The suppression of women must come to an end – in the Church and in the home

TOPICS: The plan to separate male and female – Male and female relationships without relative value judgments – The choice to put women down  – My relationship with Saint Joseph – The need for a higher vision of sexuality – It is a greater challenge to be in a relationship – The judgment of the Divine Mother upon celibacy –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given with the messenger standing on the square in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

My beloved hearts, they come here by the thousands. They come here, many of them, with pure hearts, with pure devotion to Jesus my son and to myself. Yet I, Mary, must say, in the interest of truth in the interest of healing: “You do not honor me, if you come here and take in the mindset, that is the antithesis of the mindset of Christ, of the Christ mind, that sees the oneness of all life, the oneness between the Creator and its creation.”

And what is the Creator’s creation? Did not Jesus say in the Book of Revelation, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending?” And thus, does this not signify, that the one Creator divided itself into the two polarities of expanding and contracting, of masculine and feminine? It must be understood, in the interest of truth, that the original perversion of the fallen angels – the original plan of the fallen angels to create a downward spiral on earth – was precisely to pervert the original act of creation in the minds of those who are open to the lie of separation and duality.

The plan to separate male and female

When the Creator divided itself into two polarities, those polarities were not opposites. They do not cancel out each other, they complement each other, they form a new whole out of which new life is created. This is the reality. This is the reality, that must be known by all who claim to honor Jesus and myself. For you cannot honor me and the office I hold, the office of the Divine Mother for earth, without honoring the union of male and female. Not in what is normally seen as the sexual union – that has the purpose of physical procreation or the satisfaction of base sensual desires – but as a higher form of union, where male and female, man and woman, come together and transcend the consciousness, that they are opposites, that they are in opposition to each other, that one must be put down and the other be the head of the household.

This is the consciousness of the division of the original polarities of God, created by the fallen angels and the fallen consciousness. For they knew – they knew – that because it is inevitable, that men and women on earth are different sexes, then if they could insert a wedge of untruth that divided the sexes – that created suspicion, animosity and opposition between them – well then, there would be very little possibility of the earth rising into such a high state of consciousness, that they themselves would no longer be able to embody here.

Their plan, their entire purpose, is indeed to set men and women apart, so that they cannot come together in that union, that transcends sexuality and procreation, that transcends traditional roles, where the man is the head of the household and the woman is the subordinate, but they find a higher union, where they come together in complete equality. For they have transcended value judgments, the relative scale, where there are two extremes, that are in opposition to each other, neither have they come together in any point near the center of that scale, forming a compromise between them that is not true balance.

Male and female relationships without relative value judgments

The reality, that we have attempted to teach you is, that everything on the dualistic scale is outside the oneness of the mind of Christ. And thus, it is not a matter of raising up one side of the scale or lowering the other. It is a matter of transcending the scale, whereby you form such an upward magnetic pull, that you pull the consciousness of all mankind up.

You cannot raise up one part of life by seeking to put down another and at the same time be in the mind of Christ. You cannot desire to be right among men by making other people wrong, or by judging them according to some standard, that you have created or accepted and at the same time be in the oneness of the mind of Christ—that seeks only to raise up all life. “Judge not, that ye be not judged” means, truly, “Transcend the dualistic scale, so that you will not judge yourself through that dualistic consciousness as you pass from the screen of life.”

Indeed, when you look at this enormous basilica – supposedly built to honor Christ – you see, that it is in its entirety an expression of the duality consciousness, the desire to raise up one part of life and portray it as being superior to all others. This started a very long time ago, after the original fall in the Garden of Eden, where there were those – even in the Garden – who would not follow Maitreya into transcending that state of consciousness, transcending the dualistic scale. For they even desired to be better than others in the mystery school, to be more advanced students, to be given special initiations and special privileges, even to be set up as leaders for the new students, who had not yet reached a certain level—or so they thought, those who love to judge according to a standard, that they had created or accepted from the fallen angels themselves.

The choice to put women down

This tendency to divide, based on a man-made or a relative standard, can be traced throughout cultures and religions on this earth. As you see it in the Garden of Eden, where it indeed was the forbidden fruit, the forbidden fruit because once you partake of that duality consciousness – and are trapped inside of the mind state created by the dualistic perception – you cannot see beyond the perception. You cannot see anything wrong with the perception, you can see no need to transcend it, for everything looks so perfectly logical and rational, according to the dualistic filter through which you see everything.

You are blinded, but you do not know you are blinded—you think you see supreme truth. And thus, you see it in the Bible in Cain and Abel, you see it in the tribes of Israel, you see it in the Egyptians, and the Jews, and you see it even among Jesus’ own disciples, where they had to compete as to who would be the most important among them after Jesus took his leave. And thus, in going into that entire argument, they demonstrated, that they had not understood, they had not locked in to, the consciousness of Christ, that Jesus had demonstrated to them on so many occasions—and that he demonstrated later to them by allowing himself to be crucified by that consciousness of dualistic judgment.

Do you see how the fallen angels made a choice? They made the choice, that because women are physically not the stronger of the two sexes, therefore not the ones who are likely to go out and wage war, they would put women down as the weaker sex. And not only the weaker sex, but they would put upon them this burden, that they were the ones who ate the forbidden fruit, that Eve was the one who sinned, and therefore Eve is responsible for the fall of all of mankind.

This is such a subtle perversion, that has so many ramifications, such a subtle state of consciousness, that it permeates the very relationship between the two sexes from ancient days and all the way forward. Yet as Jesus himself said inside the basilica, I now express it outside the Basilica. This consciousness of the animosity, or the rivalry, or the guilt and the blame between men and women, this must be transcended in the Aquarian age—if the Aquarian age is to become the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

My relationship with Saint Joseph

Is it a coincidence, that Saint Germain was the being who was embodied as Joseph and that Joseph and I were the parents of the living Christ in Jesus? Indeed, it is not, for it was through that experience, that the foundation was set, whereby Saint Germain was able to transcend these traditional divisions—that are not just the division between man and woman but the division between the male and female aspect of every human being, every soul, every lifestream. By experiencing being together with me, Saint Germain was raised up and set on a course, that took him to his ascension—and therefore, he is now the hierarch of Aquarius. At the time, 2,000 years ago, I was indeed the one who was on the brink of making my ascension. And thus, Saint Germain was the one who was further from it, and was therefore lifted up and brought into balance through our physical and spiritual relationship.

My beloved, I have spoken before of the fact, that Jesus was not conceived through the standard Catholic definition of the immaculate conception, but there is a deeper understanding, namely that Saint Germain, Saint Joseph, and I did indeed come together in a physical union. And therefore, the conception was through physical means, but we were led in that togetherness by the Holy Spirit. But the deeper understanding of it is, that when we came together in physical union, we transcended the entire consciousness of duality. And this is indeed why, from a spiritual perspective, you can say that Jesus was immaculately conceived. For he was not conceived in the traditional way, where man and woman come together, both being trapped in the duality consciousness. And therefore, their union is at a physical level, and it cannot transcend to that higher level, where in reality they are not having sex in the traditional sense, as it is understood by most people. But they come together in a union that is so pure, that is at such a higher level, that there is no comparison to what most people experience in their relationships.

I am not saying this to give rise to another value judgment, for those who can manifest this higher union are those who can transcend all value judgments. And those who cannot or will not transcend, will continue to have normal relationships. But the reality is, that in this day of the Aquarian age, the dawning of the Aquarian age, it is needed that a great number of men and women can come together in a relationship, that is not based on the traditional desires – the traditional “lusts of the flesh” or whatever you may wish to call them – but that transcends these human desires. And therefore, they come together in a purity, a pure union, that has no comparison to the normal state of union between men and women, that is so common in today’s society—and that, indeed, is outpictured in most of the perversions you see, whether it be pornography or perverted forms of sexuality.

The need for a higher vision of sexuality

Certainly, it is understandable, that spiritual people throughout the ages have looked at some of the perversions, or the base aspects of human sexuality, and have concluded, that this cannot be congruent with the spiritual path or a spiritual lifestyle. But this does not mean, that you have to jump into the opposite extreme and say that the only alternative to base sexuality is no sexuality at all. For as Jesus himself said, how can there be balance, how can there be a restoration of balance, when you jump from the one extreme to the other?

And thus, I too echo what Jesus has already said. Celibacy is not a mandate from God. It was not an inspiration from God or the Holy Spirit that caused the Catholic Church to institute celibacy. It was indeed because the Catholic Church from its inception was based on the fallen consciousness, the consciousness of Peter, the desire to control, the desire to raise up a structure on earth, that is of such magnitude, that lives up to such a standard on earth, that you can create the illusion – and people will believe the illusion – that this structure will give you access to heaven.

For how could God turn you down, how could God turn down something that is so honored among men? Yet I tell you—what did Jesus say to the devil when he was tempted? “What shall it profit a man, that he gains the whole world yet loses his own soul.” Or what shall it profit a church, if they gain the whole world and the membership of the whole world yet loses the original soul of Christ. And thus, they have nothing but an empty shell—nothing but an empty shell, my beloved.

It is a greater challenge to be in a relationship

Certainly, you may look at this monument and admire certain artistic qualities; you may admire its scale. Yet I tell you, it is in the hearts of men that we of the ascended masters find beauty—in the hearts of men and of women, especially when they come together and transcend these age-old patterns of division between man and woman, between husband and wife. This is indeed what we look for in the Aquarian age. It is necessary, that the spiritual people on this earth fully and finally transcend the consciousness behind celibacy in the churches, celibacy in spiritual movements, and even transcend the very consciousness that wants to shut down, shut off, the life force, the flow of the life force through both men and women. First of all by blaming women for the fall, but also by making men believe that they must – in order to be pure – stay away from women, certainly a physical relationship.

The challenge truly is, not to stay away from a physical relationship—that is the easy solution. The challenge is to enter a physical relationship, as Joseph and I did, and then transcend the physical aspects of the physical relationship, spiritualizing every aspect of it. This is a far greater challenge than remaining in celibacy. Basically, anyone who has a strong willpower can be celibate. But what is the point of having willpower, if it is not balanced by love and wisdom, so that there is not the balance of the threefold flame? You see many people in spiritual movements, even in an organization such as the Catholic Church, who have built up this willpower over many lifetimes, to where the blue plume of the threefold flame is greatly expanded and they seemingly have everything under control—or so they feel.

Yet the reality is, that they are lacking in love or lacking in wisdom or lacking in both. However, many of those who have great wisdom have also spent many lifetimes studying spiritual teachings, and so have acquired at least an outer wisdom. And they use that wisdom to argue their case in a very convincing intellectual manner. Yet again, they have no love, they have no charity. For if I speak with the voice of men and of angels and have no charity, I am nothing.

And thus, you see—let the lie be challenged, let the lie be challenged, that celibacy is the only way to spiritual growth or the fastest way to spiritual growth. The fastest way to spiritual growth is to balance the masculine and feminine polarities of your being. And the fastest way to do that is to enter into a relationship with a person of the opposite sex, whereby you are forced, so to speak, to confront these issues in yourself and in your relationship.

Yet of course, I am not thereby saying, that every spiritual person should throw themselves headlong into relationship after relationship, but that you should first work on yourself by seeking to attain the greatest balance and non-attachment in yourself. So that you can magnetize to you a partner with whom you do not have great karma, but with whom you have a great potential – or what you might call positive karma – of outpicturing that balance. Or even, if it is necessary, then have the attunement to go into a karmic relationship or more in order to get them over quickly, so that you may move on to the not so karmic relationships that can take you to that balance.

The judgment of the Divine Mother upon celibacy

My beloved, there is always a delicate discernment in all relationships. And once again, I point not to either of the two extremes, nor do I point to a compromise in between. But I call for you to transcend the dualistic scale and go beyond it, that you may see the greater reality, the greater reality of the truth of Christ, that is beyond the dualistic extremes or the compromise between them—and therefore can give you healing. For can there be healing without truth? Nay, for how can the imbalances created out of the dualistic consciousness be healed through the dualistic consciousness?

They cannot—they can be healed only when there is first that commitment to reaching for the truth, the one undivided, indivisible truth of Christ, that transcends the dualistic extremes. Thus, I Mary, raise my right hand – as I face this basilica of Saint Peter’s – and I pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon celibacy in the Catholic church and the consciousness behind it. I pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon the putting down of women in the Catholic Church and the consciousness behind it. I pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon the refusal to allow women to hold positions in the church and the consciousness behind it.

I demand an opening of this mindset, I demand that it will be shattered. For I am the representative of the Divine Mother for earth, and thus I say: “This too shall come to an end, at the end of the Piscean age. There shall be a new awareness, a new demand, that the Catholic Church must either change or die, that women should be allowed to hold any position in the church – including that of Pope – and that the entire consciousness of male superiority and female inferiority be cleared from this Vatican and the entire sphere of the Catholic Church throughout the world.

[Church bell rings] And so, with the sounding of the bell, I sound a bell in the spiritual realm, the bell that calls men and women to lift their gaze beyond the earthly relationships, to tune in to that ancient tone, that can give them balance between Alpha and Omega, that ancient chime that is the cosmic hum. For it was the original sound, the soundless sound before the two polarities could even be perverted. But it sounds the perfect balance, the balancing tone between Alpha and Omega.

And thus, I say, “Let this release of light be sealed!” For as our two messengers have walked these Vatican gardens now for several hours, we have released, through them and their chakras, the absolute God Victory of the Light of Purity. The Light of Purity that will accelerate all who are willing into the purity of the Divine Mother, and therefore will judge – by their own choices – those who are not willing to be accelerated into purity.

Accelerate into purity. Accelerate into purity. Accelerate into purity. Accelerate into purity. And thus, I am the Divine Mother. I am the accelerating into purity, I am the process of acceleration into purity. That I am, as above so below. For I am all that is below, and I am one with all that is above—in Purity.


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