The true alchemy of freedom

TOPICS: Self-government requires knowledge of self – International bankers undermining democracy – Virtual slavery through mortgages – The fear of a free economy – The descent of the Freedom Flame – The inevitability of change –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain with Portia, February 12, 2011 through Kim Michaels. Given in an open area East of the Capitol and between the Supreme Court building and the Library of Congress building in Washington, D.C.

Saint Germain with Portia I AM, and I AM here! I am here to anchor the Flame of the Seventh Ray, right here between these two buildings of the Supreme Court of the United States and the Library of Congress. Why does the Goddess of Justice carry the scales? Because there are two sides to justice: you cannot have justice without freedom. You cannot have justice without having the freedom of knowing what you need to know, in order to meter out justice. And thus, you see on one side the Supreme Court building, with the Supreme Court judges. But how can they sit in this Greco-Roman temple – that they have erected to keep them boxed up – and meter out justice without having full knowledge of what is going on in the nation or in the material universe? And thus, they need what is next door, the knowledge that is stored.

Of course, when you see the symbol for justice – the scales – you see that there are two bowls. But are they not hanging from a central point, the top of the triangle, the top of the pyramid? And so, is it enough to meter out justice to have the horizontal knowledge stored in this Library of Congress, the knowledge of this world? Nay, of course, it is not enough! For there must be the singularity, the open door, so that a higher knowledge, a higher vision, a higher matrix can descend. And it should indeed – under ideal circumstances – descend upon both the Congress and the Senate – or rather the one legislative chamber that is all that is needed – and the Supreme Court and of course also upon the President.

Self-government requires knowledge of self

Yet if we, indeed, could get the Supreme Court judges, and the Senators and Congressmen to be open to a higher knowledge, then we would have made considerable progress towards this higher union that is “of the people, by the people, for the people” but truly is “of God, by God and for God.” For can there be self-government, unless there is an acknowledgement of what the Self is?

What is the Self that is capable of governing? It is not the separate self; this I trust you can see. And thus, as Hilarion so eloquently explained, no one below the 48th level of consciousness should be involved with the government of a free, truly democratic nation. For how can you be free, when you are identified with the separate self, that can never fathom freedom, but only wants to restrict freedom based on its own vision, the vision it has created by taking upon itself the power to be a god, who defines good and evil.

This can never lead to Freedom, but only to one form of tyranny after another. And thus, you saw the Founding Fathers who were, most of them, above and well above the 48th level of consciousness. You saw them be able to receive a higher vision of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of this nation, and they attempted to embody it. But when faced with the actual reality of administering things in the physical octave – dealing with the laws that have been created through humankind’s collective consciousness – well, then they found it very difficult to implement their vision, as the initial chaos of this nation clearly demonstrates. And as you see demonstrated throughout the history of this nation, where no sooner had a nation been established based on rights, than those rights started to be undermined by elite groups, who saw no reason to give the people rights. For they wanted the people to remain as the slaves of the elite.

International bankers undermining democracy

And thus, they have attempted to enslave them by undermining the democratic institutions and democratic freedoms. And they have especially attempted to do this through the money system. Do you not recognize, that there were international bankers who financed the British in the Revolutionary War, and even in secret ways, found ways to finance the revolutionary forces? George Washington was one of the few who acknowledged this and attempted to keep himself and the nation independent of it.

But not long after his presidency was over, indeed some of these international bankers managed to write themselves into American government and American life through an unholy bank charter, that should never have been given to anyone and was from the start unconstitutional, against the spirit of the revolution and the constitution. And so, you see how even up to very recent times, these bankers have managed to deceive the government into letting the people once again guarantee the loans from the elite with their life-blood, with their labor, that is all they have to give.

What is, then, to prevent a collapse of the financial system of this nation, when the people are faced with the inevitable situation of either no employment or higher prices on necessities? Was it not, indeed, the higher prices on daily necessities that sparked the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt? And is it not, indeed, foreseeable by anyone with common sense, that this will spread beyond these two nations? For there are many other nations, where the people are living under such poor circumstances, that they can barely feed their families.

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