Being. This is what can change the earth. It is not numbers; it is not outer results that I am looking for. And it was not outer results that I was looking for 2,000 years ago.

Christianity is a religion of Being

This is what has been misunderstood by the people who were caught in the duality consciousness. They created a Christian religion that they see as being separated from other religions, being better than other religions, being the only true religion, being the only road to salvation.

My disciples were called “The Followers of The Way.” And you remember my statement, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father save by me.” Again, the duality consciousness interprets that to mean that no one comes to God without going through Jesus Christ. But the true statement is that no one comes to the Father save by going through the Christ consciousness that I am. And the Christ consciousness is what allows you to say, “I and my Father are one,” because you are now being one with your God, instead of seeing yourself as separated from that God.

That is what I called my disciples to manifest. That state of oneness with God. They could not maintain it. But a few of them did maintain it for a long time, and some of the gnostic groups continued it for centuries. But orthodox Christianity, the organized church never had it, never understood it because they followed the example of Peter, who denied his oneness with me, and thereby denied the oneness between the disciple and master that is the true fulfillment of the master-disciple relationship, whereby the disciple becomes the master below as the master is the Christ Above.

The kingdom of God is within you, and it will not suddenly drop from the sky, as many Christians believe. It will come from within you, when you allow it to flow through you. And therefore, I ask you to first of all start with yourself. Go within. Do everything you can, use all the tools, the books and teachings that we have given, to establish that oneness, that sense of Being. And then, when you feel you have reached a sufficient level of it, dare to express it.

Dare to let your light shine before men, because truly a city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. And I say: “Do you think it is your light that you are hiding?” And then realize: “I of mine own self can do nothing.” Well then, if it is God’s light within you, is it your light to hide? If God gives you his light, what gives you the right to slip into the duality consciousness and say, “Oh, I have to hide it, or someone might get upset, someone might be uncomfortable.”

So I ask you again, if you feel that way – and I understand that you all go through a period of fearing to let your light shine – but then work on it. Work on it with the oneness of purpose, and come to that point where it naturally flows, and you don’t care about what the world thinks. Because you know that the consciousness of anti-christ will oppose anything you do for God, will always oppose the Light of God, as they opposed me 2,000 years ago. You come to that point of inner oneness, where you say: “I am who I am, and I am just going to be who I am, and come what may.”

At that moment, you will have the total defense, which is the total transparency, because the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you, whereby he can manipulate you to turn off your light, the light of your I AM Presence shining through you. So I leave you with this last image. Your I AM Presence is a sun. The sun constantly shines. It is designed by God to radiate light. Let it shine through you. And then light up this world.

In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I seal you in the infinite love and protection of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is finished! Amen.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels