The subtle discernment between Christ and anti-christ

TOPICS: The most severe expression of anti-christ – People who are not moving – Even anti-christ can lead to growth – The Bolshevik revolution and Stalin – The dissolution of the Soviet Union – The oligarchs – The early capitalists – The principle of Christ as change – Ascended master students and Christhood – Spiritual students out of alignment with Christ – Christed beings fooled by anti-christ – Looking at ascended master organizations – Christhood and the illusion of perfection – Idolatry and hierarchy in spiritual organizations – 

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Ascended Master Jesus, June 11th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I come to give you a teaching that has rarely been given on this planet, that has rarely been understood by students of various spiritual or religious movements. I give it because those of you who are students worldwide have reached the level of consciousness where you are able to begin to process this topic in your minds, perhaps, talking about it amongst yourselves based on your experiences with various spiritual teachings and movements.

The most severe expression of anti-christ

Now, my beloved, let me begin by asking you to consider the most dense, the most serious, the most extreme expression of anti-Christ that you can imagine. Naturally, many of you will point to various manifestations of evil, such as large-scale killing and this or that atrocity that you have seen precipitated by human beings on earth. Of course, this is an outpicturing, an expression, of the mind of anti-Christ, but it is, actually, not the most severe expression of the mind of anti-Christ.

You see, my beloved, many people when they hear the concept of Christ or Christhood, or Christ-consciousness, they do what we have now talked about many times: They project their current understanding, their current state of consciousness onto the concept. They see Christhood through the filter of their current understanding. This is, of course, natural; you can do nothing else. Those of you who are ready for it, can begin to recognize that Christ is a principle that has one purpose only, and that is to make sure that you can never be permanently or in any absolute way separated from your source, from your Creator.

Christ is necessary because you have been given free will. As Lanello so beautifully put it: “What a stroke of genius by our Creator!” Because you have been given free will, you have been given the opportunity to choose to walk away from Oneness. Therefore, there truly is no limit to how far away from Oneness you can go. Once you go into separation and you create your own worldview, that you believe is absolute, well, you can keep spiraling down, becoming more and more entrenched in your worldview. Christ is the principle that makes sure that when you have had enough of that experience, when you are ready and willing to move in the other direction (to start moving back to Oneness), then Christ will be there in whatever manifestation you can grasp with the level of consciousness you have when you finally turn around and want to come back to Oneness.

This means that Christ is the principle of growth, ongoing growth. As we have said several times, there is nothing final on earth, there is no state of consciousness that is final on earth. Christ and the Christ-consciousness is an ongoing process that ultimately leads you to the ascension, but of course you can continue to grow even in the ascended realm. This is the most important point you can understand about the Christ-consciousness: It is ongoingness. It constantly, continually and progressively pulls you to transcend your level of consciousness until you reach that level where the next transcendence leads to ascendance.

This is a principle that very few people have understood, that the vast majority of spiritual students, even ascended master students are not ready to grasp. Many of you are ready to grasp it and that is why you are being given the teaching. Also, because you have the ability to hold the balance, so to speak, to be the electrodes who are sending it into the collective consciousness. You may remember the story of the angry mob that was ready to stone a woman, and I took a stick and drew a line in the sand. Well, in a sense, with this dictation I am drawing a line in the sand and saying,:“It is now time to cross that line and come up to a higher understanding of what Christhood is about.”

And so, in order to illustrate what I mean here, let us again go back to the idea of what is the most severe manifestation of the anti-Christ known on earth, and when I say “the most severe manifestation of anti-Christ,” you can now understand that it actually means: “what is it that prevents people from growing, from continuing to grow?”

You will remember that in the Bible there is a quote supposedly by me where I said: “I wish you were either hot or cold, but because thou art lukewarm, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” Well, so there are those who are going in one direction and they are going away from Oneness. There are those who are going in the opposite direction and they are moving towards Oneness, but the majority of the people on earth are not going in either direction. They are simply not moving and this is the most severe manifestation of anti-Christ on earth when you consider what stops people’s growth.

People who are not moving

Now, Guru Ma talked about the possibility that you can have certain fixed points in your mind so that your mind might be moving and you are always taking in new information but you are not really shifting to a higher level because your mind is, so to speak, like a treadmill that is moving (perhaps, very fast) but is not getting anywhere. It is not moving away from that one spot and that is how so many people on earth are stuck in this point where they are not really moving. Now, this is when you look at it worldwide. There are of course many areas of the world where the majority of the population are moving in some way. It does not mean they are consciously on the path to Christhood but they are moving.

The reason I said that it even was better if you were moving away from Oneness than you were standing still is that as long as you are moving, there is always the possibility that you can change direction. If you are moving away but change your direction enough, you will start moving back. If you are standing still, you cannot change direction because you are not going in any direction—there is no direction.

My beloved, what you see when you look at planet earth is that in many nations around the world there are large groups of people who are in the state of consciousness where they simply are not moving. One way to see this, to acknowledge this, is to look at how there are people who can live, they can be born into a certain lifestyle, a certain culture, a certain nation, they can grow up, find a job (often a rather mechanical job) and they simply just want to continue performing that job for the rest of their lives. They often live in the same house, the same apartment, they do very little to improve their outer environment. There is simply stalemate in their lives. They want some kind of stability, they want to stay where they are comfortable and keep doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Now my beloved, a lifetime is a precious opportunity. It is an opportunity to make sure that you are in a higher level of consciousness when you exit the physical octave than when you entered. They say popularly that you can’t take anything with you, meaning you come into the world naked and you leave the world naked and none of your material possessions you can take with you. It is not true, my beloved, because you can take with you the growth in consciousness. You take it with you to your next lifetime and therefore you can be born into a better circumstance where you have a better opportunity to grow and if you make use of that, you can continue to spiral upwards.

Not because this dictation is particularly focussed on Russia, but since we are in Russia, I will use this as an example. If you go back to even before the communist revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, you will see, as we have talked about, that Peter the Great attempted to raise Russia to a higher level. Now, there were many among the noble class who resisted it but there were also many among the people who did not actively resist—they just did not move. They did not want to move. You will see that this was one of the big hindrances to growth. Now, Lanello gave his eloquent discourse about the last Tsar and how he failed to take the opportunities but it must be said also that he faced a very difficult situation because many among the people were not willing to move. It was as if they were brought up in a certain station in life, they thought they had to be like their parents, strive for a certain kind of job, to live in a certain kind of dwelling and then once they had achieved that, they would just keep doing it for the rest of their lives.

Even anti-christ can lead to growth

You see that all throughout the world, you have these large segments of populations that do not move and do not want to move. Now, you need to be very careful in seeking a higher understanding of what I am telling you. When you have a population that is frozen, frozen in time, what can bring them out of that coma, that hibernation? What, my beloved? Well, the ascended masters and those who represent us cannot because we respect free will. We will not force people, we will not violate them. Naturally, we have led you to the understanding that we do not consider the Bolshevik Revolution a positive development, and certainly not what followed after. But listen carefully. When you have a population that is so frozen in time, then even a violent change precipitated by fallen beings can actually for a short time serve in bringing the population closer to Christhood or at least giving them an opportunity.

You understand that when a population is not moving, there is nothing that can be done. They are not getting closer. Any change that happens that forces them to confront a new situation, that shakes them out of their old way of thinking, that may even force them to make changes in the way they live their lives, this is actually an opportunity for these people.

Now, I am not saying that Lenin and the Bolsheviks represented Christ. I am only saying that they did have the function of shaking the Russian population up more than the Tsar had done because the Tsar was not willing to kill so many of his own people as the Bolsheviks were willing to do. I am not sanctioning the killing. I am not excusing it. I am only pointing out that in a closed system, the people will attract something that will break down the system—which gives them an opportunity to move on because they have not been willing to do it on their own.

You need to recognize here a very important principle: still-stand is the worst enemy of Christ because it is the opposite of growth. This means that there can actually be people who have a certain attunement that change needs to happen, and then they work for that change based on their own consciousness and the collective consciousness in a nation. In that attunement – take care now – they are not representing Christ, but they are actually in alignment with the Christ-mind because the Christ-mind also wants to bring change. It, of course, does not want to do it through force and violence but when the people will not respond, then the Christ-mind steps back and allows those who are trapped in the consciousness of anti-Christ to do what they always want to do: either control, create chaos or create destruction.

This is not because the Christ-mind wants to see this happen, but because the Christ-mind actually respects the free will of the people. When they are not willing to move based on their own choices, then the Christ-mind must step back and let the Second Law of Thermodynamics or the of karma take its course. Then, the people are faced with a situation that forces them out of their mental box, out of their inertia, out of their unwillingness to change.

The Bolshevik revolution and Stalin

There was a time where the people who precipitated the Bolshevik Revolution were in some way in alignment with the mind of Christ. This I know will be surprising to many people, to many ascended master students. Take care again: I do not say they represented Christ, but they were in alignment with the purpose of Christ, namely to put people in a situation where they were forced to grow when they were not willing to grow of their own accord. What you now need to recognize is that this period (where they were in alignment with the mind of Christ) did not last very long. You can actually see, if you study the Bolshevik Revolution, how they very quickly deteriorated into being more and more willing to use violence, more and more willing to suppress the people, to suppress dissent, to suppress any kind of free discussion. They did what fallen beings always do: They became very insensitive to the people. This, of course, led to the situation where Lenin went into this downward spiral that precipitated the bad health and his death and then Stalin took over.

Here is where you need to make a distinction: Stalin was never in alignment with the mind of Christ. He did not force the population to face a situation where they had to rethink the way they were living or rethink their approach to life. He simply consolidated the downward spiral that the others had taken the nation into, set himself up as the ultimate dictator and from there on there was no growth. There was no potential for growth because he created such a reign of terror that it suppressed any desire for people to rethink, to think critically, to do things better.

That is why you saw that very, very quickly after Stalin took power, the population went back into the state of inertia. In a sense, it became an even deeper inertia because they all reasoned that there was no point whatsoever in objecting to the system because you would just be killed. Then, they also made the decision (subconsciously, of course): there was no point in trying to improve anything for life simply wouldn’t change. They were now in the Soviet Union and there was nothing the ordinary citizen could do about it other than try to have as tolerable of a life as possible.

You see that Stalin then forced people into an even deeper coma, inertia, of not wanting to change, not wanting to improve things. You see that there are still many people in Russia today who carry that attitude. You may simply go out and look at areas in Russia where you have apartment buildings or houses that are not well-maintained and where it is clear that those who live there have given up. They are not trying to even keep the environment clean, they are not trying to beautify or improve anything. They have accepted that they live a very static way of life, they have a completely static income and there is nothing they can do about it—or so they think. This is an example of how there is this very, very dense, very, very heavy inertia so that any effort to actually change Russia is pulled back, is pulled down, by this inertia of the people.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union

Now, let me now go forward to when the Soviet Union dissolved. Again, this was a shocking experience. Fortunately, this time there was not violence and large-scale bloodshed. It was possibly even more shocking for many people than the Bolshevik Revolution had been because there were truly people who thought that the Soviet Union would endure forever and certainly for the rest of their lifetimes. Therefore, there was nothing they could do to improve their lot in life and there was no point in even trying—just try to live a comfortable life within the system.

Now, it has, of course, been stated by previous ascended master dispensations that Gorbachev was a fallen being. Nevertheless, there was a time where he was, again, in alignment with the mind of Christ because he did see that change was needed and he tried to bring it about. I am not saying he represented Christ, but he was in alignment with the mind of Christ. Boris Yeltsin was also in alignment with the mind of Christ when he dissolved the Soviet Union. Again, I am not saying he had a particular level of Christ-consciousness or represented Christ. I am only saying he was in alignment by seeing the need for change that would force the people out of their coma.

Yeltsin actually realized something that Gorbachev never realized, namely that the people were in a coma and that the effect of communism had been to truly put the people in that coma where they were not doing what he suddenly realized that the average person in most of the western countries had been doing. They were seeking to improve their material life by working harder, by improving their living conditions, their houses, their apartments, buying bigger cars and this and that. There was a certain alignment there with the mind of Christ in the sense that these people saw that change was needed.

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