The spiritual path should make you more free, not less free

TOPICS: A dispensation for rosaries given in Europe – True freedom in beyond duality – Does your spirituality limit your freedom? –

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Ascended Master Elohim Arcturus, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

A dispensation for rosaries given in Europe

I AM the Elohim of the Seventh Ray. Arcturus is my name. I come to congratulate you with a work well done and a victory won. And as a prize for your work, for your coming together in oneness, I have decided to add a certain multiplication factor to all of the new Mother Mary rosaries and invocations that are given on this continent of Europe or by people who have an affiliation with Europe even though they might be living elsewhere.

Thus, these rosaries given from this point forward, will be multiplied by me, by a factor that I will not disclose, but which is significant. This is done because I too see what El Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus and the Buddha have explained, that there is a change that needs to take place in Europe and that it is close and therefore can be helped by an extraordinary momentum of the violet flame of freedom that I indeed am.

True freedom in beyond duality

Thus, I come to give you a little discourse on the true meaning of freedom. Truly, as the Buddha has explained, there is a point where you attain the oneness with God’s absolute reality. You take the concept of right beyond the level where right has to be in opposition to wrong. And so it is with every God quality, every flame of God, that it can be taken beyond duality. My beloved, when you look at the situation on this planet, you will see that so far freedom has always been defined in opposition to, in comparison to, slavery, imprisonment, limitations. Yet there is a freedom, a level of freedom, that is beyond duality and thus has no opposite. It is not defined in relation to anti-freedom. And this, of course, is true freedom. For you know that there is nothing that can take away that freedom, nothing that can oppose it, nothing whatsoever that can bring it into question.

It should not be difficult for you to see, that this is the freedom that all ascended masters want you to attain. And we want you to attain it while you are still in embodiment. Because when you do so, you then become the open door, whereby the Flame of Freedom and the entire momentum of freedom of all the masters, angels or Elohim who serve on the Seventh Ray of Freedom can pour through you and thereby consume those energies and forces and ideas of anti-freedom that have enslaved humankind for so long. They have indeed enslaved the entire planet, dragging Mother earth into the dirt of living in a state of limitation and lack of freedom that is far beyond God the Father’s original vision for God the Mother’s manifestation in the matter universe. And it is indeed amazing, that human beings can continue to accept these limitations without realizing, acknowledging, accepting that there is a better way, without crying out, “There must be more to life than this?”

Ah my beloved, you do indeed see a continent where many nations have reached a very high level of material comfortability that could be the foundation for material freedom, but is not because people have become so entrapped by the pleasures of this world, by the pressures of this world to perform, to do more, to always be in a hurry, to be here, there and everywhere at the same time, so there is never any time or attention left over to sit down and just Be.

Think about how people’s attention is constantly pulled in all directions, pulling them away from themselves, pulling them away from focusing their attention on the heart. If you cannot connect to the Flame of Freedom in your heart, how can you be truly free? Even if you have political freedom, even if you have all the money you could possibly need, so that you can do virtually anything in the material world. If you do not have a connection in your heart to the spiritual flame of freedom, how can you be free? Thus, you see people who from a worldly perspective have great worldly freedom, yet they are not free. They are some of the most enslaved people on this planet, for even though they have great abundance, they are so afraid of losing it that they do not have a moment of peace where they can sense the inner freedom.

Does your spirituality limit your freedom?

Truly, we desire all people to overcome this but we especially desire the most spiritual people to overcome those pressures in your own mind or those pressures from your environment that are pulling you away from the centeredness of the heart that is the true key to freedom. So I admonish you to look in the mirror, take stock of your own life and your own spiritual path. Has the spiritual path become another trap that takes away your freedom, your inner peace? Has it become a burden? Has it become a race where you run constantly with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, feeling so exhausted, so stressed-out that you have not obtained this, that you have not done that, that you always feel like you are coming from behind?

It is indeed good to have a goal, but it is not good if that goal becomes a cause for stress, if you feel so burdened by not having attained your goal that you cannot enjoy the journey towards the goal. Or if you feel that you must work harder to obtain that goal and thereby do not have the inner peace that is the key to attaining the true goal of spiritual enlightenment. Jesus said it well, “What shall it profit a man if he attains the whole world but loses his soul.” What shall it profit you if you do this or do that on the spiritual path yet lose your inner peace, your inner freedom?

We have seen this in many churches or spiritual organizations, where people become so focused on the outer path of doing this or doing that, that instead of gradually becoming more and more free, they actually become more and more imprisoned. Because they turn the spiritual path into a race against the clock or against dark forces or against this or against that. Or they turn it into a race of comparing themselves to other people, feeling that if they are doing this or that outer thing, then they must be more spiritual than others.

Yet in the process of doing all these outer things, they become so stressed out and burdened that they can barely bear the strain. And so comes the temptation of the ego to judge based on appearances and say that, “If other people are not doing for the ascended masters as I am doing, if they are not as burdened or are suffering as much as I am suffering, then they are not truly making progress on the path. They are not truly helping the ascended masters. They are not truly as spiritual as I am.”

The key to fulfilling your spiritual mission

Yet my beloved, as the Buddha so clearly explained and as anyone who studies the life of the Buddha can see, the key to his spiritual mission was to attain inner peace. And I must tell you that no one – no one – can fulfill their spiritual mission without attaining the inner peace that comes from non-attachment, the non-attachment that leads to true freedom. A freedom that is not defined in relation to anti-freedom but is truly free, free of all sense of having to do this or having to do that based on a human standard or a human evaluation.

Look in the mirror and evaluate. Is my path giving me stress that takes me away from inner freedom or am I truly moving closer to freedom? And if you see that you are becoming burdened, then be not afraid to step back and change your approach and your actions. For certainly, in order to escape the mass consciousness you need steadfastness. You need to plow through and continue to do the right thing until you break through and manifest results. Nevertheless, this should not be interpreted to mean that you have to keep doing the same thing for the rest of your life if it takes you away from inner peace.

There is certainly a point where one should step back and say, “Is it time to do something different? Is it time to change my approach?” And those who are not willing to do that – but think they have to continue to do what they decided one or two or five or ten years ago – they are the ones who are actually refusing to exercise Christ discernment, to follow their inner direction. And then how can they ever attain freedom, if they are not willing to follow the inner direction that is the only key to being free?

The intellect, the outer mind, can never give you freedom. For the outer mind and the intellect can only operate in the level of duality. And in the level of duality, freedom is defined in opposition to anti-freedom and thus freedom can be obtained only by forcing back the anti-freedom. And that means that even though you can establish a certain freedom, you must constantly push back the anti-freedom.

But the freedom that we desire you to have is the freedom of rising above that level of duality, where you think you have to push against an opposing force. Where you transcend the level of opposing forces and you are truly free in the eternal, timeless sense that does not depend on time and space. Because even though you still maintain a physical body, you are not limited to time and space. You know you are more. And you know that all these appearances are only temporary projections on the screen of life.

This, my beloved, is true freedom. It is the freedom of the seventh ray. And indeed the seventh ray is in polarity with the first ray. Which is why I will now withdraw and allow the chohan of the first ray to give you further teachings on freedom.


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