The true alchemy of the heart

TOPICS: There is power and there is Power – Stop putting the cart before the horse – The essential principle of alchemy – Outer appearances do not matter – Hardness of heart and abortion – Hardness of heart and immigration – Back to nature versus back to God –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, May 25, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Welcome to the heart of America and welcome to the heart of Saint Germain! I have decided to greet you right at the start of this conference because I have been looking forward to this gathering for quite some time. And I could no longer contain myself. And therefore, here I am, to welcome you to this experience on the inner path.

The heart chakra of America is indeed a key factor in the raising of America into the Aquarian Age. For as Jesus pointed out 2,000 years ago, the heart is the center of your Being. And what fills the heart, the mouth will overflow with, and so the entire person is controlled by what is going on in the heart—as is an entire nation.

Thus, my beloved, I can tell you that one of the most important services ever rendered to America has been the vigil that so many people around the world have conducted over this past month, of giving the invocation for the clearing of the heart. Truly, this has cleared the heart of the people in every nation where it was given. But because the focus has been on this conference, there has been an immense clearing of the heart chakra of America.

It is not fully cleared, and thus you have work to do at this conference. But I must tell you that much of the hardness of heart in this area has been softened up. And although it may not appear to have been cleared, it is ready to be taken, almost like a dam breaking and suddenly the waters can flow freely again. The waters that have been dammed up so long, therefore sitting still, becoming stale and filled with all kind of debris and dirt, as has truly been the case here in Chicago, with the energies in this area.

This city is by no means what it could be if the heart had been cleared, if there had been room in the heart. This is a great, great problem for the progression of the Golden Age. And thus the potential for clearing it in this conference is immense. And I want you to hold the image that the dark substance of the hardness of heart covering the Chicago area – extending far beyond this city – can indeed – through the action of your work here below and our work Above – be cleared for the remainder of this conference. Hold that immaculate vision. And truly, by the grace of God, a miracle can be performed, a miracle that is unprecedented. Because, the rosaries and invocations of Mother Mary are unprecedented tools.

There is power and there is Power

The power of a spiritual tool is not just an outer power. The power is not something that you just invoke. The power must, as everything else, come from within. And it comes from within only when you reach integration and Oneness with your own higher Being, so that you are here below, all that you are Above.

And through that Oneness, a power can be released that is beyond the comprehension of most people. For the rosaries are designed not just to invoke the light, but to provide the platform for the integration of your lower being with your higher Being. And thus, through that Oneness, your higher Being can act in an entirely different manner, that is at such a higher level that there is no comparison. It is truly, like Jesus said, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”

This is the power that comes only through Oneness. It cannot be faked. It cannot be forced. It is not a matter of belonging to a particular organization or repeating certain rituals for so many years. There is no mechanical means that will provide that integration and Oneness because there is no substitute. There is no way of cheating. There is no way of putting on an appearance of being one with your higher Being, as many spiritual people in many different organizations and religions have been good at putting on an appearance of being spiritual and religious because they lived up to the outer rules and practices in their particular religion.

Stop putting the cart before the horse

And thus, we have now reached the point, where we can release the teaching that this must stop and that our students need to come to a higher level of not playing games. Not playing the ego game of pretending to be a good person. It is time, at the end of the Piscean Age, to realize that Jesus himself said this over and over again 2,000 years ago, when he chastised those who were the hypocrites, the scribes and the Pharisees, who pretended, who honored God with their mouth, but their heart was far from him.

There is no way to fake the purity of heart, the openness of heart, the oneness of heart. It can only be achieved through complete surrender to the higher Being that you are. Whereby you become one, because you now realize that the will of your higher being, or the Will of God, is not alien to your own will. It is your own greater will, it is your reason for coming into embodiment, for coming to this planet in the first place.

And thus, you are not working against your own purpose. You are not divided, you are not trying to serve two masters. Where the one master is your divine plan that you agreed to before coming into embodiment, when you were in a state of Oneness with your higher being and your spiritual teachers. Yet after coming into embodiment, and growing up and being faced with the trials of life, you built an outer personality, outer expectations. And now that outer personality is warring against the higher Being and your divine plan, thinking you have to do this or that here on earth. You have to accomplish these or those goals, that were programmed into your mind by society or by your parents. And then you think – after you have attained these goals – you can finally be spiritual.

This is not the way things work, as Jesus clearly said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” If you think it can be done the other way around, you are putting the cart before the horse. It will not work! Millions of people in all kinds of spiritual organizations have attempted to make it work. And I must tell you that not one has ever been successful and no one ever will be.

So give up the dream. Give up the illusion that what the ascended masters want or what God wants is an outer appearance of pretending. We don’t want you to pretend to be someone else according to some man-made standard created by some religion. We want you to BE who you are. But the Being we want you to be is, of course, not the ego, the outer personality created by this world. We want you to BE your own higher Being, your own I AM Presence, your true Being in heaven. And even BE the greater spiritual Being out of which you are an individualization.

And thus, some of you are indeed individualizations of the same greater Being out of which I came. And thus you might attain a greater Oneness, first with me as a representative, but then even with that greater Being out of which we came so many eons ago. And some of you are one with the Beings of other ascended masters. And we are not here to stand between you and the higher Being out of which we all came. We are only here to show you who you are by showing you an example that we have united with our own higher Being.

The essential principle of alchemy

Thus, I ask you to contemplate the essential principle of alchemy, a principle that has been misunderstood by so many people, even so many spiritual people. The principle of alchemy is that you take what is imperfect and you transform it into something perfect—not by making it conform to an outer appearance but by transcending the outer appearance and making it conform to the immaculate concept, held in the mind of God, in your own higher being.

Note the essential difference. People will look at conditions on this earth and they will say, “This is not right.” The reason why you know it is not right is because in the deeper part of your being, you have the immaculate concept for how the kingdom of God should be here on earth and how your own divine plan should be unfurled. But what happens in the world is that you build a worldly expectation of how things should be. And that worldly expectation obscures your own inner knowing, your divine plan and the reality of the kingdom of God.

So when you find the spiritual path and become more aware of the need to raise your consciousness and raise the planet, you superimpose the image of your worldly expectation upon yourself and upon the world. And you think that alchemy means that you take what is imperfect and transform it into the worldly image of “perfection” that has been created in this world through the mind of anti-christ, through your own ego, or even through people who are well-meaning but simply are not attuned to the reality of Christ.

All of your life, you can run after this false goal that is not the true goal. And thus, you are simply going from one extreme to the other. You are trying to get away from worldly imperfection, which is only an appearance, by creating the outer appearance of worldly perfection. My Beloved, listen carefully. You can make progress by doing this. Realizing that your own life, your own consciousness, is not where it needs to be, setting a higher goal and striving for that goal can lead to progress. But it will only lead to a certain level of progress, and then you will stop—unless you understand the true principle of alchemy, namely that you completely surrender all of your worldly expectations.

You do as Jesus said, you lose your worldly life for the sake of becoming one with Christ truth, becoming reborn according to the immaculate concept for your own Being. And in that total surrender of the lower expectations and of the ego, then you can obtain Oneness with your higher Being. And that Oneness is the philosopher’s stone, the golden means, the cup of Christ, the X-factor, that both alchemists and many other people have been searching for throughout the ages. Thinking that if they found something in this world that had magical properties, then that something would transform them into perfect human beings, or transform lead into gold or transform the earth into the kingdom of God, without them going through the process of obtaining Oneness through the death of the ego.

Outer appearances do not matter

In this day and age, we are calling those who are ready to move beyond this outer appearance and just BE who you are, but be the greater Being that you are, not the lower self. This may seem very simple, very low-key. It may seem like the teachings are simple, but they are at an entirely different level. It does not even matter whether they are higher or lower, because what we are calling you to do today is to move beyond the duality consciousness that judges and compares based on outer appearances.

The outer appearances do not matter. What matters is that you transcend the outer appearance, see beyond it to the inner reality. Look beyond the outer conditions. Find the deeper reality within and strive for that oneness within yourself, with your own higher being and strive for the oneness with each other. And if you can achieve it, if you can detach yourself from the outer appearances, then truly you can be the instrument for the miracle of clearing away the hardness of heart of an entire nation. Including healing your own being from hardness of heart, which in many cases is the underlying cause of whatever outer problems you face that seemingly will not go away. Because how can they, when the hardness of heart prevents the flow of the River of Life through you, that is the only thing that can consume the problems, transform them through the alchemy of the heart into the higher perfection of the immaculate concept for your life.

This is the true path of integration. It is a path that cannot be promoted in an outer way. Because it will have no appeal to those who are still stuck in the duality consciousness and want to create the appearance that people are not equal and that some people are more important, more powerful or more spiritual than others. And thus, they prefer to stay in the twilight zone where light and dark can coexist, which is the situation you see on this planet and have seen for so many eons that one wonders when a sufficient number of people will wake up and say, “Enough is enough!”

Hardness of heart and abortion

I will speak to you briefly on the issue of abortion, which as you know has been on the hearts and minds of the ascended masters for decades. We indeed have a plan for this nation, for the raising up of America and the entire world. But contrary to the old image – that goes back decades, centuries, millennia in religions – that God or the ascended masters will miraculously save humankind and bring about the Golden Age, the reality is that what will bring about the Golden Age is that a sufficient number of people in embodiment discover and follow the inner path and reach a certain level of Christhood. Where they can be the open doors – as Jesus was the open door – for bringing the immaculate concept for the Golden Age into physical manifestation.

For this to happen, the lifestreams that have obtained a certain level of Christhood in past lives must come into embodiment. This, of course, is a plan that has one major flaw, because the forces of anti-christ are fully aware that it is people who must bring about change in the world. They have known this for a long time and they are keenly aware of it, even though most people – most spiritual people and the general population – are not aware of it. Because the power elite has created a culture that de-emphasizes the importance of the individual, seeking to turn the majority of humankind into the blind followers of themselves as the blind leaders. Thus following the currents in the mass consciousness, rather than attaining the supreme individuality that is the Christ consciousness.

Thus, they are fully aware that if they can keep out the key individuals, so that a critical mass of Christed Beings will not come forth on this planet, then they can postpone – at least for a season – the manifestation of the Golden Age, which will bring about their own exit from this planet and their loss of control. And because America is a key to the manifestation of the Golden Age, they have especially attempted to prevent the right number of Christed Beings from living in the United States.

Abortion has been one of their key strategies. And I must tell you quite frankly that it is the divine matrix, the divine plan, that there should be 44 million more people living in the United States than is the case today. Many people when they hear this staggering number would say, “Oh but what would happen then to the economy, to the environment? It would be overcrowded. Think about the traffic!” But you see, these are selfish concerns. And this is precisely why the forces of anti-christ have been successful in establishing abortion as the legal right for any woman with no conditions. It is because so many people in the United States have become so self-centered and so selfish that there is not room in their hearts for another person in their family or for another family down the street.

This is hardness of heart in a way that is subtle, and therefore most people do not see it as hardness of heart. They do not realize that what they see with their intellectual minds as a perfectly logical and rational argument is simply the ego’s ability to justify anything, even justify the hardness of heart that would exclude a Christed being from coming into embodiment. As King Herod attempted to kill the Christ child, and in so doing was willing to kill an entire generation of male babies. Think of the hardness of heart of a ruler who could give such an order. Yet there are people in America today who have that same hardness of heart and therefore think abortion is acceptable.

Now, my beloved, I must tell you that the ascended masters never look at any issue in black and white terms. We have in the past spoken out in a black-and-white way against abortion, because we deemed it necessary to portray a viewpoint that hopefully could awaken at least some people. Yet in the long run, we could foresee a society where abortion was available to a woman under certain conditions that would not jeopardize her spiritual growth.

Thus, the issue is not as clear-cut as it might seem. Nevertheless, I must also tell you that the United States is not at a point yet, where it is able to enact the right Christ-like conditions. And thus, it would have been better had the United States had a clear law preventing abortion over these past decades, since that fateful decision by the Supreme Court. Because there would have been millions more Americans in embodiment than there is today.

Hardness of heart and immigration

The ascended masters have a plan, and the dark forces try to counteract that plan in whatever way they can by working through their instruments in embodiment. Yet that does not mean that it all ends there, for we of the ascended masters are, of course, aware of what is being done, and we have our ways of counteracting it.

Contrary to what many people might be thinking, part of our plan to compensate for the loss of Christed beings through abortion is indeed immigration. If a lifestream cannot be born in the United States, well then it is certainly not beyond the means of the Karmic Board to find parents for that lifestream South of the border or in other parts of the world. And then inspire that person to do whatever is necessary to come to the United States later in life—to simply be here and be part of the experiment that America is.

Thus, I am somewhat dismayed that a number of spiritual students have not seen that immigration is the only practical means to compensate for what has been lost through abortion. Even from a practical standpoint, how will you pay for the retirement of the baby-boomer generation with the current number of taxpayers? There is not time to raise them, even if there was another baby boom today. So the only practical solution is to let them come in from abroad and give them the opportunity that the United States of America was designed to be from the very beginning. An opportunity to be free from the oppression and the rules and regulations and restrictions that prevented so many people during the Middle Ages in Europe from expressing their Christhood and growing beyond their level of consciousness.

My Beloved, what is it that causes so many people in the United States to be against immigration? Well, it is again hardness of heart. A hardness of heart that sometimes takes the form of a subtle form of looking down at most of the people who come across the border from the neighbor to the South. But I, Saint Germain, do not look at a person’s skin color or nationality or culture. I look at the quality of the heart.

And I can tell you that there are millions of beautiful lifestreams in the Latino culture, in Mexico and throughout Central and South America and in other parts of the world, that are close to my heart. And I will welcome them when they come across the borders of this country. I would very much prefer that they could do so legally and that one of the conditions for their entry was a basic mastery of the English language.

But I must tell you that the need for immigration, even illegal immigration, is created by the hardness heart of the people who have been so spoiled from growing up during the affluent decades, and therefore thinking that they are somehow better than the people in poor nations. They are entitled to all this wealth, and they own this nation of America. They think it is their own or at least their parent’s hard work that has built this nation.

And while I do not in any way want to degrade their hard work, I must tell you that what has built the United States of America is the sponsorship of the ascended masters. Because we have set this nation up to be the forerunner for the Age of Aquarius. And it is the interaction of people here below and the ascended masters above that has made America what it is today, in the positive aspects that this nation expresses.

There are lifestreams who have deserved to be part of this dispensation, which is why they were born here. But they were born here because they deserved the opportunity to be part of it, to be part of the alchemy of taking a wilderness and turning it into a modern nation. Thereby transcending the natural conditions that could not sustain the number of people that can be sustained today through modern knowledge and technology.

Back to nature versus back to God

My Beloved hearts, we of the ascended masters do not belong to the back-to-nature movement. We belong to the back-to-God movement! It is not a matter of thinking back to the “pristine” wilderness that existed when the first settlers came over here, idealizing it and thinking that America should somehow go back to this state, in which only a small number of people could survive here and only do so by being in a constant state of warring with each other over the scant natural resources.

No, it is our plan for the Golden Age that America should transcend, and establish a modern society that has pristine conditions both in the areas inhabited by man and in the areas that are left to natural conditions. Certainly, we do not desire to see overcrowded and polluted cities with slums. Certainly, we do not desire to see the entire food chain polluted by chemicals. This is not our plan for this nation.

But what you see today in the pollution of nature springs from – starts in – the pollution of the heart of the people of this nation. And again, it is hardness of heart, lack of sensitivity, lack of willingness to reach for the higher vision that there might be a better way to do things than the way that is convenient – or seems convenient – right now. Or the way that allows a small power elite to maintain their control over the majority of the wealth and resources in an entire nation.

What overturned the rigid feudal system of Europe was a growth in the population. What will overturn the current elitist system in the United States will be only – at least on the physical level – a growth in the population, that makes it necessary to redistribute – not wealth as the Communists say – but redistribute economic and spiritual opportunity. So that all men and women can be treated as they were created, namely to be equals and have equal opportunity to raise themselves above the conditions of their own past karma. And therefore, they can experience the personal alchemy, which when it reaches critical mass will become a national alchemy and turn around a nation and raise it to an entirely new level, that is so much higher than what you have today that people today cannot even envision it.

My vision for this nation would put all of your science fiction literature to shame. All of the things that you see in science fiction literature and future studies are as nothing compared to the real vision that we of the ascended masters hold for this nation and for the world. But for that vision to come into action, into physical manifestation, a critical mass of people must be willing to let go of the old, to let the old images – the old world view, the old expectations – die as Jesus demonstrated by being willing to die on the cross and give up the ghost.

You will hear much more – from the master himself and from the master’s master – during this conference about giving up the ghost. And thus I will not speak of it, but I will let you ponder the concept of giving up the ghost, and what it means to you personally to give up the ghost. Thus, once again, I welcome you to this conference, to this experiment in Oneness. I welcome you to my heart, for I AM Saint Germain. I AM indeed here. BE with me!


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